H. Sonic hazer screens.  Motion activated with overlapping fields of effect.
1. Crater Lake (606 m long x 576 m wide).  Conceals hangar doors to landing port.  
Water drained off when doors in use.
2. Main sensors and command post. Main ground space  detection.  Guarded by twin
fusion cannons at command center and 50 ton missile bay(see 7) nearby.
3. Secondary sensors & lift down to vehicle park.  Finished bunker (no weapons
4. Vehicle park hangar doors (usable by grav, wheeled or tracked vehicles or aircraft).
Triple missile launcher (17 missiles in magazine), TL12 plasma cannon.
5. Graveyard.
6. Mobile command center.  Armed with dual laser dorsal turret, ventral anti-personnel
& vehicle single laser, six missile launchers (23 missiles in magazine).  Speed:  cruising
at 800 kph, top speed 1500 kph.  Capable of reaching orbit and docking with orbital
station.  Treat in space as 1G manuver, 3 agility.  Contains duplicate of main command
center controls.
7. 50 ton missile bay. Salvaged from wreck.  (13 missiles in unground magazine).
8. Memorial to Phalaris Geryen Mir.  Originally built by her husband, and re-worked
by Companion.
9. World Tree Orchard.
10.  Garden (2 acres) tended by bots.
11. Empty animal corrals.
MT. EREBUS BASE LEVEL 2(25-75 meters below level 1)
1. Command center subfloor 1. Computer systems, storage, weapon locker, fresher, backup
controls for main sensors and fusion gun and missle bay controls.
2. Security station. Weapons locker, security storage and maintenance,  remote scanner for
inside and outside of base.
3. Security cells. Electromagnetic locks.
4. Missile control.  On site operation center for 50 to missile bay and location of
magazine.  Shop for repair and alteration of missiles.
5. Barracks.  Ship's crew & guests quartered here.
6. Officers barracks.  Bette's, Kheafatyr, Falkhon, & Bette's wards have quarters here.
7. Medical office. Full surgical unit.  2 autodocs.  12 low berths.
8. Ready room. Linked to all scanners and sensors.
9. Research lab.  Currently set up for biological and botanical research.
10. Recreation center.  Fully equipped center with lastest 1080's equipment, including
11. Training center.  Fully equipped body training equipment.  Thermal bath.
12. Large geo-thermal bath.
13. Lifts.
14. Man-made or smoothed corridors.
15. Natural unfinished corridors.
16. Supply Depot.  Equipment stored here includes: 16 laser pistol powerpacks, 16,000 rds
of gauss ammo (10,000 tranq, 5,000 dart, & 1,000 HEAP), 6 gauss rifles, 19 hand-held
hazers, 8 large hazers, 23 medikits, 45 filtermasks/goggles, 3 portable sensors, 18
biological sensors, 500 cases of E-Rations(200 tubes ea.), 3 laser pistols, 7 snub pistols, 16
netguns, 19 vacc suits, 45 survival suits (heat protected), 3 scout battledress, 3 portable
translators, 2 electrical repair kits, 5 mech repair kits, 2 engineer repair kits, 3 10cm
MRL's, 4 cases MRL rockets(24 rockets per case, tranq gas), 6 portable survival bubbles, 9
portable heaters, 16 very long range commos, 8 wrist commos (medium range),
6water  purification kits, 1 TL13 plasma gun (Zhodani), 4 plasma cutters, 7 laser torches,
5 drills,
67 spare scout uniforms, spare Imperial and Scout flags (1 ea.), 26 bridles (dinosaurs), 13
saddles (dinosaur), 17 stun batons, 8 portable lights.
17. Guest quarters
18. Mess Hall and hydroponics section.
MT. EREBUS BASE LEVEL 3(100 m below level 2)
Much of the equipment stored at Mt. Erebus scoutbase is about 20-60 years old.  Adventurers will find the maintenance
bots have kept all equipment in good repair.

There are five entrances into the base.  1. The ship entrance in the volcano shaft.   2. The main control center. 3. The
mobile command center. 4.  The main vehicle hangar.  5. The secondary sensor outpost.  All are keyed to DNA scans of
the descendants of the 579-939 scout teams.

The main hazard is that the base electronics are controlled by 'Companion', a virus ('Mother' strain) enhanced
companion bot loyal to Phalaris and her dream of developing the planet. Any action counter to what he perceives as
Phalaris' wishes he will thwart with violence if necessary.  He will not intend to harm any of the scouts' children but he
will defend himself.

The scouts will notice one important scout import-cats.  The scouts had 7 cats with the first team.  They stay inside the base
as they have not been adapted for planet's atmosphere. There is 47 cats currently and they keep the vermin down. This  is
important since many of the small mammals cause damage to much of the electronics.

If the adventurers are children or grandchildren of the original 579-939 scouts, they will have access to the scouts history
stored on the orbital facility.  If they are they will be possession of the data needed to contact 'Companion' via commo and
gain his permission to land at Mt. Erebus base.  If the party does not access the this data, 'Companion' will shoot them
down, or ambush the adventurers inside Mt. Erebus with bots and security defenses.  As 'Companion' has programmed
some bots to operation weapons and AFV's stored at the base this could become dangerous.  'Companion''s stats can be
found in the Rogues Gallery page on this website.

'Companion' willing aids those adventurers who prove to be the scouts' descendants, with a particular favor towards
grandchildren of Phalaris (as the opening of the adventure, the last of her children has been killed).  However any
member descended from Scout Conn (subject to DNA verification) will be attacked and destroyed by 'Companion' upon
revelation of their indentity.  If the party is not descendants, he will either choose to destroy the party or subvert their wills
to further his plans of making Mt. Erebus fully operational and developing the planet, ever ready for the true biological
owners eventual arrival.  If the party is part descendant/non-descendant of the scouts, 'Companion' will insist upon
restraint of the non-descendants by physical or chemical means until he trusts them.

Any adventurer using Phalaris' Lloredh fighter to arrive at Mt. Erebus will unleash 'Companion's 'wrath' is they are not
of Phalaris' blood.  If they are a female descendant of Phalaris', their will find 'Companion' their constant 'companion'.
This could become a source of danger if she has a lover or husband among the party as 'Companion' will become jealous.

As long as the party chooses to develop the planet and base per Phalaris' wishes, they will have no interference from
'Companion'.  If choosing not to develop the planet, the party will have to neutralize 'Companion' before he infects the
party's electronics, taking control of their ship and equipment.  'Companion' will not advertise the fact he is a virus,
saying rather that he is an experimental AI bot.  They party will have to discover his virus-infected nature on their own, if
ever.  Companion will not willing subject himself to any scans.  Another possible tipoff is there has been raids on the
planet, defeated by 'Companion' and the defenses.  Any biological survivors will have been conditioned to serve
'Companion' and the base.  Any party member with medical or interrogation skill will be able to indentify and neutralize
(diffcult task) any conditioning.  'Companion' may or may not interfer with the de-programming of any prisoners.

Another source of danger comes from the notorous corsair, Douglas 'Black Dog' Mckimmon.  The son of Scout Conn, he
is blocked from using the base. If he becomes aware of activity (he keeps a scoutship on station in the system), he may take
advantage of the situation to attack, neutralize the defenses with his 3 corsairs and take control of 579-939.  Any
adventurers captured will be killed outright, with the exception of Bette Noire (if she is present) and Bette will try to
escape, kill her uncle or force him to kill her(McKimmon may be fond of her, but Bette loathes psychopaths).  If you wish
to use Bette as a npc, her stats are in Rogues' Gallery.  If the adventurers are defeated, and McKimmon enters Mt. Erebus,
'Companion' will set the self-destruct and destroy the base and anyone in it(unlike the party, McKimmon is aware of
'Companion's nature due to past forays and has taken precautions).

The IISS could prove a problem if 579-939 is discovered by Manax Darkhstarr, the IISS sector chief scout. Though he
has presided over the closing of several IISS bases, he is harsh about 'stolen' bases.  With 579-939 he will be even less
tolerant since falsification of data has disguised the planet's existence as a viable colony; and that the base was destroyed
in volcanic eruption, resulting in the loss of personnel and ships.   He will be forced by circumstances, if not by superiors
to forcibly repossess the base and arrest any adventurers there.  Fortunately, the IISS learning truth about 579-939 is
remote unless the party is careless or McKimmon himself alerts the IISS(even more remote-579-939 is a perfect hideaway).

If the party is part of Dark Goddesses, the corsair/free trader group, they will receive recognition of their possession of
579-939 as their base but little material aid.  The reason for this is that being in the Liberty Hall subsector, the planet is
far from the normal DG operationall area, therefore not economically feasible for DG to officially develop it.  However,
this is a bonus, since DG will probably confirm any member of the corsair band holding the planet as the planetary
Director or Operations (DO).  The party will have to resort to extensive equipment raiding to bring the base up to date and
provide the means to improve the base.  Also the party also find the means to recruit reliable personnel.  And of, course,
create a government of some sort.
LEVEL THREE is built along the same basic plan as level two.

1. Main control center storage and repair facility.  Two TL 14 repair bots, small electronic
repair shop.
2. Geo-Thermal Powerplant Station.  2 Engineering bots on duty.  All three rooms built to
the same plans by Phalaris for emergency backup controls.
3. Engineering storage.
4. Lift to vehicle park.  Vehicle park includes Air/raft, 2 Veridken scout cars, portable 10 cm
MRL's (106 rounds, tranq gas), 7 netguns( 6 cartridges each), 3 sets of bridles and saddles
(dinosaurian), 3 bioscanners, 4 seismic scanners,  Darrian TL13 Yorin scout tank (main gun
16 rds HEAP, 4 rds HE, 18 rds Tranq gas; heavy machine gun replaced with 20mm gatling),
2 TL12 Ghurtyh plasma tunneling vehicles, 2 TL10 mining crawlers.  6 10 tonne Tonbo
5. Relaxation room.  Includes thermal lap pool and lush vegetation.  12 cubicles scattered
through room include relaxational or motivational holo-programs.
6. Research center.  Contains salvagable pieces of Ancients ships and artifacts.  Security bot
on guard.
This room has been sequestered by Companion as his personal space.
7. Barracks.
8. Security bot storage.  2 security bots currently on storage.
9. Barracks.
10. Menegarie.  Currently no biological specimens are being kept here.
11. Sensor station.  Controls for secondary sensor station and lift up to surface.
12. Geo-thermal hot tub.
13. Security stations.
14. Man-made or smoothed natural tunnels.
15. Natural, unfinished tunnels.
16. Arsenal.  16 laser rifles (50 shots ea.) with 3 replacement packs ea., 1,000 kg of plastique
(3D6 damage per kg), 24 units of TDK explosive (6d6 damage each),  23 gauss pistols ( 1600
rds of dart ammo), 28 gas bombs, 25 stun batons, 4 hazers.
17. Empty.
2. LARGE LANDING PADS.  Each pad comes with maintenance and refueling facilities.
3. SMALL CRAFT LANDING PADS.  Also equipped for maintenance and refueling.
4. REPAIR CENTER.  Fully equipped for major hull repair, engineering work and all but
major damage.
Seven maintenance and 2 engineering bots in storage.  5 manuver drives in storage.  7 Spare
ship's lasers (salvaged from various wrecks).Two contragravity submersibles (1-man and
4-man) currenty stored here.
5. SMALL REPAIR SHOP.  Includes Mech., Elect., repair kits.  13 Standard smallcraft
modules in rear storage locker along with 2 laser welders.
6. DOCK CONTROL CENTER.  Commo.  Computer. Links to crater sensor, main sensor,
and secondary sensor arrays.  Locker contains 3 handheld computers, 3 enviro suits, 1 scout
battledress.  Weapons locker includes 3 snub pistols(68 rds tranq), 7 stun batons, 2 hazers, 4
netguns.   Four levels: Level Three:  Command center.  Level Two: Offices. Level One:
Storage.  Sublevel:  Powerplant, Computers.
8. EVA Locker.  9 vacc suits, 3 propulsion units, 27 nose filters, 13 goggles, 7 night vision
9. MAINTENANCE BOT LOCKER. 3 engineering and 2 maintenance bots (TL13) stored
12. TUNNEL TO MOBILE COMMAND CENTER.  Security bot armed with laser and stun
arm stationed inside exit from dock.
Built as a planetary defense/research center, Mt. Erebus Scoutbase was unfinished
when the 4th Frontier War ceased construction.  It was renamed Korakesion ('The
Crow's Nest') after an ancient Terran pirate base by Bette Noire after she took
possession.  Bette intends to use Korakesion as herpersonal residence.  It possesses
enough hangar space for the Aarabella & a 200 tonne starship.  On the east face of the
volcano is an outcropping at about 1000 feet with a small waterfall & hotspring.  On
this Bette has built a shrine.
A far trader slowly rises from Korakesion's cone as a flysuited pirate looks on.
Below, the artificial lake masking the dock doors has already begun filling.
Stun baton practice: training room, Korakesion level two.
Korakesion: Concealed entrance, security drill in progress.
1.  Launch Tunnel Doors.   2.  Lift to upper launch platform (640 meters).  3.
Maintenance area.    4.  Refueling Station.  5.  Tunnel to main dock.  Dock currently
holds 6 Kohkrel fighers originally found in 1124 with spare parts for 18 craft.  
Engineering bot ( 35/35,  Comp.-1, Eng.-1, Mech.-1, Elect.-1, Laser-1) under control
of Companion.
Click icon for Erebus base Lvl 2 1125
DOCK 1125
4. REPAIR CENTER.  8 Maintenance & 8 Engineering bots on duty.  2 Security bots , tracked,(
treat as combat armor  35/35 damage, Gauss-1, Recon-1, Laser-1, Forward Ob-1; armed with laser
rifle w 100 shot PP & 1 gauss rifle w 600 rounds-400 solid, 100 tranq, 100 HEAP), 16 manuver
drives of various type,  3 jump drives of varied type,  4 model 2 computers, 2 Model 4 comp, 1 model
6 computer.   27 spare ship lasers,  8 spare ship's fusion guns, 3 spare PAW(barbette type), 1 spare
PAW 100 tonne bay type, 11 standard ship turrets-triple, 7 spare standard lifepods,  44 spare shipe
missile launcher racks, 3 wheeled tow skids, 1 grav tow skid,  6 grav dollys, 7 mechanics work
gurneys,  4 grav mechanics work gurneys,  12000 tonnes of spare parts for ship or vehicle repair,.
5, BRIG.  Holds 20 prisoners.  
6. DOCK CONTROL CENTER.  Defended by automated triple laser turret centrally mounted & 2
small VRF Gauss gun turret at each end. Level 3: Control has weapons rack with 6 SMG's (28 40
round mags. 9 HEAP, 19 solid), 6 netguns (with 39 spare canisters), 2 laser carbines (with 7 spare
powerpacks), 4 handheld sensors, 8 small shortrange commos.  Level 2: Living quarters for 6 people.
Level One:  Storage.  Lockers include 2 Engineering kits, 1 Mechkit, 2 Electrical kits, 4 handheld
computers, 8 envirosuits, 7 laser torches (with 26 spare powerpacks), 2 months e-rations.
13. SECURITY CENTER.     2 Security personnel & 2 Securitybots(see level 2 1125 for stats) on
duty.  2 VRF gauss guns  (6000 rounds each) in concealed pop outs.  Full range of sensors are
packed insides the walls.
14. EMERGENCY HOSPITAL.  Two operating rooms,  7 autodocs, & 18 lowberths.
TANSEY BOCCARO:  Human Female Navy Age 46  UPP: 8C6A56   ENGINEERING-4, MECH.-3,
COMPUTER-2, BRIBERY-1.   Short red hair, Imp. Navy Sunburst tattoo left bicep, crossed wrench
tattoo on left shoulder.  Bronzed muscular, stocky body.  Blue/green eyes.
Another carryover from Bette's naval crew, Tansey is smart but not particularly a good judge of
character, which gets her into trouble.  Her loyalty to Bette stems from Bette's loyalty to her crew.
Tired of starfaring, she's accepted the job as head engineer for the base.  With is her daughter & a

FHOLRUY:  Aslan Female  Pirate  Age 32.  UPP: 7B6A95.  ENGINEERING-3, ROBOTICS-2,
VEHICLE-1, COMPUTER-3.   Athletic body covered in golden-brown fur with reddish highlights.  
Amber eyes. Eahufu clan tattoo marking each palm.  Four golden earstuds each ear.
From the outcaste Eahufu pirate clan,  Fho, as her friends call is very affable for an Aslan and
loves practical jokes.  She is in charge of the base's robot.  Whereas Tansey finds Companion
annoying, Fho is highly amused by the virus AI.