The Vargyr Reach grew out of the First & Second Frontier Wars where 'desperate times called for
desperate measures'.   The first Vargyr deportation was ordered by Emperor Olav in 607.  This
consisted of 4300 Vargyr prisoners transported to the newly opened IISS bases on Iquique &
Jokmokk in the future Kajaani subsector of the Vanguard Reaches.   With the death of Olav, the
exile colonies were abandoned.  After a failed rebellion in 615, the surviving Vargyr & the Imperial
Navy & Scout made common cause, re-entrenching on Iquique (618).  The colony survived by
raiding, trading, & selling their military services to the fledgling humaniti colonies in the subsector.
Empress Arbellatra revived the deportation policy after her ascension, sending 10,000 Vargyr along
with a military governor to the region in 631.  During her reign approximately 163,000 Vargyr were
transported, (opening several worlds in the Spinward Marches for human colonization) during
which Srikakulam, Wollongong, Torshavn, Tizayuca, & Gzhatsk were colonized.  Subsequent
emperors kept up the practice & approximately  3 billion Vargyr were settled either through land
grants or deportation.  Many of the exiles were (& still are) recruited into mercenary companies &
the Scout Service( the most famous is Vurulagh Jugt, governor or the Reach from 889-906).
In 746, Paulo I formally organized the colonies as the Vargyr Reach Administrative District (Vargyr
Reach, for short), transferring the administration to the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service (IISS).
The IISS transferred the administrative center to Srikakulam, taking over the naval base there.
Despite piracy among the exiles & repeated rebellions (646, 677-680, 711, 723-724, 800) the period
between the establishment of the Reach & the Third Frontier War was a period of gradual
accommodation between the exiles & the human colonists in the region.  A great deal of this
resulted from the discovery  of zuchai deposits on Sinaticus & extensive rare earth deposits on
Yuen & Grayazovets which led to the creation of Yuen-Heschii Industries in 744.  Yuen-Heschii
(67% Imperium owned) allowed the VRAD to be self sufficient by the time of Governor Yves Eroni
Leblanc (878-912).  Under the fourth governor Goddart Westbrook (761-777) the Vargyr Reach
Defense Force(VRDF) was established, recruited from local human & vargyr cadres. Currently, the
VRDF consists of the 1st Fleet at Srikakulam & the 2nd Fleet at Sinaticus.  There is 4 brigades of
marines, with 1 brigade each several with the fleets & the other 2 at Yuen & Grayazovets
respectively.  The scout base at Funafuti is however manned by IISS personnel.  Under governor
Vann Ischiarii (1044-1061) the VRDF saw the first outcast Aslan recruits.
The 800's saw the rise of three human/vargyr power blocks in the subsector:  Kajaani, Eufalag, &
Tizayuca (the latter's vargyr rulers were granted independence in 811).  This came at an opportune
time as raiding into the subsector by Aslan, Zydarian, & pirates increased during this period.  The
escalating conflict resulted in the Kajaani Triumverate, a coalition of  Kajaani, Eufalag, & Tizayuca
during the Kutatorek War (847-852) against several outcast Aslan clans.  The Triumverate would
eventually be formalized by the Imperial brokered treaty of Kajaani (866) & join the Comsentient
Alliance in 911.  By this era most of the Vargyr had  become loyal (if troublesome) clients of the
Imperium, thus many of the Vargyr worlds chose to remain in the Vargyr Reach Administration.
Vargyr supply the Imperium with 76% of their recruits in the subsector, mostly in the scouts & the
military, but also about 14% of the administrative staff. The stability in the region was shattered by
Emperor Styryk, who transferred 7,000 Vargyr, Sword World, & other prisoners of war to Cruta in
981.  The prisoners revolted, killing governor Eudard Romberg & taking over the naval base there
in 982.  Though the rebellion was put down by IISS & merc forces, most of the prisoners escaped &
would plague the subsector as pirates for the next three decades.  The Imperium officially ended
the deportation program in 994.
In the last two decades, the Vargyr Reach has granted independence to the colony worlds (except
for Jokmokk, sold to Kajaani in 887).  Several worlds (Iasi, Cruta, Wollongong, Iquique, Torshavn
Goujon have declined independence, preferring to stay under the VRAD control.  However, despite
this loyalty, there is a tendency among the VRAD bureaucracy & military to favor local rather than
Imperial policies when both come into conflict.  Iasi, Iquique Wollongong & Goujon are base
planets for various Vargyr military & naval organizations serving as mercs, privateers, pirates
serving various powers; or  as added muscle for the VRAD.  Iasi is currently protected by its locally
raised vargyr merc force,  the Houghaf Battlegroup.  Iquique is also protected by its own locally
raised merc group, Moknauo's Ravagers.  Both groups are well tested in battle against Aslan &
Zydarian forces.  Iquique has the added assistance of the local Dark Goddesses Op Center which
cooperates with the local government in exchange for non-interference.  Vargyr mercenary
squadrons have become a common sight in the Eslyat navy.
Long ago Paranoid Press published the sector supplement 'Vanguard Reaches' .  One of the
curious bits is the Kajaani subsector where it is listed as having 55.6 billion Vargyrs present. Now,
I thought to myself, why would all these Vargyrs be here far away from home with the Imperium
between them & their homeworlds.  Deportation.  What if the Imperium during the crisis of the
first two Frontier Wars & their aftermath developed a policy of the clearing Deneb & the Spinward
Marches of troublesome Vargyr populations & prisoners of war?  What if this also coincided with
a period of exploration & expansion into the Beyond & the Vanguard Reaches?  Out of this bit of
whismy, the Vargyr Reaches was born. If playing in the MT or TNE Epochs, the Reach would make
a good setting for a breakaway 'pocket empire' or for players fleeing the Imperium's collapse. The
planetary & library data come from Paranoid Press' 'Vanguard Reaches' plus my own additions & a
few changes.   D
ALLEGIANCE CODES:  I: Imperium.  IC: Imperial client state. KT: Kajaani Triumverate.  VRAD:
Vargyr Reach Administrative District. CA:  Comsentient Alliance.   AC: Aslan client state.   
NA:  Nonaligned

GOUJON:  0104  UWP: D331751   TL:4    TRADE: NA, P.  Exports:  Technical expertise.  
Imports: High Tech goods, starships.  Imperial scoutbase.  Align: I, VRAD

ROMBERG'S DEN:  0106  UWP:  B220533  TL:  D   TRADE:  P.   Exports: Luxury goods, military
& technical expertise.  Imports:  Foodstuffs, armaments.  Homebase for Romberg's Xpeditors,
the largest merc company in the subsector.  No Gas Giant.  Align:  NA

YUEN:  0107   UWP:  A225997  TL: H   TRADE:  Industrial.  Exports:  High tech goods,
Armaments, Jump & Non-jump ships, Technical Expertise, Research.  Imports:  Industrial
materials, human resources.  Imperial Outpost. Yuen-Heschii Yard #1.  Align:  I, VRAD

GRAYAZOVETS:  0202   UWP:  A1009D9   TL:  C    TRADE:  NA, I.  Exports:  Research, High
tech goods, Armaments,  Jump & Non-jump ships.  Imports:  Industrial goods, foodstuffs,
human resources.  Yuen-Heschii Yard #2.  Imperial Outpost.  Align:  I,   VRAD

CHIAC COCIES:  0203   UWP:  C570302   TL:  6   TRADE: NI.   Exports:  Industrial materials,
gems.  Imports:  Mid- & High-tech goods, mining equipment, Armaments.   Align:  CA

QUATHLAMBA:  0207   UWP:  A633474   TL: D   TRADE:  NI, P.   Exports:  Military & technical
expertise,  industrial materials.  Imports:  Armaments,  Jump & Non-jump ships.  Independent
Vargyr World.  Pirate base.  Amber Zone.  Align:  NA.

SPADIX 358:   0208  UWP:  X8C8100   TL:  6.  TRADE:  NI.  Exports:  Industrial materials.
Imports:  High tech goods,  survival & mining equipment, Armaments.  Red Zone.  Disputed
world with  Vargyr & Aslan enclaves.  Align:  NA

SINATICUS:  0302  UWP:  B3546A8    TL:  8   TRADE:  A,  NI.  Exports:  Foodstuffs, Agricultural
byproducts, pharmaceutical plants, Research.  Imports:  Jump & Non-jump ships,  Armaments.
Imperial Outpost, Naval  Base.  Align:  I, VRAD.

VENITE ELNIVAR:  0307  UWP:  A440305   TL: E  TRADE:  NI, P.  EXPORTS:   Industrial
materials, Timber, Foodstuffs, Military expertise.  Imports:  Luxury goods, Armaments, mining
equipment.  Naval Base.  Home to the Barton Group, a merc naval squadron formed by
ex-Imperial naval & marine officers in 992.  Privateer & Pirate base.  Align: IC

ANONDALE:  0310  UWP:  X325002  TL: B     TRADE:  NI.  Exports:  Industrial materials, Luxury
goods.  Imports:  Armaments, High-tech goods.  Neutral entropos handling goods between the
Aslan to rimward & the worlds of the Kajaani subsector.  No Gas Giant.  Align: NA

ZEIT-GEIST:  0402    UWP:  D100AD9   TL: 9  TRADE:  NA, I.   Exports:  Mid-tech goods &
electronics, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods.  Imports:  Luxury goods, high-tech goods,
Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.  Barren world.  Amber Zone.  Align: NA

SRIKAKULAM:   0403   UWP:  B3546A8    TL: 9   TRADE:  I.    Exports:  Mid-tech goods &
electronics, Armaments, Vehicles.   Imports:  Industrial materials, foodstuffs.   Imperial
Outpost & Naval Base.   Align:  I, VRAD

FUNAFUTI:  0404   UWP:  C2217C8    TL:  7    TRADE:  NA, P.   Exports:  Technical expertise.  
Imports:  Mid- & High goods, electronics, Armaments.   Imperial Outpost & Scoutbase. Align: I,

ESTORIL:  0407  UWP: E521531   TL:  8    TRADE:  NI, P.   Exports:  Furs, foodstuffs.  Imports:
Mid-tech goods, Armaments.   Amber Zone.  Align:  NA

IASI:  0408  UWP; B7A799   TL: 9   TRADE:  NA, NI.   Exports:  Military expertise.   Imports:  
Armaments, Jump ships, technical expertise.  Mercenary base loosely overseen by the VRDF.
Defended by 2 local merc regiments stiffened by 2 companies of VRDF marines  & 36 SDB's.
Privateers, Mercs, Pirates.   No Gas Giant.  Align:  I, VRAD

VICOVARO:  0410   UWP: C310866   TL:  A   TRADE:  NA.  Exports:  Mid-& high- goods,
Armaments, vehicles, mining & survival equipment.  Imports:  Industrial Materials,  
Foodstuffs, Agricultural byproducts.   Thriving trade with pirates  on both sides of the
Kajaani/Parnac border.  Align: NA

KARCAG PROTECTORATE:   0502    UWP:  C434688    TL:  5     TRADE:  NI.   Exports:
Industrial materials,  Foodstuffs, medicinal plants.  Imports:  Mid-tech goods & electronics,
Armaments, high-tech vehicles, mining equipment.  Former VRAD world.  No Gas Giant.  
Align: KT, CA.

GZHATSK:  0503   UWP:  B6589B9   TL:  7   TRADE:  N/A    Exports:  None.  Imports:  Jump
ships, Armaments, Survival equipment.  Scout base.  Former VRAD world. Align:  KT, CA.

BLAGODARNOYE:   0504    UWP:  B353679  TL:  9.   TRADE:  NI, P.   Exports:   Industrial
materials, foodstuffs, human resources.  Imports:  Mid- & high tech goods.  Former VRAD
world.  Align: KT, CA.

CRUTA:   0506   UWP:  E686334   TL: 5.   TRADE:   NI.   Exports:  Foodstuffs, furs,
semi-precious gems.  Imports:  Armaments, Mid-tech goods.   Align:  I, VRAD.

CORYMB:  0507  UWP:  A7A3968   TL:  E    TRADE:  I, A.   Exports:  Foodstuffs, High-tech
goods & electronics,  Luxury goods.   Imports:  Industrial materials.  Has defense treaty with
the VRAD.  Powerful system navy of nonjump ships.  Naval base.  Scout Base.  Align:  IC

KAJAANI:  0601   UWP:  A386432   TL:  D   TRADE:  NI.    Exports: Agricultural byproducts,
pharmaceuticals,  High-tech goods, Industrial materials.  Imports:  Armaments, Jump ships,
Luxury goods.  Deilmhorain Yards #2.  Capital of the Kajaani Triumverate.  Align:  KT, CA.

EUFALAG:   0602  UWP:  A747A75   TL: C   TRADE:  I.      Exports:  High-tech goods &
electronics,  Jump & nonjump ships,  Vehicles, Armaments, Mining equipment.  Imports:  
Foodstuffs,  Industrial materials, Luxury goods.  Headquarters  of industrial giant Deilmhorain,
LTD.   Deilmhorain Yard #1(largest shipyard in subsector).  Align:  KT, CA.

CLONMELL II:  0604  UWP:  C8A1301   TL:  6     TRADE:  NI.   Exports:  Agricultural byproducts,
Industrial materials.  Imports:  Mid- & High-tech goods.

WOLLONGONG:  0608   UWP:  B663575  TL:  6   TRADE:  NI.    Exports:  Foodstuffs, human
resources.   Imports:   High-tech goods & Vehicles.   Scoutbase.  Align:  I,  VRAD

IQUIQUE:  0610   UWP: A593456   TL:  9    TRADE:  NI.   Exports:  Industrial Materials, Military
expertise.  Imports:  Armaments, High-tech goods & electronics, luxury goods.   Naval base
planet for the mercenary Moknauo's Ravagers.  Pirates & Privateers base here also.  Align: I,

JOMOKK:  0701   UWP:  X400876   TL:  5    TRADE:  N/A   Exports: None.   Imports: None.  
Barren world.  Prison Planet.  Former VRAD world.   Align:  KT,  CA.

VLACQ:  0702   UWP:  B747669   TL:  A     TRADE:   A.    Exports:  Foodstuffs,  Agricultural
byproducts, pharmaceuticals.   Imports:  High-tech goods & vehicles,  Luxury goods.
Former VRAD world recolonized by Kajaani.  Align:  KT, CA.

BOUSTRIMES:  0707    UWP:  B222799    TL:  9    TRADE:  NA,  P.    Exports:  Industrial
materials,  Human resources.  Imports:  Foodstuffs, High-tech goods, armaments.  Naval base
controlled by an outcast Aslan squadron.   Align:  NA

NQUISIVI:  0708  UWP:  X559000   TL:  7    TRADE:  NI.   Exports:  Industrial materials.  
Imports:  Armaments, Survival equipment.   Red Zone.  Hot war between  Human/Vargyr
belters & Aslan belters.  Both sides have sent paramilitary forces to assist miners. Align:  NA

TORSHAVN:   0709   UWP:  C227249     TL: 9   TRADE:  NI.  Exports:  Foodtuffs, industrial
materials, zuchai crystals.  Imports:  Jump & nonjump ships,  High-tech goods, Armaments.
Several privateer(?) groups have semi-permament bases in the system.   A squadron  of 4
destroyers & IISS scoutships have recently been sent on detached duty to bolster the 18
SDB's & 2 companies of marines station there.  Align:  I, VRAD.

ZUMPANGA:  0710   UWP:  E86A679    TL: 4     TRADE:   NI, R.  Exports:  Foodstuffs, Industrial
materials, gems, & luxury goods.  Imports:  Armaments,  Mid- & High goods,  Technical
expertise.  Humaniti colony controlled by outcast Aslan forces.  Align:  AC

FARAFA'S WORLD:  0801   UWP:  C6A1430   TL:  8    TRADE:  NI.   Exports:  Foodstuffs,  
Industrial materials.  Imports:  High-tech goods & electronics,  Luxury goods.  Align: KT, CA

WASWANIPI:  0804   UWP:  X64A747   TL:  3    TRADE:  N/A.   Exports:  None.  Imports: None.
Interdicted world currently involved a brutal civil war.  The Kajaani Triumverate keeps a fleet
insystem to block gunrunning & opportunistic raiders.   Red Zone.  Align:  KT,  CA

TIZAYUCA:  0805  UWP:  B437552   TL:  B   TRADE:  NI.  Exports:  Agricultural byproducts,
gems, military expertise, Industrial Materials,  Pharmaceuticals.  Imports:  Armaments,  Jump
& Nonjump ships,  High-tech goods & electronics.    No Gas Giant.   Vargyr from this system
operate in the Waswanipi & Inquisivi systems.  Former VRAD world.  Align:  KT, CA.

STRABISMUS:  0809  E8551AF   TL:  A  TRADE:  NI.    Exports:  Industrial materials.   Imports:  
Nonjump ships,  High-tech goods & Electronics,  Armaments.   Colonized from Torshavn.   
Scoutbase.  Merc ground forces bolster the scouts stationed there.  Align:  I, VRAD.
Badge of the Vargyr Reach Defense Force
Banner & device of the Vargyr Reach Administrative District
The VRDF was organized in 762 by then governor Goddart Westbrook to replace the Imperial fleet
& marine units then forming the backbone of local defense.  Commanded by retired admiral
Aidara Hault Nene, the force consisted of  4 strike carriers, 1 squadron of light cruisers, 4
destroyer squadrons, 6 recon squadrons, 8 SDB squadrons & auxiliary vessels & 5 regiments of
marines recruited from a cadre of ex-Imperial marine, navy & scout personnel & local recruits.
At this time Vargyr constituted 20% of the force, mostly in NCO's & ranks.

Current composition of the force has 61 % Vargyr with 47% of the officer corps (including 1
marine general).  The 1st & 2nd fleets are build around a batron of locally built Azhanti High
Lightnings, making the VRDF the strongest force in the region, rivaled only by the Eslyat to
coreward & the Zydarians to trailing.   


The 4 marine brigades consist of 3 regiments of 4000 men each with their own grav armor (TL11
average) & assault boats.  Each regiment is made up of 20 companies of 180 officers & troops.
Each regiment also has a grav battalion of  2 grav AFV & 4 grav APC platoons of  6 vehicles each
& 210 officers & men. The remaining 190 officier & troops make the regimental staff & support
troops . Not all marine regiments are up to strength since the VRDF detaches units for garrison &
special operations duty. Naval units wear a badge denoting which fleet they attached.  Marine
units, however, wear badges denoting the company, regiment & brigade they belong to.  Bridge
badges are restricted to brigade staff & headquarters buildings.  Regimental staff bear the
regimental badge with no company designation.   1st Brigade is commanded by Kon Rauez, a
vargyr veteran of 26 years.  2nd Brigade is commanded by Delos Vantil, a former Imperial marine
officer who has commanded the unit for four years.


1st Fleet:  Batron of 3 AZH's, 2 Heavy cruiser squadrons ( 3 ships each ),  1 Strike carrier
squadrons ( 2 carriers with 90 fighters plus 12 destroyers ), 3 destroyer squadrons ( 7 ships each),
a support squadron ( 1 30,000 tonne mobile dock, 1 lt. cruiser, 4 destroyers ), transport squadron (
6 1000 tonne transports,  4 10,000 tonne transports, 16 close escorts), & a Recon squadron ( 1 lt.
cruiser flagship & 26 100 tonne scouts)   Commanded by Admiral Antil Arslan Voderbeg, former
Imp. Navy officer & veteran of 15 years in the Reach.

2nd Fleet:  Batron of 4 AZH's, 2 Heavy cruiser squadrons ( 3 & 4 ships respectively ), 1 Strike
carrier squadron  1 carrier with 90 fighters plus 2 light carriers with 26 fighters each, 1 lt.
cruiser,  11 destroyers),  Lt. cruiser squadron (6 ships),  Transport squadron ( 2 10,000 tonne
transports * 5 1000 tonne transports + 2 destroyers & 11 Close escorts),  Support squadron ( 1
30,000 mobile dock, 7 destroyers),  4 destroyer squadrons ( 7 ships each) & a Recon squadron (  1
destroyer flagship & 22 100 tonne scouts )
First Fleet  Badge
2nd Marine Brigade Badge
Unit Badge 1st Co., 3 Regt.,
2nd Marine Brigade
ERICA SAN LIN:  SCOUT  HUMAN(F)  AGE 58.  UPP: 798AA7    SKILLS:   Laison-3, Survival-2, Blade-2,
Computer-1, Pilot-3, Navigation-3,  Pistol-2, Vacc Suit-1, Carousing-3, JOT-1, Admin-2.   5'8" tall.  Medium
length blonde hair. Blue eyes,  slender, athletic bronzed body.  

Governor of the VRAD since 1121, Erica was born in the Reach & served there most of her career.  
Carefree, charming, tolerant, & easygoing, her lazy demeanor masks a first class administrator.  As
governor she has increased cooperation with the Eslyat Magistry & the Jarnac Pashalic (the latter has
earned her emnity among some of the Imperium born bureaucrats).   Rumors of her being a secret
member of the Dark Goddesses pirates are common gossip, however, no proof has surfaced.  She has two
children in the scout service Li Rogo (male, 36), & Asha Tam (female, 33).

OKKU GHAERR:  NAVY   VARGYR(M)  AGE 44.  UPP:  9BAA86   SKILLS:   Leader-3,  Carousing-2, Admin-1,
Pilot-2, Cutlass-2,  Laser-1,  JOT-3, Tactics-3     5'9"  tall.  Light green eyes.  Light brown fur with silver
highlights & tail tip.  Thin, athletic body. Seven earrings in each ear.

Commander of the semi-piratical Tidzfell merc fleet, Okku is charismatic, aggressive,  bawdy & brilliant,
all which endear him to his subordinates.  Considered one of the greatest naval genius of the region, he
along with Bette Noire planned the successful anti-commerce campaign that allowed the Eslyat to win
the Fourth Eslyat/Trelyn War.  Offered many commissions as an admiral (including from the Imperium),
he has termed them all down.  He is currently considering a contract combating the Eli pirates.  The
Trelyn Domain has secretly put a Cr. 25 Million bounty on his head.

RORRGZO AENG:  PIRATE  VARGYR(F)   AGE 33.   UPP:  6D8A77  SKILLS:  Leader-2, Tactics-2,
Carousing-2,  Laser-2, Blade-1,  Gauss Gun-1,  Vacc Suit-1,  Computer-1, Interrogation-1
5'9" tall.  1 blue eye, 1 green eye.  Slender, athletic body.  Silver gray fur, head fur stiffened into mohawk.
3 studs in each ear.  

Captain of the 'Ozkhue', a 400 tonne Dark Goddesses corsair based on Iquique, Rorrgzo is cheerful,
optimistic, & incredibly calm in the face of danger.  Her ship is unusual for having an all Vargyr crew
made up of female relatives.  Her main area of operation is in the Jarnac subsector, though occasionally
she does some clandestine work for the IISS(she also has relatives in the IISS).

AEOLIL EA:  ROGUE:  ASLAN(F)  AGE 32  UPP:  8C6C84   SKILLS:  Computer-2, Streetwise-1, Dewclaw-3,
Electronics-2, Pistol-1, Carousing-1, Forgery-2, Tolerance-2.  6' tall.  Pale blue eyes.  Lithe, athletic body
with tawny fur with bronze highlights.  2 ear hoops in ear.  HUD goggles.

An outcaste Aslan, Aeolil was born on Venite Elnivar, the daughter of mercs.  Orphaned at age 9, she
became part of a street gang.  She enlisted in the VRDF where she developed a talent for cyber warfare.
Serving only one term, she then embarked on a career of cybercrime.  Eventually arrested, she was
offered a deal by VRAD Intelligence to continue her activities as an intelligence agent.  Given a new
indentity(Ayhulail Ies), a ship (the 'Llalzoe'), & a crew of IISS personnel, she tramps around the Kajaani,
Zydar, & Parnac subsector, enriching herself while protecting the interests on the VRAD(& collaterally,
the Imperium).   Her outward appearance is that of an aloof, barely tolerant owner of a ship manned by
humans, rarely speaking except to fellow Aslan.  Her true persona is affable, playful, & interacts with all
races on equal terms.  Her major weakness (which the VRAD exploited) is her sense of justice & dislike of
exploitation developed from living on the streets.  

TERENS SAN TERCIO:  SCOUT HUMAN(M)  AGE 34  UPP:  A99697  SKILLS:  Pilot-2,  Navigation-3, Pistol-2.
JOT-1, Engineering-1, Computer-1, Vacc Suit-1, Survival-2.  6' 1" tall.   Short black hair.  Black eyes.
Bronzed, stocky, muscular body.

A native of the Reach, Terens is aloof, quiet, hardworking, & a really nice guy.  His introverted
personality has subjugated him to survey work where he has perform flawless throughout the Diadem &
Parnac subsectors.    His work in the Parnac subsector cost him his scoutship 3 years ago & spent a year
in prison before being exchanged.  During that mission he discovered an easily accessible emerald
deposit he wants to return to.  Currently that is impossible since his superiors no longer allow him to
operate in the Parnac region, so he is quietly searching for a ship that will take him there for a
percentage of the profits.

KON HORKHAU:  SCOUT VARGYR(M)  AGE 33 UPP:  9AAA65  SKILLS:  Pilot-1, Blade-2, Carousing-1,
Navigation-2, Survival-1, Hunting-1, Shotgun-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Vacc Suit-1  6'2" tall.  Red eyes.  
Muscular body with medium gray faur streaked with black.  

Tolerant, humorous, & stubborn, Kon is very tenacious whether on the job or at play.  He is a dedicated
patriot of the Imperium & is descended from the first wave of deportees.  Among his patron is Baron  
Manax Darkhstarr, under whom he served during the 5th Frontier war.  he is also a fluent linguist, which
comes in handy when around other races (when he often feigns ignorance).  His 100 tonne scout, the
'Oneghaur' is stationed on Goujon currently.

Broker-2,  Bribery-2,  Streetwise-3, Pistol-1,  SMG-3, Computer-1, Carousing-2, Laison-2.  6'2" tall.  
Yellow/green eyes.  Muscular body with silver gray fur, scar over left eye.

Friendly, fatherly, cunning & ruthless,  Taeghkae is the boss of the Oeiztsauh gang on Iquique & leader of
all planetary criminal activities.  He is tolerated by the VRAD because of his resources of information
which he freely shares with the authorities when needed.  Also, he does not get involved in the slave
trade which has made enemies both with other gangs & Tuablin, LTD (which would like to expand into
the Reach).  He has expanded Oeiztsauh's reach by expanded its fleet of free traders, allowing access to
more markets.  This led to his competitors ( the Kon Dos gang of Eufalag & Agherr of Torshavn) to issues
letters of marque against Oeiztsauh shipping.  Taeghkae has responded to this threat by issuing letters of
reprisal & contracting cargos to outside free trader ships.


PETYR VANMOOR:  AGENT  HUMAN(M)  AGE 38  UPP:   8D6A83   SKILLS:  Disguise-2, Forgery-1, Law-1,
Interrogation-1,  Electronics-2, Brawling-1, Laser-2, Streetwise-2, Computer-2.  6'3" tall.   Green eyes.  
Short auburn hair.  Slender, athletic bronzed body.  

A former agent of the IDES, Petyr was wrongfully arrested for embezzlement & murder.  Escaping, now he
follows the trail of Aida Monmarc, the real  criminal & whom he was accused of murdering.  Eventually,
he arrived on Srikakulam, where he was employed by a local Expeditor.  He has done well enough to
purchase a used 100 tonne scoutship he named 'Fancy', hire a pilot & become a freelance roving
Expeditor & security expert.   Petyr is a bitter, taciturn man with few friends. Still, he is generous & kind
to those in trouble, something left from better days.  The IDES has a Cr. 1 Million bounty on him.


LLUELLGUERR:  SCOUT  VARGYR(F)  AGE 28   UPP:  5B7994  SKILLS:  Pilot-2, Navigation-1,
Engineering-1, Vacc Suit-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Laser-2.  5'6" tall.  Green eyes.
Slender, wiry body with tan fur with chocolate brown tail tip & highlights.  

Cheerful, curious, sensual, & hyperactive, Lluellguerr  quit the IISS to find adventure & live on the wild
side.  She is currently Petyr Vanmoor's personal pilot, partially because of the nomadic life Petyr lives &
partially because she is attracted to Petyr.  She with Vanmoor's help added some modifications to the
'Fancy', including adding two popup autocannons in the hull for anti-personnel use.

CAPT. DOUGLAS ANGLAD 'BLACK DOG' MCKIMMON(See Rogues Gallery):  This infamous pirate captain
recruits heavily out of the non-VRAD vargyr population.  Has a secret base on Zeit-Geist where he
maintains a fortified manor on the assumed name of Ragnor Haasbrock.  The VRAD has a Cr. 20 million
bounty on his head.


EAKHUYLA ROAKHUIR:  PIRATE  ASLAN(F)  AGE 36  UPP:   6D9A82   SKILLS:   Pilot-2, Dewclaw-2, Gauss
Gun-2, Tactics-1,  Navigation-3,  Admin-2,  Broker-2, Tolerance-2, Computer-2

6' tall.  Slender, athletic body with golden brown fur with slightly darker streaks.  Amber-gold eyes.  

Charmistic, seductive, cunning, & ruthless; A member of Dark Goddesses, Eakhuyla is the captain of the
'Eye of Raokheil', a 600 tonne Trinity class corsair.  Operating in the Kajaani, Parnac, & Zydar subsectors,
she often teams up with other DG corsairs.  She is also a member of the Pro-Imperial faction of DG,
secretly cooperating (sometime accepting commissions) with the VRDF & the VRAD.