The Stars and Comet was built by former Imperial scout Desmond Soi Delacorte in 802.  The
establishment remained in the Delacorte family until it was outlawed & exterminated by  
Duke Akamiluar in 1001.  It was then sold at auction to Kilujkum Juis.  Juis then lost it to
Jorian Dahl during a seven day poker marathon in 1004.

The club is open seven days a week from 4PM to 2AM.  The staff normally works a three
days on, three off schedule.   

The S&C is a little modest & sedate for Delerium, whose clientele consist of scouts, free
traders, rogues who prefer its the more cosy, casual, & anonymous atmosphere.   Also most
of those who frequent the club tend to fraternize with  fellow adventurers, engaging in
casual, temporary relationships or re-establish old ones.  

The food is reasonably priced & very excellent for its class of establishment, overseen by
its genius head chef Alec Espada.

The music genre is Fraada, especially ballads involving piracy, romance, & vengeance.

Its staff is also a cross-section of interstellar society, including humans, vargyr, aslan, & it
is rumored-a exiled noble.

Though very profitable, Jorian runs the club as an information clearinghouse.
The club therefore a hotbed of clandestine activity with various local & offworld  
groups(pirates, criminal, intelligence, diplomatic, law enforcement)  either
operating out of the club or meeting there.  The club is also a stopover for members of
Phoenix Couriers, an interstellar transport company in which Dahl is a partner.
Besides the many conference rooms (which can be rented for parties or business
meetings) in the club; there are also meeting rooms discreetly located in the club's
sublevel.   Though strictly neutral, taking no sides, Jorian does draw the line at
slavery.  Through his ties with IDES, the IISS, Dark Goddesses & his own work, Dahl
has built up a large data base on sector-wide slavery & the works of  Tuabln, LTD in
particular.  Though confidential, his work has given him great support in the local
Vargyr community in Delerium.  That support has given him much needed muscle
during disputes with local gangs.   The club is also under the protection of Baron Asad Ping
Cortura , whose weaponshop Cortura's is two blocks away.

Access to the first & second floor is free & open to the public.  Access to the third & above
floors & employee only areas require a special electromagnetic passkey (looks like a
round 8cm long metallic rod).  There are surveilance cameras hidden throughout the club.
The entrances & lifts are defended by two types of weapon systems:  1.  2 popout  snub
SMG's per station firing either 4 round burst or full automatic(each gun has 3 300 round
magazines 1 tranquilizer, 1 solid, & 1 HEAP in case of amrored intruders).  2.  1 nonlethal
netgun per station ( with 6 reloads, each capable of snaring  1D6 intruders).  
The sublevel contains a large storehouse all the goods needed to run the Stars and
Comet.   It also contains a fusion powerplant powerful enough to run a bullding 4 times
the club's size.  Sandwiched in between  the powerplant & storehouse is two when
furnished conference rooms for clandestine activities or just privacy.  The entrance/exit
is flanked by two security rooms with at least three Vargyr security guards at all times.
The sublevel is linked to an old underground expressway under the newer underground
monorail.  There are two grav vans parked outside. Much of the expressway has secret
popouts connecting to the street or the monorail.  There are also secret ways into
Cortura's, The Garden of Pleasure, Nannara's, & the Travellers' Aid Society. The outside
area on this level is patrolled by 2 security bots at all times.
The club's first level includes a bar, kitchen, 8 tables (smaller, collapsible 2 person
tables can be supplied when needed), & stage for live entertainment (amateur night
is held on this floor).  The public entrance is loaded with scanners & is flanked by a
security room to the left.  The security room has an impact resistant window & is
Khornaugha(the Vargyr chief bouncer)'s usual station.  To the right is the  entertainers
entrance.  Incoming entertainers must check in with the security staff who will opened
the door remotely.  The door opens into an antechamber that also doubles as a lift
which is also controlled by the security staff.  Passing through the antechamber you
enter into a green room where entertainers prepare for performances.  The public lift
requires no passkey if going up to the second level.  If you are going higher the second
level you need a passkey.  There is no washroom on the first level.  This is part of the
original design to encourage gambling.   The employee entrance & lift does require an
employee passkey.   There is one bartender & one waitress on duty (the club does not
use service bots).  There is also a security guard on duty in main area.
Level two is the club's casino.  It has tables for various card games, roulette wheels,
pool tables (Jorian installed the tables, he is a great pool player), & computer terminals
for computer gambling or playing games against other players for money.  It also has
small rooms for private gambling.   There are 2 security guards on duty, plus one
bartender & one waitress.  The entertainers lift does not stop on this level.
This is the private club level, accessible by only by a special passkey or passed by
security.  The fare is higher quality & more expensive.  So is the entertainment, often
friends or people who owe Jorian a favor & work at or own higher class clubs(such as
Jade Blade).  This is where Jorian's mistress, the singer Chantil Areonaas performs.
Alec Espada personally runs the kitchen on this floor.  There is normally only one
security guard on duty.  There is one bartender & one waiter.
This level is reserved for  the employees; with 3 suites, eight rooms with single beds, 2
rooms with double beds, employee washroom, kitchen & dining hall.  The public only stops
here with an employee passkey.
Level five is the private conference room level.  The rooms are equipped with
computers & commos powerful enough to reach ships in high orbit around Vlad.
Access is only by special passkeys given out to certain individuals or by remote
security control.  The level includes the business office where Pedro Montag is
normally located.  There is two suites on this level, one reserved for Jorian's friend,
Luzian; & one that is for rent.   Manax Darkhstarr often occupies this suite when on
planet. One security guard is on duty, however extra guards are posted during
This is Jorian's private level, where he conducts business & where he & Chantil reside.
His suite includes an outer conference/party room, an inner private office, & a master
suite.  This level includes Pedro Montag's suite as well as a private room for Jorian's
personal pilot & chauffeur, Shion Jones.  Jorian's private office includes an commo with
an 120K range.  There are also two conference rooms, one for secret meetings with an
orbital  range commo, & a smaller one that used to be an interrogation room before
Jorian's ownership.  There are three security guards on duty: one in the security post
next to the employee lift. one on duty by Jorian's private lift to the hangar, & one in
Jorian's office during  meetings & outside his quarters otherwise.  Jorian's private lift to
the hangar is accessible by his passkey, & passkeys possessed by Pedro Montag,
Chantil, Shion Jones, Roz Coralyrm.
The hangar has a retractable roof with four popout VRF gauss guns.  Inside the hangar
is a ten tonne ship's boat equipped with a laser & 4 missiles; Jorian's private grav limo
with turret armed with a plasma gun & two forward firing VRF gauss gun.  There is also 4
speeders.  The hangar is accessible by Jorian's private lift & by passkeys of his most
trusted subordinates.   Six security bots ar stationed in the hangar.
JORIAN DAHL(see Vlad.html)  A charming rogue & gambler, Dahl operates in the gray area of the
law.  An opponent of slavery, he has waged a secret war against Tuablin, LTD.   Dark Goddesses,
IDES, the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service(IISS), & the Barons of Cortura & D'Ashti are only a few
of the contacts he has cultivated over the years.
Skills: Steward-2, Admin-1, Computer-2, Carousing-2, Streetwise-2, Pistol-2, Commo-1

5'6" tall.  Long red hair worn in a topknot.  Slender, deeply bronzed body.  Green eyes.  Rose tattoo
on left cheek.

One of the bartenders at the Stars & Comet, Bekka has worked there for 3 years & is popular with
the clientele.  At tines, sensual, witty, motherly, & sympathetic-all which is keeping with both her
personality & her job as an undercover IDES agent.  She works at the club as part of an
arrangement Jorian made with IDES.  She is in a relationship with Maris Demar, a security officer
over at Hotel Death.  Bekka resides at the Stars & Comet.

Skills: Steward-3, Carousing-3, Brawling-1, Pistol-2, Streetwise-2, Computer-1, Commo-1

6'4" tall.  Blad.  3 earstuds in each ear.  Small, pointed black beard.  Blue eyes.  Muscular dark
brown body.

Affable, friendly, curious & meddlesome, the latter 2 traits caused him to leave Parallel Lines 16
years ago(he discovered his ship's cargo was cryofreezed slaves).  Became the bartender at the S &
C 7 years ago.  Very loyal to Jorian.  Carries a sleevegun on his right arm in plain sight of patrons.

Skills:  Streetwise-2, Grav Vehicle-1, Pistol-2, Heavy Weapons-1, Cutlass-1, Unarmed Combat-1,
JOT-1, Hunter-1, Gambling-2, Rifle-1.

6'2" tall.  Black fur with streaks & band of gray.  Yellow eyes.  Seven earstuds in each ear.

The S & C's security chief, he has a laidback, insolent manner that masks his fierce loyalty to Jorian
(one of Jorian's oldest companions).  His cool, scary demeanor usually defuses any crisis sort of
violence.  A legend among the local Vargyr community from which on busy nights (or when a fight is
looming) he call up any number of Vargyr for backup.

Skills:  Engineering-1,  Robotics-3,  Dewclaw-2,  Tolerance-2, Electronics-1,  Computer-2, Laser-1,
JOT-1, Forgery-3

5'9" tall.  Uniform tawny fur color with streaks of cinnnamon.  Light blue eyes.  Ever present smoked
HUD glasses.   Tendency towards flashy clothes.

Another old associate of Jorian, Weha comes from a family of aslan that has produced rogues,
pirates, & a few merchants.   She is hyperactive, aggressively friendly & loves robots.  She also the
club's electronic security expert.  An expert forger, she makes & sells passkeys, identity cards &
other useful electronics devices on the side.  She is a good friend of the pirate Kheafatyr & has
several female relatives (including both her daughters) in Dark Goddesses.  When now on active
duty she can be found in the casino on their computers.

Skills:  Admin-2, Gambling-4, Streetwise-1, Broker-1, Pistol-1, Blade-2, Laison-1, Computer-2,

5'8" tall.  Golden brown, athletic body.  Gray eyes.  Reddish-blonde hair.

Cold & distant, Roz is the manager of the club's casino.  Gone to space at age 13, she made a name
for herself gambling, which brought her to the attention of certain criminals.  Rescued by Jorian,
she now rarely gambles except for relaxation.    Despite her character, she makes it a habit to
interact with the club's clientele.  She runs a tight ship & tolerates no cheating, either by the staff
or guests.

Skills: Recon-1, Vacc Suit-1, Gambling-3, Brawling-1, Engineering-1, Pistol-1, dagger-1, JOT-1,
Computer-1, Ship's Boat-1.

5'7" tall.  Long black hair worn in a ponytail.  Brown eyes.  Pale, slender body.

A retired Imperial scout, Tazman is the casino's pit boss.  A recreational gambler of formidable skills,
he was blacklited from the big casinos in Delerium on false charges.  Impressed with his honesty,
Roz hired him 2 years ago after her last pit boss was killed in a duel.  Easygoing & laidback, he can
explode into fury if he gets accused of cheating, gets called a liar, or catches a cheater.  On his off
hours, he broods about getting back at the casinos that blacklisted him.

Skills:  Blade-1, JOT-1, Unarmed Combat-3, Singing-2, Vacc Suit-1, Air/raft-1, Survival-1

5'7" tall.  Long black hair worn in 7 braids.  Grey eyes.  Athletic chocolate brown body.

Ada is a former Imperial scout who was forced to leave the service because of a naval scandal she
uncovered.  Floating from planet to planet in an alcoholic daze she arrived on Vlad 3 years ago
where she met her former mentor Manax Darkhstarr.  Darkhstarr arranged a job at the S&C as a
singer.  Rehabilitated, she regained her martial arts skills & currently works as an
entertainer/bouncer.  She is a sad, introspective, & withdrawn person, a fact that comes out in her
songs.  Her only joy comes out when she is engaged in unarmed combat, or meeting old scout
friends (especially Darkhstarr), or dreaming about meeting the two naval officers responsible for her
dismissal (they were nobles & were never charged for their crimes) & killing them with her bare
hands in a duel.

Skills: Interrogation-1,  Pistol-1, Computer-1,   Demolition-1, Unarmed Combat-1, JOT-2, Ship's Boat-1

PSIONICS:  Level 9 Telepath.   15 Psionic points

5'10" tall.  Short blonde hair, swarthy, athletic body.  Black eyes.  Crescent scar on right check.

Wild & chatty, Nara (not her real name) is the only survivor of a SORAG team ambushed in the
Guildheim system 3 years ago.  Having become an atypical Zhodani because of her years of covert
activity in the Foreven & Beyond sectors; she took advantage of her situation to disappear &
re-invent herself as a citizen of the Beyond.  A letter of introduction(from an unknown patron) got
her a job in security with the Stars & Comet, where she uses her psionics & intelligence training
screening the main street entrance to the club.   She has a strong friendship with Shion Jones.  Her
main weaknesses are a fondness for gambling & an overwhelming fear of being found out by
SORAG & rehabilitated into Zhodani society.

Skills:  Singing-3, Dance-3, Computer-1, Laison-2, Unarmed combat-2

5'6" tall.  Medium length blonde hair.  Gray eyes.  Bronzed, athletic body.

The charismatic Chantil is Dorian's mistress & has been with him for 9 years.  She is witty, carefree,
and has a positive outlook on life since she has weathered many personal crisis, including slavery.
She is completely devoted to Jorian with whom she has conceived two children, a boy Montressor 4,
& a girl Lys Helene 2.  She is a sparing partner with Ada Camille.  Despite their similar age, she has
become an older sister to Ada, constantly working to lighten the scout's spirit.

Skills:  Admin-3, Law-2, Pistol-1, Broker-2, Grav Vehicle-1, JOT-1, Computer-3

5'11' tall.  Short brunette hair.  Blue eyes.  Lightly tanned, slender body.

A former officer on a merchantman, Pedro has been partially paralyzed as a result of a pirate attack.  
Dahl's business partner & accountant, he gets around in a grav chair equipped with everything he
needs to run a business as well as a defense system ( builtin stun gun & snubb pistol).  Taciturn,
quiet, & closed-mouthed, when he does talk, it is important-so listen. Despite his all business
personality, he often does some pro bono legal & accounting work for distressed or injured

Skills:  Siniging-3, Music-2, Mechanical-1, Electronics-2, Computer-1, Blade-1

6' tall.  Long black hair & small, neat beard.   Black eyes.  Dark brown, athletic body.

Flighty, absentminded & intolerant of authority, Ives preferred music to the life of a free trader.
Landing on Vlad, he drifted from place to place playing as a backup keyboardist. Then 2 years ago
he was set upon by two thugs sent to collect a debt. Rescued by the timely arrival of Jorian Dahl, he
feels himself indebted to Dahl & became an employee.  He plays for most of the regular acts & is a
favorite of Chantil, Jorian's mistress.

Skills: Pilot-2, Music-2, JOT-1, Computer-1, Navigation-1, Brawling-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Blade-1,

5'6" tall.  Shoulder length brunette hair.  Black eyes.  Bronzed, muscular body.  Black dragon tattoo
across her back & shoulders.

The cheerful & amoral started her career in a Mapepire Balsyn street gang at age 8.  Somehow in
her teens she learned to pilot a spaceship & all sorts of grav vehicles.  With a forged pilot's license
she got hired aboard a freighter.  Upon reaching Vlad, she deserted & went on a crime spree.  Her
run ended when she stole a liquor consignment belonging to the Stars & Comet.  Impressed the skill
she showed trying to evade Jorian's hired guns, he gave her a choice-prison or working for him.  
That was four years ago, now she is Jorian's personal chaffeur  She has also developed a talent for
music & also now performs at the club.  Has a preference for scouts.

Skills:  Singing-1, Mechanical-1, Engineering-1, Electronics-1, Pistol-2, Robotics-1

4'11" tall.  Short black hair.  Dark brown eyes.  Pale, slender body.

Looking & dressing like a doll, the friendly & talkative Satra is the club's maintenance person &
backup vocalist,  A complete lush, Dahl, has been able to keep her sober when needed.  
Skills:  Steward-1, Computer-1, Dagger-1, Carousing-1

5'7" tall.  Strawberry blonde hair, worn in two braids.  Green eyes.  Slender, bronzed body.

Orphan Cara (along with her sister Lara) was rescued from a Tuablin slaveship by Dark Goddesses
in their youth.  They were taken in by Jorian Dahl, avoiding a ducal orphanage.  Cara is friendly,
cheerful, bright, & more cautious by nature than her sister.  She prefers daggers & can have 6-12
hidden on her at a time.  As a waiter, she normally works different shifts than her sister.

Skills:  Steward -1, Pistol-1, Carousing-2, Computer-1

5'7" tall.  Short strawberry blonde hair.  Green eyes.  Slender bronzed body.  

Lara is an agressive free spirit & more of a risk taker than her sister.  She is also more manipulative
than Cara.  When working as a waiter, she always carries a body pistol in a shoulder.  Offduty, she
carries a gauss pistol in a quickdraw holster.  Lara hopes to join a Dark Goddesses ship someday.

Skills: Steward-2, Computer-1, Brawling-1, Carousing -1

6' tall.  Short black hair.  Black eyes.  Athletic body with a light tan.  Scorpion tattoo on left shoulder.

Taciturn, sad & hardworking, Bren is another orphan taken by Dahl & the son of Dahl's first
bartender, Vito Karna.  Despite his nature, his good looks make him popular with the ladies, many
who hang around the bar when he is on duty.
Skills:  Steward-1, Laison-1, Dagger-1, Streetwise-2, Pistol-1

5'9" tall.  Long blonde hair.  Red eyes. Bronzed, athletic body.  

Born Lady Samantha Mimbei Ako Abirii on La Luz Negra; she is the only survivor of a purge of her
family by the Prince when she was six. She was smuggled off La Luz Negra along with the Baronial
regalia by Jorian Dahl who was hired by her surviving retainers.  Charming, aggressive & vulgar in
personality & working as a waiter at the club,  Sam  hides in plain sight from her enemies.  Though
when needed, she can be the cultured lady.  She also loves to wear some of the baronial jewels,
even when working(she passes them off as gifts from lovers).   She has no desire to return to her
homeworld, a fact that would shock & dismay her family supporters as much as her lifestyle.  Despite
possessing a fortune of  86.2 MCr( which Jorian wisely invested for her ), she prefers the simple life
& rarely spends much of wealth.  Wears HUD goggles to cover her teltale red eyes.

Skills:  Steward-1, Pistol-1,  Carousing-1, Brawling-2

5'6" tall.  Reddish-bronze fur with black highlights.  Blue eyes.

Hyperactive, acid-tongued, & funny Saorau works as a waiter/bouncer on the casino floor.  She is
good friends with Sam & the Surteil twins.  

Skills:  Steward-4, Computer-1, Carousing-1, Commo-1, Brawling-2, Dagger-2

5'7" tall.  Short red hair.  Blue eyes.  Bronzed, athletic  body.

The friendly, verbose Espada is the chief cook at the S&C, working with Dahl for 14 years. Though, a
rough, two-fisted free trader, yor would never know it from his food, which is rate 5 Stars by the
Travellers Aide Society.  

Skills: Engineering-2, Electronics-2, Mechanical-1, Laser-2, Computer-2, Grav Vehicle-1,
Vacc Suit-1, Pistol-2, Gambling-1

6'3" tall.  Short brunette hair.  Wiry, light brown body.  Green eyes.

The club's building engineer, Conrad is stolid, calm, & patient-the latter quality is good when Sara
Kopek is your assistant. He has a humorous streak ( one of his favorite jokes is to spike Sara's drinks
with alcodote so she can't get drunk ) that is wicked but harmless.  He has associated with Jorian for
25 years & was the original engineer on Jorian's ship.

Ex-scout & disgraced(?) dilpomat, Darkhstarr is the CEO of Phoenix Couriers, in which Jorian Dahl
is a silent partner.  Manax stays at the Stars & Comet when in town when not at the Jade Palace
with a paramour.  He also use the club for business meetings.  

Though the Jade Palace is the place she likes party, the S&C is where she goes to relax (& plot).
It's also one the few establishments in Delerium she will allow her wards to frequent on Holiday.
Bette is also one of Jorian's strongest allies in the fight against the slave trade as well as one of his
favorite smugglers.  
Skills:  Gambling-1, Admin-1, Grav Vehicle-2

5'9" tall.  Short medium brown hair.  Brown eyes.    Rangy bronzed  body.

Cheerful & funloving, Todd can be found gambling at three times a week at the club.  He supports
his habit by working as a freelance transporter on his grav cycle.  On the job he is discreet &
honest. He is a conservative gambler & rarely runs any debts up at the club. Currently seeing Cara
Skills:  Brawling-2, Blade-2, Broker-2, Streetwise-2, Bribery-2, SMG-2, Admin-1, Computer-1,

6'6" tall.  Golden tan fur with reddish highlights.  Amber eyes.  Muscular body. Wears lots of

The friendly, fatherly,  Rhogaul is a pirate who retired to become a fence.  He also controls the
Vargyr underworld activities in Delerium.    He spends much of his time at the S&C working a deal
or doing appraisals for Jorian or one of Jorian's clients.

Skills:  Streetwise-2, Gambling-1, Pistol-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Mechanical-1

5'2" tall.  Short red hair.  Green eyes.  Slender, delicate,  bronzed body.

A native of Vlad, the wild, cheerful, & reckless Alllison is a freelance courier.  She is on good
relations with the S&C staff who constantly supply her with customers.  This has created a little
jealousy on the part of Todd Hanifan, whom she ignores.  Unlike Todd, she is a reckless gambler &
winds up having to pay off her debts by working for Jorian & his friends for gratis.  She has
ambitions of working for Phoenix Couriers, towards which she trying to get a pilot's license.

Skills:  Pistol-1, Engineering-1, Electronics-1, Vacc Suit-1, Ship's Boat-2, Computer-1

6' tall.  Medium brown hair & thin mustache.  Brown eyes.  Scar on left cheek.

Quiet, observant, curious, & discreet, Pard works as a shuttle pilot at Delerium's starport, shuttling
cargo & passengers to & from orbit.  He is a ready source of information for Dahl, who gives a
stipend of 1000 Credits at the casino.  Occasionally does a few smuggling jobs for Jorian.

Skills:  Gambling-2, Pistol-1, Forgery-3, Computer-2, Mechanical-1, Electronics-2, Streetwise-2.

5'9" tall.  Long black hair.  Blue eyes.  Bronzed athletic body.  Yellow, red & green dragon tattoo
on right arm.

Olaf has a thriving black market business providing documents (his fakes require a roll of 11+ to
detect) for a variety of customers.  A friend of Dahl's for 18 years, they often spend hours drinking
& chatting about the old days.  When IDES got on his track, he made a deal where supplies forged
documents for IDES agents.  Cynical, hardnosed, & coldblodded, he is nevertheless honest in his
business dealings & only kills in self defense.  He never betrays a client unless they doublecross
him.  Olaf dislikes the bigger flashy clubs & prefers the modest nature of the S&C,.

Skills: Pilot-1, Navigation-1, Streetwise-1, Commo-1, Carousing-1, Pistol-1, Laser-1,

6'3" tall.  Short black hair & short, neat beard.  Gray eyes.  Medium brown skin.

Employed as a security guard at Delerium Starport, Hamid is an undercover agent for IDES.  His
friendly, generous, & slightly goofy personality (his real personality!) makes him  an ideal agent.