Missouri Traveller
MISSOURI TRAVELLER ARCHIVE:  Great Traveller resource site  Fonts, Library Data, &
much other fun stuff.
Downport Traveller
BITS(BRITISH ISLES TRAVELLER SUPPORT): Great source for licensed Traveller
supplements.  . Free Downloads.
Home of Traveller on the Net
Draconis Cluster
DRACONIS CLUSTER:  Another great fan site.
Gurps Traveller
GURPS TRAVELLER: Home of Gurps Traveller at Steve Jackson Games
Journal of the Travellers Aid Society
Jackson Games
Zhodani Base
ZHODANI BASE: Best fansite for Zhodani Information.
Gypsy Comet
GYPSY COMET: Another great fansite. Currently offline but will be back.
Sluggy Freelance
SLUGGY FREELANCE:  Funniest online comicstrip
CARGOLAW.COM:  Great resource for commercial air & water transport, upto date accidents, & the daily
pirate update.
BMONSTER.COM:  Great site for fans of B SF/Horror flicks.
ANDRE NORTON: The Solar Queen Novels, Moon of Three Rings, The Zero Stone, Galactic Derelict, Beastmaster,
Lord of Thunder, Last Planet.  Though many of her works are juveniles, she did much to write the book on scouts &
free traders.  Recently passed on.  She will be missed.

POUL ANDERSON: Margin of Profit, Star Ways, Makeshift Rocket, The Man Who Counts, Let the Spacemen
Beware. Great resource for free traders & merchant princes.

A. BERTRAM CHANDLER: The Ship from Outside, The John Grimes series.  Great application of modern seafaring
to a SF genre.  Also space combat very similar to early Traveller.

KEITH LAUMER: Earthblood, Galactic Odyssey, Greylorn, The Bolo stories, and of course for the diplomat, my
favorite the Retief series.

H. BEAM PIPER: Space Viking, Federation, Empire, Uller Uprising, Little Fuzzy series.  His works are another must
for Traveller fans.

PHIL FOGLIO: Buck Godot: Zapgun for Hire.  Great humorous SF comic series. Also the new Girl Genius.

FRANK BRUNNER: Castaways' World, Rites of Ohe, Man From the Big Dark.

JACK VANCE: Port of Call, the Planet of Adventure series, Big Planet, Space Opera, The Grey Prince, The Dragon
Masters, The Last Castle, Languages of Pao, Five Gold Bands.  Great SF for cultures, alien & human.  Also good
adventure fiction.

MYSTERY IN SPACE (DC COMICS).  Anthology space opera comic from the early 60's.  DC is currently reissuing
some of the best stories.

GORDON R. DICKSON: Spacepaw, Spacial Delivery, The Alien Way, None But Man, The Dorsai series.

EDMOND HAMILTON:  The Starwolf Trilogy, particularly the second book The Closed World.  Good space opera.

.LEIGH BRACKETT: The Halfling & Other Stories(Anthology).

C.J. CHERRYH: The Chanur Stories.  Another group of good alien/trader novels.

JAMES WHITE: Escape Orbit. The Sector General Series-the best SF medical novels I've come read.

MURRAY LEINSTER:  Talents, inc., Pirates of Zan, The Mutant Weapon. Medship

KENNETH BULMER: Wizard of the Starship Poseidon.  How to hijack a starship with trained viruses. Also The
Diamond Contessa & Dray Prescott series.

MACK REYNOLDS: Section G:United Planets.

HARRY HARRISON: Planet of the Damned, Deathworld.

WALT & LEIGH RICHMOND:  Gallagher's Glacier.  Excellent novel about a renegade in a jump capable ice
asteroid bucking a corporate space monopoloy.   One half of an Ace double & probably never reprinted. Unfortunately
lost the book years ago.

DAVID DRAKE: The Hammers Slammers stories.  My personal favorite SF merc stories. Also the Lt. Leary stories..

illustrated guide to aliens from various SF stories.  Excellent.

WAYNE BARLOWE: EXPEDITION.  Illustrated account of an expedition to Darwin IV.  Great!

BEN BOVA: Immortality. An excellent easy to understand book of the medical possibilities of immortality.  Very useful
for Traveller.

CLIFFORD PICKOVER: THE SCIENCE OF ALIENS.  An short, but excellent guide to creating alien lifeforms.

SPACE OPERA (Fantasy Games Unlimited).  An SF game from the early 80's, it had several excellent modules usable
for Traveller.  The one module I own, Casino Galactica, I used in my first Traveller campaign I ran. Unfortunately I
had to sell all my Space Opera books.

SPACE ACE(Pacesetter Games).  Several interesting modules & aliens worth getting if you can find. Now being
reprinted.  Unfortunately more gamebooks I had to sell.

ERIC ALLEN: SHIPPING AT RISK.  Nonfiction work covering among modern maritime fraud & piracy.

JOHN S BURNETT: DANGEROUS WATERS.  New nonfiction work on current piracy.


PROFANTASY: Makers of Campaign Cartographer, software for making maps, buildings, starships, etal,
and producing software for making 3D player aids.   Some of art on this site made with CC2  Now has
Cosmographer for SF.
Hi, I'm Darkhstarr, your humble webmaster.   I live in Omaha, NE, with my wife & 3  plotting micro-Aslans.  My RPG
experience started with D&D at 1976 SF Worldcon & I've been hooked since.  My first Traveller experience was in 1980
when I picked up the '3 Little Black Books' at a con.  I've also GM'd Chill (original version), Teenagers From Outer
Space, Space Ace, Space 1889 (using Classic Traveller rules), Changeling.  Others games I favor are Vampire the
Masquerade; Werewolf; It Came From the Late, Late, Show; Mage; Ogre; Xenophile CCG.   Right now I don't have a
gaming group.  I've temporarily retired from gaming though I still collect & paint Traveller & Ogre miniatures & still
scratch build 15mm Traveller vehicles.  Most of my gaming goes into this sits, where Ipublish time to time data from my
notes & new ideass.    Though High Tortuga the campaign will never be run I hope some of the data I publish will
brighten someone's campaign.

My wife has GM'd  D&D, Chill, Teenagers From Outer Space, It Came From the Late, Late Show.  Traveller remains,
however her favorite game..

I'm not a gearhead so many of my ships & gizmos are very basic.  My favorite parts  are aliens, fauna & flora (&
intrigue).   My art is made with pencil, ink & paint.  I'm  actually getting used to having one good eye.  
NOBLEKNIGHT GAMES: Great place for new & used games.
Traveller in the Ded Zone
INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  A good site for international trade,
regulations & crime.
ICC COMMERCIAL CRIMES SERVICES:  The ICC's crime website. Website on the king of swashbuckling fiction Rafael Sabatini,
author of Captain Blood, Fortune's Fool, Scaramouche, The Sea Hawks & others.
Nuke-Con, Omaha, Nebraska's annual gaming convention.
GAMES TALKS.COM.  Another nifty web directory for gamers.
HEROMACHINE.   A usefull tool for creating character portraits.  Some of portraits on this site
with Heromachine
Schlock Mercenary.  A very funny online space opera  comic.
Besides the usual game aids & props, I've used several non-Traveller vehicles, figures
& toys-plus
scratch built stuff from broken models, toys & sheet plastic.

MICROMACHINES:  While the toy line lasted it some great stuff for Traveller use.  
Many of their
figures were close to 15mm size.  Their SF lines (Starship Troopers, Star Wars,
Z-Bots) made nice
high tech stuff & their modern figures made good low tech figures.  Their Galaxy line
had a great
twin-laser gunned hover tank & grav missile tank(a few of these were reenlisted as GI
Joe toys).
I use some of the Star Wars ships for naval & merchant vessels. Unfortunately, they're
(especially the Star Wars-$25-30 a package) if you can find them now.

ITALERI MODELS:  They make a plastic model set (no assembly required) called
XXX Century
Starships  which includes 12 different ship designs useful for fighters, scoutships,
shuttles, small merchantment & warships in 1/500 scale.  Still available online.  For
those who like 25mm
figures they make a 25mm spaceman set in the XXX Century line.  I just recently
found their XXX
Century Starships are reproductions of old RAFM Silent Death ships.  That figures.  
I've got a
squadron of speeders I picked up at Perkins 12 years ago that are the old Martian
Metals Traveller
speeders redone in plastic with extra thrusters.

CAV, BATTLETECH, SILENT DEATH:  While 1/250 scale, I've used some minis for
Traveller, usually as war or engineering bots.  Battletech's Big Demolisher Tank is
big enough to use as a Traveller battletank. Most recently I've used both lines to build
my Japanese Ogre forces for the game Ogre. Iron Wind Metals, the current producer of
Battletech minis sell spare part sets for many of their mechs & vehicles.  I found them
usefull in building robots, weapon platforms & in scratchbuilding vehicle.

LASERBURN:  These 15mm SF figures make nice Traveller figures.

STAN JOHANSON MINIATURES:  They carry a line of 15mm figures including
reproductions of Space Opera miniatures.  They have recently released some bear
aliens minis.

DLD PRODUCTIONS:  They make some nice resin space models, including  a nifty
They also have tracked & grav vehicles in 15 & 25mm.

GAMESWORKSHOP: Warhammer.  I've used their Epic line for bots for Traveller &
for Ogre, though expensive.  Though ugly, their elves make great Martians for Space
1889 because of that.

GROUND ZERO GAMES:  Nice SF 15mm & 25mm vehicle & figure miniatures.

OLD CROW MODELS:  Nice SF 15mm & 25mm resin miniatures.  Normally I don't
like resin models, but these are great-clean, well fitting. Their Hammer's Slammers
line is great.They have a figure line but its limited SF military.
I've used several resources on this site.  Some are my own little doodles (including
the new
index page art of 2 corsairs attacking a trader), & artwork I've comissioned, many
as presents.
I also own a few Traveller artwork originals I might post some day. If I don't sell

Among some of the resources I've used are the following:

SIMPLY MEDIA: They have several CD-ROM's of SF clipart for home computers.  Character Artist, Cosmographer, etal. Custom Character Portrait Creator.
UKG PUBLISHING:  I purchased their Masterplan 15mm floorplans as well as SF
stockart by Shinkei. Very nice stuff can be purchased thru DriveThrustuf.,
DRIVETHRUSTUFF:  A great online source for stockart.  I highly recommend
stockart by Sade, James Thompson, Matt Parmer.
IRON WIND METAL: Makers of Battletech minis: They also sell spare mech parts
for many of their figures usable for Traveller bots, weapon,s & vehicles.
STAN JOHANSEN MINIATURES: Producers of SF minis in 25mm &
15mm.  in his Star Armour line including vehicles are  the old FGU Space
Opera  but they are still great for Traveller.
QLI/RPGREALMS PUBLISHING:  Traveller Goodies plus the
Citizens of the Imperium Forum
PLANET OF THE VAMPIES:  Italian SF/Horror by Mario Bava.  Spacemen threaten by
disembodied intelligences.  One wonders if the makers of Alien saw this cult classic.

FORBIDDEN PLANET:  The classic 50's remake of Shakespeare's The Tempest.

LOST IN SPACE:  Though campy once it became the "Dr. Smith Comedy Hour", the
earliest episode of the TV series are quite good.  Even better is the original pilot with no
Dr. Smith, & where the only enemy is the planet.

RED PLANET:  A nice tale of survival on Mars, even If my wife & I have a few technical
problems with it.

ENEMY MINE:  One of the few good 80's SF films.  Great alien contact story.

FIREFLY/SERENITY:  Great series & movie.  One of the few good treatment of the free
trader genera.

ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS.  A largely forgotten SF film of the 60's.  A very nicely
done (if with classic 50's state of the art effects) updating of Robinson Crusoe.

OUTLAW STAR:  Great anime series about a quest for an ancient artifact.  A great
example of free trader society.

TENCHI MUYO GXP:  Another of my favorites.  A spinoff of Tenchi Muyo, this comedy
involves Yamada Seina, an earthling with such bad luck that it creates an area effect
around him.  With a series of events he becomes a cadet in the Galaxy Police academy
where his luck makes him the perfect decoy weapon against pirates.  A great sendup of all
the space police & pirate (as well as harem comedies) generas in anime.  Warning: It has
brief bits of nudity, adult situations.  Also best watched in Japanese & subtitles, its english
diagolgue is not the best.

IRIA:  One of the earliest anime (besides the ones I watched in the 60's) series that I liked.  
Bounty hunter vs. an unkillable creature & the corporation that lost it.  Except for
teleportation, the tech is pretty well Traveller.

COWBOP BEBOP:  A classic anime bounty hunter series.  My wife would love to have
'Radical Edward' in her crew.

THE ORIGINAL DIRTY PAIR:  The anime comedy of  Kei & Yuri, crack female agents who
when they take down perps, take down whole neighborhoods, cities, & even planets (not
always their fault).  A series I avoided for years, but actually liked when I finally watched

BLACK LAGOON:  Anime of the manga.  Very dark.  Not SF, but a contemporary pirate
story.  Great setting for a pirate or free trader game.
ALTERNATIVE ARMIES.   Nice UK gamestore.  Has  same nice SF
miniature lines.
TRAVELLER WIKI:  Like Wikipedia, but for Traveller fans
15MM CO. UK.  The 15mm line of Alternative Armies.  HOF, HOTT, &
Laserburn figures perfect for Traveller.
RAFM MMINIATURES.  15mm SF minis, most are former Martian Metals/Citdael
Traveller.  Sadly. their grav vehicle is OOP. Also Space  1889 minis.
FARFUTURE.NET: Marc Miller's website-home of Traveller on the net.  
Buy Traveller books & CD-Roms.
Old Crow Models.  Some very nice 6mm, 15mm, & 25mm vehicles.  They
carry a Hammer's Slammers line in the latter two scales
Ground Zero Games:  Nice line of 15mm vehicles & figures.  Also Full Thrust rules
& minis.
A. BERTRAM CHANDLER fansite.  One of my great SF influences
group organizing OSFest July 11-13, 2008.
THE CROW'S NEST.  Fantastic art & cardboard figures
Below is a banner you can copy & download to link to this site.
REBEL MINIS.  Excellent 15mm line.  Besides an SF lines they have
modern period zombies, werewolves, thugs, monster hunters & special forces.
COMBAT WOMBAT.  Very nice looking SF vehicles. Owner now on
FORCE XXI MINIATURES.  A 15mm line of figures & vehicles located in
Iowa for you midwesterners.
DRIVETHRU RPG.  Great online store for games, art, computer goodies, &
for Player, GM, & website resources.
SPACE CORSAIR: Has a nifty word generator for most of the canon races in
TRAVELLER 3D:  Great 3D art & mini-movies by Andrew Boulton
EUREKA MINIATURES.  Very nice Australian company, great miniatures,
great to work with.  Look up their 100/300 Club sections.
EUREKA MINIATURES USA.  US retailer for Eureka Miniatures.
DROPSHIP HORIZON:  A great blog for 15mm SF minis.
THE MINIATURES PAGE: Great miniatures fansite.
CRITICAL MASS GAMES:  Another great UK site for 15mm SF.  They have
several nice aliens.  Check out their Protolene minis.
RETROPOLIS: Great retro 30's style SF designs.  T-Shirts, Mugs, Posters, Buttons, etal.
KHURASAN MINIATURES.  Their 15mm Felids make great battledressed Aslan.
STAR PIRATES.  An addictive online piracy game