CALM HEART: (1 pt. Merit) No matter what, you always stay calm in the face of danger. You never let anger gain
control of you.  When faced with a situation that would scare or anger you, your difficulties are reduced by 2.

CODE OF HONOR: (1 pt. Merit). You have a strict code of ethics you cannot ignore. You can automatically ignore
most temptations that would conflict with your code. When battling torture, mind control drugs, or psionic control,
etal., your difficulties are decreased by 2 whenever your code of honor would be violated.

BESERKER: (1 pt. Merit). You can harness the anger within to use in combat, allowing you to ignore wounds on a
target roll of 8+ on 2D6.  The drawback is that you cannot separate friend or foe & any any negative actions (killing
or wounding a friend, ally, or innocent party, for example) taken during your rage will haunt you afterwards with its
consequences. Also, when angered , your difficulties to avoid an involuntary beserk is increased by +2.

TRUE LOVE: (1 pt. Merit).  You have discovered & possibly lost (if only temporarily) a true love. This love provides
you with joy even in the most arid existence or a situation devoid of enlightened emotions.  Whenever you are
suffering, in danger, or dejected, the thought of your true love is enough to help you persevere.  Your true love also
acts as a buffer, protecting you from your baser nature.  Your difficulty rolls are decreased by 2 when you are actively
protecting or striving to come closer to your love.  On the negative side, your love may be a hindrance, requiring aid
(or even rescue) from time to time.

XENOPHILIA:  (2 pt. Merit).  You have a natural affinity, tolerance & understanding of alien races no matter how
bizarre or different from you.  You would do well in the scout or diplomatic service, or as a free trader.  All difficulties
dealing with alien races are reduced by 2.

COMPULSION: (1 pt. Flaw).  You have a compulsion that can cause many problems: cleanliness, gambling,
perfection, stealing, bragging, or even just talking. Your difficulties regarding the compulsion are increased by 2.

DARK SECRET:  (1 pt. Flaw)  You have a dark secret that could be of immense embarrassment or even cause you to
become a social outcast if uncovered. This could be anything from being dishonorably discharged, theft, an affair
with an enemy of your people, or cowardice.

INTOLERANCE:  (1 pt. Flaw).  You have an intense dislike for something: an animal, a class or race of people, dirt,
a type of weapon, etc.  This causes your difficulties when dealing with that dislike to be increased by 2.

NIGHTMARES:  (1 pt. Flaw)  You have horrendous nightmares every time you sleep that may cause you to have (at
GM's discretion), all your difficulties increased by 1 the following day unless you have treatment.  These nightmares
can be so intense that you mistake them for reality (example: a dream reliving a combat experience may make you
attack anyone who wakes you).

OVERCONFIDENCE: (1 pt. Flaw).  You have an exaggerated & unshakable opinion of your own worth &
capabilities.  You never hesitate to trust your own abilities, even in situations where you risk defeat.  Because your
capabilities may not be enough, this is a danger. When you fail, you quickly find someone or something to blame.  If
your character is convincing enough, he/she may infect others in their party with the same overconfidence.

PHOBIA: (mild, 1 pt. Flaw).  You have an overpowering fear of something.  You instinctively & illogically retreat
from the obeject of this fear.  Upon encountering this object of fear you must make a difficulty roll (all difficulties
dealing with this phobia are increased by 2).  If you fail the roll, you will retreat from the object.

PREY EXCLUSION:  (1 pt. Flaw).  There is someone or something you revere that you will not kill, harm, or steal
frpm.  This could be a race, children, robots, or items of great holiness or beauty. If you cause harm to this revered
person or object you must make a difficulty roll (increased by 2), or fall into despair. If you see the revered object or
person threatened or harmed, you will fly into a rage against the perp.

SHY:  (1pt. Flaw)  You are distinctly ill at ease around people & try to avoid social situations. Your difficulties in all
social situations are increased by 1 normally, and are increased by 2 if you are the center of attention. Don't expect to
do public speeches.

SOFTHEARTED:  (1 pt. Flaw)  You cannot stand the suffering of others.  You will avoid any situation that may lead
to mental or physical pain, even to a stranger.  Your difficulties to overcome this flaw are increased by 2.

SPEECH IMPEDIMENT: (1 pt. Flaw) You have a stammer or some form of speech problem that increases your
difficulty in communicating with others by 2. It doesn't have to be role played all the time, just when undergoing
stress or dealing with persons outsides your party.

CURIOSITY:  (2 pt. Flaw)  You have an innate curiosity that overrides your common sense.  To override it, you must
make a difficulty set by the GM.  These can range from 6+ for 'what's in that locked cabinet?' to 12+ for 'what's that
strange sound coming from the lifepod' you just saw the vargyr sneak away from.

OBSESSION:  (2 pt. Flaw)  There is something you like, love, or are fascinated by, to the point it overrides your
common sense. You react positively to anything connected to your obsession & will bore your friends to tears talking
about it.  Your difficulties involving this obsession are increased by 3. An obsession could  be anything: gravball,
cleanliness, Aslan femmes, firearms, or your grav pen collection.

SADISM/MASOCHISM:  (2 pt. Flaw)  You are excited by causing pain or receiving it.  In many situations, you will
take advantage to cause harm or be hurt.  A masochist will have a +2 END bonus when receiving damage because
they LIKE it.  Their difficulty rolls to overcome are increased by +3 to override their tendencies. Quite often when
caught in their excitement this could result in their death or the death of a party member.  A sadist receives no bonus
when caught up in their vice, but they also have the difficulty to control their urges are increased by +3.  They may get
so caught up in their pleasure they may unintentionally kill someone or even injure a party member.

VENGEANCE:  (2 pt. Flaw)  You have a score to settle, family killed, betrayal by a comrade/lover or had your
business destroyed by a rival.  You will do anything to get revenge on the guilty party.  Your difficulty to override this
need for revenge when an opportunity arises  are increased by +3.

XENOCENTRIC:  (2 pt. Flaw). An extreme version of xenopholia where you can only relate to sentients other than
you own species. This can be aliens in general, or just one species.  You will speak the praises of your adoptive race,
often at the expense of the species that spawned you. This can result from trauma of some sort, being raised by aliens,
etc.  This can make you an outcast with your own race.  All social difficulties dealing with others than your chosen
alien race(s) are increased by 2.

FLASHBACKS:  (3 pt. Flaw).  You are prone to flashbacks  if you are in either high-pressure situations or
circumstances that are similar to the event that caused the flashback itself.  Flashbacks can be caused by any
trauma-torture, extended combat, or repeated drug experimentation (combat, psi, or hallucingenic drugs, for
example).  Either positive or negative stimulation can trigger an episode, though emotional anxiety and/or stress are
the usual catalysts. Returning to a good & happy vision, however, can be just as bad as the flashback's horrendous
hallucinations.  During the flashback, you are unaware of reality; people, animals, etc., will be viewed as part of the
vision the flashback has generated.

DRIVING GOAL: (3 pt. Flaw).  You have a personal goal which sometimes compels & directs you in startling ways.  
The goal is always limitless in depth, &  you can truly never achieve it in most cases. This goal could be anything,
from ending poverty or slavery in the universe, bringing democracy to the Third Imperium, to creating a Jump-7+
drive.  Since you are always working towards this goal it may get you and your friends into trouble & may jeopardize
conflicting actions. You may make a difficulty roll of 10+ to set aside your goal for a short period (GM's discretion).
Choose a driving goal wisely since it will direct & focus everything your character does.

HATRED: (3 pt. Flaw).  You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. The hate is total & largely
uncontrollable. You may hate an animal, a person, a group, a species, a situation or even a color. You constantly
manuver to harm the object or gain control over it.  You must make a difficulty roll of 10+ to overcome your hate.

LIFESAVER: (3 pt. Flaw). You believe that sentient life is a sacred gift, & will not take a person's life except in the
most extreme of circumstances. You may not ever willingly endanger the lives of innocents or in any way participate
in a killing. You have no problem in killing animals (for the right reasons, i.e. food).  You will kill evil or insane
sentients to protect others if necessary (be careful, however, with your definition of 'evil'). Senseless death in all forms
repulses you &  you feel those who commit murder should be punished. All difficulties related to this are increased by

PHOBIA(SEVERE):  (3 pt. Flaw).  You have an overwhelming fear of something.  All difficulties dealing with this
phobia are increased by +4.  Failure on your roll means you either freak out or flee in terror.


COMMON SENSE:  (1 pt. Merit).  You have a significant amount practical everyday wisdom.  Whenever you are
about to do something contrary to common sense (& your personal knowledge) the GM should alert you to show how
the action will affect the situation..

CONCENTRATION: (1 pt. Merit). You have the ability to focus  your mind & shut out any distractions or anoyance,
above & beyond the norm.  You receive a +2 modifier to difficulty rolls relating to distractions or any other
inauspicious circumstance.

LIGHTNING CALCULATOR: (1 pt. Merit)  You have a natural affinity with numbers & a talent for mental
arithmetic, making you a natural with computers, piloting/navigation a spaceship, or even just for gambling.  You
recieve a +2 die modifier on all relevant difficulty rolls. Another use of this talent, if you have the numbers for it, is to
calculate a task's difficulty. In the appropriate situation the player may ask the GM to rate a task's difficulty.

EIDETIC MEMORY: (2 pt. Merit). You can remember things seen & heard with perfect detail. To recall any visual or
sound memory against your INT score.  A  score of 4 or better under your INT gives perfect recall. A roll of 1-3 under
your INT gives recall at varying clarity even if you have seen or heard it once.

IRON WILL: (3 pt. Merit).  When you are determined & your mind is set, nothing can deter you from your goals. You
gain a +3 bonus whenever you are interrogated, tortured, drugged or mentally attacked (when you are aware of it.)
Even when you are unaware of an mental attack you still gain a bonus of +1.

SELF-CONFIDENT: (4 pt. Merit). Your self-confidence is so great that you can overcome adversity.  You are never
overwhelmed by odds or challenges, & never run from a fight (mental or physical) unless there's a good logical reason
to retreat. When the difficulty rating of a task is 10 or better you gain a +2 bonus.

AMNESIA: (2 pt. Flaw).  You are unable to remember anything about your past, self, or family. Your life is a blank
that comes back to haunt you (at GM's discretion). This could caused by psionics, mental or physical trauma, or even
disease. This flaw can be used in conjunction with nightmares and/or flashbacks.

CONFUSED : (2 pt. Flaw). You are often confused, & the world seems a twisted, distorted place to you.  Sometimes
you are simply unable to make sense of things.  You need to roleplay this flaw all the time to a small degree, but it's
worse when subjected to strong stimuli (many people talking at once, loud music, artillery barrage, etc.). Your
difficulty rolls are increased by one when trying to overcome this flaw.

ABSENT-MINDED:  (3 pt. Flaw).  Though you don't forget such things as skills, you forget such things as names,
addresses, & where you left certain possessions.  To remember anything, your difficulties are increased by +2.


ACUTE SENSES:  (1 pt. Merit). You have exceptionally sharp hearing, smell, vision, touch or taste (choose one).
Your difficulties are decreased by 2. The downside is that you can be distracted by too strong a stimuli (loud noise,
sudden bright light, etc.) for 1D6 rounds.

NIGHTSIGHT:  (1 pt. Merit). You have the ability to see in the dark.  This could be due to planetary conditions your
people adapted to, medical alteration or a mutation.  The drawback is that daylight (or its equal) blinds you unless
you wear some protective device.

COLOR BLINDNESS:  (1 pt. Flaw).  Unlike normal color blindness (which you cannot distunguish between 2
colors), you can see only in black & white. Color density is perceived as shades of grey.

HARD OF HEARING:  (1 pt. Flaw).  Your hearing is defective. All your difficulties are increased by 2.

BAD SIGHT:  (2 pt. Flaw). Your sight is defective &  your difficulties are increased by 2.  This is  neither near- or
far-sightedness, but a minor form of blindness that is not correctible.

NEUROPATHY:  (2 pt. Flaw).  Your nerve ending are deadened due to a birth defect, disease, trauma or some other
reason. Your difficulties related to touch or your dex are increased by 2. You have trouble  feeling injuries unless they
are severe. The upside is that your difficulties to overcome pain are decreased by 2.

DEAF:  (4 pt. Flaw). You cannot hear sound & automatically fail any rolls involving hearing.

BLIND:  (6 pt. Flaw).  You cannot see &  fail any vision rolls automatically.


AMBIDEXTROUS: (1 Merit). You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity & can perform tasks with the 'wrong'
hand with a difficulty penalty of 1(no penalty for 'right' hand). Without this skill, your difficulties in performing
tasks with both hands (such as fighting, handling two tools at the same time, etc.) would be increased by1 for the
'right' hand & 3 for the 'wrong' hand.

CHARISMA: (1 point Merit).  You are especially attractive to others.  Your difficulty rolls pertaining to seduction,
subterfuge, or similar social interaction are reduced by 2.  However this merit may cause (GM's discretion) resentment
by others of your gender & species.

COMPUTER APTITUDE:  (1 point Merit}. You have a natural affinity with computers.  Your difficulty roll  
working with them are reduced by 2.

CRACK DRIVER/PILOT: (1 pt. Merit).  You have a natural affinity with land (wheeled, tracked, etc.,), sea (boats,
submersibles, etc.) air (prop, jet, aircushion, grav) or space (rocket, ship's boat, non-jump, jump,  etc.).  All difficulties
in operating the chosen craft are reduced by 2.

NAVIGATIONAL APTITUDE:  (1 pt. Merit).  You are a natural with air or space navigation.  Your difficulties in
navigation(plotting or verifying course, rapid emergency plot change, etc.,) are reduced by 2.

MECHANICAL APTITUDE:  (1 pt. Merit). You are adept  with all kinds of mechanical devices. Your rolls to operate
or repair such devices are reduced by 2.

ELECTRONIC APTITUDE: (1 pt. Merit).  You are adept with electronic devices. Your rolls to understand, operate or
repair such devices are reduced by 2.

ENGINEERING APTITUDE:  (1 pt. Merit).  You are a natural engineer.  Your difficulties to understand, operate, or
repair powerplants, engines, gravity fields, etc., are reduced by 2.

ZERO GRAVITY APTITUDE:  (1 pt. Merit).  You have a natural affinity to operate in zero or extremely light gravity,
either from your enviromental upbringing, or training.  All difficulties relating to operating in Z-G are reduced by 2.

POISON RESISTANCE:  (1 pt. Merit).  You have, for some reason, become resistant to poison.  This can be due to a
natural talent or building up immunities over the years.  Your difficulties to resist a toxin are reduced by 3.

NATURAL LINGUIST:  (2 pt. Merit).  Your difficulty skills involving languages are reduced by 3.  You may also
learn 3 more languages than your INT score.

XENOTECHNOLOGY:  (2 pt. Merit).  You have an innate ability to understand alien technology.  Your difficulties
in understanding, operating, or repairing alien tech equal or below your tech level are reduced by 2.  In dealing in
alien 2 TL above your own it is only reduced by 1.

DAREDEVIL:  (3 pt. Merit).  You are good at taking risks & even better at surviving them.  All difficulties involving
truly dangerous stunts are reduced by 2..

FAST LEARNER: (3 pt. Merit). You learn quickly, and pick up an additional experience point at the end of an

PERFECT BALANCE: (3 pt. Merit).  Your sense of balance has achieved great height due to training or some innate
ability. You will never fall unless tripped, & even then you will catch yourself before losing a hand or foot hold. This
merit functions for things such as tightrope walking, mountain climbing, crossing ice, etc.  All difficulties are
reduced by 3.

APTITUDE INEPT.:  (1 pt. Flaw).There is some aptitude (or aptitudes if you take it more than once) that you are
inept in. Your difficulties involving this flaw are increased by 2.

UNSKILLED:   (2 pt. Flaw).  You have never trained extensively in any one skill.  The highest score you will achieve
is 1 on any skill rolling up a character. Any roll that would give you a score of more than 1 in any skill must be
re-rolled.  In play time, however, you can still increase your skill level normally.

SLOW LEARNER:  (3 pt. Flaw).  You have trouble learning or increasing your skills.   Deduct 1 experience point
earned after the end of an adventure.

UNEDUCATED:  ( 5 pt. Flaw)  You have never had any education above the minimum of elementary school.  Your
EDU score is reduced by 5 pt.s unless that would put you at zero.


BOON:  (1-3 pt. Merit).  An official, a noble, a rich merchant , a military officer, etc., owes you a favor for a service
rendered to them.  The extent of the boon depends on how many points you spend.  1 pt. would mean a minor boon,
while a 3 pt. boon might mean they owe you their life.

PRESTIGIOUS MENTOR:  (1 pt. Merit).  Your mentor had or has great status in society & this has accorded you a
peculiar honor.  Most treat you respectfully as a result; while others may have contempt for you riding your mentor's
coattails.  This prestige gives you a 2 pt. reduction in difficulties when dealing with high-ranking personages who
know or know of your mentor.  Indeed, your mentor's contacts may approach you at some point offering aid.  
Although you may never see your mentor again, the simple fact of your apprenticeship to him/her has marked you

REPUTATION:  ( 2 pt. Merit).  You have a good rep among your peers in your profession.  This may be your own rep
or that of a mentor's.  Any difficulties dealing with your professional peers are reduced by 3.

ENEMY:  (1-5 pt. Flaw).  You have an enemy (or maybe a group of enemies). The nature of this enemy depends on
how many points you use.  1 point enemy would be your equal in power, position, & status.  A 5 point enemy would
be a high official,  a noble, a high ranking officer, or merchant prince.  You must decide who is your enemy & how
you incurred their hate in the first place.

INFAMOUS MENTOR:  (1 pt. Flaw).  Your mentor was, & is perhaps still distrusted & disliked by a part of society.  
As a result this dislike & distrust has tainted yourself, deserved, or not.  Your social difficulties with those sophonts
who dislike you (& their minions and/or associates) are increased by 2.

INSANE MENTOR:  (1 pt. Flaw).  Your mentor's grasp on reality has slipped, possibility to the point of being
dangerously insane. Any action your mentor takes may affect your rep.  Also, your mentor may involve you (willingly
or not) in his or her mad schemes.

MENTOR'S RESENTMENT:  ( 1 pt. Flaw).  Your mentor dislikes your & wishes you ill.  Given the chance, your
mentor will do you harm, either physically, mentally, socially, or thru economic means.  His/her friends will also
work against you.

TWISTED APPRENTICESHIP:  (1 pt. Flaw).  Your mentor was malevolent & taught you all the wrong things about
society.  Your view of society & politics are all wrong & can land you in a deal of trouble.  You will continue to
believe what your mentor taught you no matter how others try to 'trick' you into believing otherwise.  A great deal of
time & hard lessons will be needed to overcome this flaw, if ever.  Social difficulties with those who don't share your
views are increased by 2.

DIABOLICAL MENTOR:  (2 pt. Flaw).  Your mentor is involved in acts that create a tremendous uproar (treason,
murder, etc.,).  Many will be after your mentor's hide, either for justice or revenge.  They may come after you , either as
a scrapegoat, or to force you to betray or kill your mentor.  Social difficulties with those affected by your mentor's
crime(s) are increased by 3.

NOTORIETY:  (3 pt. Flaw).  You have a bad rep among your peers.  This could result from a major breach of
protocol, having committed (or suspected in) a major crime, belonging to an very unpopular social or political group.
Your social difficulties in general are increased by 2, while your difficulties with those most affected by your notoriety
are increased by 4.


BLACK MARKET TIES: (1-5 pt. Merit):  You have ties to the underground shopping network.  This merit reduces
difficulties relating to using the Streetwise skills to acquire items by 1.  The value of these ties depends on the points
spent.  1 pt: Small items, ammo, low-clearance security ID & average software, etc.  2 pts:  Average items, guns, hi-tech
software, special ammo, wheeled or tracked vehicles, etc.  3 pts:  Fancy items, grav or aircushion vehicles, aircraft,
explosives, low-tech or small energy weapons, medium level clearance ID's, etc.  4 pts:  Large energy weapons, Hefty
items, high-clearance ID's, access codes, military vehicles, etc.  5 pts:  State of the art tech, military soft & hardware,
starships, experimental items, high-class access codes, etc.

CHURCH TIES:  (2 pt. Merit).  You have influence & contacts in a local (planetary or planetary cluster) church (or
churches).  You have the means to create protest rallies, raise money, help the needy, find sanctuary (for yourself or a
client) & mold local mores.  The drawback is that the more you use these ties the greater chance your role will be
discovered, either embarrassing the religious group or having it turn against you.

JUDICIAL TIES:  (2 pt. Merit)  You have both influence over & contacts in the judicial system.  You know many of
the judges & prosecutors, & can affect the progress of various cases to a limited degree ( difficulties are decreased by 1).
Though it will be difficult to intervene in a case, you can effect the direction it takes.  These ties can also make it easy
to obtain search & arrest warrants if you are a police official or have contacts in the law-enforcement community.  For
sake of play, this merit should be restricted to 1D6 planets.

MEDIA TIES:  ( 2 pt. Merit).  You have both influence & contacts in the local media.  Your difficulties to suppress or
create news stories are reduced by 2.  You have access to files & gossip of the staff of news services.

NIGHTCLUB:  (2 pt. Merit).  You own a moderate-sized nightclub on some planet or satellite.  This will generate a
modest ( 2000 to 7000 Cr., 1D6 + 1 ) income, however the prestige you gain from owning it more important.  It can
also be a place to  meet patrons or clients, to plot, or conduct illegal activities.  You may live there, hang out, or just
use as a rest stop between adventures.  The patrons, style, decor, etc., are up to the player.  Variations can include
restaurant, theater, comedy club, sports arena, retail store, or contragravity dance club.

CORPORATE TIES:  (2-7 pt. Merit). You have  influence & contacts in the corporate community, either as a player,
stockholder, agent or some other means.  You understand the dynamics of money & know most of the major players.  
You can cause all kinds of financial mayhem & can generate amounts of credits ( in the form of loans ) in a very
short period of time.  Your financial reach is determined by the number of points spent:  2 pts: Local or city influence.
3 pts: National or planetary influence.  4 pts: System-wide influence.  5 pts: Subsector-wide, 6 pts: sectorwide, 7 pts:
Major Imperial,  Solomani, Aslan, Zhodani, etc. megacorporation.

ENTERTAINMENT TIES:  (2-5 point Merit).  You have a degree of fame in the entertainment industry( music,
dance, art, sports, etc.) either as a performer, manager, or patron.  It may be because your talent or some notoriety you
have with fans and/or peers.  You can exploit this fame for information, favors, or monetary reward.  Your fame is
equal to how many points you spend.  2 pts:  Planetary or systemwide, 3 pts: subsectorwide, 4 pts: sectorwide, 5 pts:
more than one sector.  The draw is that your fame will draw attention to you wherever you go.

POLICE TIES: ( 3pt. Merit )  You have both influence & contacts among a local police force.  With a single call,
you can have APB's issued, or cause trouble for potential or real enemies.  However the more you use these ties, the
weaker they become & the more attention might be attracted to you.  Also this influence must constantly be maintained
through game play, & may let you down now & then.

POLITICAL TIES: (3-6 pt. Merit).  You have both influence & contacts among the politicians & bureaucrats of a
given area.  You can have vital services cut off, or arrange harrassments against an enemy.  The more these ties are
exploited the more they mey be weakenened.  Tital control must achieved only through gameplay.  3pts:  Your
influence reaches a planetary government( or one of the planet's superpowers), 4 pts: it extends up to 9 planets or a
minor subsector government, 5 pts: it extends to more than 10 planets or a major subsector  gov't, 6 pts: It extends to
more than 30 planets or a major sector gov't. The drawback is many of these planets/nations enemies may be or may
become your enemies.

UNDERWORLD TIES:  (3-6 pt. Merit)  You have both influences & contacts in the criminal society of a given
region.  This allows access to 'soldiers' as well as links to the underworld of crime.  These links need to be constantly
kept as the more they're used, the weaker they get.   3 pts: your influence is with a local street gang or mob.  4 pts: your
influence reaches out to more than one system.  5 pts: it extends throughout a subsector.  6 pts:  it extends throughout a
sector.  The drawback is that rivals of your crime contacts will see you as an enemy.  Also law enforcement or
intelligence entities will take an interest in your activities.

CORPORATE CEO:  (4-6 pt. Merit).  You control a major corporation (but not a megacorporation) either as a major
stockholder, partner, or as CEO.  You know most of the corporate community & have the means to wage corporate
warfare.  Thus you have some informal allies & resources ( to be determined by the GM).  You also have competitors,
enemies, & rivals in your company with this merit.  With 4 pts: your corporation spans an entire planet or system.  5
pts: your corporation is a major player on up to 10 systems.  6 pts: your corporation is a major subsector player with
trade partners (or rivals) in neighboring subsectors.

RUNAWAY:  (2 pt. Flaw).  You have run away from home to make your way in the universe.  Your parents or other
relatives have not given up on finding you & may have hired dectectives, mercs or bounty hunters to find you.  You
may even have police bulletins on many planets  on you.  If you have chosen a career repugnant to your family, you
may find yourself the object of blackmail, ransom or even deprograming by your relatives  or their agents.

WARD:  (3 pt. Flaw). You are committed to the protection of a particular person or persons.  This may be your natural
or true child, an adopted child, a relative, or a good friend.  You may create your ward or let the GM do it for you.  
Wards have a knack of getting caught up in an adventure.  They are also frequent targets of your enemies.

OUTCAST:  ( 3pt. Flaw). You are an outcast of your race or clan or  culture (example: a male Aslan who likes to
tinker with engines or manage money).  You cannot expect help from your kind and your social difficulties are
increased by 4 with dealing  with those of your former kind who know of your shame.

HUNTED:  (1-5 pt. Flaw)  Your hunted by persons ( or just a person) known or unknown to you. The motivation
could be avenging a crime, racial hatred, religion, etc.  The hunter depends on points spent.  1 pt: A lone wolf hunter,
up to 5 pts. for something like IDES, IBIS, SORAG,, or the Imperial Navy.

FUGITVE:  (4 pt. Flaw)  You are actively sought for a major crime you did not commit.  This could be treason,
murder, rape, violation of clan secrets/taboos,etc.  You may or may not be actively seeking the true culprit, who may or
or may not have a distinguishing characteristic ( like only one arm).

TRAITOR:  (4-7 pt. Flaw).  You have betrayed your clan, friends, associates, or government  The degree is determined
by the points spent.    4 pts: Your crime have resulted in your exile or dismissal from your nation, clan, career.  Your
former associates will shun you, and put pressure on others to abstain from any dealings with you.  5 pts: Like 4pts.
flaw but with one or more of your former associates are actively hunting or harassing you as a matter of honor.  6 pts:
You escaped punishment for your crime but are being actively sought with a major bounty on your head.  7 pts: You
escaped  punishment and have a major warrant and bounty out for your assasination.


DOUBLE-JOINTED:  (1 pt. Merit).  You are unusually supple.  Reduce any difficulty rolls involving body
flexibility by 2.  Getting out of a strait jacket or dodging are examples of this merit's value.

SURREAL BEAUTY:  (1 pt. Merit).  You possess a beauty for your species beyond the normal.  People stand in awe of
you or are jealous of your beauty.  Even those not of your species might find you aestheticly pleasing for an alien.
Social & seduction rolls are decreased by 2 .  The downside is that many of your own gender may be jealous or even
hostile to you.

NONDESCRIPT:  (2 pt. Merit).  Your appearance is so ordinary it is easy for you hide in a crowd & be overlooked.
It is also much easier for you to disguise yourself without use of surgery, prosthetics, drug or other artificial means.
This skill gives a disguise skill of 0, or +3 if you possess the disguise skill.  The difficulty of people not familar with
you to  try  to remember your appearance or spot you  without a picture is increased by 3 ( or by 4 if in a crowd of
similar sentients). This difficulty increases by 2 points for being not of your race.

HEAVY GRAVITY:  ( 3 pt. Merit).  You grew up on a heavy gravity world.  On standard gravity worlds you get a STR
& END bonus of +1.  On lesser than standard gravity worlds you gain a +2 bonus on STR & END; however unless
you take the Z-G Cbt skill your movement & DEX difficulties are increased by 2.  You must constantly work on
keeping your  bonus as prolonged exposure to lesser gravity will atrophy your heavy worlder muscles.

HUGE SIZE:  ( 4 pt. Merit).  You are abnormally large in size, maybe 2.5 m tall & 400 lbs. in weight. This may be
due to genetic manipulation or the enviromental quirks of the planet you are from.  Many people think twice about
tackling you.  You gain 1 pt. of STR & END with merit.  However your movement difficulties are increased by 3 when
moving about in an enviroment or room not sized to a person of your size.

RADIATION RESISTANCE: (4-7 pt. Merit).  You have a resistance to radiation due to enviromental adaptation or
by genetic engineering.  Your resistance is measured by the points you spend.  4 pt: you can resist level 2 radiation
with no ill effects. 5 pts:  resist level 3 radiation, 6 pts: level 4 radiation, 7 pts: level 5 radiation.

ALLERGIC:  (1-4 pt. Flaw).  You have some allergy to a particular thing or person.   The degree of allergic reaction
is determined by points spent.  1 pt:  you get hives, sneeze, or become dizzy with prolonged exposure to the allergen, 2
You swell up around the affected area immediately, 3 pts: You become incapacitated by the allergen, 4 pts: You
require immediate medical aid.

ASTHMA:  ( 1 pt. Flaw).  You have difficulty performing strenuous tasks because you cannot breathe properly
without medication.  Any exertion requires a roll against your END +2.

SHORT:  (1 pt. Flaw).  You are well below average in height (or size in some species) for your species & have trouble
looking over high objects & manipulating normal sized objects.  You also have difficulties operating vehicles unless
modified.  You have difficulties increased by 2 when pursued by someone or in hand to hand or melee combat.

DISFIGURED:  ( 2 pt. Flaw).  A hideous, uncorrectable disfigurement makes you ugly, easy to notice & shunned.  
Social difficulties are increased by 3.

LIGHT GRAVITY WORLDER:  (2 pt. Flaw).  You were raised on a light gravity world.  On standard gravity planets
your STR & END is reduced 2 pts. each.  On heavy gravity worlds it is impossible to move about without a powersuit
or some contragravity aid.  You suffer no penalties on light gravity planets & only have difficulties increased by 1 in
zero-gravity.  This flaw can be overcome by years of playtime in standard gravity allowing you freer movement in such
gravity.  However, it will be impossible to overcome your difficulties in heavy gravity enviroments.

BIOREJECTION:  (3 pt. Flaw).  A genetic flaw, mutation or some other agency prevents you regenerating lost parts
of your body; & you reject all transplants, even cloned from your own cells.  You will have rely upon artificial aids to
replace organs or other parts lost.

CHILD:  ( 3 pt. Flaw).  Your character is a child (9-12 years old).  You are precocious  but people do not take you
seriously ( difficulties are increased by 3 in relevant social situations).  You also have the flaw SHORT & may only
roll one term in your career in Traveller Book 1, or 2 terms in extended character rollups ( i.e. High Guard<
Mercenary, etc.)  Your STR will be reduced 2 pts.  You may also be under parental control, curfews, child labor laws
or truancy laws.  Few clubs will admit you because you're 'underage'.  Another variant of this flaw is genetic, where it
was because 'natural' for your folk to be childlike in stature.  In this case it would be considered a 4 pt. Flaw;
however your character could then roll up as a normal character.  You would still have the social difficulties
increased by 3 with anyone who does not realize (like your friends) you are not a 'kid' & will have some difficulties
getting into adult facilities.

DEFORMITY:  ( 3 pt. Flaw) This is like disfigured, however, in addition to increased social difficulties of 3, you
have  a physical deformity that affects your DEX or STR or END depending on the nature of the deformity
(misshapen limb, atrophied organ, etc.), giving you an increased difficulty of 2 for the appropriate stat.

LAME:  ( 3 pt. Flaw).  Your legs (or limbs) are injured or for some reason do not function properly.  Your movement
difficulties without artificial aids are increased by 4.

ONE ARM: ( 3  pt. Flaw).  You have only one arm  This could be because of birth defect, battle injury, or even
radiation.  Any activity that might require 2 hands is increased in difficulty by 4.

MUTE:  ( 4 pt. Flaw).  Your vocal apparatus does  not function do to injury, birth defect, or lack of vocal cords.  You
communicate only by sign language, writing, electronic devices or telepathy.

RADIATION SUSCEPTIBILITY:  (5 pt. Flaw)  Due to some genetic of enviromental factor, radiation is deadlier to
you than most sentients.  Level 0 radiation (harmless) affects you like it it was Level 1 (lethal), Level 1 affects as if it
was Level 2 , Level 2 affects you as if it was Level 3, and so on.  You must always wear some kind of protection or keep
some barrier between you and possible irradiation.

PARAPLEGIC:  ( 6 pt. Flaw). All your limbs are missing or defective in some way.  You cannot function without
artificial aids to help you ( i.e., powersuits, artifical limbs, grav chairs, etc.)  It may even be painfull to move about.


LATENT PSI:  (1 pt. Merit).  You have the potential to utilize some psionic talent(s).  You may or may not be aware of
this potential.  If discovered, may try to find a psi or an institute to develop your skills over a period of game time.

PSION ICALLY APT:  (2 pt. Merit). You are a natural with 1 psi talent ( excluding wild talents).  Your difficulties
are decreased by 2.

XENOPSI: (2 pt. Merit).You have an affinity for understanding alien minds & suffer no penalties when using
telepathy or empathy with another species.

PSIONICS:  (6 pt. Merit).  You are one of those rare sentients blessed (or cursed) with psionic abilities.  Depending
on your society, you may be accepted,  valued, worshipped, or even hunted.

WILDTALENT:  ( 7 pt. Merit).  Beside normal psi abilities, you are blessed with one of the psionic 'wild talents'..  
However wild talents are much more difficult , with difficulties  increased by 1 when using a wild talent.

RELUCTANT PSI:  (1 pt. Flaw).  Your are reluctant to use your psi gifts.  This could because of several reasons:  you
are afraid of your power, you live in a psi-intolerant society, or you feel that your psi gifts would make you lazy
mentally & physically if exercised.  Whatever the reason, you have your difficulties increased by 2 if you use your
talents in anything except in a life threatening situation.

TALENT INEPT:  ( 2pt. Flaw).  You have a problem using one of your psi talents.  Your diffulties are increased by 3
(or 4 if it is a 'wild' talent) when using this flawed talent of yours.

ANAPSI:  (3 pt. Flaw).  You are incapable of developing Psi talent.

RANDOM MANIFESTATION:  ( 4 pt. Flaw).  Your psi talents randomly manifest themselves when under stress or
when influenced by strong emotion.  Your difficulties to control or shut your errants talents are increased by 5.

PSINULL:  (6 pt. Flaw).  You shut down psionic powers in those around you, increasing their difficulties in using
their abilities by 7.  Psi users alsoreact to you as though you were a minor phobia..  In anti-psi cultures you would be
well recieved.  In psi receptive cultures, you may be subject to exclusion, arrest, physical assasult, or even death.