Mt. Memir, 23.4 KM west of Mt. Erebus,  is renown for the healing virtues (+1 to wounds) &
soporific nature of the mineral waters flowing out of the Lake Dreams, the lake formed in the
crater of Mt. Memir.    Discovered in 1078, the IISS personnel quickly set up a base camp to study
the waters.  The waters of the lake fed by rain, drainage, & underground rivers feed the Asegherir
River which eventually flows into the greater river drainage system west of the central range on
mountains.  Two waterfalls, the Serenity Falls (which drop into Lake Serenity) & the lower
Rozinaar Falls make for a spectacular view among the steep & wooded sides of the volcano.    The
steep sides(45-60 degrees) are a deterrent to the medium & large fauna of the region.  The initial
site was expanded  on the 1.2 by 1.6 Kilometer plateau in 1081 to include a fortified residence area
& a landing capable of handling a 100 tonne scoutship.  A long staircase from the residence to
Serenity Falls was also built to ease acess to that site.  Phalaris used it as a retreat after most of
her scout team was recalled.  In 1124 Bette Noire scouted the site & had initially planned to build a
shrine over most of the landing zone.  Exploration, however revealed a small plateau area above &
west of Serenity Falls to be a more suitable site.  When finished, Mt. Memir will become a spiritual
retreat.  Currently, Bette has a Torii gate setup at the beginning of the staircase & a small water
shrine erected in Lake Serenity.  Bette also uses the site for a retreat for her & her children (who
are assisting her).
Memir originally had five automated missile quad missile launchers(80 missile magazines each) in
the surrounding hills as a defense.  Bette has upgraded these sites & added more modern sensor &
targeting equipment & added 8 grav drones armed with 1 laser cannon..  Security is handled by
robotic drones flying out of Mt. Erebus operated by Companion.  This surveilance is augmented by
human supervised or directed drones since Bette's landing.
Bette Noire at the base at the grand
staircase on Mt. Memir at twilight.
Memir House was built in 1081 & reached its present form in 1101.  Main power is
from geothermal sinks with a small fusion powerplant.  The house itself is
armored  (80 points of damage to penetrate). The floor requires 100 points of
damage for penetration.  The only door to the house is built of armor plate (100
points of damage to penetrate).The compund walls are vitrified stone  3 meters
high & .5 meter thick (100 points of damage to penetrate). The walls have
staircases leading to catwalks forming firing positions  on the walls.   Bette Noire  
modified the armored, rotating sensor & observation deck by adding quad laser
cannons.  She has also added two remote 5.5 gatling guns to the main gate.  
There is a natural hotsprings 20 meters east the compound.

1.  Main hall.  To the right is the dining room with 8 chairs (8 additional folding
chairs are in the cabinet to the SE corner of the room.  The cabinet on the NE
corner of the room contains all the dinnerware.   The left side of the hall is the
kitchen with complete cooking facilities, refrigeration, & food storage for up to
two months for eight people.  A grav robot server (STR C, DEX-9, Steward-1,
Mechanical-1   Damage:  10/10) sits inactive in the kitchen area.

2. Communications Center.  Contains sensor & communications equipment with
orbital reach.  Upgraded in 1119.  

3.  Washroom.  Contains large sink, toilet, laundry facilities, & a three person

4. Empty bedroom.  Contains a double bed, two chairs, a wardrobe, a round table,
two cabinets & a child's bed.  

5. Empty bedroom.  Contains wardrobe, double bed, round table, chair, & a

6. Bedroom.  Contains double bed, wardrobe, two cabinets, & a chest. It has many
personal items & clothing belonging to Phalaris.  There are four holo-images on
the wall next to the bed.  The first three are pictures of her sons (as children)
draped in black.  The fourth is an image of Bette Noire as a child in mikuum dress.

7. Empty bedroom.  Contains double bed, 3 children's beds, a wardrobe, & a

8. Hatches.  The ceiling hatch leads up to the observation deck.  The floor hatch
leads to the basement.  Both hatches take 80 points of damage get get thru.
1.  Hatch up to main level.

2. Hatch to escape tunnel(requires 100 points of damage to penetrate).  The tunnel
leads to a reinforced natural cave 12 meters by 7.5 meters.   The cave current
houses Bette's laser drones.

3.  Supply room.  Contains enough food for 8 months for eight people.  Also
contains two 4-person survival bubbles, emergency rations for 2 months for 8
persons,  3 scout issue battledress,  11 grav belts,  2 gauss rifles with twenty-eight
40 round magazines (2 HEAP,  16 tranqulizer, 10 solid),  6 snubpistols with 34
18-round magazines ( 22 tranq.,  6 HE, 6 solid),  7 shotguns with 43 20-round
magazines ( 18 buckshot,  14 knockout gas, 8 incendiary,  3 HE),  6 portable
sensors, shotgun mounts,  5 lasers, shotgun mounts (treat as laser pistol) with 22
powercells, 26 medikits, 16 portable sensors,  3 laser torches with 31
powercells(rechargeable),  3 mechanical repair kits, 2 electrical repair kits.

4. Emergency shelter.  Contains 4 triple bunks. 13 collapsible cots.  Small

5.  Machine shop.  Fully equipped with plasma cutters, laser torches, abrasive &
rotary cutters & all the equipment needed to built things or repair them.  Two
wheeled engineering bots (STR E, DEX-9,  Mechnical-1, Electronic-1,
Engineering-1, Robotic-1   Damage: 30/30) stand inactive in the room.

6.  Geothermal powerplant.  Contains the control computer & monitors.  Last
upgraded in 1102.

7.  Washroom with wash area, toilet, laundry, & two-person shower.
Bette's familar, CHACHA