The plans for Hotel Death (like most of my hotels) are based on the FASA Starport Module One
Hotel Complex.  On this  page I will display only the floors  I reworked for Hotel Death.  These
were originally pencil & ink renderings traced around the original FASA set I bought years ago.
Now that I own the FASA/Gamelords CD-Rom I have replaced those with plans modified off the
CD-Rom with Paint.   For interested in the full set  or the FASA/Gamelords CD-Rom I have placed a
link to FarFuture.Net below-just click the banner.
Kitikias Boertin is named after Baron Kitikias Boertin (676-746), a noted duelist
who participated in over 300 duels either as a principal or an interested party.
The Park consists of a walled area with three distinct areas:  The enclosed
Deathmaze,  Tal Boertin Park, & an enclosed dueling room.  The park a 4 meter
high, 1 meter thick stone wall with ten entrances, which are closed after
sundown.  a detail of two guards & three security bots patrol the area in the night
Hotel Death is a resort dedicated to dueling & the martial arts whether lethal or
nonlethal.  Besides dueling & organized combat on site, the hotel can make
arrangements for survival or combat tournaments in the hinterlands.
The hotel boasts some of the best (& highest) paid instructors, capable of training
novices or give advanced lessons to the skilled.  If just a combat voyeur, Hotel Death
can provide broadcasts of live combat or from their extensive archival files. One can
think of Hotel Death as a fight club where the first rule is 'You must tell everybody
about fight club'.

The quests tend more up an upscale group-nobles, the rich, bored upper middle class,
& the curious.  Mercs, soldiers, pirates & the like for the most part find the theme of
Hotel Death a bit of bad taste but even some of them have used the dueling grounds to
settle scores.

For the most part, Hotel Death uses robots for bellhop service, cleaning, &
maintenance.  The restaurant level also uses robot servers, but the Ravens Eyrie
rooftop restaurant uses human staff.

The original Hotel Death was built in 657 by Samuel Laetes Boertin, an Imperial noble
& retired marine general.   The resort was given a boost by Samuel's son Kitikias, who
challenged all comers in a series of spectacular fights (one fight was against 14
opponents).  The current hotel was built in 943 by architects imported from the
Imperium.  In 1001, Hotel Death  received the honor of being designated as the official
ducal dueling ground by Duchess Scylla, an honor it holds today.

Despite the popularity of the hotel, it has its dark side.  Like the other baronial families
(& the ducal family itself) the Boertins are a mixture of businessmen & gangsters.
Several duels have been cited possible contract killings (Reyno Beaumonde's), and
people have been rumored to disappear now and then.  However, as the hotel is
policed by Boertin family troops; most are unsolved unless the act was too blatant or
violent (the serial killer Armano Dies Irae in 1009), or if the victim was important.

Under the last two barons, clandestine operations with slavers were the norm.  Under
the regency that has changed & the new manager San Cladias has run a very public
campaign against corruption & crime at the hotel.  Cladias himself doesn't have very
clean hands & he is taking advantage of the power struggle in the Boertin family to
enrich himself.  Also, Cladias is paying a dangerous game playing both sides of the
baronial dispute against each other. Rumors also abound of adherents of the former
duke disappearing in the area of Hotel Death.  Cladias resides in the lowest of the
penthouse suites.

IDES has had Hotel Death under their watch for activities tied to Tuablin, Ltd.  Up to
this point, however they have been unable to introduce agents as part of the hotel
Hotel Death is set in a desolate expanse of gravel intermixed with flat stepping stones. The
hotel has four large grav shuttles (40 person capacity)  that fly quests to & from either the
starport or on excursions into the countryside.   The huge outdoor pool ranges from 1 meter
on the eastern side to 4 meters deep on the western side.  The pool is enclosed in a
transparent dome.   12 Boertin security guards are on duty outside on the grounds on 8
hour shifts.   Their are a total of 86 guards plus 7 officers at the hotel with all the officers &
30% of the guards actually residing at the hotel itself.  The security forces also have 4
armored, wheeled apc's at their disposal, each armed with a beam laser & a 5.5mm gatling
gun.  The hotel is defended by 10 popup triple missile launchers, each having a 12 missile
autofeed magazine.  There are 6 hidden triple laser batteries in the hotel itself, the first
three dispresed equally around the roof of the 2nd level restaurant.  The second trio are
deployed in hidden mounts atop the roof of the hotel.   

The hotel is designed around three wings radiating from a central core.  The Central Core
contains 6 lifts & access tunnel for servicing the lifts & the hotel electrical systems.  The
core is set with several cameras monitoring the core.  The doors to the access tunnels can
only be opened by management, security, & the engineering crew.   Each of these doors
also function as storage for the service & engineering bots for each level.   Nestled in each
core are 3-6 flying security bots slightly larger than a human fist, armed with a tiny shock
rod (3D6 stun damage) & two folding blades ( treat as dagger).  Treat as jack for armor &
each takes 10/10 damage to incapacitate/destroy.  The bots are released when an
unauthorized intruder enters the access tunnels or can be remotely released by personnel
in the security center.
SUBLEVEL6:   Currently storage, this level was used as a torture chamber under earlier
Barons.  Officially the level is closed, however us currently houses the remaining Tuablin,
Ltd. operation left on Vlad.  A team of Tuablin technical & medical personnel under Dr.
Azura Vhilli assisted by Dax Ranagaar & his gang of rebels.  There is a security center
underneath the  main security office.  To the south & southwest is the core the facility.  
Nearest the security center is the transport center where cargo is processed & then loaded
into cryosleep units.  To the west of that is living quarters for the Tuablin personnel. North
of the living quarters is a two man security cubicle.  To the south of the processing room
are holding cells. The only hotel personnel privy to true nature of the level are Cladias,
Capt. Tomas Fanghor, Arnold Rosso, Therese Montebank, & Houndou Lharn. There are two
exits to the underground transport tunnels: one in the west leading straight out to an exit;
the second easy through the lifts by the security area-the lifts open up in the tunnel. .  The
two southern exit were sealed 36 years ago.  One of the central core's southernmost lift
also descends into this level-usually used to bring victims from the hotel proper.  The
northern most lift is a trap.  Anyone accessing these lifts will be overcome by poison gas,
after which the floor opens, depositing the victims into the sewer system.

SUBLEVEL5:   Security & storage level. A guard officer & noncom & at least 6 securitymen
are stationed here at all times. Uses Hotel Complex Sublevel 2.  

SUBLEVEL2-4  Dueling levels.  Each level contains two room used for duels, each with a
monitor room where the duel judges, a medic, & interested parties watch the action. The
Monitor rooms have their own separate monitor system.  The ceiling has a recess in which
up to 14 small flying security bots can be nestled. The bots are there in case of problems
(such as one duelist shooting another in the back or a party going wild). The bots are
spheres having 6 thin meter long retractable tentacles capable of restraining the strongest
opponent; or being used as clubs (2D damage).  The tentacles also are electrified.   In the   
rooms walls, ceilings, & floors are armored, requiring 54 points of damage for penetration &
faced with  replaceable reflec panels.  Despite this, armor-piercing, acid-point, & similar
rounds are forbidden; as are plasma & fusion guns.    There are arsenals including
projectile, nonlethal, & melee weapons for those who do not have their own.  Arsenal
rooms can only be accessed by security staff. The medical rooms are fully equipped with a
doctor, 2 medtechs, & 5 nurses on staff for each room.  There also is a monorail leading to
outside docks for evacuation to local medical centers.  The outside walls of the dueling
rooms are decorated with holographs of famous (or infamous) duelists.
The plans below are the dueling rooms in 15mm split into three parts for printing.
SUBLEVEL1;  Parking garage.  Uses Hotel Complex Sub Level One.   Robot skiffs can meet
you at your vehicle if you wish & shuttle back & forth from the hotel.   3 security guards are
on patrol at all times along with 6 security bots.

LEVEL 0:  Hotel lobby.  Also contains a mini-casino.   6 guards,  2 security bots & either a
guard officer or noncom on duty 24/7.   Uses Hotel Complex Main Lobby 00 plans.

LEVEL 1:  Uses Hotel Complex Theaters & Shops 02.  The left hand shop off the core is
Destines', specializing in projectile & energy weapons, their accessories, & body armor.
The right hand store off the core is Otari's specializing in melee weapons.  The shop to the
north of the core is Restilicion, specializing in exotic clothing, including some body armor.
To the south are two stores.  The left hand store is Arena, specializing in gear (& weapons)
for unarmed combat.  The right hand store is Macorath's, which specializes in souvenirs &
will prepare momentos of your duel, whether it is the weapon or the head of your opponent.
Besides live or recorded feeds, live entertainment is provided, usually with a martial theme
& often with entertainers wielding and/or evading weapons.

LEVEL 2: Biklitek Restaurant.  Other than the human manager/host & chefs, all help are
robots. Uses Hotel Complex Restaurant  Plan.   2 security guards on duty around the central

LEVEL 3: Hotel offices.  Uses Hotel Complex Hotel Offices 03 plans.   San Cladias' office in at
the end of the north wing.  Therese Montebank's office is at the end of the SW wing.  
Arnold Rosso's is at the end of the SE wing.

LEVEL:  4-6 Exercise & training floors. Fourth floor is female only.  Fifth floor is male only;
& 6th floor is co-ed.  Clients can opt to work out on their own or with a trainer.  The floors
are spilt into three sections:  North wing shower facilities; SW wing exercise room with
various isometric equipment; SE wing set up for unarmed combat training.  Both south
wings are heavily padded & soundproofed.  
1. Hot tub with natural therapeutic chemicals.     2. Massage Room.    4 small massage
bots on duty.  3.  Washroom. 4. Toilets.   5. Showers.  6. Locker room.  7. Entry hall with
automated laundry.   Attendant on duty.
LEVEL 7-49   Standard Rooms.  Each has a full or double bed, beverage dispenser, &
full bathroom with shower.  Folding beds for children can be provided on request. Uses
Robot maid service. Guests with standard room keycards cannot not use the elevators
above the 49th level.  FASA Hotel Complex Tourist Class Rooms map.

LEVEL 50-66   Suites.    Suites have full amenities including concierge service, & a hot
tub.  Child beds are included & drop into the floor when not in use.  Full robotic maid &
room service. Luxury guests can access all the floor via elevator except the Penthouse
floors.  Uses FASA Luxury Rooms map.

LEVEL 67-69  Penthouse Suites.  Fully equipped for living, business or throwing
parties.  San Caldias resides on level 67 with with his personal staff, bodyguards & any
guests he is entertaining for periods of time. Uses FASA Hotel Complex Penthouse map.

LEVEL 70 Raven's Eyrie Restaurant.    Exquisite cuisine with a panoramic view of
Delerium.   Exclusive human staff.  Live entertainment.  Accessible only guests
registered on the luxury floors or guests of the management.  Uses FASA Sky Top
Restaurant plan.
The courts of death is an armored building with an transparent armored dome over
head where traditional duels are held.  The monitor room (1) is where the judges & the
seconds of the parties observe the proceedings via monitors, & they enter via the west
entrance (2).  The dueling room itself (3) is tiled with a absorbent material to avoid
slipping on blood during prolonged or multi-combat duels.  The duelists enter via the
east (5), entering the preparation room(4) where the duelist change clothes (if needed)
& weapons are examined by the judges; or combatants may choose weapons from the
Courts' armory.
Tal Boertin Park (named after a family member famous for hunting) is a dueling ground
for those who want a little more challenge or prefer the thrill of the hunt.  The deceptive
mix of gently rolling small hills & valleys, small trees & bushes make ranged combat
difficult (-1 to hit).  The statues, fountains, & benches are made of bullet proof material
& highly reflective.  The benches are moveable & can be used as a defensive point.
The park is surrounded by 2 meter stone wall & the gates into the park are closed at
night or during duels.  

1. Pond.  2. Benches.  3. Gates.  4.  Hot Springs.  5.  Fountain with a bronze statue of a
beautiful woman with a gun-legend reads 'Min Kennard 64-0-1'.    6. Fountain with the
granite style statue of a man with a sword in his left hand & a pistol in his right.  Legend
reads 'Chaz Arnold Nilloi 71 straight victories'.   7. Bronze statue of a man holding a
pistol.  Legend reads 'Gwylliam hault Janiscz 57 Victories.  Erected by his widow Lady
Ami'.  8. Gunmetal stature of a man kneeling, taking aim.  Legend reads 'Lord Tal Kurz
Boertin 967-1002 55 victories'.   9. Statue of a man dodging to his left  a gun in each
hand.  Legend reads 'Holerin Peter Akimaar, Wiufiu Master & Pirate 48 victories.'
The Deathmaze's walls & domed ceiling are heavily armored (100 points of damage  to
penetrate).  The 2 meter high inner walls are made of gorson, a dispersed material with the
porous density of styrofoam but great tensile strength, faced with reflec.  The walls thusly
will reflec lasers but takes only ten points of damage to penetrate.  The floors are built of a
substance that amplifies sounds, making even the slightest footfall easy to hear.   The
opaque ceiling is 2.5 meters tall to along monitor drones to transmit & record the duel.
To make it more interesting, bots armed with shockers are scattered around the maze,
subject to random activation.    The duelists enter by separate doors where they are check
over by judges before entering the maze.  The surviving duelist must exit by the door their
opponent entered the maze.
Skills:  Pistol-3, Admin-3, Bribery-3, Laison-2,  Computer-1, Uarmed Combat-3,
Interrogation-1, Dance-2, Streetwise-2

Medium length, wavy gray hair, thin gray mustache.  Lightly tanned athletic body.  
Blue eyes.  5'5" tall

The charming manager of Hotel Death,  San is a complete rogue, out for himself &
grasping eberything he sees.  Since the death of old Baron Vann Boertin, & the
dispute between the heirs, he has enriched himself self playing diplomat & the
honest man in the middle.  He has also made the hotel a sanctuary for enemies of the
current Regent Perdia AND the operations center for Tuablin (most of his staff is
unaware of these activities-San likes to hire honest, if clueless personnel). Even his
closest assistant Therese Montebank thinks that San is the victim of Dax Ranagaar,
Dr. Vhilli , Baron Berbard J'Accuse, & the chief guard Captain Fanghor-all of whom
San has arranged to take the fall.   Dispite his dislike & opposition of Perdia, he is
afraid of Dax Ranagaar, & more importantly the activities of Dax's Tuablin associates.

Skills:  Pistol-3, Trader-3, Broker-2, Bribery-2, Legal-2, Legal-3, Vacc Suit-1, Pilot-1,
Interrogation-2, JOT-1.

Blonde. wavy, permed hair.  Blue eyes. Tanned & muscular, but with a pronounced
pauch.   6' 2" tall.  6 ruby earstuds in each ear.

Cladias' personal assistant & troubleshooter, he is smooth as silk, nonthreatening, &
completely, coldblooded & amoral.  Cutting deals & throats his specialty.  As Count
Isang Gablong he was Colonel in the late Phasial IV's intelligence service.  As such
he acted as a talent scout  & procurer to the late Duke.   He was also Tuablin's chief
agent on Vlad. One of his few errors in judgement was Perdita, an Imperial noble
traveling incognito in the Beyond.  After Perdita assumed the throne, a 5 Million
Credit bounty was placed on his head.   Changing his appearance & DNA signature,
he reappeared as Dax Ranagaar, an off world merchant relocating with his
granddaughter Pfil.  
Skills: Vacc Suit-1, Ship's Boat-1, JOT-1, Laser-3,  Gauss Gun-3, Interrogation-2,
Gunnery-2, Actress-2

5'4" tall.   Short red hair.  Blue/Green eyes.  Freckled, lightly tanned, slender
muscular body.  

Pfil used to be Isa Ximon, an Imperial Navy officer who fled a triple murder charge  on
Regina.   Since then, she has left a string of unsolved murders behind her on at least
two dozen planets.  A sadistic, vicious, sociopath, she enjoys playing the foolish &
helpless victim to lure in prospective victims.  Her height & altered appearance
makes her look half her age.  Besides being Dax's bodyguard & faux granddaughter,
she is his personal assassin.  The Imperial bounty on her as Isa is 250,000 Credits.

GIL AKRIIM:  HUMAN ROGUE  (M)   AGE 38   UPP:  998646
Skills:  Ship's Boat-2, Grav Vehicle-1, Pistol-2, SMG-2, Computer-1, Commo-1, JOT-1,
Blade-2, Whip-2

Bald, blue eyed.  Pale, thin muscular body.

Ranagaar's other bodyguard, the former Lord Gil has 4 thugs under his personal
supervision overseeing the lowberth room in the secret level.  Calm, deliberate, &
completely amoral, Gil was a henchman of Count Isang, who got him out of prison.
However, Gil is completely mercenary, if Dax should die, he would quickly vanished
into space.
Skills:  Medical-3, Hypogun-2, Computer-1, JOT-1, Dagger-3, Admin-2, Gambling-1,
Vacc Suit-1

5'8" tall.  Blonde, blue eyed.  Slender, golden-brown body.

Neurotic & impulsive, Dr. Vhilli's officially the hotel's doctor.  In reality she is an agent
of Tuablin & an expert on genetics & DNA manipulation.  Originally a citizen of Jewel,
she fled due to her illegal eugenics experiments.   Recruited by Tuablin in 1008, she
had become one of their best researchers, operating on the research vessel
'Yazurelonhg'.    Currently trapped on Vlad due an IDES investigation abetted by the

Skills:  Battledress-1 SMG-2, Laser-2, Hvy Weapons-2, Cutlass-2, Demolittions-2,
JOT-1, Interrogation-2

6'6" tall.  Bald, with a skull tattoo on his forehead.  Lightly tanned stocky muscular
body.  Cold blue eyes.

A psychotic killer, Narush is famous as a bodyguard throughout the Mapepire Cluster
& the Liberty Hall subsector.  Less well known is his main income as a hitman.  He
took the job as a guard sgt. at Hotel Death as part of a retirement plan.  He has
become Capt. Fanghor's invaluable assistant.  He is unaware that Dark Goddesses
has identified him as the perp in a torture murder of one of their members & her
family.  DG's bounty on him is 250,00 Credits.

Skills:  Computer-3, Legal-3, Commo-1, Admin-2, Broker-2, Bribery-2, Forgery-2,

Short black hair.  Blue eyes.  Pale, thin body.  5'7" tall.

The nervous & rabbitlike demeanor of Shad conceals a firstclass cold-blooded legal
& criminal mind out for its own enrichment.  He is the front man & laison for Dax
Ranagaar, whose family he has served faithfully all his life.  His official position at the
hotel is day manager.
Skills:  Pistol-3, Rifle-1, Computer-2, Stealth-2, Interrogation-1, Streetwise-2,
Carousing-2, Dagger-2

5'10" tall.  Short, blood hair.  Blue eyes. Light brown tanned, muscular body covered
in scars.  Wears 8 earrings in each ear.

A guard Sgt., Chanti is a cool calm mercenary, indifferent to any concerns except her
own.  She despises cold-blooded killers like Narush, but has no problems working
with him nor any remorse for Narush's victims.  Rumored to solicit bordellos with
android personnel.

LT. RUDY GUNTHER: HUMAN ROGUE  (M)   AGE:  28.   upp:  7B0A93
Skills: Computer-2, Streetwise-2, Electronics-2, Engineering-2, Pistol-2, Forgery-1,

Short brunette hair & thin mustache.  Light grey eyes.

A born schemer, the snobbish, sarcastic, & intellectual Gunther started his career as
a tech thief way back in his school days.  He has moved into the security field for the
criminal potential.  As Hotel Death's cyber-security chief, he has flourished from jobs
given him by patrons & for Tuablin.  part of his pay from Tuablin are his two
brainwashed mistresses, Vana & Iris, two willowy, beautiful, brainwashed blondes
who are Rudy's slaves.  Rudy resides in a suite on the 64th floor.

Skills: Admin-3, Bribery-2, Forgery-2, Pistol-2, Computer-1, Broker-2, Trader-1

5'8" tall.  Short brunette hair.  Light grey eyes.  Pale, overweight body.

The purchasing manager for Hotel Death, Rosso also makes arrangement for the
human cargo shipped out of the hotel.  A coldblooded, mercenary  opportunist, he
has files on every illegal activity at the hotel for 26 years.  If the hotel's illegal
activities are exposed, he plans to trade the files for immunity.  He is rarely seen
outside his office and has no outside life.  He has amassed a fortune of 254 Million
Credits, most of it in a bank on Mapepire Balsyn.

Skills: Law-4, Admin-1, Computer-2, Bribery-2, Pistol-2, Laison-3, Dance-2

5'6" tall.  Long platinum blonde hair worn piled up on top of her head.  Blue eyes.  
Bronzed, athletic body.

Charming, witty & eloquent, yet cold & forbidding in court, Therese is a distant
relation of the Boertin family.  As Hotel Death's lawyer, she the first line of defense
for san Cladias whom she worships.   She prepared Cladias legal defense in case the
hotel's criminal activities are discovered.  However she has no illusion that someday
they will found out, & has moved her fortune offworld & her two twin children by
Cladias (Geri & Maria age 6) to a private school on Mapepire Balsyn.  
Skills: Blade-3, Pistol-3, Leader-1, Hunter-2, Vacc Suit-1, Ship's Boat-1, Cutlass-2

6'4" tall.  Light gray fur with bands of darker gray.  Red eyes.  Rangy, athletic body.

A weaponmaster & trainer at Hotel Death, Houndou is a former pirate who has come
to prefer the easy life at Hotel death.   He is greedy, lazy, selfish, & pyschotic when
drunk.  His past besides piracy includes slave trading but he does not work for
Tuablin though he does business with them in the past.  Is often employed as
additional security in the secret sublevel.  He is also Cladias' ace in the hole.

Skills: Admin-2, Mechanical-3, Electronics-2, laser-1, Rifle-2, Pistol-1, Laison-1,
Computer-2, Forward Observer-1, Broker-1

5'9" tall.  Long blonde hair.  Blue eyes.  Stocky athletic build dark brown body.

The chief weaponsmith & proprietor of Destine's, Leon is crafty, double-dealing & a
genius gunsmith.  A confidant of Cladias, he has instructions to eliminate the
Tuablin personnel if their activities are exposed.  He has killed others on command
from Cladias, sometimes by sabotaging weapons.

Skills:  SMG-2, Tactics-1, Leader-1, Battledress-1, Commo-2, Pistol-1, Gambling-1,
Blade-1, Carousing-1

6'4" tall.  Short black hair.  Light brown eyes.  Thick black eyebrows.  Muscular,
golden brown body.  Slight limp on left leg.

A vet of the Vladian armed forces, then Capt. Demar was one of the victims of the
ducal purge of 1019.  Hired on at Hotel Death & promoted to Lt. in 1021.  His main jobs
is policing the dueling areas & is usually one of the dueling Judges.  Most of his time
he is either on the dueling floors or at  the park.  Maris is brave, honest, & calm
under fire-traits useful when dealing with hot-blooded duelists.  His is, however, very
naive & trusting of superiors & dislikes paperwork, so he unaware of the activities
going on at the Hotel.  He does not reside at the hotel & spends offduty hours either
at his rental unit or at the Stars & Comet club.

Skills:  Admin-3, Computer-2, Laison-4, Bribery-1

5'5" tall.  Long black hair.  Black eyes.  Pale, slender body.

Genteel & helpful, Gloriana is the night manager.  A fan of dueling, she spends most
of her offtime watching live duels or viewing her extensive archive.  Aware of some
of the less savory activities at the hotel, she just puts it down to normal business at
this kind of establishment & keeps her mouth shut.  She is also does this out of
misguided loyalty of Cladias, whom she feels is a 'good man'.  Any attempt to
persuade her otherwise will result in an argument & a call for security.

Skills:  Rifle-2, tactics-2, Demolitions-1, Interrogation-1, Comm0-1 Carousing-1
Battledress-1, Forward Observer-1.

6' tall.  Short blue/black hair & thick mustache.  Muscular brown body.  Light brown

Askor is a skilled, if unimaginative soldier who used to serve in the Imperial Army.  He
has worked at Hotel Death since  1022, & was promoted recently to Sgt.   He
alternates with Lt. Demar overseeing security in the dueling areas.  Funny, cheerful,
& patient, he is popular with the hotel guests, particularly the ladies(off hours will
often find him in some guest's room).  Askor has a streak of honesty that may get him
into trouble.

Skills:  Steward-3, Admin-2, Pistol-1, Commo-1, Computer-2, Medical-1

5'10" tall.  Long black hair streak with silver.  Blue/grey eyes.  Bronzed, athletic body.

The friendly manager/host of the Raven's Eyrie restaurant was is a famous chief
known throughout the Mapepire Cluster.  Loves to chat & discuss food with the
patrons.  Cladias has her signed to a long term contract to prevent her from  leaving
the hotel.

Skills:  Admin-3, Computer-1, Steward-2, Laison-2, Law-1

5'2" tall.  Short blonde hair.  Blue eyes.  Slender, bronzed body.

The assistant day manager, kaspar is overly eager to please guests & accomodate
their whims.  Though very competent, his eager, energetic, modest  personality
makes his superiors discount him as a mental leightweight.

Skills:  Mechanical-3, Pistol-3, Gauss Gun-1, JOT-1, Computer-1, Electronics-2,

5'6" tall.  Shoulder length blonde hair.  Pale blue eyes.  Slender, bronzed body.

Flamboyant, flirty, & an egotist when it comes to guns & guncraft, Theena is a
weaponsmith at Destine's.  She is also a semi-retired duelist & acts as a dueling
judge.  She & her boss Leon have a cold relationship  mostly based on mutual repect
as gunsmiths.    She is a friend of Luzian, & spends a lot of offtime at the Stars &
Comet where she often works on guns for Jorian's friends.  Her favorite weapon is a
snublaser pistol.  

Skills: Sword-2, Mechanical-3, JOT-1, Admin-2, Broker-2, Blade-2, Laser-1, Laison-1

6'2" tall.  Short black hair & thin mustache.  Black eyes.  Pale, muscular body.

The 6th generation member of the family that own's Ptari's, Florian is a priggish
snob. Never the less, he is a first rate swordsmith AND duelist, have fought several
duels against personal slights.  Because of his ego, however, it is easy to manipulate
him with flattery.  He dislikes needless killing, so whenever he is not at Otari's, he
stays away from Hotel Death, often finishing projects in his home workshop.

Skills:  Cutlass-4, gauss Gun-2, Rifle, JOT-1, Battledress-2, Carousing-3

6'5" tall.  Short brunette hair and beard. grey eyes.  Stocky, muscular bronzed body.

A weaponmaster at Hotel Death, the eternally smiling Aknar is boisterous, loud, &
funloving.  An excellent trainer, he is also a duelist, having won 21 straight matches
withe cutlass.  An ex-Imperial marine, he dislikes Zhodani, slavers and pirates in that
order.  He is mystified by the respect & honor some pirates have  received in the
Mapepire Cluster.
The hotel has several types of robots  in 3 categories:  Service, engineering & security.

SERVICE BOT:   Eggshaped units moving on wheels (maximu speed 1KPH) with 4-6
retracting arms. Programmed:  Steward-1   STR: 4   Damage:  10/10   Service bots
work as room service & cleaning, as waiters & bellhops.  Voicebox can switch from
female or male voice to please customers.

ENGINNERING:  Drumshaped units with four strong arms (STR: 9), laser torch,
retracting plier/snip.   Moves on treads (3 KPH maximum speed).  Programmed:  
Mechanical-1, Laser-1,  Electronics-1.  Damage:  15/15.  No voicebox.

FLYING SECURITY BOT:   Fistsized sphereoids with a shock rod & two folding daggers.  
Flies on contragravity & small air thrusters (20 KPH maximum speed).  Armor:  Treat
as jack.  Damage: 10/10   Programmed:  Dagger-1, Club-1, Recon-1, Commo-1
No voicebox.

SECURITY BOT:  Minitanks 1 meter long X .8 meter wide X  1.6 meter tall.  Moves on
wheels (Maximum speed 30 KPH) or treads (Maximum speed 25 KPH).  Programmed:
Target-1,  Multi-target,  Laser-1,  SMG-1, Recon-1, Commo-1.   Armed with a laser &
SMG with 2 300 round magazines (one solid, the other tranquilizer normally).
Armor treat as battledress,  Damage:   30/30.  Voicebox has a deep authoritarian male