EMERGENCY TRAUMA SUITS(ETS):  TL8.   Cost: Cr. 4000.  Full body suits designed to prevent a patient from
going into shock from loss of blood & trauma due to a serious injury.  ETS's reduce the difficulty of treaing a
patient by 1.  At TL8, the ETS must be adjusted manually to the patient's body. The suits have several port for the
introduction of drugs or medical instruments.

EMERGENCY TRAUMA SUITS(ETS): TL10.  Cost: Cr. 7000.  Much like the TL8 version, except the suit is
self-adjusting to the patient.  The suits also have built in drug dispensal  & emergency air units.   The medical
difficulties of treatment are reduced by 2 when using this suit.

SHOCKSUITS: TL9.  Cost Cr. 4000.  Full body suits designed to seal wounds caused by projectile or melee
weapons& thus prevent blood loss. . They will even seal around a wound even if part of the weapon is still projecting
from the affected area.  Shocksuits are, however ineffective against energy (laser, plasma, etc.,) or flame
(flamethrowers, etc.) weapons as such attacks damage the suit.  Shock suits have no armour value.  Shocksuits will
lower the END difficulties of injuried personnel by 1.   Shocksuits are designed to worn under armour & vacc suits.  
By TL10 , shocksuits designed as the bottom layer of most battledress.

FLIGHTSUITS:  TL11+.  Cost Cr. 50,000-165,000.  An improved version of grav belt built into a protective suit
(treat as unpowered  battledress TL9) with an internal air supply& mini-thrusters.. Speed:  100 kph.  Endurance: 4
hrs.Sensors: Passive: 10 km, Active: 2 km. Suits are sold with 2 spare powerpacks that require 12 hours of recharging.

BIOREFLEC:  TL3+   Cr. 600-1000.  Natural reflec armour built from the exoskeleton of insects/arthropods with
natural reflective properties.  The armour value depends on the type of creature used.

BIOGENETICREFLEC(BGReflec)  TL9: Cr. 4000-6000. Biogenetical grown reflective armour.   The main
advantage to this of armour is the ability to craft bioreflec to fit any race-and more importantly a consist armour
strength equal to mesh armour.

BATTLEDRESS, WATER: TL11+  Cr. 130,000-240,000.  Standard battledress adapted for underwater use. Uses
inbuilt impellors for underwater propulsion.  Allows diving down to 1000 meters below suface.  Sensors accurate up
to 1000 meters at TL11, & up to 10,000 meters on TL15 models.  Endurance is 20 hrs. at TL11, & 43 hrs. at TL15.
Civilian models (called 'Deep Suits') are available for 18% less than the military model; & lack the chameleon
circuits & twin hardpoints of the military suit.  Both the civilian & military model mount an underwater cutter on
the suit's left arm.
POICXH CHIATOK TL12 BATTLEDRESS:  Cr. 25000.  Poicxh battledess reflect the lessons learned from ages of
fighting Aslan: Speed & agility to allow Poicxh to attack quickly & avoid costly hand to hand battles.  To this goal
battledress is built grav modules & thrusters incorporated into armour equal to Imperial scout battledress.  Agility &
extra lift is provided by 2 pairs of folding wings (1.7 meter wingspan when extended) attached to the dorsal thorax of
the suit. There are no hardpoints for weapon mounts.  Speed: Cruising 50 kph, Maximum 75 kph.  Endurance: 40
hrs. Rechargeable energy pack (6 hrs. to recharge).  For miniatures  of the Chiatok I use the Warhammer Scarab

POICXH MIAREJIK TL12 HEAVY BATTLEDRESS:  Cr. 40000.  Called 'Thunderbugs' by humans, the heavy
battledress is a Poicxh-shapd unit that looks like a cross between conventional battledress & a grav sled. The dorsal
part of the suit is an armoured retractible canopy that allows access to the unit.  The unit has two hard points ( 1 nose
& 1 ventral ) for mounting a variety of weapons: RAM grenade launchers, gauss guns, or laser being the usually
combinations.  On the ground, the unit rest upon 4 retractible legs.  The armour is equivalent to Imperial heavy
battledress. Speed: Cruising: 25 kph, Top: 40 kph.  Endurance: 23 hours.  Rechargeable energy pack ( 8 hrs. to

HEATSUIT/COLDSUIT TL6:  Cr. 400. Battery powered jumpsuits designed to provide heat in cold temperatures or to
cool the body in hot enviroments.  Batteries can be both one-use or rechargeable.  Duration 8 hrs.

HEATSUIT/COLDSUIT TL9:    Cr. 1000-3000.  By this TL  Coldsuits & Heatsuits are powered by the wearers own
body(BioTT), eliminating the need for batteries.  Suits otherwise much like TL6 models.

HEATSUIT/COLDSUIT TL11:  Cr. 2500-5000.  By this TL BioTT bodysuits are skintight, allowing for use under
fitted, even skin tight clothing without creating a fashion crisis.

LORCVIH  ENVIROSUITS:  TL10+.  Cr. 4000-25000.  Tiny protective suits that allow the microscopic Lorcvih to
exist in oxygen atmospheres.  They range from nano to insect ( about 20 mm max.) size, though larger suits for
colony entities have been known.  The original suits resembled human vacc suits (the first non-Lorcvih sentients
met). Most now resemble insectile creatures for more versatility.   All suit have a tiny iris valve to allow the entity (or
entities) inside to exit the suit to feed externally or act as a feeder tube for liquid metallic food.  Larger suits can be
armed with a hardpoint (30% extra) armed with a dart thrower with various toxins or acids.  Suits are powered from
tiny batteries ( 10 hours duration ) with require 6 hours recharging.

RADSUITS, GUJA:  TL7+.   Cr. 10,000-30,000.   Anti-radiation suits made from impregnating textiles with guja.
These suits give a protection equal to battledress or heavy radsuits while being flexible, lightweight, & even

STACHELANZUG:  TL6+.  Special body protection developed for use against the giant Huugens of the
Schlangelande.  Covering the arms & torso, the suit has concealed small razor-sharp barbs that when the Huugens
tried to constrict the wearer, stabs & shreds the snake's flesh causing it to let go.  Treat as jack for protection otherwise.
Cost:  Cr. 450.

GRAVARMOR TL7: Special flying suits made of ballistic cloth with a hard crash helmet (treat helm as battledress -1
to hit) designed for gravboard & gravcycle riders.  Cost: Cr. 250-600.

GRAVARMOR TL10:  Hard, unpowered, articulated armor for gravboard & gravcycle riders (treat as battledress -1 to
hit).  Cost: 14,000 Cr. Some gravboard gravsuits can have thrusters attached for extra control & agility for an
additional 15% of cost.

GRAVARMOR TL14:  Powered articulated armor for gravboard & gravcycle riders.  Though granting no endurance
bonus & only increasing strength 25%; these suits have grav units built into them for a safe, slow freefall descent in
case of emergency. Many designed as a safety feature, many grav riders use the grav units to illegally lighten their
weight during a race to increase speed.  Grav units can be use for unlimited endurance if the wearer is on the  
ground. Grav units used this way last for 24 hours without recharge.   Treat as battledress for to hit.  Cost:   
45,000-80.000 Cr.   Thruster units can installed for an additional 18%.

POWERSUITS TL12+:  Also called musclesuits, these are powered  jumpsuits that give the wearer unlimited
endurance & enhances strength by 60%.     Though not considered combat armor, they are treated as ballistic cloth
for combat purposes.   Cost:  70000 to 110000 Credits.

VACC SUITS, FELINE:  Soft  vacc suits  specially designed for domestic cats.  Cost:  4000 Cr.   Specially designed
suits for the IISS for their tybalts that can be controlled by their wearer cost 40% more than the standard suits.
SHAJTRA:  TL9+.  Cr. 600-3000. Specially designed stilletto heeled knee-to  thigh- length boots used in the Shajtra
style of combat.  Both the footwear & combat art are named after Shajtra, the starport of Hichmakani/I-Glathriel
where Dark Goddesses personnel developed it for unarmed & zero-G combat.  Heel spikes range normally from 2' - 4"
long but more extreme versions are known.  Some shajtra come with the heel spikes concealed in a jettisionable
normal heel.  Shajtra have become a popular fad with youth of the Spinward Marches, most of whom have no
knowledge of their lethal capabilities.  Shajtra can be worn by most races, but only races with leg & foot structures
similar to humans can effective utilize them in the Shajtra style of combat.  Shajtra require at least a STR of 6 & a
DEX of 8 to use.  For damage, treat Shajtra as a Reynspada for to hit & damage.   Shajtra gain a +1 to hit hard
armour in zero gravity.

HOLOMASKS:  TL8+  Cr. 1000-60000.  Devices designed to create a holographic display to conceal the face of the
user.  Expensive models also include a voice baffle to disguise the voice also.  Very expensive holomasks of TL12+
include sensor jammers and/or psi shields.  The design & appearance of holomasks vary, but usually take the form of
circlets, caps, visors, or neck collars.  Very popular among the rich, the Mapepire Cluster tourist circuit, & the
Zydarian Codominium (where they're known as 'Cosin nakhe').

GLITTERSUITS:  TL10+  Cr. 1000-40000.  Formal and/or dance apparel made from reflec, originally worn as
Glitterdance costumes.  The most expensive glittersuits are those created to produce the maximum number of colors
when light(even laser fire)  is reflected off them.  Anyone who gazes on illuminated glittersuits without protective
eyewear are blinded for 2D6 hours.  The best glittersuits come from Vlad/Mapepire & , Lilith/Mapepire in the Beyond

DYROCELLUS CLOTH:  TL9+  Cr. 300 per meter.  A development of nitrocellulose, the material has the texture &
feel of cotton cloth with the explosive power of 6D damage per yard of material.  The material can be exploded by
detonator, 750+ degrees fahrenheit heat, or by submersion in pure water.  Dyrocellus cloth can be made into any
article of clothing but is usually made into easily removed fashion accessories ( hats, scarves, sashes, etal).
The material is contraband in the Trelyn Domain, Die Weltbund, & Intercourse/Delta.

COUNTERSENSORYSUITS(CSS):  TL11 Cr. 4000-6000.   Also called 'fogsuits', 'cosin ri dhri', 'reflec suits'.  CSS's
are filled with a liquid which slowly creates an aerosol haze around the wearer.  The suits have three purposes: 1.
disguising the face & figure of the wearer to viewers; 2. defeating sensor scans ( +2 to dificulties); & 3. deflecting laser
fire ( +1 to difficulties).  The suits contain enough fluid for 2 hours of continous use.  The suits have their drawbacks
at night, where any stray bit of moonlight or artificial will cause the reflec mist to glow.  The suits are a popular
import into the Zydarian systems.  Refill canisters of reflective fluid cost Cr. 50 per liter.

GRAVSUITS:  TL14  Cr. 6000-20000.  An improved version of the TL12 gravbelt, the gravsuit can be worn under  
loose clothing, with its controls built into the suit's gloves.  For movement, builtin hand thrusters  (max. speed 60
kph), or larger back mounted thruster can be added for more speed (max 140 kph).  Back thrusters cost 20 % extra over
basic cost.  Endurance 20 hrs.   4 hours to recharge waistbelt battery pack.

KOLWERN SILK:  TL7   Cr. 2000 per meter.  A silk processed from  the web of the giant Kolwer's spider from Omega
Sextans/Mapepire, prized for its iredescent color & toughness ( edged weapons are -2 to cut or thrust; & -1 for
projectile weapons (bullets, arrows, etal).   Traders have been known to get upwards of Cr. 10000 per meter in some
areas of the Imperium.

SCHIRUSZ(THERMALSILK, MEMORYCLOTH):  TL12+   Cr. 2000 per meter (5000-15000 outside the Imperium).
Silky synthetic fabric that fashioned into garments shrink or expands (activated by the wearer's body heat) to fit like a
second skin on the wearer's (it's often correctly touted as the next best thing to being naked). body.  So snug that some
sophonts wear under- or overgarments for modesty's sake.  Schirusz is air-permeable & very comfortable to wear.  It's
main markets in the Beyond  are the Mapepire Cluster(especially Lilith), Eslyat Magistry, & Die Weltbund as well as
the Trelyn Domain in the Vnaguard Reaches.  It is also a popular item for hijacking & resale to planets where the
cloth would not normally affordable. Made several concerns in the Imperium.

CARAPACE:  TL14+   Cr. 8000 per meter (12000-20000 outside the Imperium).  Created by Aghni-Deneb, Ltd, in 932;
Carapace is a blending of ballistic cloth & schirusz that was proved very popular with nobles & the affluent.  Usually
fashioned into bodysuits, carapace has all the advantages of ballistic cloth with the softness & comfort of the best
luxury fabric.  Though not as silky as schirusz, it still retains 90% of that fabric's ability to cling to the body like a
second skin.

GHELINSIL: TL 10+  Cr. 200 per liter.   Jellied synthethic material that solidifies to a tough, rubbery fabric when
applied over the body & exposed to air.  Used as temporary wetsuits, hazardsuits, & and similar uses.  Not air
permeable, ghelinsil is equal in protection to ballistic cloth when hardened (Usually in 10 ten minutes).

HOLOSUITS:  Special suits with built holographic displays  used as disguise, costumes, advertising, & for
distraction.   Holosuits give no protection in combat, but their holograpic displays can distract an attacker or throw off
electronic targeting devices (+1 dificulty).  Cost:  Cr. 6000-10000.

STAHLSTOFF:  Cloth made from the fiber of the Haussewein plant., equal to ballastic cloth in defensive qualities.
Limited in export supply, as 70% of the production goes to the military.    Cost:  100-400 Cr. per yard, the high price
reflective the cost & material exported outside Die Weltbund space.

INCHELLIN:  Synthetic cloth that combines the toughness of ballistic cloth with the ability to repel blows.  
Commonly used for soft vacc & enviromental suits, jumpsuits, gravball uniforms, or any garment requiring padding..  
Also known as bouncecloth, absorblon, voerkwik(Aslan).  Cost:  200 Cr. per meter of material.

KUKUULIR: Also know as illusion or phantom cloth.  A synthetic cloth created by SUSAG similar in properties to
Carapace with the added benefit(?) of being transparent & non-reflective.  Uses include vacc skins, wetsuits, body
armor, & survival bubbles, or any purpose where a transparent, flexible, tough material is required.  
Cost:  Cr. 7500 per meter within the Imperium;  and anywhere from Cr. 10000-15000 outside the Imperium. except for
the Trelyn Domain where it runs Cr. 8200.

FLAMESILK:  An iridescent silk worn from the Ryuuisdhi moths of Lilith/Mapepire.  The cloth also has much of
the same properties as reflective armor (treat as refelec -1 to hit).  By trade agreement the Moths are cultivated on
several of the planets of the Mapepire Cluster (Mapepire Balsyn,  Kilogren,  Kawstee Chiluhvehk, Hunyadi, Station
One, Miryem).  Cr. 2300  per meter.

HAQUII:  Ballistic cloth processed from kelp on the Droyne planet Phoenix/Zydar.  180-300 Cr. per meter of material.

PANZERSEIDE(a.k.a Aegisilk, Vlehzdeh): A silky ballistic fabric woven from strands of the Harfewein vine with
reflec properties.   Originally native to Die Weltbund space it was destroyed as a noxious weed & the only DW planet
with Harfewein is Nervenheilanstalt/Liberty Hall.  The plant is also cultivated on a few non-DW worlds in the
Liberty Hall & Mapepire subsectors & in the Zhodani Consulate where it popular with nobles.  Cr. 1200 per yard in
the regions around the cultivation areas.  In the Imperium Aegislk can be sold up to 10 times the Beyond & Zhodani

XECIRIHIDE:  Produced from the hide of the Nos Xeciri, a large(4 meter long) armadillolike herbivore raised on
ranches in the Eslyat Magistry.  Its light, flexible, shiny armor is used for combat armor for the Eslyat is tough (treat
as battledress -2 against non-laser weapons)  & ablative (will take 10 laser shots before degrading) & can be worn
under clothing.  Besides the Magistry armed forces, Xecirihide  is sold to the Comsentient Navy for its marines &
scouts & to various Vargyr states & groups in the Vargyr Reach.   Sale of Xecirihide is prohibited to the Eslyat's
traditional foe, the Trelyn, though a black market does exist. A full suit of Xecirihide costs 15% of regular combat
armor.  Cost: Cr. 4500-10000 per hide.  
BIOGENETIC ALTERATION:  TL13+.   Also known as the 'Chameleon Effect', or 'Bio-Cosmetics', this is a series
of treatments that allows the the user to alter their appearnace for cosmetic, reconstructive, or disguise purposes.   The
treatments create a mutable DNA state that can be altered with injection of nanobots programmed with a specific
biological template.  Once the nanobots reprograms the DNA, it ceases function, breaks down & is processed by the
body. Thus, a face ruined by damage can be renconstructed, a nose can be shortened, hair coor change, regrow
cartilage, etc.  There are limitations: size cannot be altered, nor could you make a human look like an Aslan
(though you could make yourself more 'feline' in appearance, like an anime 'catgirl').  However you can alter
appearance into any of the many human race (Zhodhani, Darrian, etc.) as long as you have the genetic template to
program the nanobots with.  Length of time for alteration varies: changing hair or skin color would take about an
hour; growing hair or nails longer 2 hours; reconstruction  can take anywhere from 1 day to a week; & a full body
disguise makeover 1 day.  The effects are permanent unless reversed or altered by a new nanobot template (or the
original template).  The biogenetic alteration does not alter your normal DNA pattern unless you use some sort or
biogenetic or chemical DNA marker to disguise.
COST:  Basic treatment & nanosugery: Cr. 400,000 to 1,000,000.  Nanobot template programs: Cr. 10,000-40,000.
Biogenetic markers:  Cr. 10,000-20,000 per treatment.  Chemical DNA marker: Cr. 2,000-4,000 per dose.

LILITH'S BREATH:  TL7.  Cost: Cr. 10,000 per ml.  Exotic, musky pheromone enhancing perfume derived from the
Toreis flower by the chemists of Ferjhilion, Ltd(Lilith/Mapepire).  The perfume will enhance a woman's pheromone
level 1D6 + 4 time her normal level per dose, increasing her natural attractiveness(social difficulties with the target
will reduced by 4)..  The effects are temporary, lasting 1D6 weeks.  Using more than 1 dose at a time is no
recommended as laboratory tests have shown dangerously aggressive results from human male exposed to overdoses.  
Ferjhilion has discovered through research that they can adapt Lilith's Breath to attract males of other mammalian
species (these specials cost 3 times the rate of normal Lilith's Breath).

DELERIUM:  TL9.  Cost:  Cr. 4,000-6,000 per ml.  A cheap knockoff of Lilith's Breathe by the Regyl GMH division
of Tuablin.  It lasts 1D6 + 3 hours and reduces social difficulty opposite sex by 2.  Delerium can be used by either sex.
A psychotropic drug, long term use can lead to reduced INT ( roll 1D6 per month of use, result of one will result in
loss of 1 pt. of INT.  Roll another 1D6: Result of 1-5, the loss is temporary, roll of 6 loss is permanent).  Delerium is
banned in the Imperium, The Mapepire Cluster, St. Foy, Trelyn Domain.  Tuablin get around this prohibition by
passing Delerium off as Lilith's Breath.

ASERROS:  Cr. 1000 per gram. Naturally occuring fossilized resin native to Dorothyellen/NortheastMiddleBeyond,
the stones are named after Ged Aserros, their discoverer.  The stones give a natural perfume when worn against the
skin.  The stones are worn normally as pendants or bracelets.

THEIYAT:  TL:  2+  Cr. 10-60,000. Theiyat are a band of cloth 2-3 ' in width worn around the head & fastened on
the right temple.  The characteristic headgear of free traders (& pirates) in the Spinward Marches, Deneb, Trojan
Reaches, Foreven, Beyond, & part of the Far Frontiers & Vanguard Reaches.  It is often worn by young nobles &
mercs in the Beyond.   With free traders, the fastener is the family or ship badge ( a method also favored by pirates).
Mercs usually wear unit badges when part of an active merc force.  Nobles ( & their imitators ) use a variety of jewelry
or fasteners as they prefer to wear family badges on the front of the theiyat.  Quite often rank insignias are also worn
on the theiyat.  Theiyats range in price depending on material use & the quality of decoration & workmanship.
Length of the hanging ends of the theiyat are usually shoulder length, but some have been known to dangle down
the right front breast and/or the middle of the back.  Many of the latter are also utilizied as weapons, either as
garrotes, or in the durische fighting style utilizing weighted ends.

HIPOTES:  TL:2+  Cr. 300-60,000.  A style of overdress native to Lilith/Mapire.  The garment consists of a
high-necked fitted bodice with a bell skirt & triangular sleeves narrow at the armpit & wide at the wrists.  The bottom
of the sleeves have round weights sewn into them for use as a weapon (treat as club for to hit & damage).  The cost of
the hipotes depends on the materials & quality of work put into it.

PLAST:  TL7+  Cr. 6-20 per tube or aerosol.  Hair gel ( or aerosol ) that hard sets hair in position, originally created
for spacers with long in zero-G.  Has become popular substance with free spirits to arrange hair in fantastic shapes,
particularly hair spikes popular with barbarians,  free traders & corsairs.  Can only be dissolved by special solvent
usually sold with plast.  Many chemical companies make some sort of plast under various trade names.

PSEUDOSKIN: TL8+  Cr. 80 per liter.  Liquid anti-septic biomaterial to seal wounds. Can also be used to alter
appearance for temporary cosmetic repair or disguise.  Can be designed for many known races.  Pseudoskin ( a
futuristic form of liquidskin) will not interfer with the body's healing process, & can be applied over burned flesh for
a 30% higher rate of skin regeneration.    The best can be made up to match your own dna (200% markup on price)
for a perfect match.  Pseudoskin is usually applied with a sprayer.

EYETINT:  TL7+  Cr. 16 per bottle ( 30 treatment per bottle)  Biochemical solutions that changes eye color, sold
under a variety of names ( 'Tansit"-Bysia Pharmaceuticals-Lilith, 'Deceporb' Vhanior-Varen's World, 'Lheviorankh'
-Sorliyr-Northstar, etal).  Dosage is 3 drops per eye with complete color change in 8 minutes.

LHEROTOL:  TL5+  Cr.  75 per tube.   Herbal medication developed from the leaves As Lherai  of Lilith/Mapepire.
Stimulates the growth of existing hair & stimulates the re-growth of lost hair.  1 tube will stimulate hair growth of
3D6 inches in 1 week.  To stimulate new hair growth 3 tubes are required, taking 2D6 weeks for new hair to appear.

SYKOLYN:   TL8+  Cr. 85 per bottle. Biochemical cream used as a skin revitalizer, sunshield, & general protection
against damage from cold, heat, & windburn.  A body treated with sykolyn can also withstand temperatures 10
degress cooler than untreated skin.  Each bottle covers one human-sized person.  Sykolyn can also be added to the
mix in wet or vapor showers to treat as you clean.   Each treatment wears off in about 2 weeks for a human, or in
about a week for a sophont furry like Aslan or Vargyr.

SERENESS:   TL9+ Cr. 400 per bottle (12 does per bottle) A perfume developed on Vlad/Mapepire, Sereness is also
an intoxicant (effect much like alcohol) that is slowly absorbed through the skin.  The effect is dependent upon the
wearer's END:  On 1 12 END the effect would be like drinking a bottle a beer per 2 hours; A 2 END it would be like
downing a liter of whiskey in a half hour.   Effects last 2D6 + 4 hours.  Sereness has no known side effects & no
withdrawal pain or hangover.

OIKHYUKH:  TL4+  Cr. 24 per 1 liter bottle.  Aslan fur & body conditioner.  Has become very popular in human
worlds as a superior shampoo & conditioner.  For this reason Aslan merchants raise the price 25-40% in human

TILICH:  A paste polish & cleaner designed for combat armor, battledress, & reflec.   Very popular with the Poicxh as
an exoskeleton polish & conditioner.  Cost:  12 Cr. per 1 liter container.
STARFIRE:    Rare blue/purple gemstone founded on Guildheim/Liberty Hall.  
When worn next to a person's skin, the Starfire blazes with a seemingly living
flame inside the stone.   Most stones are the .25 to 4 carat range but exceptionally
examples up to 10 carats have been found.    Cost:  Cr. 3000  per carat.

PHALERON:  Uncommon aromatic stone found on Kilogren giving off a scent in
reaction to the wearer's body chemistry.    Technically not a true stone as it
fossilized plant resin like amber.   Can be cut & shaped into any form.  
Cost:   Cr.  240-650 per gram.