EIDOLION:  Venomous serpent native to Alpha Mare/Die Weltbund.  Though non-toxic, its neurotoxin in its bite acts
as a powerful non-addictive painkiller (lasting 1D6 + 6 hours) in humans.  Processed, its venom is useful in treating
many degenerative and/or paralytic ailments.  The eidolion is  1/2 meter long maximum, a mottled dark green, dark &
light brown on its upper body with a pink belly.  In the wild, the serpent rarely uses its venom reserving its use on prey
animals, usually small reptiles or birds.. When captured, the serpent becomes used to humans quite rapidly  and may let
loose to act as a vermin exterminator. However the creatures tends to avoid & flee races such as the Toishan..  The
eidolion can be picked up on its home planet for Cr. 20 and resold for Cr. 400-2000 depending on the buyer.  The
processed venom is worth Cr. 600 per centiliter (8 doses per).  

GUJA:  A blubberlike substance that forms a protective layer just below the epidermis of mollusks native to Alamo
Ismat/Die Weltbund.    This substance oozes from pores creating anti-radiation protection equal to TL15 battledress.
Raw guja is cut from the animal is weighed by the gram (a gram of guja would fit inside a teaspoon.)1 gram  of guja
melts down into 1 centiliter of liquid.  Harvested & liquified, guja can be use to impregnate clothing, giving it  radiation
protection equal to battle & equal to 5 cm of lead plate.  Raw guja is worth 100 Cr.  per gram.  Processed, liquified guja
is worth 1000 Cr. per liter.   4 liters of  liquid guja is enough to totally impregnate 1 head to to garment of an average

SIDEROTE-7:   Paperlike processed fibers of the pods of Sider's Milkweed native to Akira desert of Lilith/Mapepire.   
The plant  is known for its unique method of reproduction..  The plant  only blooms during infrequent rains during  
which it blooms, forms seed pods and explodes once the temperature reaches 125 degree fahrenheit. ( 1 pt. of damage any
creature withing 1 meter of plant. ).  The Siderote-7 processed fibers do 1D6  worth of damage per 4 grams of material.  
Siderote-7 is  often made into a variety of paper products such as writing paper, card, cigarette papers & the like.  The
detonation level of Siderote-7 is 230 degress fahrenheit.

FHAJUS VIRUS:  TL9+.  Discovered on Intercourse/Delta and developed by Dr. Ontil  Fhajus for Tuablin.  This virus
is used by Tuablin kidnappers, hijackers, intelligence ops, etal for the immobilization of sentients.  An airborne virus, it
p[aces its victim in a catatonic state for 1D6 days, after which it is overwhelmed by the body's immune system.  Usually
spread by an onsite agent immunizied against the virus., usually in a ship's air supply.  Non-animal sentients (or
microscopic such as Lorcvih) are unaffected by the virus.  The native, wild strain affects the Airyal cats of Intercourse,
humaniti, vargyr, & aslan, causing 1D6 -2 days of coma in the victims.  Rumors circulate of variety developed by pirates
immune to the Tuablin vacine.  Cost: 10,000 Cr. per milligram.

MARTTYLLA:  Cost 200 cr. a bottle, or 10 cr. per shot.  A potent honey distilled on Thellalae/I-Glathriel, very popular
for its inhibition-loosening effects.  It however, has side effects on psis: 1. It makes it almost impossible to use psionic
abilities while under the effect of the drink(you need a roll of 12 on 2D6).  2. It reduces the psi's INT by 1D6 points
& REALLY lossens inhibitions even more than non-psi.   Effects on non-psi last 1D6 hours.  On  a Psi its's effects
last 2D6 + 6 hours.  Banned in the Zhodani Consulate space.

DESIGNER VIRUS/BACTERIA.:  TL8+    Genetically engineered microgasms  designed for a single purpose. The most
common are medical, designed to carry drugs to a specific area of the body or a specific disease agent: immune system
boosters; or to stimulate or iniatte regeneration.  Combat germs are less common, designed to boost combat capabilities
of troops or to kill or incapacitate enemies(Most states or planets have banned these).  Most designer  organisms are
created to be short-lived.  These virus/bacteria are sold in batches in biocontainment units the size of a human's small
fingernail.  Cost: 10,000-100,000  credits.

CAPTHYSQ:  Fungal symbiote developed by Tuablin.  The spores enter the host by inhalation or injection after which
they make their eay to the host's brain.  They attach to the frontal lobes, growing & displacing  them.  Though lowering
the INT 1D6 , it bequeathes to the host an immunity to tranqualizers & boosts the END +1.  Tuablin uses this on their
slave shock troops.  Fungi can be removed only surgery (difficulty 8+) or by radiation.   Cost.  Cr. 400 per spore.

NILRAIN BIV BACTERIA:  Rare bacteria,  origins unknown that infests a host, forming a symbiotic relationship.  The
bacteria processes deadly volcanic gases &  creates oxygen as a by product to the host.  In the absence of toxic gases, the
bacteria dies off.   Cost: 10000 Cr. per batch.

GOBEIN:  Poisonous serpent prized for its medical applications (see library data).  Protected on its homeworld of
Gryphon/Storm & by the Guardians of Serenity.  Cost: Cr. 10,0000 per serpent ALIVE.  Venom: Cr: 3000 per microliter.

HJIFED NERVE TOXIN: Toxin developed from the Gobein venom that places the patient in a safe coma close to
suspended animation for 2D6 hours.  This altered state will slow the effects of wounds, toxins, or infection until the
patient can receive medical attention. Can also be used to disable an opponent. Hjifed may  be delivered by ingesttation,
injection or as a gas.  Cost: Cr. 4000 per microliter (each microliter doses up to 12 human-sized targets.

METALMITE BACTERIA.   Anaerobic bacteria that consume metal.  Most planetary metalmites  require heat, moisture,
& some form of metal to thrive.   These types  cost Cr. 1000 per vial of 1 million bacteria.  Spacefaring (residing on
asteroids & planets with very thin or no atmospheres) metalmites  require only some form of metal & radiation to flourish.
These latter types cost between Cr. 3000 to Cr. 6000 per vial of a million bacteria.  Though there legitmate uses in
inductry for these organisms, their more frequent use is in criminal or miltary usage.   A  vial of 1 million metalmites
will consume 1 cubic centimeter of metal in a day, doubling its size  each day.  On the second of existence, the colony
now 2 million strong, will consume 2 cubic centimeter of food, doubling again to 4 million, consuming 4 cubic
centimeters on the third day, and so on.    The most effective counter to metalmites is oxygen, which is fatal to anaerobic
There are also engineered bacteria, costing  40% than the normal 'wild' varieties; which will flourish for only a short
period & then die off.  Spacefaraing metalmites are quite hardy, able to turn into a spore & go dormant for decades
waiting for a new source of food.

LORCVIH:  These hive mind bacteria have been known to show up on the market from time.   Also sold in 1 million
bacteria vials, the Lorcvih in these batches away from the colony can be safely used as long as safeguards are used to keep
them at below the 10 million bacteria level.   Once a colony reaches the 10 million population level, the colony develops
the hive mind unique to these organisms.  Of course, if you have the expertise & telepathic abilties you can still have a
possibility to  'guide' the bacteria to your goals.  Hive mind Lorcvih can be directed to attack specific targets of your
choosing.  Beware, as Lorcvih are telepathic in the hive mind colony & will develop quirky personalities based on the
sophonts (especially telepathic ones).  They also have a highly developed sense of self-preservation, and will turn on
their handlers/allies if they sent on a suicide mission or detect hostile intent.   Cost:   Cr. 10,000  per vial of 1 million.  
Lorcvih consume metal & multiply at the same rate  as normal bacteria except when they go in 'flux'.  Flux is a state
where the colony  multiply its consumption & reproduction rate by 1D6 +1.  The flux lasts for 1D6 hours after which the
colony goes into dormancy for 1D6 days

PLASMITE BACTERIA:  Plastic consuming bacteria used often for waste recycling , pollution control not to mention
military or crminal uses.  They consume & multiply in the same way as metalmite bacteria.   Normally sold in industrial  
vials of 10 million organisms at Cr.  12,000.   Small vial can be gotten of 1 million  bacteria for Cr. 2000.

KAKUUKAK:  Improved genetic version of the cacao plant with enchanced endorphins, serotonin, theobromine.
Standard price 1500 Cr. per tonne(compare to common cacao at 700 Cr. per tonne).

AKUU.   Chocolate made from the Kakuukak bean.  Besides giving a sense of exhilaration  for 1D6 hours; Akuu can
suppress pain receptors & increase endurance by 1 for 1D6 hours. per 40 grams of Akuu.  Also called Xicha in the
Spinward Marches, Trojan Reaches, & Beyond subsectors & in many Aslan areas of space.   Cost:  2-6 Cr. per 20 grams
with luxury brands 40-130% higher(compare to common chocolate at  1 Cr. per 40 grams).

AKHAKIKA:  Emergency ration made of a mixture of botanical proteins, carbohydrates, & akuu mixed & formed into
10mm wide by 10cm long rods. .   3 rods are equal to one full meal & give the same benefits of 40 grams of akuu.
Popular with scouts, marines, free traders, & corsairs.   Cost:  24 Credits per package of 12 Akhakika, or 250 Cr. per case
of 144.

YASAANIL:   Herb  whose leaves & flowers that effect  Aslan much the same way as catnip effects  Solomani-descended
cats.  To see how a particular Aslan reacts, roll 1D6.  1-4,  the effect is soporific; & 5-6 the yasaanil has the opposite
effect, making the user hyperactive.  Effects last 1D6 + 2 hrs.   Cost   3-8 Cr. per   gram.  Outside Aslan space, yasaanil is
grown in the Imperium where large groups of Aslan have settled,  the Darrian Confederation, Huin Hierarchy,
Northstar, & many planets in the spinward & rimward areas of the  Beyond, & the rimward wolrds of the Trojan Reaches.

RYUURTON:   Suncreen made from the milky secretion of the Dragonflower plant of Lilith.  Used as a lotion or as an
additive to chemical baths.   Waterproof, the substance lasts 2D6 +2 hrs. in both forms.   Cost:  4 Cr. per 1 liter bottle or 1
Cr. per 30 centiliter tube.

KANAD AKA:  Generic name for Lilithian pheromone perfume developed from the juice of the Toreis flower bud.  Adds
a +3 bonus on seduction rolls.   Versions high been developed that effect Murian, Esylat, Darrian, Vargyr, & Aslan races..
Cost:  30 cr. per 1 mililiter (1 dose) of  the normal version of the perfume.   Perfumes effecting other races cost 120% more
Manufactured by Kaabin of Lilith, it is considered a cheaper, if inferior version of Lilith's Breath, but has no side effects.

KILOGREN:  A   16 cm tall flowering herb with five-lobed leaves & bell shaped orange flowers. Used as a tea  or pressed
into 8mm tablets, the leaves enhance psionic power levels by 2 (effects lasting 1D6 hours for 2 militer of tea, or 1D6 -1
hours with 2 tablets) . The side effects are a heightened sense of euthoria.  As long as the recommded doses ( 2 mililiter of
tea & 2 tablets per 24 hrs. ) are observed there no ill effects.  The ill effects of more than the recommed doses are erratic
control of psi powers & disconnect from reality after 4 mililiters of tea(lasting 3D6 hours)  & 5 tablets(lasting 4D6 -2
hours). The plant has  spread thoughout Deneb, Spinward Marches,  Coreward Trojan Reaches, & trailing Beyond, its
origin planet long forgotten, but Jewel & Tarsus have both laid strong claims.  The planet of psionic witches, Kilogren
derives its name from this plant.   Cost:   2000 Cr. per gram of kilogren tea;   1800 Cr. per tablet.

FEDERWEIZEN:  Plant native to Nietschze (DW 0309) named for its distinctive purple/white flowers that resemble a
bird's feather.  Similar to wheat, this plant the normal grain nutrients also contains plant proteins.  Federweizen is often
processed into wafers as emergency rations  ( 10 Cr. per pack of 15 wafers ), each wafer  equal to  1/4 of the daily ration  
for an adult.   Transplanted to Reckinghausen (565)  & Maximummer (793), federweizen has proved a valuable export
commodity.  So valuable that stolen seeds have contributed to the expansion of cultivation outside Die Weltbund:  St.
Foy (744),  Lilith (896),  Kawtee ChiChiluvehk (913),  Pearl of Zandvoort (924), & Hunyadi (1023).
Cr.  5 per bushel

HAUSSEWEIN:   Thick, fibrous vine native to Mansagt(Die Weltbund 0304), woven into Stahlstoff, a natural ballistic
cloth.   Climbing on rocky, temperate terrain, the vine grows up to  20 meters with vines as thick as a man's arm, & a
single plant can yield up to 6 yards of cloth.   Also cultivated on Bundestag,  Zeben, Feldfernhalle, Reckinghausen,
Nervenheilanstadt,  & rumored on Zhawlty Nawsh.   Cost:  60  Cr. per bushel of fibre.

RASHUIRAD:  Liquid or tablet developed from the Ys Rashuir planet of Mapepire.  The Ys Rashuir is a weedty plant  
growing to 1/2 meter tall with square stems, trifoil leaves & tiny insignificant blue, bell shaped flowrers. A potent
anti-toxicant that increases the body's elimination of toxins by 40%.   1 dose lasts 4 hours.    Expensive as few planets
can grow the plant(Hunyadi, Six Mile Run,  Paradise).  Cost:  1200 per dose.

NILRAIN STRAIN C:  Symbiotic bacteria strain (origins currently unknown but a volcanic planet is postulated) that
lives in the respiratory tract of living organisms.  The bacteria lives off toxic volcanic gases protecting the host by
absorbing the gases & producing enzymes in the host's system deal with residual toxins not processed by the bacteria.
Cost:  6000 Cr. per .5 gram container.   Available through the Nilrain Clinic at Codra on Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall.

REDSURGE:  Liquid neural synapse booster used as a stimulant, often by persons using biolectrocouplers.  Gives
additional energy for 2D6 hours or an additional BEC battery boost of 1D6 hours.   Made from several natural botanical
stiumlants.  Recommended dose is once per day.  A second dose can cause a temporary loss of 1D6 Dex points & 1D6 Int
points for 1D6 hours.    Cost:  150 Cr. per dose.

CAPTAIN NOIRE NEOTORTUGAN RUM:  A highly potent(160 proof) rum produced somwhere in the Liberty Hall(?)
subsector of the Beyond by the pirate captain Better Noire.  Supposedly made from an ancient Solomani recipe Bette
bought from a Sword Worlder. .  Cost:  1 Liter 30 Cr.,  10 Liter keg  280 Cr.   100 Liter keg   2200 Cr.
DREAMDUST: Inorganic hallucigen mined on Ani Yun Wiya(Delta subsector, The Beyond). Used in a powdered
form it creates vivid hallucigenic dreams.  While under the influence the user remains in a trancelike state for 2D6
hours depending on potency(roll 2D6 for level of potency of drug).  Usually nonlethal, dreamdust is devastating for
psionic sophonts to use, creating temporal lobe epilepsy(TLE)  in the victim, causing disassociation between the mind
& body, leaving the body in a coma.  Length of coma lasts days equal to the potency of the drug.  For comas lasting
more than 5 days, the victim must be be on life suppport or the respiratory & circulatory systems will crash, resulting in
Recoving psi will find their psi talents nonfunctional for 3D6 days.
The Eshenili assasins have refined dreamdust into a liquid injectable/ingestable form called Majkim which kills psi's
within 3D6 minutes.  There is no known antidote for either majkim or dreamdust though Beaumonde Industries &
SUSAG both have independent research programs working on a cure.  The Duke of St. Foy has offered 12 MCr. & a
title as a reward for anyone creating a cure.  Cost: Dreamdust: 1000 Cr. per dose per level of potency. Majkim: 6000 Cr.
per dose.

MANTIHILZ 8:  Antibiotic originally developed by SUSAG in 678.  Though an excellent drug, it is poisonous to
to both the Aakho & Poicxh races, causing  3D6 damage to the former, and 2D6 damage to the latter.  Cost: Cr. 25 per
100 doses.

CORROLIN:  TL11.  Truth drug developed by Imperial Bureau of Investigative Services for use on psionic sentients.
It also inhibits psi abilities for 2D6 hours.  Cost: Cr. 300  per dose(2 cc).

VABTHRAUT:  TL11+  Truth/Mind Control drug developed by Tuablin.  1 cc is enough loose most sentients' (except
Aslan & Esylat which require 2 cc) inhibitions to the point any skilled interrogator (Interrogation-2+) .  4 cc reduces
the victim to a puppet, obeying the orders of anyone.  Used with implanted commo devices to transmit instruction, the
victim becomes an organic robot as long as they are redosed every 3 days.   It is useless to use on Poicxh as it highly
lethal ( 4D6 poison ) to that race.  Cost: Cr. 1,000 per cc.  Vabthaut is a banned drug among the Imperium, the
Zhodani, the Comsentient Alliance.  It is however, a major import to Die Weltbund.

REDHISTAK 6.  Powerful stimulant used to combat fatigue, keeping the user fully functional (except for a loss of 1pt
each of INT  & DEX). if 1 dose is taken every 12 hours.  It can take orally or by injection.  Misuse is dangerous as 3
doses in 24 hours causes a loss of 2 pts. each of INT & DEX.   4 doses in24 hours  will result in death in 1D6 hours
unless an antidote is administered.  Even them there is a change of severe damage (Roll 1D6, roll of 5-6 INT & DEX
reduced to 1).   Cost:   Cr. 200 per dose.  TL9+

NEIVHER:  Cost  100 credits per gram.  A synthethic substance know for its toughness (it can be fashioned into
projectiles with the penetrating power of solid slugs) & its ability to disolve harmless in the human (or other biologic)
in 2D6 minutes.   Often used for tranq or poison in order to penetrate armour.   Originally deisgned as body armour
but its rapid decay when saturated with sweat or other body fluids made it impractical in that role.   TL 11+

ALCODOTE:  TL 7+.  Generic name for drugs designed to combat the effects of alcohol for two purposes: 1. Curing
the effects of alcohol (& a hangover) after a binge; & 2. Tp allow the user to drink as much as she/he wants without
getting drunk.  Different chemical formulas are designed to be species specific.  Cost: 20-40 cr. per dose.

OXYTABS:  TL9+.  Concentrated time release oxygen capsules that diffuse enough oxygen to supply the system of
oxygen breathing creatures 1 hour of ( based on a human-sized body).  Maximum dose is 6 capsules per day.
More can result in giddiness & possible celluar damage (roll of 4-6 on 1D6).  Cost: 30 cr. per capsule.

OXYFLUID:  TL10+  Liquid breathing mixture that allows a diver to swim to descend 3 times the maximum dive
depth without a pressure suit.    Comes in 6-10 hour tanks.  Cost:  Cr. 200-450 per tank.

MAANDHRIL:  Nerve gas developed byGhrendhol Aid,  the  pharmaceutical division of Beaumonde Industries.  A
potent hallugenic fear drug, its creates a panic reaction lasting  4D6 hours, & on rare occasions, death ( roll of 3-4 on
3D6).  It can inhaled or absorbed into the skin.   1 one liter container can cover an 1/4 kilometer radius of space,
taking 8-10 minutes.  Cost:  4000-6000 per liter of gas.

FREZAAKON:   Inorganic poison first developed by SUSAG, that effects only psis, causing 4D6 +2 damage per 4
grams of frezaakon.   A powder, it can be mixed in liquids for invection. .  Cost Cr. 1800-4500 Cr. per gram.

IRAANAR:  Creamy chemical substance that when applied to skin &  abosrbed, toughens the skin to ballastic cloth
quality & allows  blows by hands or feet the effect of being hit by a club.  Deadens pains receptors.   The worse effect is
that the cream is bot air permeable so that parts of the skin must be left uncovered to avoid fatality.  Effects lasts 2D6 -1
hours.  Cost:  6000 Cr. per 1/2 liter (enough to cover 50% of the body 4 times).  Rumored to have been developed in the
First Imperium for its secret police.

PLASTIKERDE:  Special clay known for its elasticity & low baking temperatures, known only on Liebeskinder (DW
0105).   Highly prized by ceramic artists & exported as far as the Spinward Marches.  Cr. 20 to 60 per kilogram.

CHIMERATHENE:  A drug that alters user's DNA marker, making DNA matching almost impossible (difficulty 12).
It also causes quick decay of DNA samples left at a crime scene or taken from an individual(2D6 hours).  While the
former is useful for the user, the quick decay of fresh sample is a dead giveaway that the perp is using Chimerathene.
1 dose lasts 1D6 days.  Sold  by Beaumonde Chemicals, it is rumored to have an Imperial origin.  Cost:   Cr. 700  per

IMMUNERA:   A drug developed by SuSAG, LIC that boosts the immune system, making it 15% more resistant to
disease.  1 dose lasts  6-11 hrs. (1D6 + 5).   Manufactured  under the name Bimune in the Beyond.  Cost:   Cr.  600 per

LURUSKIN:  Developed by SuSAG for underwater use, luruskin is a spray on wetsuit.  Its virtue lays in its ability to be
applied over breathing equipment & swimming gear such as fins  reducing drag & making the swimmer more efficient
in water( 40% increase in underwater speed in a trained swimmer).   It has the strength of ballistic cloth & is
airpermeable.  Drawback is it is one use only & has to cut off the swimmer's body.    Manufacturered under license &
illegally under various names in the Imperium,  Trelyn Domain,  Foreven, Trojan Reaches, Beyond.