Azalon Freeport is built into Azalon, an 20 x 6 kilometer nickel/iron meteor placed into orbit around
planet Guildheim.  Named after Free Trader Kelsay Mohammed Azalon, one of the original
exploiters of the planetary system it serves free traders, corsairs, mercs, scouts & any other sophonts
with the needs of the before mentioned.
Ops Officer for the facility is Iradine Holkar-Remion.  Security is maintained by the GSP.  Two GSP  
200 tonne SDB's (two triple laser turrets, 1 triple missile turret, armor factor-6, 6G acceleration,
Agility 5)  are on permanent station, each alternating orbital patrol on 12 hours on, 12 hours off

Further security is added by  two concentric rings of twelve hardpoints, each of alternating triple
laser & triple missile turrets.  Each building on the port is armoured (factor-10) with undergound
extensions.  Two of the units, the dormitory & the warehouse are completely underground.

The freeport landing pads can accomodate ships up to 800 tonnes with full repair facilities.   The
warehouse consists of 6 floors & is guarded by a squad of  mercs at all times.

Transport is by underground transit tubes set up for twin magnetic shuttles running in opposite
directions.  each shuttle car is automated, 8 feet long, carrying 9 passengers, three abreast with their
luggage in a hopper in the back for the vehicles.  The tubes are tall enough to permit the transit of
grav vehicles (emergency or police) to fly above the magnetic cars.

Azalon has been built & rebuilt (it has been attacked 11 times over 4 centuries) with contributions
from trade & piracy supplemented by Razate funds.  The freeport is one of the great pirate ports in the
Liberty Hall subsector, along with Magdalena's  Grief in the Hardass system;  St. Foy & Eponymus
in the St. System; & Yazdagil in the Liberty Hall system.  As such it is a gathering point for
privateers, pirates, spies, diplomats, & other rogues.
The basement is located 50 meters below the first level.  Besides housing the hotel's fusion powerplant
& supply depot; it is also an emergency shelter with its own medical facility.  Besides the engineering
staff there is a squad of mercs on duty. In case of evacuation, there is a monoline tunnel that leads to a
concealed hangar where 2 100 tonne shuttles  (6 G acceleration, agility 3, 1 beam laser) & 11 unarmed
30 tonne ship's boats are located.
The hotel's first level is on the same level as the transit tubes.  With a few exceptions, this floor is
dedicated to guests services & entertainment.

1. Freeport shuttle tunnel tube.  Unknown to most, the shuttle tube is defended by mines, six remote
controlled autocannons & 2 plasma guns in popup hideaways.
2. Main entrance.  Includes front desk, staff offices, & media centers. Media center posting ship
schedules, job listings, cargos, advertisements, as well as local & subsector news.  Hotel manager is
Ysabel Sharond. Usually two mercs, armed with netguns, shock batons & smgs on guard.
3. Hotel security.  Captained by Darrell Orozco, they are all mercs with either military or paramilitary
4. Security brig.
5. Medical facility.  Run by Dr. Miryem Beriiraan, a lost colony Darrian.
6. Morgue.
7. Hotel arsenal.  Contains a range of weapons from nonlethal smallarms to heavy weapons to repel
8. Hotel control center.  Everything from coordinating day to day hotel activities to security
monitoring is handled here.   Tenko Arabai, the manager runs everything from here.
9. Merak's Cafe. Run by Heris Merak.  Exotic & alien cusine.
10. Bargham's Dive.  Run by Yong McIntyre, a retired free trader.  Mostly human clientale.
11. Kopek's Clothier.  Run by Kopek Qader Khan, reknown for his honesty & ability to dress anyone,
whether for work or play. .  Deals in working clothes, from jumpsuits to vacc suits.  Occasionly offers
some exotic items (carapace, Kilogren spidersilk, high-tech battledress) at bargain prices. Tailors on
12. Keas'.  Owned & run by Keas Kluss, 5th generation operator.  Electronic specialty equipment,
tools, & forgeries.
13. Jaan Media Center. Besides media booths, rents & sells all kinds electronic media from low-tech to
high tech.
Kephaar Jaan, owner.  Managed by his twin daughters Ceel  & Hua.
14. Library Center.  Run by hotel staff.
15. Ishii's.  Restaurant catering to a more human tastes.  Ram Sher Ishii, owner.
16. Gym.  Exercise machines & weights. Separate men's & women's change rooms.  Managed by the
hotel staff.  Iosep Brittini, a retired marine, is the trainer on staff.
17. Women's restrooms.
18. Men's restrooms.
19. Rhadon's Rigs.  Own & run by Goro Rhadon.  New & used personal equipment for the spacer.  
Computers, tools, commos, portable sensor equipment, gravbelts, etc.  Repairs technicians on staff.  
reasonable prices.  Will also buy gear no questions asked.
20. Sip & Stab.  Tavern run by Chacil Gakinoos.  Exotic liquors& mixers  for any species.
21. Meandering Wastrel.  Casino &  nightclub.  Live entertainment.   Owned by the Conway brothers,
Chaz & Orlando.  Managed by Siren Saenz, a popular singer of space ballads.
22. Womens' bathhouse.  Includes communal bath & jacuzzi.  Managed  by hotel staff.
23. Mens' bathhouse.  Includes communal bath & jacuzzi.  Managed by hotel staff.
24. Mens' locker room.
25. Womens' locker room.
Commercial businesses take up the second level of the hotel.  Though most of the stores keep their
bulkier merchandise stored at the port warehouse, they keep most of their smaller items on hand.  Much
of the transactions enacted by free traders, mercs, corsairs, & privateers in the Guildheim system are
enacted here.  You can pretty much acquire or unload anything with the businesses on second level.

1. MAGLUMIN'S.  Mercantile & transport company specializing in arranging the selling & transports of
goods; researching commodity & business trends; banking; mercantile law.  In the latter capacity they
handle legal documents including certificates of origin, ships' documents, & letters of marque.  Owned
by the Maglumin family.  Currently managed by Lakeisha Terito.
2. THE RIGGER.  Own & run by Frappes Seymo.  A shop specializing in the buying & selling of
equipment & supplies for spacers.  Rations, vacc suits, portable devices, air/rafts, ships' parts, etc.
3. VHAUFRIG'S.   Sells, buys & trades weapons & munitions, specializing in shipboard & zero-g combat
needs.  Run by Vhaufrig, a retired Vargyr corsair.  Vhaufrig is assisted by his two daughters, Forrekh &
Tsunoorz; & his cousin Voongorz.
4. SAPHRAM'S ROBOTICS.  Buyer & seller of robotic & automated gear.    Managed by Anakh
Saphram for a mystery owner..  Robots, drone vehicles,  & any kind of self-motivated devices can be found
here.  Companion Bots have even been known to be on display.
5. RUSHUI, LTD..  Managed by Mitsuki O'Shea.  Mitsuki efficiently runs one of Rushui's more chaotic
& corruption-prone Rushui operations (her two predecessors & much of theirs staffs were removed for
6. GUILDHEIM NEWS SERVICE(GNS).  Managing editor Sirhader Akuur.  Besides the usual GNS
feeds, Sirhader provides news canted to the free trader, privateer, & merc trade. Front business handled
by clerks.
7. RUSHUI, LTD.  This section includes Mitsuki's private office & suite as well as a secret exit.  The exit
leads to Rushui's private commo center, & hidden docks for Rushui's couriers (2 jump & 3 nonjump)
8. YIGGASHON.  Pawnbroker business run by Ghirevoull, a vargyr merchant.
9. JACQUIDO'S.  Specialty jeweler catering to the free trader, merc, privateer, & corsair crowd.  Items
are simple, take a lot of punishment & often serve a dual purpose other than mere jewelry.  Aerii
Jacquido owner & master jeweler in residence.  Has two apprentices, Chaz Mingo & Suri Dana Kilar.
10. PHOENIX COURIERS.  Official 'headquarters' & office  for Phoenix. Run by Marta Anna Fon, an
elderly ex-IISS scout.  Besides arranging interstellar courier & survey service; it is also an information
11. CONFERENCE  ROOM.  Run by hotel staff.  Safe secure & loaded with all the amenities (
automated food & drink, secure computers, media, etc. ) to arrange for private meetings.  Security guards  
can be arranged for a fee. The rooms are often used as bazaars for auctions or public sale of trader
12. CONFERENCE ROOM.  Same as above.
13. ROOGA CHOI MERCENARY  GUILDHOUSE.  Run by Chanticleer Makador, retired merc. A
franchise of the Rooga Choi Mercenary Guild.  Merc licenses & tickets, letters of marque, transport, legal
issues, & room & board can be arranged thru Makador & his revolving staff of mercs & retired mercs.
14. BANK OF GUILDHEIM/AZALON. Managed by Miryem Aloi Churisch.  Her branch handles all
kinds of monetary transaction, handled discreetly.  Rumored to be secret partner in several of Azalon's
15. TEISCH MEDICAL SUPPLY.  Buys & sells any kinds of  tools & pharmacopia for medical needs.  
Managed by Cateil Jon Teisch.  Owned by his grandfather, Artay Monteil Teisch, a retired free trader.
16. TEISCH MEDICAL SUPPLY.  Teisch's medical hardware department, from surgical tables to
17. JAMA-WANG FREE TRADER ASSOCIATION.  Co-operative organization sponsored secretly by
the Razas of Guildheim.  The co-op handles free trader legal issues, as well as keeping traders up to date
on current market, commodity & hazard trends in the subsector.  Current Advocate Secretary is Ayuh
Saan, a female Aslan.
ASTEROID AZALON.  AF: Azalon Freeport.  M: Manuver Drives.  PAW: Particle Accelerator
Weapon firing port.  View as seen from planet Guildheim

ARMAMENT:  Spinal Mount PAW,  20 triple laser turrets in 10 batteries.  24 triple missile
turrets in 6 batteries.
DEFENSES:  Armored Hull: Factor  E,  Meson Screen,  60 sandcasters in 6 batteries
MANUVER:  1G Acceleration.  Agility 1.
SMALL CRAFT:  20 50 tonne shuttles.  2 100 tonne shuttles.  60 Dragonfly fighters, 6 Shiv
class SDB's.
POWERPLANT:  5.  3000 EP's.
ELECTRONICS:  Model 6/bis computer.
Link to the original CC2 drawing of Rhoganoor Hall Level 2
Link to the original CC2 drawing of Rhoganoor Hall Level 1
Link to the original CC2 drawing of Rhoganoor Hall Levels 3 & 4.
The layout of levels 3 & 4 are totally indentical.  The only difference is level three is residental living
for the staff  of the hotel & the employees of the commercial enterprises operating in the hotel. All
employees & local business personnel are equipped with an ID chit worn on their person. Anyone
without the ID chit who enters level 3 will set off silent security alarms.  Each room is modular with a
foldaway chemical shower & head.  Each room is equipped with a modular bed which can be locked
together to form one large bed or left separate as two twin beds.  there is also a foldaway twin bed with
access ladder in the wall above the main bed area if needed.  Each floor has two automated lounges, &
two automated cafes capable of handled any species' needs.  There are four media centers on each level
for the use of employees & clientale.
Link to the original CC2 drawing of Rhoganoor Hall's  Basement Level.
Link to the original CC2 drawing of Rhoganoor Hall Level 5
Link to the original CC2 drawing of Rhoganoor Hall Level 6
Level six contains the primary security center, combat center & backup computer systems.  There are 3 8
hour shifts each 16 personnel ( 1 officer, 1 noncom, 6 specialists, & 8 guards ).  The 4 triple laser turrets
can be manned or control remotely by security personnel.   There is an airlock for private or security
shuttles.  Much clandestine activity is handled through the security center.

Rhoganoor Hall is Azalon Freeport Hotel, named for Ars Rhoganoor, a free trader who
once resided on the asteroid.   It caters to free traders, privateers, pirates & mercenaries.  
Besides facilities for rest & relaxation, it operates also as a commercial center for selling,
bartering & buying commodities..  The basement & first two floors are underground.  the
rest of the building rises up in an armoured (factor-10) pyramid.
The luxury suites have all the amenities, included secure commos, automated kitchen & bar units,
popup shower, hot tub, & state of the art security alarms.  The five suites on the right end of  the
level have permanent residents; while the rest are usually open at most times.
5'7" tall.  Silver grey hair, grey eyes.  Slender. fit bronzed body.
SKILLS: Pistol-3, Laser-3, Pilot-2,  Navigation-3, Computer-4, Medical 3, Laison-4, Streetwise-3,
Bribery-2, Vacc Suit-3, JOT-3, Admin-3.
A former mentor of Manax Darkhstarr, Marta is the still spry, very efficient operations manager for
Phoenix Couriers in the Guildheim.  Back twenty years she  was the head of the clandestine
transport operation Phoenix superceded.  Genial, friendly, & very maternal, she is still a first class
scout & operator, cold ruthless when needed.  Called 'Granny Anna, she well liked & respected by
the local who would do several unpleasant things to anyone who would threaten or harm her.  Her
charisma & grandmotherly nature allows her to gain information most people can't obtain.   
Although still fit, when forced to act she uses either her scout battledress or a musclesuit.  She
always carries her snub pistol on her person as well as 3 laser rings.   Marta's son Tesriekl is on
working for Phoenix Couriers as a pilot.  Her grandson Mek Roi & two grandaughters  Soi Alixa &
Yasmeena  are scouts in the IISS, all stationed somewhere in the Beyond.
6' 2" tall.  Short auburn hair.  Blue eyes.  Muscular bronzed body.
SKILLS:  Battledress-2,  Leader-1, Gauss Gun-3, Cutlass-1, Unarmed combat-2, Tactics-1,
Computer-1,  Grav Vehicle-1, Interrogation-2
Former Imperial Marine, Orozco retired & wandered out to the Beyond to make his fortune.  He was
hired on to Rhoganoor Hall's security staff six years ago, rising to captain 11 months ago. A no
nonsense, coldhearted, opportunist, always willing to take bribes or outside jobs. Nevertheless he is
extremely loyal to his employers & draws the line at any operation that threatens the wellbeing of
the hotel & its patrons.   The LOFWIA has a bounty of Cr. 250,000 out on him after he exposed &
gunned down three of their top operatives on Guildheim.
5'8" tall.   Long reddish-blonde  steaked with blue highlight worn loose.  Athletic, golden brown
tanned body.  $ earrings in left ear.
SKILLS:  Computer-2, Admin-2, Broker-3,  Gauss Gun-2, Vacc Suit-2, Ship's Boat-1, Bribery-3.
Lakeisha is a member of Dark Goddesses which uses Magumin's for a front.  She is also DG's new
assistant DO  for the Guildheim system, serving directly under Falkhon Khrest.  Like Falkhon, she
is a member of the House of Lords & one of the few survivors from the splinter group that hired to
the Gorian War.  Known for her coolness under action & bitting wit, Lak is a hardworking
overachiever.  All this hides bitterness & shame she feels for deserting the Lords to follow Admiral
hault-Malesi.  Despite being forgiven by Bette Noire, she feel driven to redress her treason & has
refused to take back her officer's rank.  
5'10" tall.  Reddish-brown fur.  Six earrings in each ear.  Stocky muscular body.  Affects a lame left
leg & limps,  Yellow eyes.
SKILLS:  Leader-2, Battledress-1,  JOT-2, Pistol-2,  Broker-2, Blade-1, Zero-G Combat-1, Admin-1,
Interrogation-1, Computer-2, Engineering-1, Electronics-1
Gruff, loud, & a practical joker, Vhaufrig is a cunning businessman who plays at everyone being
smarter than he is, always bemoaning the advantage people take over him.   Despite this his business
is quite well off & famous throughout the Liberty Hall & Mapepire subsectors.   His Vargyr
gunsmiths are the most talented in the Guildheim system & even some of the Raza's have
commisioned work.  He is willing to do work for almost anyone except anti-vargyr bigots & 'Black
Dog' McKimmon.  He feels that McKimmon's brutal ruthlessness is creating anti-vargyr feeling & is
one of the contributors to the bounty on McKimmon's head.
5'8" tall.  Pale, golden brown fur with silver highlights.  Blue eyes.  6 earrings in each ear.
SKILLS:  Gauss-1,  Mechanical-2, Electronics-2, Vacc Suit-1,, Computer-1, Carousing-1
Vhaufrig's older daughter is a talented gunsmith, only years away from become a master.  Bright &
cheerful, she gets along with most sophonts & is curious about the worlds outside her workplace.
Once she masters her craft, she would like to travel as a freelance gunsmith on a free trader.  She
also a good source of information as her charisma & streetsmarts  allow her to find out information.
She is friends with most of the regular customers of her father's shop.
5'7" tall.  Blonde, short hair.  Blue eyes.  Pale, slender body.
SKILLS:  Computer-3, Mechanical-1,  Electronics-3, Robotics-1,  Forgery-3, Admin-1, Trader-1,
Pistol-2, Dagger-1.
The proprietor of Keas' Keas' talent is only outmatched by his dishonesty.  Besides his legitimate
electronics business, he is a master forger able to duplicate any ID, or electronical device.  He is
rumored to be the brains behind the flood of bogus Imperial credits in the Mapepire subsector 11
years ago.  He is quite devious & treacherous, betraying many a client for gain.  One of his clients is
the LOFWIA, whom he has never double-crossed.  
5'11" tall.  Short red hair with black streaks.  Green/grey eyes.   Slender, lightly tanned athletic body.
SKILLS:  Streetwise-3,  Bribery-1, Broker-1,  Pistol-2, Pilot-1, Laison-1, Gambling-2, Computer-2
Stylish, cunning, & affable, troubleshooter Mitsuki has been Rushui's resident agent for 14 months.  
A fair, if hard administrator, she was sent out to bring order to Rushui operations after her three
prior agents were removed(one terminally) for various criminal activities detrimental to Rushui's
profit margins.  Clearing house has made her several enemies as her predecessors were deeply
involved in dealings with LOFWIA & Black Dog McKimmon.  Her abilities to ferret out danger &
skill with pistols has allowed her to survive 4 assassination attempts.  Besides a snub pistol carries
in a shoulder holster, Mitsuki wears a sleevegun on each forearm.  After 4 of her guards were killed,
she recently hired  two eshenili bodyguards who follow her everwhere & sleep in her quarters.   
Besides her company yacht Zeerijan, she keeps a type S scout, the Biberondhi also parked on the
asteroid.  Her personal pilot is Jahn Jahn Kor, an ex-IISS scout.  
5'4" tall.  Slender, lightly tanned body.  
SKILLS:  Admin-3, Steward-2, Computer-2, Broker-2,  Trader-2, Pistol-2, Laison-3,  Carousing-2
A former free trader, Ysabel manages Rhoganoor Hall.  Charsimatic & friendly, she is an elegant
hostess fond of talk & gambling.  Though a formidible gambler, she she uses it as a social tool, often
losing depending on the client. She also has a laid back attitude towards her rough clientale:
anything goes as long as there is no major distubance and especially no killing.  Unknown except to
a chosen few, she cooperates with the local intelligence services.  
6' tall.   Medium length brunette hair worn tied back into a ponytail.  Dark brown eyes.  Heavily
tanned muscular body.   Crossed cutlasses tattoo on left bicep.
SKILLS:  Admin-1, Battledress-1, Leader-2, Interrogation-2, Gauss-1, Cutlass-2, Laser-1, Tactics-1
A former marine from Regina in the Spinward Marches, Kunuir is the commandant for the
Guildheim base on Azalon asteroid.  Cool, ruthless, & taciturn, he is extremely incorruptible, a
main reason he was made the commander there.  Though under orders to ignore the activities at
Rhoganoor Hall, he maintains several paid civilian spies among the staff there.  Jacques has an
intense dislike for Capt. Darrell Orozco, the Hall's security chief, considering him little more than a
thief.  The fact that Orozco is a fellow Imperial Marine just intensifies his hatred.   Local
speculation is that Kunuir will challenge Orozco to a duel some day.
6' 2" tall.  Medium length blonde hair tied back in ponytail &  small, neat pointed beard.  Blue/grey
eyes.  Athletic bronzed body with a slight paunch.
SKILLS:  Streetwise-2, Gambling-3,  Blade-2, Carousing-2, Bribery-2
Sarcastic, greedy,  & gregarious, the coldhearted Ontil makes his living by gambling & selling
information.  He has no scruples and is quite willing to sell out a friend for the right price
(especially if he can do it without being found out).  Had an affair with Kori Ghaanit, the prior
Rushui rep.  However, his dislike of Mitsuki  O'Shea stems from the fact he has been cut off from a
profitable source of income.  He is constantly conspiring with Mitsuki's enemies hoping she will be
eliminated & a more tractible agent will replace her.   Ontil is also a close business associate of Keas
5'8" tall.  Amber yellow eyes.  Short reddish-blonde hair.  Slender body, golden brown skin.
SKILLS:  Medical-3, Hypogun-2, Dagger-1, Computer-1, Admin-1, Vacc Suit-2, Carousing-2
Calm, serene, & righteous, Dr. Beriiraan is very tenacious as doctor, never giving up on a patient,  
The bad side, she is  tenacious on giving advice on health issues whether you want to improve your
lifestyle or not.  With Azalon's clientale, that can be dangerous, but Miryem's saintly demeanor
usually disarms most potential threats.  Though not a native of the Guildheim system, she has
resided here since she was rescued from slavers 7 years ago.  She has never wanted to go back to her
home world, feeling Azalon is in great need of her sage advice & healing.  She is very good friends
with Major Kunuir & Mitsuki O'Shea.  
6' 1" tall.  Short, jet black hair.  Dark brown, athletic body.  Blue eyes.
SKILLS:  Admin-2, Mechanical-1,  Electronic-1,  Engineering-1, Robotics-2, SMG-1,  Pistol-1
Computer-2, Broker-2.
The manager & owner of Rhadon's Rigs is a distant cousin of the Rhadons of Beaumonde.  Witty,
cunning, & inventive, he is the third Rhadon to run the business.  He has expanded business by
agressive salemanship match with giving the customer whatever they need.    Goro is also a major
fence buying & selling stolen goods as long as they were stolen in the Guildheim system.  Despite his
family relationships, he has little respect or consideration for the Beaumonde Rhadons, who are
stockholders in Beaumonde Industries.  In spite of his feelings he has been investigated by local &
foreign intelligence & police services who mistrust him.  However,  they have found nothing because
his contempt for the family is genuine.  Goro & his artisans are the people responsible for the
cybernetic arm & eye of Deron Cortez, who keeps in touch with Goro & his family.
6'1" tall.  Long black hair, worn loose.  6 earrings each ear.   Athletic, very busty golden tanned
body.  Red eyes.
SKILLS:  Dagger-2,  Singer-3, Computer-1, Carousing-2 Gambling-1, Pistol-1
Hyperactive, gregarious, cynical, & sarcastic, Siren is the singer/manager of the Meandering Wastrel.
Despite her nature & lack of skills she has efficiently run the casino/lounge for 4 years. Secretly
Siren is an agent for Dark Goddesses & keeps her ears open for information.  Though armed with a
body pistol & 3 hidden daggers, her favorite weapon is a metallic alloy folding fan which when open
has a formidible cutting edge (3D6 damage).
6' tall.  Honey colored fur with chocolate brown head hair & tail tip.  Red eyes.  
SKILLS:   Law-3,  Trader-1, Admin-2, Laison-2, Tolerance-3, Dewclaw-2
The advocate secretary of the Jama-Wang Free Trader Associated combines affability & charm with
hardnosed protection of free trader rights.   A true xenophile, Ayuh is popular with all the free
trader population, both permament & transient.  Her legal team have been so successful in
defending free traders rights in the Guildheim systems that free traders have been free of harassment
for the last 5 years.  This has led to a few enemies in the big shipping lines, especially Parallel
Lines.  There are rumors that one of the big lines has put a Cr. 6 Million bounty on her head.
6'2" tall.  Short light brunette hair & short pointed beard.  Grey eyes.   Athletic, thin bronzed body.
SKILLS: Computer-2,  Battledress-1, Demolitions-1,  Gunnery-1,  Ship's Boat-1, Cutlass-2,
Carousing-1, Interrogation-1,  Assault rifle-1.
Calm, cool, efficient & introspective, Otto is a greedy double-dealer who deserted the Trelyn Domain
Naval Marines(real name: Lt. Guarr Nicii Han).  Hired on as a private in Guildheim's marine forces
6 years ago, he has risen in the ranks.  Though competent in his job, his main occupation is selling
information on ships, cargos, people to the criminal underworld.  He is on the payroll of Capt.
Orozco, feeding information on any military or police activities that might threaten Orozco's rackets.
The Government has a bounty of 200,000 on his head for crimes unmentioned.
5'7" tall.  Tawny fur highlighted with chocolate brown streaks.  Medium brown eyes.   Three
earrings in each ear.  
SKILLS:  Engineering-3,  Electronics-2,  Mechanical-1,  Computer-2,  Dewclaw-1,  Laser-2, Vacc
Suit-1, Admin-2, Leader-2.
Azalon Freeport's chief mechanic, Eatil is stern, singleminded,  fond of machines, & the den mother
to her mixed race group of mechanics.  She also cannot be bribed & will not tolerate any messing
around with ships under her care.   In the 9 years she has been chief mechanic there have been no
ships stolen & only 2 cases of sabotage. Though this endears her to the crews who stop at Azalon, it
has not met with favor with the criminal element.