A group of far traders from Jinx/Five Sisters (Spinward Marches) eastablished a concern
called Traders Beyond on Nangat Parban(Mal'Gnar Radiant)to exploit the trading
opportunities in the Beyond.  In 40 years they established routes though the Mal'Gnar
Radiant, Die Weltbund, and NE Middle Beyond sectors.   Running afoul of the Alekhine
Syndicate (Alekhine, Shequonor, Hel, Macchu Picchu in  Die Weltbund subsector, plus El
Uqsor in the Mal'Gnar Radiant), the traders found themselves shifting to smuggling and
out right piracy to survive.
In 844 Nangt Parban's starport of Naz Reiol was destroyed by Alekhine naval forces,
forcing a relocation to Phyllis' Surrender(NE Middle Beyond).

In 863, however an enterprising captain named Tres Iolilk discovered and established
relations with the non-human Sred'Ni.  Iolilk was able to make TB the sole shipping
contractor with the Sred'N1 Heptad and their colonies.  With this new alliance TB
changed its named to Webrunners, with a corporate logo of a silver starship on a golden
web on a dark blue circle.  Enriched, Webrunners moved their headquarters to Serenity on
Araniopa(Araniopa subsector).  Webrunners also provides transportation(plus training &
support) from the Heptad for the human populations of planets conquered by the Sred*Ni.
This is beneficial to both sides as it gets rid of the Heptad's unwanted Z*Sred*Ni &
provides human colonists for underdeveloped planets plus recruits for Webrunners. These
colonist ships have come under increasing attack by criminal elements with connections to
Tuablin, LTD.

In 903-907, Webrunners gained revenge on the Alekhine Syndicate by a massive smash and
grab campaign against AS shipping. Also rebellions were financed and support with arms,
resulting in the successful revolt of El Uqsor.  In 908, Webrunner dilpomacy brought the
Mal'Gnar into open war with the Alekhine Syndicate.  The Mal'Gnar decimated the AS
fleet at Hel in 909.  With the conquest by the Mal'Gnar of Hel(909) and Shequonor(910),
the Alekhine Syndicate faded away.

In 934, Webrunners received letters of marque from the Zydarian Codominium, an
arrangement profitable to both parties..

In 927, after an undeclared war of three decades, Webrunners signed a treay of alliance
with the other great league of corsairs, Dark Goddesses.  This alliances includes mutual
defense, use of bases, and exchange of data.

Webrunners includes members of all races except the Sred'Ni.  A high percentage of crews,
however come from Die Weltbund(15%), either as refugees, outlaws, or political offenders.
A relatively new  source of recruits comes the human worlds conquered by the Sred*Ni
whose human populations have been evacuated from the Heptad beginning in 1048.

Current subsectors of operations for Webrunners are Zydar, Middle Beyond,I-Glathriel,
I'Sred'Ni, NE Middle Beyond, & Araniopa.  The Trojan Reaches has opened up as an
important operational area, with Webrunners supporting the Gorian pirates & other
regional forces against encroaching Aslan clan forces.

Webrunners maintain a clandestine x-boat route called the Silk Road. running from the
Five Sisters subsector in the Spinward marches, down the trailing Beyond, the rimward
Foreven connecting with Dark Goddesses in the Mapepire cluster. A former branch run by
DG & Webrunners used to run from Delta to Middle Beyond was disrupted by the activities
of Tuablin. .

There is mutual hostility between Webrunners and Beaufort Lines over Beaufort vessels
lost in the Zydar subsector.

Die Weltbund Navy has standing orders to fire upon Webrunners vessels when indentified
since 923.
Webrunners' is very much like a normal trading company.  It's organization is a
syndicate made of stockholding captains, officials, crew & non-Webrunner stockholders.  
The syndicate is run by a board of 24 directors elected during the annual stockholder
meeting on Araniopa.  These directors in turn elect the Chairman, the Comptroller, and
the Chief Director of Operations.

Other than Voringest on Araniopa, Webrunners do not run or own any starports.  They
prefer to place as many Operations Centers as possible throughout thr Beyond's
subsectors.  What bases they do have are leased from planetary or national governments.

Unlike Dark Goddesses, Webrunners make it a policy to invest in stock in various
shipyards throughout the Beyond.  They do share the benefits accrued through these
investments with Dark Goddesses.

Webrunner  personnel when not disguising themselves effect a chocolate brown vest &
beret, both adorned with the Webrunner logo.  Officers' vest will be trimmed in cobalt
blue, while DO's will have a maroon trim their vest. Other than that, Webrunner
personnel pretty wear what they want. Non-humanoid personnel usually wear the
company badge.
Webrunners bases are purely piractical in nature.  Their main defense, deception,
usually with each base pretending to be a naval base of the host government.  
Webrunner personnel (shipboard & ground) will dress as units of the local navy and will
be versed in the local dialect or language.  In the I'Sred'Ni Heptad Webrunners
personnel pose as foreign mercs or military advisors.
Mirmon Luagor (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 104) Sred*Ni base.
Mystere (The Middle Beyond 807) Sred*Ni base.
Dizurgo (Zydar 208) Dizurgo Self-Defense Force base. Webrunners are also the sole
shippers of Dizurgo's rish gems and minerals.
Zydanar (Zydar 609) Zydar Star Navy Research Center.  Much of Webrunners' technical
loot makes it's way to this base.
Clanheim (I-Glathriel 609) Clanheim System Defense Force base located on Clanheim's
second, smaller moon.
Insee (Yggdrasil 0116) Das Tharon, DO.
Kabal (Yggdrasil 0319) Desmona Flynn, DO
Araniopa (Araniopa 405) Webrunners home port and headquarters.  Drin Kobash, DO.
Sentalmonte (Araniopa 803) Sept Corlois, DO.  Webrunners' facility is a station in orbit
around system's gas giant.
Xotl (Araniopa 103) Caz Roos, DO
Moe Junkin (Araniopa 109)
Wyrm (Araniopa 201) Gandar Frazer, DO
Firemoor (Araniopa 202) Franz Weichs, DO
Miramon Luagor (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 104) Yoshi Grace, DO
Fuergis (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 105) Petra Mann, DO
Signature (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 205) Dominic hault Regg, DO
Akarana-Zaman (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 207) Zeff Marlborn, DO
I'Sred*Nispr (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 406) Shurussh Thurn (Toishani), DO
Jiird (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 503) Montar Hun(Murian), DO
Rolk (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 601) Ragnar Santiago, DO
Cibola (I'Sred*Ni Heptad 607) Glenn Cord, DO
I'Sred*Nillol ( I'Sred*Ni Heptad 808) Hrau Grauffish(Vargyr), DO
Zydanayl (Middle Beyond 109) Karl Schroder, DO
Zydterranal (Middle Beyond 209) Massa Nurin, DO
Wahl's Academy (Middle Beyond 605) Jurisyf Schaenk(Toishani), DO
I'Sred*Nihil (Middle Beyond 804) Justin Priz, DO
Six Mile Run (Zydar 309) Kev Fruen, DO
Farhaven (Zydar 401) Hana Lopek, DO.  Webrunners R&R planet.
Battalle (Zydar 410) Ismail Mazdak, DO
Zydhanali (Zydar 510) Marguerit Sanchez Tolka, DO
Zydtompir (Zydar 610) Muski Naj(Toishani), DO
Xeres (Zydar 701) Ben Marhu, DO
Disengage (Zydar 804)
Zydar (Zydar 810) Hans Tobler, DO.  Shipyard.
Zydpellion (I-Glathriel 102) Hawk Naru(Darrian), DO
Hichmakani (I-Glathriel 505) Sondra Tlalloc, DO. R&R Planet.
Big Harpe (I-Glathriel 607) Lurz Xech(Toishani), DO
Shaft (I-Glathriel 709) Liz Montoni, DO
Thule (I-Glathriel 805) Vanya Krihnaya, DO
Corrigan's Revenge (Delta 508) Fadv Ze(Esylat), DO
Xanadu (Delta 509) Mantok Willis, DO.  Major IDES Presence is currently threatening
this center.
Tindalos (Delta 605)
Pleiades II (Delta 808) Dante N'Thaka, DO
Trayfowen (Mapepire 302) Treys Long, DO
Vlad (Mapepire 403).  Mros Thiun(Esylat), DO.  R&R planet.
Niquithah (Mapepire 410) Tanis Rulkh, DO
St. Foy(aka Thieves World)(Liberty Hall 102) Constans Vasylli, DO
Though the organization, history, and npcs for Webrunners were created for my game,
Webrunners, their alliances with Dark Goddesses, the Zydarians, & the Sred Ni come from
Paranoid Press' the Beyond booklet.  It's an excellent supplement, and if you lay your hands on
it it's worth buying. - A Note of caution: the Law Level & Government Types are switched
around the Universal Planetary Profile-A flaw I keep on my site, mostly because I'm too lazy to
change it.  Darkhstarr
1. Majan Treist, current head of Webrunners, is planning a long term movement away from piracy.
2.  A series of brutal piracies in Die Weltbund space blamed on Webrunners are secretly the work of rebels from the
League of Free Worlds.
3.  3 Webrunner ships (Armageddon 4.20, Ghasersater, Fleuder) have disappeared without a trace in the Delta
subsector in the last year.
4. The board of Webrunners has voted to remove ships from the Liberty Hall, Die Weltbund, & Delta subsectors. This
move is slated to be carried out over the next ten years.
5.  As of a result of the above withdrawal plans, several Die Weltbund born corsairs plan to secede from Webrunners.
6.  IDES has a secret mole in the person of a Webrunner pirate captain in the Zydar subsector.
7. Deron Cortez, Webrunner captain is a secret partner in the Riverrim Casino on Trayfowen/Mapepire.
8.  Webrunners is planning a raid against Tuablin shipping after the discovery of Webrunner personnel as slaves on
Phyllis' Surrender.  Tuablin is unaware of this as Webrunners is negotiating for the prisoners' release.
9.  Nicholai II of St. Foy is secretly wooing corsairs from Webrunners, Dark Goddesses, & indepedents to increase his
space navy.
10.  The Imperium has secretly sent a representative with full credentials as an ambassodor to Webrunners on
Araniopa. This will cause tension with the strongly anti-Imperial corsairs of Webrunners.
11.  Die Weltbund has authorized killers to kill known Wenrunners officers. The Eshenili, who turned down Die
Weltbund on this matter, has secretly passed this information on.
12.  Webrunners has signed an agreement to smuggle goods for & to the Yerlyaruiwo Tlaukho Bloc worlds in the
Beyond & Touchstone sectors.
13.  Zhodani agents have infilitrated several of the Webrunner vessels coreward of the Beyond just before the 5th
Frontier War.
14.  The bounty hunter Gaspyre Behd is the unknown assassin responsible for the recent attack on the Webrunner
operation on  Shaft, killing all the personnel & two Webrunner captains.
15.  Berinda Clarrin,cousin of the COO of Webrunners & captain of the lost corsair 'Maulernt', is actually a prisoner
of the IDES on their facility on Rock/I-Glathriel.