A choice bit of data useful for a piracy campaign (or an anti-piracy campaign). Most locations
are in the Beyond sector unless noted otherwise.
DARK GODDESSES' main arena of operations in the Beyond sector are the
also with the allied pirate concern, WEBRUNNERS.  Since Webrunners have
arrangements with the ZYDARIAN CONDOMINIUM (letters of marque) and the
S'RED NI HEPTAD (exclusive shipping rights), Dark Goddesses generally leave
these governments' shipping & planets alone .  Dark Goddesses also have a secret
retreat in the Huin Heirarchy (Huin Subsector/Touchstone Sector) where they are
the dominant shipping line.  Treat all HH planets as pirate bases.

The Imperial IDES known facilities at ROCK (I-GLATHRIEL 304, Prison planet),
302, Research center). It is advised to avoid these systems.

The ASLANI subsector is currently a place for action due to increased Aslan
military pressure. The few indepedent worlds are issuing letters of marque and/or
merc commissions to counter the threat.

The MAPEPIRE Cluster because of its loose, non-allied nature and rich planets are
a natural target.  However, most corsairs consider the cluster neutral because of all
the resorts & industrial worlds willing to openly deal with pirate clientale.  
BEAUMONDE (Mapepire 402) in fact, is the main supplier for 30% of all Beyond
corsairs.  VLAD(Mapepire 403, LILITH(Mapepire 404, & TRAYFOWEN(Mapepire
302 are popular R&R destinations for mercs, pirates & privateers.

LIBERTY HALL subsector is another ripe plum for picking with non-aligned
worlds. Stay away from the Imperial outpost the ARBELLATRA'S TIARA (LH 304)

DELTA subsector contains many non-allied worlds, but their navies tend to be very
good and high tech. However smuggling is very profitable.  Civil wars on Paradise,
Eire have opened those systems to piracy.

The MAL G'NAR RADIANT subsector is off-limits to trading except for
BEAUFORT LINES.  All other ships will fired upon.  The Mal G'Nar vessels are
relatively low tech so a raid or a quick smash and grab against these xenophobic
aliens could bring results.

for trade, but not for raiding.  Their ships are VERY high tech and the navies
well-trained in conflict with the Aslan.

RULL, HAREM, and PIAH subsectors in the FOREVEN sector are fairly wide
open due to the conflicts between the numerous states and the AVALAR
CONSULATE.  Several local pirate groups, however have these operational areas
sewed up.  Outsiders raid only with those groups permission.

MENORIAL subsector (TROJAN REACHES) is still unorganized after the collapse
of its pocket empire 150 years before.  Several pirate planets flourish raiding the
SPINWARD MARCHES, Trojan Reaches and the Beyond.

EGRYN subsector (Trojan Reaches) is the home of the powerful corsair GORIAN
BROTHERHOOD( home base GORIA, Trojan Reaches 1410).  The Gorians in
1102 beat off an Aslan assualt on their system.  Now the Aslan YWERYK command
is bypassing Goria's system and attempt to isolate the pirate stronghold.  Rumors
circulate of merc/pirate massing for a counter-attack under the renegade Imperial
Admiral Malesi hault-Fhormal.

SUBSECTOR 268 (Spinward Marches) is the only good hunting grounds for pirates
from the Beyond. Imperial, Darrian, Sworld World forces make further inroads
unsafe within local help.  The Imperial SUSAG corporation is a good target in this
subsector as it keeps several clandestine research facitlities on several systems.

In the Vanguard Reaches, the TRELYN DOMAIN( TRELYN & COOS subsectors ),
a rich Imperial  client state is good hunting.  Most of the Domain's powerful fleet is
at its borders with the ESYLAT MAGISTRY (rimward) and the ALTEREAN
CONFEDERATION(spinward).  Incursions from coreward and trailing with meet
minimal patrols.  The VARGYR REACH(Kajaani subsector) because of the
Imperial Outposts & Kajaani Triumverate is a dangerous place to raid-however it is
prime recruiting ground for mercs & pirates.

Stay clear of the TELLARIAN CLUSTER (ANDWELLA subsector, Vanguard
Reaches ) as a mysterious high tech pirate called the ELI control the area jealously.

DIE WELTBUND ( DIE WELTBUND subsector plus neighboring subsectors ) is a
powerful empire with a large TL 11-12 navy.  It also has many enemies, internal and
external.  This makes raiding there profitable especially if you can make an inside
connection.  Many of the pirate Webrunners crew are political refugees from this
empire.  Due to the poor nature of many of the raw resource planets smuggling is
profitable (& even encouraged by local authorities in some cases ).

While most of the free traders and shipping companies in the Beyond are fair game.
The one exception is BEAUFORT LINES.  Its officiers and crew are Imperial Navy
reservists and very tough.  Avoid unless the payoff is worth it.  Parallel Lines
personnel have been involved in shady business deals (re-directs, kidnapping, theft,
fraud) in past & a potential source of business for pirates (as long as they are
careful). Free traders are relatively easy to attack, however, they rarely carry cargo
worth stealing except if you're going to take the ship itself and/or recruit the trader's
crew.  Also many corsairs are ex-free traders or kin to free traders & take a dim view
of attackes on them.
INCHUSELA CMS (TRELYN subsector 0508). Class A straport. Controlled by the
Iterra Republic, an independent Esylat planetary state. Defence alliance with the
Esylat Magistry. Also claimed by Trelyn Domain, an Imperial client state.  The
Iterrans offer an open door policy to cosairs who will sign letters of marque with the
Republic. Gas Giant in system.  Site of four major wars between Esylat Magistry and
the Trelyn Domain, last one ending in 1122.  

AUBUSSON (OLD COLONIES subsector 0509). Class A starport. Major pirate
base controlled  by the heredity Duke of Aubusson Reijos II.  Gas giant in system.

GOUJON  (KAJAANI subsector 0104). Class D Starport & Scout Base.  Vargyr &
human corsairs raiding into the Beyond have bases here.  Goujon is also the major
recruitment center for mercs & pirates in the Vargyr Reach.

IASI (KAJAANI subsector 0408.  Class B starport & Naval Base.  Major unaligned
trade port in the Vargyr Reach.  'Black Dog' McKimmon is known to refit his vessels
here.  Has alliance with the Eslyat Magistry for defence & trade.  
REFUGE (SPINWARD DRIFT 0509) Class A starport. Sanctuary world run by the
Guardians of Knowledge.  Also famed as the greatest archive in the Beyond.  The
Guardians maintain their own naval base and fleet based in orbit around the
system's Gas Giant.

VIRGIN'S DELIGHT (Mapepire 0605). Class B starport . Matriarchial Repub;ic
ruled by Queen Hestia IV.  Dark Goddesses recently received exclusive rights after
breaking Die Weltbund's naval blockade around planet.

VLAD. (Mapepire 0404). Class D starport. Know for unusal and bizarre
entertainments, Vlad is one of the most popular resort planets despite its
underdeveloped starport.  Duchess-Regent Maklai Orvill current ruler.

BEAUMONDE ( Mapepire 0402). Class C starport, though the 7 major corporations
maintain their own private class A ports. Known for its armaments industries and
willingness to sell to anyone.

MESAWMI (METCHI' ALAGWA subsector 0604). Class C starport. Sanctuary world
run by the psionic Sisters of Light.  Law level 9 includes starport ( excluding, of
course, ship-mounted weapons.).

TANASI (NE Middle Beyond 0507). Class C starport.  Sanctuary world run by the
Tanasi Confederation.

DISMAL (Darkling Regions 0109).  Class B starport operated by Dark Goddesses
strictly as a commercial operation. Planet controlled by the Republic of Dismalia.

AMNESTY (I-Glathriel 0606). Class C starport operated by Dark Goddesses as a
commercial operation.  Former penal colony turned republic after revolt 2 centuries

LOST ENIGMA (I'SRED NI HEPTAD subsector 0806). Class C starport operated by

ARANIOPA (ARANIOPA subsector 0405). Class A starport controlled by
Webrunners. Webrunners headquarters. Gas giant in system.

NEW GROTON (Storm 0605). Class A starport. Merchant Service Headquarters and
Gas Giant in system.  Academy supplies many of the free traders and corporate
shippers many of their officiers.
CHIAC COCIES (KAJAANI subsector 0203). Class C starport run by the Khai
Consulate. Gas Giant in system.  Dry planet. Mostly important as a non-aligned
relay point.

GRAYAZOETS(KAJAANI subsector 0202).  Class A starport.  An Imperial Outpost
& Sanctuary World.

COZUMEL(TRELYN subsector 0802). Class B starport run the Republic of
Cozumel.  Sanctuary world & free trade port.

ELASZIG(COOS subsector 0505). Class B starport.  Imperial Outpost & Naval base.
Free trade port & sanctuary world.
Here is a short list of rumors I recently updated for circulation with players when

1. Bette Noire is plotting revenge against her trader ex-lover Gabriel Chang Roth (F)
2. There is a MCr1 reward posted on Bette Noire by the Trelyn Domain (T)
3.Die Weltbund is planning an assualt on Virgin's Delight (F)
4. Parallel Lines has gained a contract to ship war-surplus material from the Imperium
5. Bette Noire assassinated the Duke of Vlad. (F)
6. A very rich and famous courtesan has the Deron the Hook's lover (F)
7. Virgin's Delight is granting exclusive shipping rights to Dark Goddesses (T)
8. The Gorian Navy is planning a massive counter-offensive against Aslan
encroachment (T)
9. Webrunners and Dark Goddesses are involved in an escalating war against each
other's ships (F)
10. The Aslan Hierate is planning a massive sector wide assault in the Trojan Reaches
11. Planets in the Mapepire Cluster are planning to pettition for inclusive in the 3rd
Imperium (F)
12. The planet Beaumonde actively courts corsairs as customers (T)
13. Dark Goddesses has place a MCr1 bounty on 'Black Dog' McKimmon (T)
14. The Comsentient Alliance has placed a MCr1 bounty on 'Black Dog" McKimmon
15. Bette Noire started her career as a exotic entertainer on Vlad (F)
16. A Droyne research team is headed for the Beyond (T)
17. The famous sphereworld of Varen's Planet is partly an ancient construct (T)
18. The Trelyn Domain's famous Domintrix grav tank gains its artificial intelligence in
realty due to a strain of virus. (T)
19.  Colonade extremists are planning to blow up the Varen's Planet sphereworld. (T)
20. 'Black Dog' McKimmon has been killed on Jinx in the Spinward Marches (F)
21. Recent Darrian immigrants are planning a coup d'etat on the lost  colony world of
Rengil  (F)
22. Northstar Ringworld is planning a surprise happening.  (T)
23. The Sred*Ni are canceling Webrunners' contract (F)
24. The  Sred*Ni are the power behind Dark Goddesses (F)
25. The famous holy world of the Dark Goddesses holds an ancient artifact (T)
26. Somewhere in the Darkling Reaches is a derelict fleet of old and new starships (T)
27. Bette Noire has a secret child secreted on the planet Lilith (F)
28. Death duels are the new fad on Vlad (T)
29. All captains of Dark Goddesses are priestesses of some ancient cult (F)
30. The Imperium is planning a massive anti-piracy raid in the Trojan Reaches (F)
31. The Imperium is planning measures to stop Aslan aggression in  the Trojan
Reaches (T)
32. Die Weltbund is planning to recapture lost worlds in the Piah subsector (F)
33. The Imperium has a special agent of IBIS operating in the Beyond (T)
34. The Colonade naval forces held war manuvers recently on their rimward borders (T)
35. Beaufort Lines is planning an expansion of their fleet (T)
36. Shortcut in the Piah subsector is building a starship yard (T)
37. An auction of obsolent Imperial vessels is being held  on a neutral port in subsector
268 (T)
38. An Azhanti High Lightning was observed in the Fairhaven system (T)
39. Mercs are being hired for a war in the Trojan Reaches (T)
40. 6 Lucifer class DE's are being sold to the Trelyn Domain Navy (T)
41. The Trelyn Domain has received a Tigress-class dreadnaught (F)
42. The lost 20,000 ton liner Nesruy has spotted in the Darkling Regions (F)
43. The IISS is sending scoutships to the Darlking Regions (T)
44. The naval yards of Ghaurteis has built a prototype TL14 battlerider (T)
45.  A zuchai crystal strike has happened in subsector Delta (F)
46.  Warfare between LOFWIA and several allied corsairs has escalated in the Liberty
Hall subsector(T).
47. The lost corsair shroudship "Prince of Assassins" has been found in the Delta
subsector (T)
48.  Several aligned & independent corsairs secretly send youths to study at the
Merchant Academy on Guildheim (T).
49. The theocratic government on Paradise/Delta has been overthrown in a coup (F).
50. Corsair captain Bette Noire is a mikuukim (T).
51.  The new Beaufort Lines 20,000 tonne liner Princess Yaromondei is armed with a
spinal mount meson gun. (T)
52.  The Imperium is planning to annex the Northstar Republic (F).
53.  A Fifth Frontier War Veterans Reunion is being planned on Guildheim/Liberty
Hall. (T)
54.  A squadron of war  Zhodani naval vessels have been sighted in Die Weltbund
territory. (F)
55.  The Imperium is sponsoring secret talks to revive the Liberty Hall Confederation  
on Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall.  Included are many of the League of Free Worlds planets.
56  The Trelyn Domain which already owns 2 ex-Imperial Azhanti High Lightnings &
has built 8 more under license is planning to sell some on the open  market. (T)
57.  There is a derelict major Imperial warship somewhere in the coreward Liberty Hall
1. Zhodhani SORAG agents has infiltrated the Trelyn Domain government and
2. The Die Weltbund central government is a secret supporter of the pirate "Black
Dog" McKimmon, giving him support and sanctuary as long as he harasses the
Mapepire Cluster, Webrunners, and Dark Goddesses.
3. The Varen's Planet sphereworl in the Trelyn Domain is a partly constructed artifact
of the ancients.  In the old sections is an undiscovered databank, still undiscovered by
the Trelyn Domain scientists.
4. A Darrian transport has been lost enroute to Rengil, crashing on Vrel d'Vargyr(The
Mal'Gnar Radiant) due to a misjump.  The cargo is children intended to join their
parents on Rengil.
5. The Darrian Confederation is quietly resettling lost colonies in the Piah, Harem, &
Rull subsectors.  5 of the ships setting off for these planets have never arrived.
6. The Duke of St. Foy, the High Council of Virgin's Delight, Webrunners, and Dark
Goddesses are currently lending aid to planets rebelling from the Die Weltbund
7. The pirate/mercenary fleet of Admiral hault-Malesi, the Keivorl aslan mercenary
regiment, and several independent corsairs are combining at Sam's World in the Trojan
Marches to start an offensive against Aslan clan forces attacking the Gorian system.  
They have tacit support from the Florian League and Northstar Ringworld.
8. The IDES has made a agreement with the Assassins Guild to eliminate important
pirate leaders.
IBIS agents in the Beyond have been ordered to stop the Guild.
9. In the Darkling Reaches exists in the midst of an asteroid field exists the gateway to
an Ancient pocket universe.  Drifting inside the asteroid belt is a massive fleet of
derelict starships, trapped inside by asteroid damage or the gateway's jump drive
dampening affect.
10. Northstar Ringworld is a secret sanctuary planet. This violates treaties made with
Die Weltbund, The Imperium, and other member nations of the Con-Sentient Alliance.
11. Duke Norris of Regina is secretly hiring mercs to fight in the Gorian conflict
against Aslan forces.
12. The Zydarian Condominium is secretly sending an agent to purchase surplus
Zhodani equipment captured in the 5th Frontier War
13.  A Secret meeting is being held on Guildheim/Liberty Hall involving agents of the
Imperium & several corsairs (including the pro-Imperial party of Dark Goddesses ).  
The purposes is to recruit corsairs to battle the LOFWIA terrorists on one hand, while
encouraging piracy in Die Weltbund controlled regions to open free trade.  The cover is
a Fifth Frontier War Veterans Reunion.
14.  Captain Bette Noire is searching descendants of the scouts that originally found
the planet she named Tortuga.  He purpose is interest them in developing the planet as
a secret haven.
15.  On the planet Tortuga is a malfunctioning gravity shield, the remains of an
Ancient device to create a pocket universe out of the Tortuga system.  This shield is
responsible over the milennia for crashing ships or tossing far out away from the planet
when in operation.  If somehow fixed, it could shield the planet from detection by
sensor or visual devices.
16.  Zuchai crystal have been secretly mined in small quantities on George Heap/Zydar  
since 1115.
However the current director have been diverting some crystals to sell to clandestine
underworld sources.
17.  The Iduan Cell of LOFWIA is plotting to seize the Princess Yarmondei after its
positioning voyage from Beaumonde to Guildheim (& before it is fully crewed).  They
plan to use it as a mobile base/assault transport.  The Princess's spinal meson gun
would outgun most naval vessels in the region  the LOFWIA operates.  Alex Coury of
Rusdui is their laison in the operation.
18.  Rani St. James, one of the leaders of the anti-Imperial faction in Dark Goddesses is
an Imperial agent as part of Operation Darkling Orb.
19. The Imperium has set operation Starhammer .  It's purpose is to secretly organize
diplomatic meetings between the major power groups & pirate bands in the Mapepire,
Die Weltbund, Liberty Hall, Harem, Metchi Alagwa subsectors.  Its purpose is
manyfold. The most important is to shutdown the criminal operations of Tuablin, Ltd.
Secondly to eliminate the LOFWIA now that it is attacking targets of Imperial interests.
Thirdly to broker nonaggression pacts between Die Weltbund & its neighboring states
20.  The derelict Imperial warship in the Liberty Hall subsector is an Azhanti High
Lightning.  It is being used by the Makiikama Surem crime cartel as a mobile
headquarters.   They have restored the jump drive, have the manuver drive up to 1G, &
have activated 28% of its defensive armament.  They have not repaired the spinal mount
lacking a major shipyard to repair it.
21.  Phoenix Couriers, though privately owned by Manax Darkhstarr & the scouts who
run it is secretly financed by the Imperial Diplomatic Corps & IBIS.  For consideration,
the line runs clandestine missions (such as the smuggling  of Rei St. Foy of St. Foy) for
the Diplomatic Corps & IBIS.
A almanac of places, rumors, secrets, and misc. data in my
subsector campaign useful for traders, raiders, naval personnel
and gamemasters.
Instellar trade can resemble piracy when not regulated.  Here are a few groups attempt to control commerce inside &
outside the Imperium with differing effects of success.   These organizations only concern themselves with trade carried
on by jump drive vessels.  Non-jump shipping is ususally handled by system, planetary or national governments.


IMPERIAL  MINISTRY OF TRADE: The governing body of interstellar commerce in the Imperium, its board is made
of the nobility of the Imperium.  Answerable only to the Moot & the Emperor, it lays down the laws of interstellar trade
& oversees commercial policy of the Imperium.  The IMOT usually lays off the more powerful mega-coporations whose
plutocrats are usually appointed as Minister of Trade.  Though maligned as the overseers of economic imperialism, the
ministry does on occasion put pressure on mega-corporations where Imperial policy or great loss of life is concerned.

IMPERIAL TRADE COMMISSION:  This bureaucratic body regulates interstellar trade rules set down by the Ministry
of Trade (or in some instances, the Emperor).  The ITC also covenes courts on inquiry  on starship disasters.  It also
reviews recommendations for new rules on trade or starship safety passed on by the Imp. Commerce Investigation Services

The ITC's headquarters are on Core under a Moot appointed Lord High Commissioner.  The headquarters staff acts
mainly as a clearinghouse of data for regional ITC units.  Though it rarely involves itself in courts of inquiries (usually
involving poltically sensitive situations), the HQ unit is the final authority for such courts.

The real work of the ITC is carried on by the sector units under a Lord Commissioner , and subordinate system divisions
under a Commissioner.  These units oversee implementation of regulations and holding courts of inquiries on
everything from regulation violation, shipping fraud, theft, piracy, illegal impressment of ships' crews, slavery, and
anything else involved in instellar commerce involving Imperial or non-Imperial registered starships..

IMPERIAL COMMERCE INVESTIGATION SERVICES:  The investigative arm of the ITC, it has 2 divisions.  The
Commerce Division investigates criminal (or suspected criminal) activities involving interstellar trade.  The Transport
Division investigates the ship related matters (accidents, ship losses, safety violations).  The ICIS has no central
organizations, as its sector Coordinators report directly to the sector Lord Commissioners of the ITC.   On routine
investigation, a single ICIS agent (usually a specialist ) will be assigned to a case.  On more serious matters, a squad
under a Sgt. or Lt. will be assigned to the case.   One matters of Imperial importance, the Coordinator will sent a Capt. or
a Col. with 3-6 squads with Imperial writ to co-opt any local (ususally policeor system navy) help.  When working
outside the Imperium, the ICIS usually works with IDES (or occassionally IBIS).  Often ICIS will be assisted by
investigators from insurance firms such as Refyts/Lloyd of Sylea.


COMSENTIENT ALLIANCE COMMITTEE OF TRADE (CACOT):.  Much like the Imperial Ministry of Trade, but
with lesser powers due to the loose nature of the Alliance worlds.  There is a Trade Commissioner with 12 subordinate
commissioners to oversee policy.  There is no equivalent to the ICIS as boards of inquiries are left to the governments
controlling the are where an incident occurs.  This makes enforcement of trade laws haphazard.

NORTHSTAR OFFICE OF TRADE:  Operating out of the massive Northstar Ringworld, this organization is modeled
after the ITC, except is commander is called the Director. Since its basic directive is encourage development of the
ringworld, its enforcement of laws other than theft & piracy is minimal.  Many starship lines operating in and out of
Imperial space use the Northstar Republic as a flag of convenience nation because this laxity. The NOOT rarely
cooperates with IDES or other enforcement agencies.

STERNHANSA:  Sternhansa, Die Weltbund's national shipping lines is also the oversight body for interstellar trade
within the DW's territories.

ZYDZHARAHG:  The Zydarian Commerce Commission.  Chaired by a commissioner, it oversees & enforces trade &
shipping within the codominium.  It also grants letters of marque (Ysfer Fyk) and regulates privateering.  Very efficient
& honest organization.

MAPEPIRE TRADE GROUP:  Based on Mapepire Balsyn, it's board of directors oversees shipping within the
Mapepire Cluster worlds.  Once notorius & lax, loss of life & piracy has improved its regulations, efficiency, &
enforcement of regulations.  A department of MTG, Kuilop Cluster Security maintains a fleet of rent-a-SDB's & their
tenders that supply most of the cluster worlds their anti-piracy force.  The group maintains the most important commodity
exchange in the Beyond.
REFYTS/LLOYDS OF SYLEA:  Ancient firm dating back to the Rule of Man.  Major shipping insurer of the
Imperium.  Also insures Imperium-owned vessels  trading outside the Imperium.

LOUIOV CEV.  Based on Regina/Regina.  The major Spinward March insurer.

NORTHSTAR ASSURANCE LTD:  Based on Northstar/Darkling Regions, a major insurer of the middle & trailing

HUIN CERTIFERS INC:.   The homegrown insurer of Dark Goddesses' starships.  Home base on

ASDERIU LYTI: The national insurance firm for Esylat registered vessels.  No home office.

GASDAERT, LTD:  Based on Vlad/Mapepire.  High-risk insurers, very expensive.

INTERCOURSE INSURERS, INC.:  Based on Intercourse/Delta.  One of the oldest Beyond insurance firm.  Rocked
by severl scandals involving collusion with pirates between 1076 & 1090.

SADFERYOI:  Non-Hierate Aslan insurer, based on Araniopa/Araniopa.

GASHJUI, LTD.:  Insurance firm based on Revelation/NE Middle Beyond.  6 employees of this firm have been arrested
by IDES & Comsentient Alliance authorities for collusion with pirates.

MASTABHA:  Insurance firm based on Trelyn Vera/Trelyn(Vanguard Reaches).  Major insurer of shipping registered
in the Trelyn Domain (Vanguard Reaches) & The Mapepire Cluster (Beyond/Foreven).

PFRELAN INSURERS, INC:  Based on Araniopa/Araniopa.  Webrunners secretly own 51% of stock in this company.

HAJI-OPIUL, INC.:  Based on La Belle/Middle Beyond.  High risk insurer.  The only insurer besides Gasdaert willing
to insure vessel trading in the Zydar, I-Glathriel, & Storm subsectors.

FORLORN INSURERS GROUP:  A cooperative effort of various free traders created to insure other free traders, startted
in 1011.  Based on Intercourse/Delta.
DERELICTS are have been defined by instellar agreements as vessels found in an abandoned condition in space. Any
person finding said derelicts may claim it as salvage.  An exception to this rule are military vessels which can only be
claimed as salvage 5 years after their abandonment-however within those five years the civilian finder may claim a
finders fee of no more than 10% of actual value of the derelict.  Satellites & automated vessels may be claimed as
derelict if found powerless & are more than 50 km from their assigned position.  However, claims may take anywhere
from days to months to process as many governments will investigate the wreck & the finders (pirates have been known
to claim their victims as salvage).

DIE WELTBUND:  Die Weltbund does not recognize these interstellar concession as they consider all derelict within
their space property of Stern-Hansa, the national shipping firm & award no finders or salvage fee.

THE IMPERIAL NAVY  has a tradition of not allowing even derelict vessels to fall into enemy or private hands.  
Where the navy can sends ships to seize or destroy, they will.  Where they cannot, there offer bounties for the
repatriation or destruction of ships.  These bounties usually run between 10% to 18 % over salvage value.
ONDE(Zydar subsector 0204)  Class E Starport (officially), Class C (secrfetly).  
Dark Goddesses pirate base.

NERVENHEILANSTALT(Liberty Hall 0707).  Class E starport. Major smuggling
emporium under protection of the Beck family.

JELDEMNAR(Liberty Hall 0403)   Disputed system.  Homeport of the Stormriders,
a pirate band descended from original settlers & LOFWIA members.

FORTUITOUS(Zydar subsector 0604)  Class D starport run by Dark Goddesses.  
Planet controlled by the Republic of Vann.  Gas Giant in System.

ST. FOY(Liberty Hall subsector 0102)  Also known by its older name Thieves
World.  Starport of Port Niccolai at town of St. Foy, controlled by the semi-piratical
St. Foy family.  Port & Capital located in a box canyon disguised by harmless
radiation emissions  & EMM.  First 'Duke' Niccolai I managed to keep the planet a
Red Zone classification.  There is an class E decoy starport at Black Rock that used
to get attacked regularly by naval forces hunting pirates.
Main asteroid belt conceals main Ducal naval forces as well as corsair hideouts.

GUILDHEIM(Liberty Hall 0804)  Second only to St. Foy as a den of piracy.  Dark
Goddesses Op Center on the lunar starport run by Falkon Khrest, an associate of
Bette Noire.   Outer world of Mirkheim a corsair Razate under Aes Ryoko Aani.   
Several  pirate bases in the Sallee Drift including two baronies:  Dungeste ruled by
Baron Deron Cortez of Webrunners  &  Kollikek ruled by Baron Marcus Alexis
Geron, independent corsair.

HARDASS(Liberty Hall subsector 0308)  Pirate base on moonlet of Lornu  
controlled by Dark Goddesses captain Rani St. James.  Class C starport

QAT(Delta subsector 0207)  Abandoned Imperial scout base.  Classs C starport.  
Run by Qulession, a former lieutenant of loner pirate Captain Douglas 'Black Dog'
McKimmon. Rumor has it that Qat is still McKimmon's base.  Gas Giant in system.

CORRIGAN'S REVENGE(Delta subsector 0508).  Class A starport.  Founded by
Rhys Alain Corrigan (356-424), the former pirate king.  Though  a major
transportation hub, the port is still a major emporium & helltown for pirates &

SHEKERLEB(Metchi'Alagwa subsector 0405).  Class A Starport secretly controlled
by Tuablin, LTD. under its subsidiary, Hujkoon, Inc.  Major emporium for illegal
goods & slaves.  LOFWIA has a major base on one of the outer worlds,  Akankibar.

PHYLLIS'S  SURRENDER(NE Middle Beyond subsector 0407)  Class E Starport
(officially), Class C (secretly),  for slavers, corsairs, and other pre-approved rogues.  
Run  by the Chlorialis Combine (aka Tuablin), the largest slave & genetics research
corporation in the Beyond.  The combine has had some difficulties the last two
decades linked to Dark Goddesses, IBIS,  Lilithian  Secret Service(LSS), & the
independent corsair Aes Ryoko Aani.  DG ships are not yet formally banned from
the system, but they wise to avoid it.  LOFWIA secretly has a base here in exchange
for running missions for Chlorialis/Tuablin

BETA CENTRE(Die Weltbund 0605) An Imperial base for mining Lanthanum.
Due to withdrawal of all but a few Imperial scoutships, the system has issued Letters
of Marque & Reprisal.  Since 1113 it has become a major privateer base, deterring
Die Weltbund aggression..

511 Delta XI(Die Weltbund 0703).  Mined out world abandoned by Von Manwaring
clan of Die Weltbund.  The left behind miners turned to piracy maintain a base
there.  Used as a stopover for smugglers & pirates based outside DW space.

SCHLOSS ADLER(Liberty Hall 0702).  Scout base is used by licensed privateers,
many of whom are actually Grand Navy warships.  Capt. McKimmon also uses it as
a base.

ALEKHINE( Die Weltbund (0803).  Class B starport.  Alekhine Merchant Academy.
Major relay point between Imperial space & the Beyond.  Issues Letters of Marque.  
Current capital of LOFW.  Several LOFWIA & Tuablin, LTD. bases in system.

FARHAVEN(Zydar 0401) Class B starport managed by dark Goddesses.  DG's
Current DO is Kurrien tel Cen.  Sanctuary world.  Gas giant in system.

WAHL'S ACADEMY(Middle Beyond subsector 0605)  Class A starport managed by
the hault-Wahl family of Imperial descent.  Current head of family is Lady Admiral
Shierra Jinn hault-Wahl.  WAHL MILITARY ACADEMY is famous throughout the
Beyond, Vanguard Reaches, Trojan Reaches & even the Imperium.  Any sort of
military training at any tech level can had here.

HICHMAKANI(I-Glathriel subsector 0505)  Class A starport & home port of Dark
Goddesses.  Tiara Bloodstar, an ex-Sworld Worlder, is DO here.   Liberty world
famed for its entertainments & companion robots.

HARD PLACE(I-Glathriel 0310)  Class B starport run by Dark Goddesses.  Manara
hault-Huin, DO.  Gas Giant in system.

BLOODGARD(I-Glathriel 0703)  Class A starport.  Dark Goddesses bases on
worldlet  of Bloodgeld.  Lady Aphazriel Marquaz K'Tang, DO

SHRINE(I-Glathriel 0502)  Dark Goddesses controlled sanctuary world.  Class E
starport on planet.  Sateliite Class C starport orbits planet.  Ancients ruins.  
Famous Psychiatric Hospital Of Serenity.

THE FOUR HORSEMEN(Storm subsector 0109)  Class A starport run by the
Agrais Mining Company.  Four planetoids make up this base.  Death (starport), War
(R&R station), Pestilence (Agrais headquarters), Famine (abandoned (?) mines.  
One gas giant in system heavily mined & patrolled.  Seven non-aligned corsairs
operate out of this system.
"Jumping out to Hichmakani, me mates, jumping out to Hichmakani,
We're homeport bound from the killing grounds,
Jumping out to Hichimakani"
Corsair Ballad, author unknown.
Entrepos are derived from an old Solomani term for a trade depot.  In the Third Imperium , the term
has come to mean centers of illicit business handling the buying & selling of stolen goods; or of
handling services for those unwilling or unable to deal with legitimate traders.  These are usually
run by quasi-legal, illegal entities such  and can be legit businesses, criminal gangs, corrupt
officials, or even a national or planetary government.  
Rushui Expeditors is an Imperium Consortium whose entrepos  are found from Deneb to
Vanguard Reaches.  Rushui handles fencing loot, arranging purchases of arms equipments, &
even ships.  They also handle legal services involving pirates, privateers, traders & mercenaries.
They have an informations clearinghouse handling all kinds of information involving interstellar
trade.  They operate their own stock market & have their own x-boat system. Whether it is a one
man operation or a large depot with its own starport, there are Rushui agents everywhere.
Their major entrepos are on Regina & Bowman in the Spinward Marches; Mapepire Balsyn,
Liberty Hall, Trayfowen, Lilith,   Beaumonde, Alekhine, Intercourse, Wasichu, Mesawmi, Tanasi,
Northstar, George Heap, Xeres, Wahl's Academy, Refuge, & Cahokia in the Beyond sector,
Miryem in the Harem sector , Trelyn Vrra, Hythe's Landing, Babyteeth, Goujon in the Vanguard
SHALIMAR(MAPEPIRE 0105)  2, one run by the Uhuisont Corporation & the second by the
Veioirqol Syndicate(Aslan)
TRAYFOWEN(MAPEPIRE 0104) Run by the Masoi Syndicate.
BEAUMONDE(MAPEPIRE 0302)  Each of the various armaments firms run their own entrepos.
FRIEDLAND(MAPEPIRE  0604)  Their 3 entrepos, 2 run by government agencies fund the
LOFW.  The third is an operation run by the LOFWIA which is official proscribed by the
CAVE CANEM(MAPEPIRE 0808)  The Hunters Cooperative run a entrepos at the starport.
Many of the scattered hunting lodges also run entrepos.
MARKETPLACE(MAPEPIRE 0810)  The Planetary Chamber of Commerce runs a bazaar every
three months where local & offworld merchants, traders, mercs, & pirates buy & sell.
VLAD(MAPEPIRE 0403)  The entrepos is run the the government.
ST FOY(LIBERTY HALL 0102)  The government runs the entrepos.
GUILDHEIM(LIBERTY HALL  0804)  The government runs  an entrepos at the highport.
HARDASS(LIBERTY HALL 0407)  The Hardass Mining Cooperative runs the entrepos there.
511 DELTA XI(DIE WELTBUND 0703)  The Schwartzquild Syndicate runs the entrepos there.
ALEKHINE(DIE WELTBUND 0803)  The Lloyd Group, LLC runs the entrepos there.
DAMN IT ALL(MAL'GNAR (0103)  Run by the Erondhi Syndicate under Mal'Gnar protection.
Z'CHMEL(DELTA 0203)  Local entrepos running under the protection of the Esylat Scout
PLEIADES II(DELTA 0808)  Run by the Yushi Corporation, a quasi-legal trading company.
ASHIKI(METCHI 'ALAGWA 0105)  Run by JFD Traders LTD( a front for the LOFWIA).
LE HAVRE(METCHI ALAGWA 0610)  Run by Kostigan Expeditors(a front for Tuablin)
SHEKERLEB(METCH'ALAGWA 0405)  Run by Monet & Vertys (a front for Tuablin)
SILBE(NE MIDDLE BEYOND 0206)  Run by Tuablin LTD
PHYLLIS'  SURRENDER(NE MIDDLE BEYOND 0407)  Run by the government.
NORTHSTAR(DARKLING REGIONS 0409) Practically every trade entity runs its own
entrepos, the most important being Macer, Sorilyr, & Theygaretwyk LLC(a Poicxh concern).
FARHAVEN(ZYDAR 0401)  Entrepos run by the Poros brothers syndicate.
ABCHANDLER(ZYDAR 0805)  Run by the Gjoser Syndicate (a front for the Zydar)
BADEN EM ZEE(MIDDLE BEYOND 0106)  Run by Stern-Hansa
WAHL'S ACADEMY(MIDDLE BEYOND 0605)  Run by the commercial arm of Wahl LLC.
(Lisch-Oto-Rangar-Andrews-Nersch) Corporation with conjunction with Webrunners.
NOVAK'S DRIFT(SPINWARD DRIFT 0305)  Run by the Berateron Patnership & partly
financed by Dark Goddesses.  
HICHMAKANI(I-GLATHRIEL 0505)  Entrepos run by Dark Goddesses.
LITTLE HARPE(I-GLATHRIEL 0607)  Run by the Yhsurrhui Corporation (Toishani)
SHRINE(I-GLATHRIEL 0502)  Run by Dark Godesses
STORMPRESSED(STORM 0306)  Run by the Korad-Nix Syndicate.
BOEING( ASLANI 0707) Run by Jushouel, a division of Sorilyr.
JAMMU(COOS 0407)  Run by the local government
JOANDROSE(TRELYN 0103)  Run by the Lonergan Group.
BABYTEETH(ESLYAT  0408)  Run by the Kether-Hallei Syndicate
JOKMOKK(KAJAANI 0701)  Run by the Haughohgur Gang
IQUIQUE(KAJAANI 0610)  Run the local government.
IULIA ALBA(JARNAC 0504) Run by the Fronthur Group (secretly funded by Dark Goddesses
MODOX(JARNAC 0708).  Run by the local government.
Practically all the Huin Hierarchy & Aslan held worlds  have entrepos run either by corporation,
noble or clan factors.
The value of goods
Commodity exchanges control (?) the prices of various commodities in Interstellar
Commerce & give some sort of stability of prices in a given region of space.  However some
commodities are rarer or more common in some systems creating sharp variations in price.  
Also some items may be priceless in interstellar trade may be relatively worthless on some
worlds, especially low-tech ones.  Example:  Lanthanum valued for jump drives, may be a  
ceramic additive on low tech were the price could be a low as 5% of the normal interstellar
value.  Also stolen commodities rarely bring their full market value (20%-40% of their true
market value), an important consideration for pirates to remember.  Still pirates do have a
low overhead, so bargain prices are still profitable.

In the Beyond sector there are three major commodity boards governing prices:
MAPEPIRE TRADE( The Mapepire Cluster & most of the Beyond except Die Weltbund &
Aslan controlled space), The KII TRELYN COMMODITY EXCHANGE(Trelyn Domain,
much of the coreward Vanguard Reaches, rimward Far Frontiers, & parts of the rimward
Foreven sector not part of the Mapepire Cluster),  NORTHSTAR EXCHANGE( Darkling
Regions & Mal G'Nar subsectors of the Beyond, spinward & rimward systems of the
Spinward Marches not under Imperial control, spinward Trojan Reaches).
A subsidiary of the Bank of the Imperium, the Imperial Express Bank(IEB) is a financial
institution operating inside & outside the border regions of the Imperium.  The bank was
created under the Emperor George in 613 to reform & control Imperial  financial predation,
thus undercutting the Outworld Alliance's anti-Imperial rhetoric.  Lapsing under George's
successors, the Empress Arbellatra re-organized & funded it under a mandate from the Bank
of the Imperium in 634.
The Bank of the Imperium (BOI) provides the financial back for the IEB.  
In addition to the normal banking practices, the Imperial Express Bank (IEB) makes loans
to ordinary citizens & noncitizens, small businesses, free traders, belters, & the like normally
beneath the scope of larger banking institutions.  It also finances small scale exploration &
colonization efforts.  Loans are quite reasonable running in the 6-10% range.  Depending on
the location of the creditor from the nearest IEB location, payments are arranged anywhere
from monthly to yearly; payable at the institution itself or via X-Boat transfers.
The bank also borrow credit & sell back to back as middlemen with larger banking
institutions on local planets.
The bank also provides legal advice & services to customers, either from staff lawyers & local
law services hired by the IEB.

Savings accounts at the IEB are at 4% annually for straight savings accounts or variable if
the account holder invests in Imperial bonds (anywhere from 6-8%)  The IEB does not invest
account holders in stock or commodity transactions.

Though limited to the border regions, under legislation signed by Paula II in 795, the IEB
was allowed to operate in distant subsectors.  As a result, many entities would emerge with
IEB financial help, the Mapepire Cluster, Northstar Ringworld, & Webrunners(when they
were called Traders Beyond) in the Beyond;  The Trelyn Domain & The Vargyr Reach in the
Vanguard Reaches have benefited from initial or ongoing IEB financing & legal support.  

The backbone of IEB business is the Imperial Express Card, a line of credit ranging from
Cr. 5000 to 50,000.   Larger lines of credit are referred to a normal bank loan from the IEB
or the BOI or a local traditional bank.  Interest rates on IEC run from 8-12% annually.

The IEB is present in almost all systems where the Imperium, Imperial colonists, or
pro-Imperium government exist.  

The League of Sophonts (LOS) is a secret partner in the IEB, and influences much of its
nonimperial business.  This is a mixed blessing since scandals involving the LOS has been
used by more conservative members of the BOI & the Moot to reform or alter IEB practices.
Also the LOS' involvement has led many branches in the Trelyn Domain to be closed or
seized by the Domain's judiciary for criminal or subversive activities.  Though causing
diplomatic flaps, the Domain's actions has made the IEB popular with many nonhuman &
anti-Imperial groups.

The bank is not without its other detractors.  The Comsentient Alliance has denounced it as
a tool of Imperial commercial & cultural corruption.  Die Weltbund has complained bitterly
that the IEB supports and banks pirates & terrorist preying on its sovereign territory. Some
rumors of criminal activities (such as money laundering) has had some basis in fact.  The
banks on Trayfowen/Mapepire (1101)  & Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall (1098) have been briefly
closed due to high profile cases of misconduct.

Below are two examples of the Imperial Express Card I made with ACDSEE & Paint
The top one is Bette Noire's, the bottom belongs to Baron Manax Darkhstarr.
If you're a employee of a major transport outfit, cargo's no problem. For those there are
starports.  There are several options to make a deal.
ADMINISTRATION CENTERS at starports provide postings for ship personnel,
commodities wanted planetside, and clients requiring transport.

TRAVELLERS AID SOCIETY .  If you're a TAS member, the Society is a better bet for
better jobs and value for your cargo.

THE BLACK MARKET.  Every starport has one, even in strictly controlled Imperial base.
The trick is getting items past inspection. Expect low pay, small profits on your cargo and
high risk.