A S-Class Scout approaches Port Royal in
its heyday as a IISS orbital base.
Deck A comprises the bulk of Port Royal, comprising the hangar deck (ships up to a 1000 tonnes),
& repair facilities, quarantine station, & security station.  The brig contains 10 2-man cells..  The
center is guarded by 2 popout beam lasers, 3 popout snub SMG's (each with 3 500 magazines:
solid, HE,
& Tranq).   2 grav security bots (armed with 1 taser, 1 stun baton, & 1 laser carbine (30 shots), LR
commo & active sensor gear, Laser 2, Melee Combat 2, Tactics 1) patrol the hangar.

The repair shop contains 6 grav skids, 5 mech toolkits, 6 electrical toolkits, & 4 engineering
toolkits, 7 laser
cutter/welders, & 7  wheeled maintaince robots (laser cutter, 2 manipulative arms, STR  25, Mech.
2, Electronics 1, Engineering 2), 3 mobile diagnostic computers, 3 EVA boats with laser cutter, 2
arms, Manuver 1G.  There are also 9 small drive units (suitable for a fighter or other small  craft)
of an unusual design with archaic Darrian markings on them.

The only vessel here is a silver & black  Darian TL13 Lloredh  heavy fighter.  The nose art under
the canopy on each side is of a naked, redhaired Darrian woman riding a missile, labelled
'Mother's Little Helper'.  This is
Bette's grandmother Phalaris' personal craft.  Its avionics, computer, & firecontrol has been
updated to
Imperium standard.  Inside the cockpit is a flame colored armoured flight suit (treat as TL13
unpowered battledress).  Anyone examining the engine will find it is of the same unusual type as
the engines in the repair
Besides the main tubular lift there two rectangular lifts descending to the cargo deck.
All the living quarters are bare except for the one marked 3A, which is Bette's grandmother's room.   
Besides her body dressed a a scout dress uniform,  lying in a crsytaline coffin perfectively perserved, it
contains many personal effects.   Several Darrian flame sculptures created by Phalaris:   A scoutship
circling a planet, a portrait of Bette's grandfather, a running bipedal dinosaur, & a ship of unknown
design.   Her personal log & the history of the planet lies on her desk.   In her closest is 3 utility scout
uniforms, a dress Darrian officer's uniform, & 11  jumpsuits of various
multicolored fabrics, 6 of which are quite scanty.  On the wall is hung her personal weapons, a Darrian
gravitic sword,
stun baton, dual purpose laser weapon/tool with a single-edge knife blade.   On the back of her desk is a
containing a picture of her & her 3 sons, & a group portrait of the station's scout team, the ignition unit to
her personal
Darrian fighter, 'Mother's Little Helper', and  120 year old unopened bottle of Reginan brandy.  One the
wall is a
painting of Pharalis clothed in flame.

The sickbays are fully stocked for any emergency and have 1 autodoc in each room.

The mess rooms are stocked for food up to 3 years for 40 people.

The rec room has been converted into a workshop for Phalaris' flame sculptures & Companion's painting.  
portraits of local fauna & Phalaris are present.

SB:  SHUTTLEBAY.  The shuttlebay contains 3 10 ship's boats, fully fueled.

M; 50 TONNE MISSILE BAY & MAGAZINE.  4 to each side of this deck, each bay contains 6 launch
tubes, a firecontrol station, & a 60 missile magazine.  There 13, 24, 37, & 18 missiles currently in each

MD:  MANUVER DRIVES.   4 to each side. On flexible mounts allowing independent use for
manuvering  at 1G
acceleration; or all four in conjunction moving the station at 3G acceleration in one direction.

L; LIFT:  Flexible tube lift carrying up to 8 human-sized being follows the curve of the station.
The outer hull (including hangar doors) are armor factor A.  Between the outer & inner hulls
fuel is stored for the fusion powerplant.   Beside armour, the station is defended by 6 triple
sandcasters & a 50 tonne nuclear damper.  Offense is provided by 6 triple laser turrets, & 4 50
tonne missile bays.  The bridge deck also has 4 missile tubes primarly used for launching probes
or sensor packs, but can be used offensively if needed.

Additional security is provided by 5 virus-controlled Korokhel fighters based at the station.
The rec room is quite sybaric, with lounges, cushions, & native plants with sedative-scented yellow
after 1 hour exposure experience a temporary drop of INT & AGL of 1 pt. each.
The wardrobe rooms are used for changing & come with foldaway toilet & shower.   Storage lockers
(SL) contain
towels, blankets, & various toiletries.  The kitchen area also contain 47 bottles of various liquors,
dishes, goblets.
The cold bath is a meter 1/4 deep all around.  The hottub has a 1/2 meter deep sitting area inside the
rim & then curves down to a depth of a meter & 1/2.   The pool starts at 1/2 meter depth at the edges for
about a meter & drops down to central area of 2 meters deep.
The equipment locker (E) under the floor containment chemicals & equipment for maintaining the
On the wall next to the hot tub is a small shrine with holocubes of deceased members of the scout
The second largest deck after  the hangar deck.  The main cargo area mostly empty except crates
containing 18 spacesuits of various sizes, 3 scout powered battledress, 6 inflatable emergency
shelters with 23 powerunits, 3 unassembled air/rafts, 2 unassembled grav cycles, 7 grav boards,  6
mos. emergency rations for 40 people, & frozen foodstuffs for 3 mos. for 40 people.

The secured cargo hold contains the following:   23  Chiming Bells ranging from 2cm to 14cm
worth Cr. 45,000; 46 batches of refined Nilrain bacteria (see Corsair Bazaar pages); 22 scout
survival weapons(combination laser pistol/laser cutter/survival knife) with 91 powerpacks:  11
snub pistols with 45 16 rd.  magazines(24 Tranq, 23 HE, 44 solid); 6 gauss rifles with 34 60 rd.
magazines  (20 Tranq, 6 HEAP, 8 regular);  4 autoshoguns with 32 20 rd. magazines (12 pellet
shot, 3 solid shot, 10 Tranq gass, 7 nerve gas).

The cargo hold contains 6 wheeled cargo skids, 3 grav skids, & 5 robot wheeled skids, all of a
uniform cargo hold of 1 meter by 3 meter carrying up to 2 tonnes load.

There are 2 security bots (see hangar deck for details) on guard.  For addition security there are 3
popout snub smgs  (500 magazines each of Tranq, HE) guarding the approaches to the secured
cargo hold & the docking ring.

The dock ring will expand/contract to accept most ships docking rings.

The rectangular lift goes up to the hangar deck & down into the engineering deck.
The engineering deck contains a powerplant rated F.  The nuclear damper is located under
the floor, where its reached by the same access hatch that reaches the ventral sandcastter  
turret.   There is 1 engineering bot (see hangar deck for details).
The equipment locker contains 3  mechkits, 5 engineering kits, & 4 electronic kits, spare
circuits, cables,
5 laser torches & a repair shop.  There are also 57  enviromasks  with 109 oxygen units for
use in loss
of air pressure or air containmenation.
The EVA room contains 7 hard vacc suits, 11 suit propulsion units with 23 spare power
packs, 3 powered
repair hardsuits with 2 manipulative arms/cutters, a laser torch & propulsion units with 6
The rectangular lift goes up into the cargo hold.
BRIDGE:  Model 6 Computer (Programs:  Manuver, Manuver/Evade 4, Auto/Evade, Anti-Missile,
Generate, Library, Anti-Hijack, ECM, Target, Predict 2, Gunner Interact, Launch,  Multi-Target 4,)
Helm, navigation, sensor & communication station to the left rear of Command Station.  
Firecontroli, ECM,
& secondary sensor station to the right rear of Command Station.  Command Station has interact
it to operate both of the prior two station if needed.
MISSILE TUBES(4): Two on each side of sensor array.  Primary use to launch probes, remote sensor
drones & ECM decoys.
MISSILE MAGAZINE(2)  Left Magazine: 16 Deepspace Probes, 4 Remote Sensor Drones, 3 ECM
Right Magazine:  23 Deepspace Probes, 3 Remote Sensor Drones, 5 ECM Decoys, 6 Missiles.
ARSENAL: 5 sets of TL10 Battledress,  2 sets of TL15 Powered Battledress, 46 sets of Enviromental
suits.  15 Laser Carbines (34 Powerpacks, 30 shots each), 32 Gauss rifles ( 143 60-rd. magazines, 43
28 Regular, 42 HEAP,  30 HE).  26 Scout Survival Weapons(combined laser/knife) with 44
16 Shotguns ( 65 10-rd. magazines, 40 pellet shot, 25 Tranq gas).  43 Stun batons with 168
LAUNCH BAY:  1 10 tonne ship's boat.  Lockers with 15 soft & 3 hard vacc suits; mergency rations
20 people for 8 months.
LIFT:  Two popout snub SMG'S  face the lift ( 2 1000 rd. magazine each, one solid shot, 1 HE)
Bette has started using Port Royal as a hideout & has brought in her lieutenant, Falkhon Khrest as
OPs officer. Her staff is made up of members of her corsair crew. Assisting as part of their trainng is
some of Bette's wards. Currently docked in the hangar area is Falkhon's 600 tonne corsair 'Deia
Trias' & Bette's 200 tonne medical scout, 'Kanzizan Bosatsu' as well as six Tonbo ten tonne
fighters. The fighters currently have no assigned pilots.   Attached to the station as a patrol craft is
the 'Tenzen Zhai', a 100 tonne Suleiman class scout that is part of Companion's virus-controlled
vampire fleet.  
Rindalhoff Station (named after a scout) was the first scout facility placed in orbit. Once
the magnitude of the Ancients finds, a new, larger orbital base was built, making
Rindalhoff redundant.  Decommissioned in 1063 and left in standby status.  Currently, like
most of the system under the direct control of Companion  The station is capable of 1G
manuvers and has an agility of 4.

1. Command room. All the controls for the station are operated from here.  
2.  Main ship dock.  Lockers for EVA suit & equipment flank the open space.  The lift drops
to a lifeboat dock (empty) below & rises to a storage room above. The dock opens onto a
reception room.
3. Cargo dock.  Same layout as the main ship dock except it opens directly to the command
4. Commander's office.
5. Exec's office.
6. Security offices.
7. Reception room.
8. Sickbay
9. Lounge
10A & B. Small domes.  Four of each, above & below each large dome.  The upper domes
are recreation rooms, while the lower domes are mess halls.  The upper domes have
retractable roofs revealing a clear dome for stargazing underneath.
11. Barracks.  each comes with 14 double bunks & large storage area for suits, equipment
& personal effects.
12. Life Sciences Lab & Hydroponics.
13. Astrophysics lab.
14. Storage
15. Command barracks.
Renamed by Bette Noire in honor of a aslan medic in her crew who died in action.

1. Command Station.   
2. Powerplant.
3. Lounge.  
4. Main Dock.  Lift up to Locker (Locker includes 6 grav trolleys, 11 wheeled trolleys, 47 Medikits,  18
Trauma Suits of various sizes, Medical Stores).  Main dock can be set as a triage station.  Each locker
flanking dock includes 8 hypoguns; 10 medikits; 2 units each of synthethic blood for human, aslan, vargyr,
toishani, eslyat, & poicxh; 2 folding grav trolleys.
5. Security Stations
6. Medical Office
7. Sickbay Dome
8. Medical Staff Quarters Dome
9. Patient Quarters Dome.  Beds for 14 patients, can be increased to 30 if need.  Nurse station next to patients
doubles as a pharmacy.
10. Nonmedical staff quarters Dome.
11. Small domes attached to the bottom of the large domes.  The one under the sickbay operates as a
laboratory.  The other three are rec rooms for patients & staff.
12.  Small domes above large main domes.  The one above the sickbay operates as another medical office. The
other three are mess halls for the patients & staff.
13. Lockers.
14. Medical Scout Dock.  Besides the Medical Scout 'Qwoaltii of Mercy', the cargo is used for cargo vessels.
Also includes two security stations.  Lockers includes 18 spare vacc suits.
Dr. Matoi Khan. Navy, age 35  Human female.  6B5A85.  Shoulder length black hair, slim olive colored
body. 5'8" tall. Black eyes.  Black serpent tattoo winds around lower right arm.  Medical-3, Vacc Suit-1,
Pistol-2, Admin-2, Disguise-1,  Laison-1, Computer-2, JOT-1, Streetwise-1, Laser-1.
Matoi is a native of Guildheim and served 2 terms in her navy.  A member of Dark Goddesses & Bette's crew
for 8 years, she is the surviving senior medical officer in the House of Lords. Saturnine & calm, her
demeanor disguises her basic kindness, especially towards children.  Extremely loyal to Bette.

Dr. Shanna Epps.  Marine, age 36 Human femle.  9A78A6.  Short red hair, green eyes, golden-brown,
athletic body.  Imperial Marine sunburst tattoo on right shoulder, crossed scalpels on left shoulder.
Medical-2, Battledress-1, Gauss Gun-2, Grav Vehicle-1, Carousing-1, Ship's Boat-1, Zero-G Cbt-1,
Unarmed Combat-2.
A original member of band Bette took with her when she deserted the Imperial Navy, former Lt. Epps is the
commander of the 'Mercy' as well as a physician on the medical satellite.  Friendly, charming, & funny; she
doesn't strike one as a deadly marine.   She always goes armed, with a gauss pistol in a hidden holster and a
pair of sap gloves (adds 1D6 to damage on a hand strike).  

Morgan Caputo.   Merchant,  age 28  Human Female.  996757.  Short blonde  hair, thin, shaved eyebrows.
Blue eyes.  Muscular, tanned body.  Dragon tattoo left shoulder.  
Medical-1, Laser-1, Pistol-2, Ship's Boat-2,  Steward-1, Vacc Suit-1, Computer-1, JOT-1, Commo-1.
Barely alive, the only survivor of a bloackade runner, Morgan was rescued by Bette and became part of her
crew.  Eventually became the medical launch pilot aboard Bette's medical scout.  Nervy and a jokester,
Morgan is well liked by her crewmates.  

Kala Toran.  26  Merchant  age 26.  Human Female.  7C9955.  Medium length, brunette hair with red
streaks.  Blue eyes.  Tanned, athletic body.  5'6" tall.  Cat tattoo on ankle.  
Medical-1, Computer-2, Robotics-2, Streetwise-2, Broker-1, Blade-2, Jot-1.  
From a defunct free trader family, Kala is grim & focused and distrustful of strangers.  It's only with her
mates in the House of Lords she shows the sensitive, sweet side of her nature.  Kala acts is charge of the
medical equipment, acting as operator, programmer, engineer, & procurement.   
COMMANDER:  Falkhon Khrest (see  Rogues Gallery).