On the western side of Koxinga, the eastern continent, lies the Nore Point Ancient Site.   Lying 2 KM
west of Nore Point pennisula & 1 KM down is the entry port of an ancient command center.   The port is
only accessable via  3 ancient commo devices salvaged from wrecks, one of which is installed in the Lepa,
a mini-gravsub at the Mt. Erebus scout base.  The other two are stored inside the same base under
Companion's protection.  The site's airlock lies under camoflauge in an reinforced undersea
mountaintop.  An adjustable airlock or a flexible docking tube will be needed to clamp onto the base
airlock.  Once opened, the airlock opens into a 4 KM passage 2M in diameter.  At the end is another door
for which the ancient commo device will be needed.    Passing through this door will bring to inactive
teleport portals(the portals once linked part of the long-vanished surface installation of the Ancients.
Cross-section of the Ancients site showing a general view of the site.  For size refence
compare the command center map below
Plan of the Ancient Command Center
The first room (2) is the living quarters.  Everything, the furniture, kitchen, wardrobes are designed to
recess into the floor or the walls.  The the kitchen unit located under the central floor is a combined
oven, pantry, & dining table, including collapsible benches.  The six Droyne-sized beds have no
bedding on them . There are no personal items.

Room 3 seems to be used for storage.  There 11 teleport portals stacked on a grav skid.  There also are
two exoskeletons which appear to be some kind of droyne-sized powersuits (treat as triple strength)
which some sort of energy cutter/welder  on the gaubntlet of the left arm.  There are also 4 circular
devices that look like Gravboards with 2 manipulative arms  seamlessly attached to them.  They are if
the devices will work for anyone, cargo gravboards able to move up to 600 KPH with a maximum load
of 200 Kilos.

The third room is the command center with bank of computers forming a 'U' around a squarish
control chair design for a droyne.   The ceiling above  the chair comes equipped with a headpiece that
raises & lowers.  This is the only evidence of a control system.One bank of the computer is shutdown
which the others are operating with irregular pulsations. Often, the pulsations which rapidly increase,
and then cease.  On either side of the control room there two doors, leading to a large room in which
the tops of control panels for great machines protrude.  The two great units to the left of the control
center, are how ever.  There is an educator in the control room, however, unless you are a rational,
sanity enough sophont, it will not operate for you(Any female who underwent the Serenity treatment
on Shrine would be able to operate it).  In T5, it would require a sanity of A+.

The Teleport chamber wall has 98 'buttons' with 4 possessing  symbols on them.  Each symbol will
teleport to the surface, the main control room, the medical centers, & the nest level of the site once
power is restored.  

The eleven teleport portals each possess symbols.  If the symbol is programmed into the control room
computer, they will appear on one of the blank 'buttons' on the teleport chamber wall, teleporting
persons & items carried to anywhere the port is set up.  The teleport range when information can be
accessed will be 1.24 million kilometers.

The site was meant to create a pocket universe to hide the inhabitants of this system from the Ancients
War.  Unfortunately, the continent & some of the installations were blasted & fused by enemy attack.  
The inoperative bank of equipment is the black globe generator system, whose external unit was
vaporized, causing the generator to shutdown.  The remaining system is the incomplete activated
gravity shield.  When working properly, the device will envelope the planet in a energy field protecting
against harmful radiation, deadly space debris (missiles, asteroids, etc.-in fact Tortuga's moon was
captured during its testing phase), & incidently, protect the planet & the system from detection.  In its
current state, it sends out narrow-field gravity waves either repulsing objects  away the planet,; or
drawing them crashing down to the surface.  Thus the secret of many spaceships is revealed.  If
someone were to try the device & it would find the wearer acceptable & if the device didn't fry their
brains if it did ( roll under INT , difficulty modifier of -4) they could order the machine to repair itself,
shutdown, or self-destruct.
Link to CC2 drawing of the ancient control room.
Link to the CC2 Drawing of the Ancientbase
Link to the CC2 drawing of Point Nore,
POINT NORE, KOXINGA.  One of the few major sections of vegetative growth on the burnout eastern
continent.  Major
animals are birds & flying reptiles.  Except for the Hteryuops, small, beaked flightless onivorous bird, the
dominant land fauna are insects & arthopods.
The nest level is made up of a central room with a teleport platform (1),  eight corridors(3)
radiating out to eight rooms, each containing a Tyafelm nuclear family unit.  The arrangement
seems to represent an extended family unit (Dreskay) made up a mixed racial character with the 3
left nests showing evidence of a race similar to the Asderonti while the rest show Droyne presence.
There are also coyn found in each room, all which bear an extra symbol not found in known coyn
sets (see left hand image above).  This symbol shows the standard humaniti image but with two
extra arms, anyone with knowledge of the mysterious Asderonti will see the connection with that
The mysterious new coyn.
Each nest room has a door (2) which doubles as a teleport port to the control center, a
living area (1), and a central pillar (3).  The interior of the central pillar encloses a room
which when a sophont enters mechanisms start up that removes body wastes, cleanses the
body in heavy greenish mist, & performs  a diagnostic checkup (the result which are
reported back in the sophont's language).  
The exterior of the pillar contain units that provide liquid & capsulized nourishment
(nourishment can be adjusted by utilizing the scan unit built into the unit; and a small
factory unit producing clothing (also using a scan unit to determine size).  The clothing
provided is of a silky, flexible material with the qualities of ballistic cloth +2 & reflec
armor.  There is a recycle unit where refuse or damaged items can be broken down &
The living area has seven inset buttons with different symbols between  1 &  1.5 meters
high.  The buttons activate compartments that rise from the floor-2 closets, one with
personal items & clothing, & the second larger, mostly empty except for one in the central
left nest which contains 2 grav disks; a bed; a desk/workstation/entertainment center
(which includes an educator) with one bench(the bench can be folded up); & walls that
can rise up & provide privacy for the each inhabitant.  The bed compartment & clothes
racks are provided with a unit that cleanses the items when in storage. The rooms are
fairly clean, as if the inhabitants had time to clear out all personal items.  The educator
though it can teach a sophont to operated the devices (provided your sanity is A or above),
it will not otherwise educate you beyond your normal technical level(TL).  Example: you
can operate the clothing fabricator but won't be able to understand why & how it
operates.  The nest level can only be reached via teleport portal, the original construction
tunnels were filled & sealed after construction was finished.
The two medical centers can also be reached by teleport portal only.  There are two ways
to reach them.  The first, is automatic.  There are scanners built into the teleport chamber
that active when an ill or injured sophont comes into the room, teleporting the victim &
all with them automatically to the appropriate center.  The other is to deduce which
symbol to press to be transported.  The centers seems to set up on a gender basis, females
being teleported to a female center, males to a male center.  In each center holographic
murals show representations of various races, male or female.  Any sophont who has been
to Shrine & its Serenity center will see similarity in the designs of the murals.
The centers are automated, with several functions.  (1) Are pyschotherapy machines for
healing the mind (those who have been to Shrine for treatment will see these are exactly
like the 'Serenity' machines there.  Sophonts treated on these machines will be healed
permanently of any mental problems, & not subject anymore to mental stresses or illness
of the mind.  (2) Diagnostic tables for diagnosing medical conditions & treating minor
(1D6) injuries.  (3)  Advanced autodocs, capable of healing even mortal injuries, any
disease, or any toxins providing the patient is still alive.  (4) Medical computers/monitors.
(5) Medical equipment lockers, including expanding grav stretchers & medikits.  (6)
Teleport platform.  All the equipment in the rooms are permanently attached to the floor
& have there own power units.