Guildheim was originally colonized as Schiasz. in the 34th Imperial year from the planet
Liberty Hall.  Along with Pearl of Zandvoort, Hardass, & Dragonrest (all Liberty Hall
colonies) it formed part of the Liberty Hall Confederation.  Guildheim became independent
after the collapse of the confederation after decades of pressure from Die Weltbund.  A planet
of some resources, it's thin atmosphere ( breathing at sealevel is equal to breathing at 2000
meters on standard planets ), precluded colonization on a large scale.  However the systems'
location & twin asteroid belts  made a perfect base for smugglers & pirates. The Schiasz
corsairs would found Mercator in 223 as a trade  emporium. This changed with the
immigration of the business elite of Hardass after its annexation(530) by Die Weltbund.
These five corporations (Remion, Kaada, Michelmaas, Rejencii, Basalke)  would relocated at
Mercator in 536, re-opening closed mining operations, & underwriting transport & corsair
groups.  In  564 they established the Guildheim Trade Association, renaming the planet
Guildheim, & established themselves as overlords under the name of Raza.  In time, their
corporations devolved(?) into clans with many of the population & the corsairs becoming
clients of the various clans.  By  601,  Mercator had taken on the look of a modern, starfaring
city.   Its two moons,  Tayne & Belacorte, were fully developed by the second half of the 700's,
the former as an A-class starport & the latter as a major naval basx & shipyard.  In 724, to fill
a need for trained personnel, Guildheim Merchant Academy was founded.   In 818, a major
change happened to Guildheim's fortunes.  In that year a trade mission to the Spinward
Marches for technicians & university staff  brought back not  only 26 qualified teachers, but
one more individual- Sian Alan Beaufort.  A visionary Imperial businessman & a stockholder
& former officer of Oberlindes, Beaufort would bring much needed capital & ships to
Guildheim fledgling merchant fleet.   Beaufort, in conjunction with the Michelmaas family
as a 40% partner, would establish Transbeyond Lines, running between Guildheim & the
Spinward Marches.   TL(which  would become Beaufort Lines in 984) became a running
conduit of  retired Imperial personnel into the Guildheim system.   Beaufort would be
granted Raza status in 844.After informal alliances with the Imperium,  Guildheim would
sign the treaty of Remion/Luinte formally establishing friendship between the Imperium &
Guildheim.   Despite Guildheim status in the Beyond (particularly its famed merchant
academy), it still remains a hotbed of intrigue, clandestine deals, & outright piracy.  It is also
the center of operations against LOFWIA & Die Weltbund (the Imperium keeps more
personnel in the Guildheim system than anywhere else in the Beyond), and was instrumental
in neutralizing the Zhodani & Die Weltbund during the 5th Frontier War.

The banner of the United Razates is the Silver Schiasz, the 30-60 long reptilian marine
predator that resembles a spiky version of the extinct Solomani moasaur.

Guildheimers tend to be tolerant, fairminded, honest & honorable in dealing with others.  
Since corruption & bribery tend to be the way business gets done in Guildheimer space; this
tends to bewilder the outsider on their first few forays into Guildheim.  On the other hand,
Guildheim honor dictates that once bought, you stay bought.  It also means business
contracts are honored to the letter-even if the patron is killed afterwards, the contract is still
carried out.  Outsiders should beware of breach of contract with Guildheimers-often it will
lead to a duel & not a lawsuit.

The characteristic hairstyle of Guildheim is the Mekuu, where the hair is worn long & pulled
back into a ponytail bound in either bright colors or clan colors (if affiliated with a clan).  
The style has spread among free traders, mercs, & corsairs(though the latter will wear usually
monocolor bows in conjunction with the ascheim style).  Trelyn Domain merchant nobles
have also adopted the mekuu calling it the kuuraagi style.

Due to adaptation to the thin Guildheim air, nativeborn Guildheimer gain a +1 to their
Endurance on normal & thick oxygen atmospheres.
A dry, baked rock world 8 days from the primary at 6G.  Two formal surveys (256 & 712).  
Never exploited, even by pirates.
Main colonized planet of the system, 15 days from the primary at 6G.  Bulk of population at
Mercator, the captial, with most of the ruling families residing at Greenwich.  Native
Guildheimers through evolution helped by genetics  have evolved larger chest cavities to
handle the low oxygen content.   Offworlders outside envirroment-controlled buildings
should carry a respirator or take oxytabs.  Oxygen tanks  are needed for heights above 3000
meters.  Mining & farming because of the low permanent population (approx. 9000) is
mechanized. Two small moons, Tayne (UWP:A100200, Starport))  &  Belacorte
(UWP:A100200, Naval Base) circle the planet, along Beaufort's & Basalke's orbiting repair
docks &  Guild Merchant Academy & the Guild Merchant Academy Space Museum.  Tech
level B.
An asteroid belt rather than a drift, containing over 9000  asteroids of various size. 20 days from the
primary at 6G. Named after Afram Ken Sallee, who established a pirate razate here in the 125 that
lasted over 300 years.   The belt contains 5 naval bases,  8 scout bases, a clandestine IISS base,
numerous pirate & smuggler lairs.  One of the rumored hiding spots of the Onihime, the destroyed
stolen by Bette Noire after her escape from Trelyn Domain custody.   From its inception until 1108,
LOFWIA maintained bases.  Now frequent sweeps by the Guildheim Navy & allied corsair keep it
clear.   Location of the 1st &  2nd battlefleets, made up of SDB's & asteroid ships,  each built around
a batron of 4 asteroid battleriders.
A weird, seismicly active world, wracked by methane eruptions & its beautiful rings..  Wyrdheim is
avoided except by the most desparate or brave of adventurers.   16 minor moons all under  2000 km in
diameter.  28  days from primary at 6G.
Second belt in the system,  31 days from the primary at 6G.  Many asteroids pulled by Wyrdheim's
gravity.   Mostly inhabited by naval personnel & belters.   7 naval & 18 scout bases maintain  because of
LOFWIA & Die Weltbund intrusions.  Also home of the 1st Assault Squadron, a squadron built around
a batron of 4 Beaumonde-built Azhanti High Lightning frontier cruisers, 11 Harkriim light Carriers, 4
Moisura destroyers,  7 Ikaara Destroyers & 12 Serpent class Scouts.
A frozen world with metal & mineral wealth, Mirkheim is a razate itself, granted by the Razas of
Guild to the corsair Aes Ryoko Aani after her services in defense of the indepedent states of the
Liberty Hall subsector.  Since her return to Lilith in 1102, it has been held by her chancellor,  Kes
Martin Kaas.  Ceni Armida, a mining company controlled by Deva des Plaines'  Tonbo Rais, LTD
corporation, has had a mining concession there since 1094.  Ind 1107,  zuchai crystals were found
on Mirkheim's moon, Glitter.  Besides 2 SDB's based on Glitter & the planetary missile bases,
Mirkheim is guard by 14 orbital laser batteries each mounting 2 triple laser turrets.
1.  MERCATOR.  Capital & secondary starport for Guildheim.  Population:  6578.
2. GREENWICH.  The 'Forbidden City'.   The fortress-mansions of the Raza are location here. Pop.
To the north of Greenwich are the herds of domesticated Iszhsaurians.
3. CONTINENT OF LONGITODOS.  Breadbasket of Guildheim.
4. CONTINENT OF ABITORI.  Sparsely populated.
5. CONTINENT OF LATIDUUR.  Mountainous, with few inhabitants except miners.
6. CONTINENT OF EXPEDITUUR.  Largely unexploited wilderness.  Few inhabitants.
7. CONTINENT OF ANUUR.  Largely desert mined for nitrates.
8. CONTINENT OF NORDLIN.  Largely icebound.
9. GUILDHEIM MERCHANT ACADEMY, LONGITODOS.  Center for training in planetary
landings & survey.
10. MANTAAK STARPORT.  Private clan vessels only.
11. ANDWEHRT NAVAL BASE.   Headquarters for the Toishani Jheskyk Mercenary Company.
12. WIIRWEND STARPORT.   Clan ships only.
16. THE FURIES.  Island & semi-submerged, & submerged volcanic chain.  Very active.
Link to Campaign Cosmographer may of planet Guildheim
Mercator started as a landing base for survey teams.  In -10, pirates started using it as a base,
building temporary housing.   In 344, privateers under Liberty Hall built a C-class starport with
several permanent control structures & underground bunkers. The town itself was built west of
the landing  pads.  After the transfer of magnates from Liberty Hall, major rebuilding started.  A
A-class starport was built with 40 pads, later extending to 70 pads in 757.  In 640, the Razas
started building their mansions  over the old bunkers.   The old C-class port was rebuilt as the
landing field for the nascent Guildheim navy.   By 880, Mercator had reached its present form.   
Mercator is a wide open town, catering to the roughest of starfarers, many whom are recruited as
personal retainers for the Razas or for the planetary police or the space navy.  Those there is no
Aslan consulate, several clans have clandestine embassies thru various embassies on the planet.   

1. STARPORT LANDING PADS(70).  Capable of handling small shuttles to interstellar craft up
to 400 tonnes.  Originally finished in 622.  Rendered partially obsolent by the starport on the
moon of Tayne.
5. BAYSIIL, LTD.   Ship & vehicle parts & equipment dealer.   Chaz Xemonones, proprietor.
9. RAS BEAUFORT BUILDING.  Headquarters of Beaufort Lines.
11. GSP LANDING PADS.  Handle up to 200 tonnes vessels.
13. MILUS REMION DEFENSE CENTER.  Headquarters,  Guildheim Space Navy.
14. KOSTINLEAR MERCENARY CENTER.  Lt. Colonel Lenn Hospen, ops officer.   
Headquarters of
the Kostinlear Brigade, a marine merc unit registered on Guildheim.
15. MERCENARY WAREHOUSE.  Kostinlear Brigades equipment & supply.
16. OTWHEN MERCENARY HOTEL.  Nan Cevern, proprietor.  Funded by the Razas.
17. KAADA MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER. Nonprofit hospital for spacers.
18. BEAUFORT HALL.  Residence of the Beaufort family.
19. KAADA HOUSE.  Residence of the Kaada family.
20. REJENCII MANOR.   Residence of the Rejencii family.
21. GRACII HALL.  Residence of the Michelmaas family.
22. MICHELMAAS TOWER.  Residence of the Michelmaas family.
23. REMION HALL.  Residence of the Remion family.
24. CASHEL OTT.  Residence of the Basalke family.
25. LIBERTY HALL CONSULATE.  Marcue Kanvell, ambassador.
27.  IMPERIAL CONSULATE.  Beside the consulate, it includes the Imperial Scout Service &
the Travellers Aid Society.
28. GUILDHEIM GOVERNMENT HOUSE.   All the beauracracy needed to run a government
as well as a courthouse.   The Razas use the top three stories to conduct business, politics &
entertaining important guests.
29. NOBLE LANDING PADS.  Guarded by a platoon of each  of the Razas personal troops.
30.  MAPEPIRE CONSULATE.  Embassy inclosing all the worlds of the Mapepire Cluster.
31. ESYLAT CONSULATE.  Ieeni dhel Senn, ambassador.
32. UNISAT MERCANTILERS.   Upscale purveyors of all types of merchandise.
33. DIE WELTBUND CONSULATE.  Heinrich Benz,  ambassasdor.  Guarded by company of
under Capt. Karl Maria Welchs.
34. KILI REJENCII CENTER.  Hotel,casino, spa & upscale entertainment.
35. SORENSON ARMS.  Koulter West, agent.
36. HURANDEN CUSTOM GRAVITICS.  Grav devices from small units for toys to grav belts up
to grav cars.
Delon Jernu, proprietor.
37. KOS IKARI NAI PERFORMING ARTS CENTER.  All forms of live entertainment.   Ros
Heerat, Mgr.
38. IKIIRI BIKE SA FENCING ACADEMY.  Smaller, Mercator campus of the famous fencing
Master at Arms is Vann Merisol, fomer Imperial marine.
39. RUSHUI, LTD.  Constans Tayne Roi, manager.
40. EXPEDITE TRANSPORT.  Sells & maintains ground, water, aerospace small craft.   Hal
Vertunlog, Mgr.
41. KAZAKOREK'S.  Upscale cloths, cosmetics, & physical enhancements.  Honre Mantehl, Mgr.
44. SEPHLAFOR' EXOTIC PETS.  Junn Sephlafor, Owner & Mgr.
45. ORCHON HOTEL.   Moderate range hotel.  Kelvin Marsm Mgr.
46. AMASAND FAMILY CENTER.  Restaurant & entertainment center catering to families.
Moderate prices.
subsidized by the Razas.   Karin Nocktos,  Mgr.
48. ASDRAD REMION GARDENS.  Exotic plants from the surrounding subsectors.  Open to
the public.
50. LAADRON CYBERDROME.  Electronic entertainment center.
51. MLENDRON'S.  Mercantiler catering to the ordinary consumer.  Iris Dunn, Mgr.
53. GUILDHEIM UNIVERSITY.  Fleur Gondhren,  President.
54. YUS KAADA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER.  Hospital & Medical College.  Aldren
Mon, Pres.
55. DELCOR RESIDENCE GRAV SHUTTLE SERVICE.  Grav vans & shuttle buses serving
the populace of the residental district.
59. GUILDHEIM NAVAL LANDING PADS.  Can handles ships up to 400 tonnes.
60. TONBO HOUSE.  Residence of Deva des Plaines.
61. SANDOVAL'S INN.  Higher  priced hotel catering to ships' officers.  burt Yves Gann, Mgr.
62. SPARTOK'S HOSTEL.  Moderately priced hotel.  Fionne Spartok IV, owner & manager.
63. HORAT'S MENAGERIE.  Pet store, rumored to in the black market trade.  Yunus Picahl,
64. JHAK PAAS'.  Tavern owned & run by Jhak Paas, a retired corsair.
65. FORTESOL'S EMPORIUM.  New & used arms, equipment, tools, foodstuffs & anything else
a spacer
would need.  Gun range in basement of building.  Lons Hertolo, Mgr.
66. GLYS'.  Casino & other entertainment.  Glys Nihoin, owner/mgr.
67. GUILDHEIM SPACER HOSTEL.  Low priced hotel.  Ken Cerbon, mgr.
68.  PHARMA EMPORIUM.  Pharmaceuticals, equipment & instruction.  Gatt Mallet, mgr.
69. KIP['S.  Restaurant ran by Yvian Kipok.
70. JOPEK'S CASINO.  Eris Jopek, owner/mgr.
71. KLESKO GROUP.  Security firm supplying expertise & manpower through the subsector.  
Hans Dortmann, Ops Officer.
73. MHEVIRAL'S.  Casino owned & run by Mheviral, a female Aslan.   Has a platoon of Aslan
mercs as security.
74. CASTELON'S TAVERN.  Raas Castelon III, owner/mgr.
75. MAD MARVIN'S.  Pub.  Uriel Makadon, owner/mgr.
76. RENTAL HOUSING.  Moderate prices.   Owned by Eris Jopek.
77. DARPEK'S.  Shipboard electronics & security.   Also sell robots.
78. SECURITY BARRIER.   3 meter high wall topped with electrified 2 meter fence.  Loaded
with sensors & surveilance monitors.  Erected after the Kozuur incident in 1020 where a spacer
fight spilled over into the residential area.
79. THE WASTELAND.  Original starport area.  Now overgrown.  Used as a dueling ground.
81. SIOR PARK.  Used by the Raza & their retainers as a dueling ground.
82. BEAUFORT LINBES WAREHOUSE.  Patrolled by the Klesko Group.
83. VERDILYA LINES WAREHOUSE.  Guarded by the Klesko Group.
Link to the Campaign Cosmographer original map of Mercator
The Razas are the overlords Guildheim, part high tech feudal lords, crime bosses, merchant
princes.  Their clans are up of their descendants, the descendants of their original retainers,
pirates, & the descendants of the original Guildheim corsairs.   All citizens of Guildheim belong
to one the clans, bearing all the protection & responsibility that the Razas provide.  Non-citizens
& outsiders, even important businessmen, do not have the automatic protection of the Razas,
unless, of you are willing to pay for it to one of the clan leaders.  The razas themselves stay aloof
from outworlders residing in Greenwich.  Most of their work is handled by nyoten (counts)
residing in Mercator.   The Razas maintain herds of Iszhsaurs, for food, riding animals &

Peace between the clans is maintained by the Razas' controlling non-competitive operations.  
Where frictions arise, disputes are settled by negotiation, litigation, or by the code duelo.    The
planetary police & space naval forces are maintained on a equal contribution of funds by each
Raza.  These military unites are commmanded by officers who are mercenaries, who have the
option after 20 years service retiring into the service of one of the clans.  The Raza have also
rewarded mercenaries by allowing to set up an indepedent Barony such as Highball in the Sallee
Drift, own by the former high admiral of the fleet,  Koraan Eln; and Mirkheim, a Razate under
Aes Ryoko Aani.  Many merc leaders have also been married into razate families or have had
important marital ties arranged by the razas.

Politically, the Raza normally play off one side against the other, profiting from the chaos.  In
the last century, under Imperial influence, they have, with Liberty Hall, Pearl of Zandvoort, &
Castle Keep; the main proponent of a new Liberty Hall Confederation.  The Razas, being
farsided, realize that with the instability of Die Weltbund, the activities of Tuablin, & the
LOFWIA could turn into collapse & anarchy.  A powerful subsector wide group is needed to
maintain relative peace in the Liberty Hall subsector.

With the current anti-Imperial Duke of St. Foy walking out of negotiation & taking several
planets with him, the LHC is currently moribund.  Secretly, the Razas have tried diplomatic
means to covince  those St. Foy-allied worlds( Castle Keep, Ixhel, Gamma Centre, & Offutt's
Station ) to break away from St. Foy & return to confederation talks.  Along with giving
sanctuary (& a barony) to the corsair Rei St. Foy (cousin & head of the pro-Imperial party),
these activities have put Guildheim & St. Foy on a semi-state of war.  However, both the Razas
& Duke Niccolai are currently short of allies.  In 1122,  Malesi hault-Fhormal, the renegade
Imperial admiral & commander of the Deathlords recruited many of the Mapepire & Liberty
Hall mercenary companies & freelance corsairs for the Gorian/Aslan conflict in the Trojan
Reaches.  Coupled with the collapse of the House of Lords (a corsair band allied to the razas),
the Razas & the Duke are currently too hardpressed by LOFWIA terrorists & pirates & a
resurgent Die Weltbund to openly come into conflict.
Clan Basalke is one of the oldest clans, having
ancestors who among the original surveyors of
Guildheim.  Their poltical/corporate base is
Basalke Lines, a nonjump shuttle & transport
service serving the Guildheim system.
Currently, Clan Michelmaas is challenging
Basalke's monopoly as the system's only nonjump
service.  The badge of Clan Basalke denotes their
corsair heritage & their reputation as a dueling
clan.  Magro Basalke IX is the current Raza.  The
clan has a total  population on & off planet of
6,781.  Beside a personal guard of 400, the family
boasts 3 200 & 1 400 tonne, 6 SDB's,  7 Viper
class escorts.
A relative latecomer, the Beauforts come from an old
Imperial merchant clan.  The Beauforts power base
comes from Beaufort Lines, serving the Liberty Hall
subsector, Fareven, the Mal G'nar Radiant & with links
to the Imperium.  Currently headed by Samuel Beaufort
III.  Besides their 4 rebuilt 400 tonne fleet couriers that
serve as  yachts, the family has 6 Gazelle class Close
Escorts.  Because Beaufort Lines is manned by
ex-Imperial naval  & marine personnel (who can called
up on to fight), the family keeps a modest bodyguard of
100.  Total population of clan
3,465.  The Beauforts are among the most vocal of
creating a new Liberty Hall Confederation allied to the
Imperium.  Besides its income from Beaufort Lines, the
benefits from an Imperial subsidy.
Clan Kaada is one of the oldest families of Liberty
Hall, dating from the original colonization. Kaada's
powerbase comes from their trading company, dealing
in legal & stolen goods.  Their company, Kaada, LTD,
was acquired by Rushui in 987, in change for 5%
Rushui stock & an exclusive Rushui franchise in the
Guildheim system.    Kaada is very active in
clandestine activities & issuing letters of marque.  
Once a supporter of LOFWIA, it has not become one
of its greatest enemies.  Current Raza is Rudri VII.  
Clan bodyguard is 400 man strong.  Though owner of
2 yachts & 7 100 tonne scouts converted to Vipers, the
clan is rumored to be able call upon the services of
several merc groups & 20-odd corsairs & privateers.  
Current population of cland 6,854.  Partly because of
their influence on the corsair community, Kaada
receives subsidies from the Imperium & The Mapepire
Cluster worlds.
Clan Michelmaas is another patron of corsairs, many
of whom act as protection for their farflung asteroid
mining operations.  Their corporation Ca
Michaelmaas, LTD, operates mining operations as
well as supporting independent belters. The
corporate mining fleet comprises 64 vessels, from 100
tonne seekers to 10000 tonne processing ships.  
Another strong proponent of the Liberty Hall
Current Raza is Ikara Seii.  The Raza maintains a
bodyguard of 600, all of them marines & rotated out
to their mining operations on 6 month tours.  They
maintain 2 400 yachts,  1 Kharis class patrol cruiser,
& 8 SDB's.  Total clan population is 9,123.
Clan Rejencii is another founding family of Liberty
Hall that moved to Guildheim.  Their power base is
Verdilya Lines, serving part of the Liberty Hall
subsector, The Mapepire, The Metchi' Alagwa, NE
Middle Beyond & Darkling Regions subsectors & the
Trelyn Domain.
Another issuer of Letters of Marque, Rejencii has
many shadowy connections to organizations such as
Tuablin, Inc.  The clan is the lone opponent to
political ties to the Imperium.  Current head is Sallee
Rejencii II.   Clan possesses 4 200 tonne yachts,  2
Chameleon class corsairs & 3 Viper escorts in
addition to the many corsairs they can call upon.   
Personal guard is 200 Toishani mercs.
Total clan population is 6943.
Clan Remion is known for its flamboyant noblilty
& its frequent feuds among the family.   Its
powerbase is its 20% share of Parallel Lines,
acquired after Parallel Lines absorbed Remion
Interstellar in 797.  Current Raza is Cosad Arno
Remion IV.  Personal bodyguard is 400.  Has close
ties to Beaumonde Industries.  The Clan possesses
2 200 tonne yacht, a Marid class armoured trader
converted to a yacht, & 6 viper class escorts.
Strong supporter of Imperial alliance as well as
supporting a new Liberty Hall Confederation.  Has
numerous connections to criminal organizations
including Tuablin, Inc.  Another patron of corsairs
& mercenaries.  Anya Remion, an estranged
member of the family is the patron & friend of
Bette Noire.
A frozen wordlet similar in size to Mirkheim, Vanheim's corrosive atmosphere makes  a completely
useless world, even for a hideaway.
Link to the orginal CC2 map of Mirkheim
Moderately long red worn in the ascheim style.   Blue/grey eyes.  Slender, athlethic tanned body.  
SKILLS:   Leader 2, Gauss 2,  Laser 1, Computer 2, Tactics 1, Laison 1, Pilot 2,  Navigation 2, Zero-G
A charismatic leader known for her honor & level-headedness, Rei is the cousin of the current duke of
St. Foy & his chief political enemy.   Formerly a captain of the St. Foy navy, she fled her homeworld
after a failed assasination plot.  Rei is an outspoken proponent of reconciliation & peace with the
Imperium.  She sees the current duke's policies as dangerously isolating St. Foy, especially with the
support given the LOFWIA.  Currently, she is building up her strength  to form a squadron as part of
Operation Starhammer.  Her current forces include  2 Chameleon class corsair,  the Areecii &
Heerica,  3 Serpent class scout/couriers,  Vendar Vaas, Staerko, & Ywer.
MHEVIRAL.   UPP:  9AA887.  AGE 37.   ASLAN/FEMALE.   MERCHANT.   Cinnamon colored  
fur.  Goiden eyes.
7 earrings in each ear.   SKILLS:   Gambling 3,  Computer 3,  Admin 2,  Bribery 2,  Carousing 2,  
Dewclaw 3,  Pistol 1,  Tolerance 2,  Broker 1.  
A soft-spoken sultry renagade of her species,  Mheviral is on the run from her clan.  She owns & runs
the casino named after her (which she won in an epic 6-day gambling spree.  Her casino is a hotbed of
intrigue in Aslan affairs & she has cultivated Aslan mercs & renegade Aslan traders such as Sorliyr.  
She also friends with Bette Noire & her lieutenant Khea, who reside at Mheviral's when on
Guildheim.  An accomplished hacker, she has managed to create an information network throughout
the Guildheim system as well as hacking into the X-Boat system.  Her exotic sex-kitten demeanor
masks a first-rate criminal mind who loves to play with an opponent like a cat plays with a mouse
beard.  Light brown eyes,  deeply tanned, stocky body, mischievious grin.   SKILLS:   Cutlass 3,  Admin
3,  Laison 2, Pistol 1, Grav Vehicle 1, Interrogation 2, Computer 1, Commo 1, Dancing 2.  The young
Nyoten of Clan Remion, he is cousin of Anya Remion & probably her closest(& maybe only) friend of
Anya's in the clan.  Cheerful & calculating, his almost permanent grin either endears to people or
annoys.   An enemy of the incompetent & pompous,  his  regime has once more made Clan Remion  a
force to be reckoned within the commercial world of Mercator.   He has won 43 duels with the cutlass
(including 4 with family members defending Anya's honor), resulting in his enemies searching for
other means to attack him.   Despite his protection  of Anya & her husband, he has blocked any
offworld investigation into Parallel Lines operations by IDES & other law enforcement agencies.
with olive drab striping down,  greenish-red downy feathers,  red eyes.   SKILLS:  Laser 2, Club 2,
Unarmed Cbt. 2,  Leader 1, Grav Vehicle 1, Commo-1,  Forward Observer 1, Zero-G Cbt. 2.   Computer
1, Carousing 1.   Sly, witty, & aggressive,  Capt. Shiirchik is the second in command of the Jheskik
Mercenary Company's marine detachment on Guildheim.   Because of her ability to work with humans,
she is the most usual contact person for the company, & resides usually at the Mercenary Guild in
Mercator.   Gained fame for the Dunlogh incident on Eire as part of the evacuation team.
Unlike most of her race, she has a liking for zero-G cbt., & has become the company's specialist &
instructor on boarding missions.
VANGHRU GEOSUVN.  UPP:  A99669.  AGE 34.  VARGYR/MALE.  CORSAIR.  Silver-grey fur
with mask & tail tipof darker grey.  Yellow left eye,  blue right eye.  Scar over left eye,  three skull
earstuds in right ear.  SKILLS: Pistol 2,  Cutlass 4, Pilot 1,  Battledress 1,  Gambling 2,  Interrogation
1, Commo 1, Ship's Boat 1.  A friendly, snide, cynic,  Vanghru is a down on his luck corsair who was
transported by the Imperial Navy after the 5th Frontier War.  Makes his living currently as a freelance
bodguard & fencing instructor.  Doesn't have much respect for most clients, and is efficient, if not
motivated by most bodyguard gigs & often will overawe or even scare a weak or insipid client. .  
However, if the client has Leader 1 or better, & is sly, aggressive & charismatic, Vanghru becomes very
motivated.  Part of this is because he's a born follower & would like to find a great leader (Vargyr or
not) to follow.
KARIIKURK AKAR.   UPP:  8AA97A.   AGE 36.  ASLAN/FEMALE.  CORSAIR.  White hair with
alabaster streaks & skin.  Green eyes.  Six green fire agate studs in each ear.   SKILLS:  Tactics 1, Pilot
2, Gauss 2,  Cutlass 1, Dewclaw 2, Carousing  2, Navigation 1, JOT 3, Tolerance 2.   A third
generation Lilithian Aslan, Akar ( or Ar for short ) has all the biological traits that normal human
Lilithians possess, except her heightened pheromones only effect males of her own species(unless she
alters it with drugs).  A member of Dark Goddesses, she commands  the Nekkoken, a Lilithian
registered Viper-class corsair along with three normal Aslan females.  Currently she acts as the
go-between for the Lilithian navy, dark Goddesses corsairs in the  Liberty Hall subsector, & Deva des
Plaines Ault; using Guildheim as her base.   Jokingly referred to as the 'Beckoning Cat' (a joke
non-Lilithians don't understand), Ar friendly, socialable & sensual-when not on the hunt.  Then she
becomes very cold & very lethal.   She is unforgiving to enemies & loyal to the death for friends.  The
latter has her skirting danger with Dark Goddessess' leadership as she remains a friend & contact to
Bette Noire after Bette was declared an official 'hazard'.  Also, though a member of dark Goddessess,
her first loyalty is Lilith which also explains her loyal to the half-Lilithian Capt. Noire.
worn in three braids.  Hazel eyes, thin lips, slender golden tanned skin.  SKILLS:  PILOT-2,  
BRIBERY-1.   Curator of the orbital Guilheim Space Museum, is a retired veteran of the Verdilya
Lines transport fleet.  A very warm & sage adminstrator, she is well liked by her employees.  She has
made several key acquisition of artifacts to the museum over the 13 years she has been curator.  Due to
the shady nature of some of these acquisitions, she has faced several offworld investigations & 2 trials
to this date.  Though found innocent of wrongdoing, she has attracted the attention of IDES & has
acquired a mysterious offworld blackmailer.
LIEVIL VHEEKIL.  UPP: BB7886.  AGE 48.  ASLAN/MALE.   MARINE.  Chocolate brown fur with
a sandy mane.  Scar on right cheek.  Pale yellow eyes.  SKILLS:  GAUSS-3, LASER-1,
DEWCLAW-3.   Taciturn & paranoid, Lievil is an ex-merc who is the new Security Chief of Guildheim
Space Museum.  Taking over after the 'Prince of Assassins' attack by LOFWIA terrorists, he has sacked
the security crew & replaced them with Aslans from his old merc company.  Through his frequent
inspections, he has unmasked 2 LOFWIA agents among the engineering staff of the museum.
However intrusive & annoying his operations, he has the utmost respect for the academic staff & treats
them with respect.  When not onstation, he can be found onplanet badgering the GSP for more security
satelites or at least 1 gunboat to added to the museum's security.
HUAGHI QWU.  UPP: 8B8884.  AGE 34.  VARGYR/MALE.   ROGUE.  Light gray fur with streaks of
ash blonde & red.   Amber-yellow eyes.  6 earrings in each ear.  SKILLS:  PILOT-3, NAVIGATION-1,  
self-mocking, Huaghi is as slippery a smuggler as can be found in the Liberty Hall subsector.  A
veteran of years of smuggling in and out of Die Weltbund space he has acquired a quiet reputation as
an ace operator.  He tries to keep it quiet since he oftens sells out a client when the going gets rough or
he gets caught.   Thought blessed with few morals, he does have a prejudice against the transport of
unwilling human cargo, a legacy of his family's deportation to the Beyond by the Imperium in 1085.

KAI HUSSEIN KAADA.  UPP:  4B5B6C.  AGE 14.  HUMAN/MALE. NOBLE.  Dark tanned, slender
body.  Gray eyes.  Red/black hair, worn in an ascheim style.  SKILLS:  COMPUTER-2, LAISON-1,
ELECTRONICS-1.  Brillant second son of the current Kaada Raza, his gentle, playful, humane nature
masks the fact he has a first-rate technical mind.  Currently enrolled among the 20 years old class at
Guildheim Merchant Academy.  Though shadowed by three personal bodyguards, he often escapes
them with the help of his best friend at the academy, 'Spider' Noire.  Due to his curiousity & hacking
skills, he has discovered that Spider & her siblings are the children of pirate captain Bette Noire.  
However, as Spider & her siblings are his friends (not the mention how income piracy brings to
Guildheim) he keeps the data his secret.
HONORE RYOKO SABATA.  UPP:  2A4849.  AGE 7.  HUMAN/FEMALE.   Platinum blonde hair
with cyan highlights, worn in a ponytail.  Alabaster skin, tinted a honey brown.  Violet eyes.
PSIONICS:   TELEPATHY.  LEVEL 9.  12 psionic points. Another adoptive daughter of Bette Noire,
Honore lives with Deva des Plaines Ault. Trained in the Agaskasa School, she a skilled psi.  Honore is
bright, energetic, & wild, with a distinct tomboy personality. Born in vitro, she is the second offspring
of Bette's body.  Due to her telepathic gifts, she is aware of her parentage, but keeps it a secret between
herself, Bette, & her grandmother.  However, she thinks that being a pirate is fun & has tried to sneak
aboard vessel belonging to her mother.  
Asymer Tayne Starport  on the moon Tayne is named after a famous corsair captain of the early settlement
days.  The port has been rebuilt 5 times & this current version became operational in 895.  Except for the
landing pads, hangars & control tower all the building at Asymer Tayne are subterranean,  The starport
personnel residence, the detainment facility & th GSP admin building are levels underground beneath the
surface rock.  The hangars which also service unloading passengers & cargo have two additional underground
levels, the second of which connect to the two-way shuttlebus system. The surface shuttle & transit centers
have  three subterranean levels with the lowest levels for shuttle maintenance.  The admin/customs have five
levels, the first in descending order being the customs house, then the cafeteria level, next level the various
interplanetary consulates, shipping lines offices, & the lowest for the admin & security offices.  Lomar Remii
Inn is a high tech 16 floor facility with the highest floor being front desk & dining, the next level the casino &
media center, the next 7 levels regular stateroms, the two below those are the luxury suites, & the lowest,
admin offices.  The Ilken Shopping Center  is a warehouse style of center jointly controlled by the Razas with 8
floors of merchandise on the first 6, then a Spa, & on the bottom an admin center.  Besides the navy& the GSP
(16 fighters, 4 SDB's), the moon is defended by a claasified number of missile & laser batteries.

The landing pads marked with a "B" & a "V" owned exclusively by Beaufort Lines & Verdilya Lines,

Asymer Tayne is the 'offical' highport for Guildheim.  There is also Azalon Freeport built into a captive
asteroid. Azalon is the port of call for free traders & those of a more roguish & secretive enterprise.
Guildheim Merchant Academy is the most prestigious university of its kind
in the Beyond & Foreven sectors, famous in the Imperium as far as Deneb.  
Its current chairman is Asa Rob Beaufort, former commodore of Beaufort
Lines.  It is built into a small nickel-iron asteroid placed into orbit in 787.  
Many of the past & present members of the faculty have members of the
Imperial Navy or various Imperial transport corporations.  Most citizens &
offworlders are unaware that besides the 20 triple lasers & 28 triple missile
turrets there is a spinal mount PAW built in the asteroid.  The faculty is
aware as they are all members of the Guildheim Naval Reserve. Other than
the landing pad, the school of engineering  & the admin, all the academy
building are two subterranean levels starting 50 feet beneath the bedrock