In TRAVELLER, there are many dangers inherent in space: piracy, corrupt officials, misjumps, fire, collision, meteors,
and bad fuel, to name a few.  However, often the REAL hazard can be the ships themselves.  Beyond the normal aspects of
bad design,  substandard materials and construction, there is age and slipshod or no maintenance on vessels which is
often driven by laziness or greed rather than by poverty.  Many ships plying the starlanes are old, often centuries old.  
Some of these old vessels are the property of free traders families and meticulously kept in excellent condition.  More
often, they are units run by second-rate companies operating on a low overhead, frequently using ships written off the
rolls by insurers.

Pirate vessels run the gamut from 1-ship operators with no base (bad) to family-run (much like free traders-usually good)
to corsair fleets (usually excellent).  By and by, corsairs will maintain their ships to the best of their abilities since their
lives (and success) depend on it.  Even then,  they prefer to refit tonnage they've been paid to destroy or scuttle  as supply
vessels or (less often) as corsairs.

By and large, the big transsector lines (mostly Imperial ) like Oberlindes have a good track record of maintenance on
their ships.  For these lines, if a ship becomes a maintenance problem or is in a serious accident, they are written off the
books and put up for auction.  However, even the big outfits will sometimes run substandard vessels in a backward region.

Some of the auctioned-off tonnage, of course, will go to salvage yards or ship breakers.  Most go to lesser shipping firms
(usually only subsectorwide).  Some will be refitted locally.  A few will have their jump drive removed for insystem runs.  
The rest will just have cosmetic repairs and be sent on their way until they break down completely or tragedy occurs.  In
fact, a great many of these ships that become too notorious or/and dangerous will be pirated, hijacked or just plain
disappear. And legal matters will be difficult as many of these substandard units will be registered in "flag of
convenience" planets where laws are lax, or the government and/or navy are corrupt.  Common crew slang for describing
officials or governments that are lax in their duties or safety concerns is "eyes wired shut'.

Of course, not all the danger with these types of shipping lines be the ships' fault.  A good crew can make even a bad ship
relatively safe. With money an issue, however, these ship can be manned by officers and crew unqualified to run them.   
With even more corrupt ownership, there is the risk of cargo stolen and  passsngers robbed or abused.

For Traveller, all these conditions can make for interesting adventures, whichever  side of the law your players or
characters are on.   And remember that commerce is the Imperium's lifeblood -- nothing is allowed to interfere in thr flow
of trade.  So if the players are involved in any of the above activities they can be allowed to get away with it as long as
their violation isn't too blatant or involves loss of life.  Inversely, if the players are victimized by any the above activities
they will find the local authorities less than sympathetic.  On the positive side (for a responsible crew) if a problem occurs
or is discovered there is no quick means to communicate with the home office outside the home system (or where the line
has offices).  So if the crew is sneaky enough (& has enough credits) they might get away with fixing any ship problems.
If the bosses discover the repairs, just say you were boarded or inspected & bribe the inspectors.
By intent, accident, or unavoidable circumstances, traders and  ship crews will break the law.  Here are some criminal acts
most commonly found in space or aboard ships.

1. PIRACY: The illegal seizure of ships and their contents during a time of peace.  Most nations do not  seek the death
penalty for piracy unless deaths of crew and/or passengers are involved.

2. THEFT: The felonious removal of personal property and/or cargo by passengers or crew.  The most  notorious variant of
this is....

3. RE-DIRECT (aka THE VARGYR SHUFFLE):  Where a ship takes on cargo, alters its name & registration AND its
destination, re-selling the cargo at bargian prices.  A trader using this method may have frequent name & ID changes
before it reaches its final destination.  The re-direct is also used by shippers when engaging trading ships to smuggle
proscribed goods.  Though pirates work this scam, the champ is Gaen Lines of Northstar/Darkling Regions.

4.  SMUGGLING:  The shipping & delivering of goods illegal by the laws of the destination planet or nation.  
Smuggled goods run the the gauntlet from weapons to drugs to chocolate.

5.  HIJACKING: The illegal seizure of ships by passengers or crew.  Often grouped under piracy on some law books.  
However, if the hijacked ship's personnel was operating the vessel in a illegal venture, the hijackers can claim prize
money if, and only if, they turn the ship over to authorities with adequate proof a crime has been committed.  This is
hazardous as if the crew or company involved has important friends.

6.  BRIBERY:  Money or favor given or offered to a person in a position of trust to influence his judgment or conduct.  
Considered illegal by many states in and outside the Imperium, though on many planets (especially border states) bribery
is a way of life.

7.  SLAVERY: The kidnapping of persons for the purpose of bonded servitude.  Also the transport of slaves.  This crime
only applies where slavery is illegal.  Pirates practice this to fill out crews, as well as the governments of Die Weltbund  &
Vlad.  The usual market in the Beyond for slaves is common laborers & technical personnel though there is a small
market for exotic personal slaves. This market is dominated by Tuablin, Ltd., of Phyllis's Surrender, whose tentacles reach
almost everywhere in the Beyond, Far Frontiers, Foreven & Torjan Reaches.  Some nations (Araniopan League, Esylat
Magistry) demand the death penalty for slavery.

8.  FRAUD: Use of deception in order to gain advantage or value in exchange for something of lesser value. One of the
most common is insurance fraud where cargo and/or ships are overinsured (usually older tonnage near their end of use)
and disappears, is wrecked, or taken by pirates.  With fraudulent ship claims, the ship itself may stay with the original
firm under a new name & registration data; be scuttled (with or without the crew's knowledge); or handed over to a
corsair (once again with or without the crew's knowledge).  In cargo fraud, both shippers or clients can be the crooks.  A
client could set up a junk cargo with a ship and then arrange sabotage, an accident, piracy or frame the crew for stealing
the REAL cargo.  With this type of fraud, the client may consider the crew expendable so as to heighten the realism of the
loss.  Free traders, smugglers, & small ship lines are the usual victims of this scam..  In some nations (Trelyn Domain,  
Mapepire Cluster, Die Weltbund) cargo Re-direct (see above) is considered fraud as well as theft.   It is considered fraud
also when a maintenance facility repairs a ship inadequately (or unsafely); or in some cases charges the crew for repairs
or services not rendered.  Interstellar law does allow damages to be collected by the defrauded crew unless the crew is part
of the same company that serviced the ship and/or the crew was aware of or a party to the fraudulent service.  In the latter
case case, the crew is quilty of criminal neglect as well as fraud.

Also considered fraud is disguising vessels, or illegally changing names & registration without going through a legal
public registry process.

In the Imperium & Comsentient Alliance crewing spaceships with unqualified and/or unlicensed personnel is considered

Deliberate mislabeling of cargo (usually to avoid luxury custom dues or to smuggle contraband) is considered fraud by
the Imperium and most governments of the Beyond.  Usually only the client is charged with a crime unless it can be
proved that members of the ship's crew had knowledge of the deception.  In the Imperium, Northstar Republic/Darkling
Regions, Intercourse/Delta, Tarsus/District 268, the law allows the shipper to be compensated by the client in case of this
kind of fraud if, and only if, the shipper is unaware of the deception.  Compensation can up to 125% of the profit the
ship would have made on the shipment.

NEGLIGIENCE,  THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL CRIME:  Failure to exercise the care that a prudent person would
exercise in the maintenance or operation of a ship.  There are two recognized categories by interstellar laws: Petty
Negligence and Criminal Negligence.  Petty neglect is where the violator is unaware of the problem with their ship or has
made an attempt to retify defects or damage to the best of their abilities.  The penalties run from warnings to fines, and
rarely jail time.  However, when human life has been lost due to an accident caused by petty neglect, the charge can turn
to criminal neglect (especially for free traders or small outfits).

With Criminal Negligence the violator is fully aware of the situation and has made efforts to to conceal the crime, either
by cosmetic repairs or bribery.   When criminal neglect causes fatalities, the firm and/or crew can treated as murderers in a
court of law if they are convicted of Criminal Neglect.

Each category of neglect is separated into two categories: Ship Neglect & Operational Neglect.

SHIP NEGLECT is operating a ship in a substandard condition,  inadequate equipment,or inadequate repair that lead to
hazards to life and/or cargo.  The most common cause of ship neglect is money: owner/crews or shipping lines that have
suffered a setback in their fortunes due to lack of trade, war, fines, accidents, etc., & can only maintain their vessels on
minimum operating standards.  A second common cause of neglect is training: vessels operating in backward areas by
locals who are running ships way above their ability to run or maintain(example: take a TL7 crew, put them aboard a
TL10 starship without adequate know-how: they can run it but maintaining the engines, & other higher equipment
would be above their abilities.  This also leads to being ripped off at higher tech starports where they pay for routine
maintenance.) The major source of criminal neglect is greedy lines that use ancient, damaged, or even written off vessels
(usually giving a superficial facelift).  Bromisia Lines was, in their early days, notorious for this kind of operation. Their
initial fleet consisted of 12 ex-Imperial liners including the Empress of Beaumonde (ex-Gloirhsana) & Empress of Vlad
(ex-Spindward Queen), vessels written off the ship registry by Holien/Lloyds of Regina.  The E. of Beaumonde suffered a
complete jump drive failure on her 5th Tarsus-Mapepire run.  The E. of Vlad suffered numerous breakdowns & fires,
resulting in a total of 256 fatalities in a 3-year career.  The Beaumonde was scrapped while the Vlad was sold to
Sternhansa who operated her as Gerte Holbein for 17 years.

OPERATIONAL NEGLECT is where a crewmember(or members) operate a vessel in a dangerous or illegal manner;
and/or the crewmember(s) are unqualified for their positions.  A  common cause of operational neglect is crewmember(s)
under the influence of some substance, injury, physical or mental handicap that threatens the safe operation of the ship.
There is also (usually caused by greed or cost cutting) operational neglect caused by the use of unqualified personnel in
the ship crew, or personnel whose certificates have been revoked or suspended by local or interstellar law and/or trade
agancies. In fact, most governments require all pilots, navigators, engineers, and commo personnel to maintain their
licenses to operate on a regular basis.   Also ship captains & navigators must maintain update their navigational data
while in port & maintain  their navigational, log, & engineering data on a current basis.
The most common positions cited in operational neglect cases are pilot, navigator & engineer. Engineering can  involve
inadequate repairs by the engineer or the engineer pushing equipment past a safe zone of operation( an example is the
Queen of Beaumonde: she was originally rated at jump-3, at her retirement from Oberlindes she was rated jump-1. The
Bromisia lines crew kept pushing her to jump-2, thus caused her breakdown with a load of tourists).  Piloting &
navigation is normally a normal space problem involving the breakout zones.  Most spacefaring systems establish
breakout zones a set distance from the main planet or starport in that system.  However, many ships will try to breakout
closer to their destination to save normal space travel time, risking potential collision.  Also ships may cut through
hazardous regions (usually asteroid fields) to minimize the distance travelled to port.
What follows is ideas for adventure, many of which have been played in my campaign.

ADVENTURE 1:  The Jolly Rogered:  This plot consists of a PC  unknowingly signing on as a crewmember with a
bunch of pirate PC's.  The scenario also includes part of the pirates acquiring (?) a new vessels while the newbie's being
signed on.  Best played with the person playing the new crewman not knowing anything about the other players' real
character classes.

ADVENTURE 2:  Medical Run:  The planet Virgin's Delight has defaulted on a loan with Die Weltbund plutocrat
Hans Reidel and has been put under blockade by units of the Die Weltbund Navy.  By an coincidence a epidemic of
jukabv fever has broken out on the planet.  The party (which can be pirates or traders) are approached by a patron (can be
LOS or a clandestine agent of the Comsentient Alliance or Mapepire Cluster) to deliver much needed serum.  The
Weltbunders have taken over the planet's moon (Virgin's Delight has no space navy) basing a squadron of light fighters(
1beam laser, 2 missiles), an armed transport, 1 close escort, 2 companies of marines, & 23 portable missile launchers at the
moon mining facility.  The planet's satelitte surveilance systems have been destroyed or taken over by the blockaders.

ADVENTURE 3: Bomb Voyage:  The players sign as officiers & crew for a decrept 400 ton trader carrying electronics.  
However,the voyage is actually an insurance scam by the patron,  the cargo is bogus (though being sealed, the crew have
no idea it is) and there is a bomb on board set to blow when the ship is one week in jumpspace.

ADVENTURE 4: Set a Thief to Catch a..:  The players are pirates who have been captured and given a chance for
freedom by their captors.  The mission: take their corsair out with a naval officier & a platoon of marines in disguise and
capture or kill the bloodthirsty Vargyr pirate Hauyrgf.  If they succeed, the pirates will be given a 200 ton trader
(unarmed) and sent off with a message to go trading or else.  Also they will be informed that if the ship never returns there
will naval units alerted for them & a VERY large reward posted.  The pirates will given back their body armour (if any)
and their sidearms (ammo & powerpack removed). It's up the GM whether the naval personnel will keep their bargain or
throw the pirates into prison(or kill them) after the  mission is completed. Another variant will be for the authorities to
keep the pirates on a string & use them for later clandestine operations.

ADVENTURE 5: Breakdown Trader:  The party acquire (or sign on as crew) on 400-1000 ton trader that turns out to be
very old and decrepit (misjump at 10+, for instance).  The players if character are chosen or rolled up appropriate skills  
should be able to handle any problem that arises in transist (the ship still needs a 3MCr. overhaul).

ADVENTURE 6.  Lost Colony:  The players (can be traders, scouts, pirates) find a wrecked pre-Maghiz Darrian starships
(5000 tonne fighter carrier & a 10,000 tonne colony transport.) in an asteroid field.   The ships are linked together with
solar shields erected on the fighter carrier providing a power source.  In side the carrier are 4 intact fighterss(2 laser, 4
fusion guns) & 1 intact 50 tonne SDB (similar in design to the fighter but mounting 4 fusion guns, 24 missile magazine
& a PAW).  the party will find several dead bodies aboard the carrier.  If they follow the power lead it will go into the
colony ship which is even more devastated than the fighter carrier.  Into the interior, in the intact engineering area they
will find 25 low berths hold Darrian children 5 and under (8 male, 17 female) & 18 frozen embryos (7 male, 11 female)
all intact.  Anyone with Medical 3+ will be able to tell the children & embryos are perfectly preserved and viable.  The
Med personnel if Medical 3+ should be able to revive the children on a roll of 9+.  Also around the low berths will the
bodies of Darrians (5 females including the captain & 8 males) all who were very old when they died.  A medical skill of
2+ should prove that the dead died by suicide.  Give the players some TL16 artifacts.  Besides the intact vehicles in the
carrier, the party can make money by delivering the children & embryos to the Darrian Confederation or if they are sleazy
enough sell the children & embryos to the slavers on Phyllis' Surrender (or some other slaver  planet).  Or they could
choose to raise the children themselves.  If they revive the children they will not get much information other than loud
noises, the ship shaking & been hurried into the low berths by their parents.  The GM might roll (or decide) there is some
memory loss due to the length of being frozen ergo the kids have no memory of events.

ADVENTURE 7:  The Shrine Enigma:  The players are approached by a patron to investigate the secret method by which
Dark Goddesses on the planet Shrine/I-Glathriel can cure any insanity.  The patron will give the party one of more
insane persons to create a cover story for the players.  Once inside the Shrine facility, the party must discover the secret
cure & steal it if possible.  The patron offers 10MCr., 2Mcr. now, and rest upon the party's return.  Shrine's secret is an
Ancient installation beneath the Hall of Women where 18 chambers hold devices that manipulate brain patterns, correct
brain damage, etc., effecting complete restoration of sanity.  The chamber cannot be removed, though party can try to
obtain visuals of the interior ot the chambers as well as sensor scans.  All Shrine personnel are armed with hypoguns &
stun batons, while there is a regiment of mercs (TL13+) based a km away from the Shrine.  Also there is 3 Dark Goddesses
corsairs on patrol (all DK personnel considered it an honor to guard the shrine), so the party is advised to avoid gunplay.
If caught in their activities, the Lady Guardian Fhastine will deport the male characters to a prison & offer the female
players a chance to join Dark Goddesses or join the men.  However if the party fights it out on Shrine they will probably
be executed, particularily if anyone is killed or the installation is damaged.
NOTE: All Dark Goddesses personnel undergo the sanity chamber treatment when they are officially accepted into DK as
soon as possible.  Aki hault-Huin was the first to undergo the treatment (accidently) which explains how a sociopathic
killer could built something as enduring as Dark Goddesses & the Huin Hierarchy.  That last bit of information would
be valuable to a historian.

ADVENTURE 8.  The Firefly.  The party has signed on to run a decreipt colony ship (203 passengers in low-berth).  
During the period in jumpspace, a fire breaks out due to wornout circuitry.  Due to missing or broken equipment, the
crew cannot fight the fire & must make an emergency breakout from jump to vent the fire out into space.  Once in normal
space, the crew will find some of the minute hatches that vent oxygen into space will not open.  The crew must decide if
they should try some other method of isolating the fire (cutting holes in the hull to extinguish is a good option) or try to
find some way of saving the passengers (or try both).  If the party has a good balance of technical skills they should

ADVENTURE 9.  Stowaway.  In jump, the crew finds a stowaway who wishes to join the crew.  The kid actually proves
very talent in some shipboard skill & would make a good apprentice. The problem is, they are the child of somebody
important on the planet the ship left (& an important someone who doesn't like spacers).   The party will have to decide
whether to keep the kid or return he/she back home.  The probability for the crew being arrested on their return to the kid's
planet is quite likely (with imprisionment or confiscation of ship).  However if they never return to the kid's home & the
kid is recognized by someone in the future, the crew may be charged with kidnapping away.  A good adventure for the
people skills (bribery, carousing, laison).

ADVENTURE 10.  Killer.  In this scenario from an unfinished game on of the party is a serial killer (full moon killer
based on Red Grant from Ian Flemings' novel 'From Russia with Love'., but you could use any archtype psycho) whose
obession gets out of hand on shore leave tht rest of the group holding the bag.  Unfortunately,he's not only the  engineer
but has Pilot-1 & Nav.-1 and has a head start to your trader.  Can you catch him before he leaves you stranded with the
police?   Of course if he does escape it can make for an interesting campaign trying to catch him by intersection.

ADVENTURE 11.  Revenge.  You're corsairs who've been double-crossed by your leader (or by the crew of another
corsair) and left for dead.  You and yours want revenge. First you need a ship, then a plan.  If you're all part of a large
fleet of pirates you could try to get back to base & confront your enemy by trial or duel.  You could hunt them down by
yourself as a personal vendetta.  You could turn coat & assist the authorities.

ADVENTURE 12. Slaver. Your Free Trader has accepted a frozen consignment.  What you don't know is that it is
low-berthed slaves. The adventurers can find about their cargo either by curiosity (one of them is med trained &
recognizies settings for 'cold sleep'); or by accident (power outage or some similar mishap); or by being boarded &
searched.  In the first 2 instances what will the players do?  The the 3rd scenario, how will the players keep out of jail?
As you can see there are many ways to inadvertently cross the line between honest trader and criminal even if that wasn't
your intent.  But commerce drives the universe of Traveller and many a good trader will do anything to turn a profit and
will  knowing cross that line.  As I set down in my page on piracy many a pirate will engage in lawful trade on occassion.
The other side of the coin many legal traders will committ robbery, piracy, & fraud to lower overhead, gain an advantage
over a rival (or even try to eliminate them physically), or create an unfair balance of trade with a trade or resource planet.
Well, that's life in the spacelines, so as long as you don't too far, kill too many people, and above never annoy anyone
powerful (or crazy) happy Travelling.  Darkhstarr
STARPORTS exist for two reasons: 1. To provide places for spaceships to land & offload their cargo & passengers. 2. To
separate spacers from the native population, especially on insular or xenophobic planets while providing said spacers
with R&R (aka I&I), ship repair & maintenance, & the opportunity to locate new mercantile endeavours.

All in all, starports are fairly wide open for carousing, usually Law Level 0, & have pretty tough Merc security personnel.
Many a clandestine deal is made in starport because the planetary or national don't openly operate there.  Also there is
concern for conflict with locals escaping strict local moral codes to party in starport(usually local rich).  Fighting does
occurs, but usually if firearms & energy weapons don't get used, the starport cops don't interfer.  However, once a brawl
becomes a firefight, the starport cops will strike & don't concern themselves with who they shoot. In fact, playing starport
cops would make an excellent adventure for characters who don't wish to travelling in space.
'If we can't get it, it doesn't exist!'  Caipre Hilksi, founder of Rushui
Rushui was founded in 832 on Mapepire Balsyn/Mapepire as an import/export consortium by traders recently
arrived from the Imperium.. Over the years it has added corporate espionage, legal aid, data exchange,
smuggling & other clandestine activities it its resume.  It is currently the largest non-Imperial corporation of
its kind,  with private citizens, governments, pirates, & even Imperial megacorps  including in its clientale.

Rushui's board of directors currently reside on the Northstar ringworld where they are an important source of
venture capital & supplies for the ringworld's builders.  Rushui's operation is broken into two divisions, Sales
& Research.  Sales operates from Emporiums located on a planet or satellite run by a Sales Administrator.
Research Division operates clandestinely inside a sales office or in their own research center.  In either case
they are run by a Research Administrator.  Both Research & Sales answer to a subsector Vice President who
answer to their respective Division President.  The sales division's bulwark are its agents.  They're the sophonts
who locate markets, broker  deals, & maintain a high degree of service & discretion   for clients.  Agents are
usually assigned to a single planet or system, though there are special troubleshooters who handle extra
sensitive transactions. The research division is broken into researchers, who gather data (technology, secrets,
personalities, political developments, etal).  Most researchers have no set place of residence unless they are a
clandestine part of a legitmate enterprise (teacher, scientist, corporate researcher, cop, for example).  Data
gathered by researchers are sent back to the closest Rushui operation where it is handled by the Analyst section,
the second half of the research division. It's the job of analysts to sort, identify, categorize, & study information
passed on to them.  After their work is done, the data is filed away or sent to an Rushui operation that could
use the data to promote or expidite business.  Rushui maintains its own fleet of courier starships though quite
often it will rely upon existing X-Boat routes for communication.  Rushui maintains a strict neutrality policy
& quite often can be found dealing with opposing sides in trade or war.  They also maintain an even stricter
policy of honesty that allows most clients ignore or forgive their neutrality stance.  However, don't expect to do
any covert or illegal business with Rushui unless you are a past client, have a recommendation from one of
their clients, or undergo a background check.
Important as their illegal activities are, they only make up 20% of Rushui's business (though 40% of the
profits), the other 80% is fairly legal even by strict legal systems.

Though their most important Emporiums are on  Northstar/Darkling Regions, Araniopa/Araniopa, &
Beaumonde/Mapepire they can can found on most planets in the Beyond with the exception of the Mal'Gnar
& Die Weltbund. Outside the Beyond they have Emporiums on Tarsus/District 268 (Spinward Marches), The
Florian League (Trojan Reaches), Varen's Planet/Trelyn (Vanguard Reaches), Elliador/Trelyn (Vanguard
Reaches), & Desire/Huin (Touchstone).

Dark Goddesses & Webrunners use Rushui to arrange ship & equipment, & to provide data on shipping,
security, & trade though this is not know to the outside world.  Their greatest coup, however is arranging for
the sale of captured Zhodhani & Sword  Worlds ships & equipment to the Zydarian Codominium & pirates &
worlds  fighting Aslan forces in the Trojan Reaches. They also have a long standing relationship with
SUSAG handling their extra-Imperial deals & testing.  Many Free Traders use Rushui's services to facilitate
purchases, locate cargo & verify jump & system data (quite often local government services will fudge data
under pressure or bribery from some large concern).

Rushui can be very useful for a campaign, providing information, patrons, cargo, merc contracts, new
planets/markets, equipment, personnel, assassins, you name it.  But they are criminal businessmen, so play
careful & don't doublecross them or you might find yourself floating in space.  Or you could even run a party
of Rushui personnel, play police or intelligence ops infilitrating the organization.

RUSHUI CAREERS:  Backgrounds for Rushui PC's & NPC's can be as follows:

SALES AGENTS: Merchant, Noble, Rogue, Diplomat.
RESEARCHERS:  Rogues, Scouts, Merchant, any armed forces  intelligence branch.
ANALYSTS: Merchant, Doctor, Scientist, Army, Navy, Marine, Pirate,Scout, Diplomat.
ADMINSTRATORS: Any, but usually Dilpomat, Merchant, Scientist.

Agents & Researchers have the most possibilities as Analysts & Administrators are too busy to adventure do to
the nature of their work.
Founded in 956 on Phyllis' Surrender from the remaining corsair/scientist families of the Ghaskoret pirates,
Tuablin specializes in kidnapping, mind control, & advanced biogengineering(the later based on some lucky
Ancients finds on Phyllis' Surrender in 712).  The corporation holds a monthly bazaar selling slaves (usually
for labor, bioengineered soldiers,  or technical expertise), bioengineering products, & stolen goods. Their
principal business partners include Die Weltbund (Tuablin is DW's primary source for much needed ship
technical personnel), Parallel Lines' Shadow Division(the secret criminal group within PL), Zydarian
Codominium, Northstar Republic, Trelyn Domain, Eslyat Mag., the Imperium, The Zodhani Consulate, &
several independent corsair groups.  Webrunners & Dark Goddesses are known enemies of Tuablin & are
banned from the Phyllis' Surrender system.  However the Guardians of Serenity are allowed to land & are often
found bidding on slaves (usually children) in order to free them.  The Comsentient Alliance officially
disapproves of Tuablin but cannot act against it due the conflicts of interests among member planets who deal
with Tuablin.

Tuablin is not well liked by many, but their services are invaluable even to superpowers like the Imperium. But
the lords of Tuablin learned their lessons from the Ghaskoret debacle, and as long as they stay out of politics,
they will be left alone by the forces that could easily smash them.

Though they are not without enemies.  Besides Webrunners & Dark Goddesses, the LOS constantly acts against
Tuablin interests.  Manax Darkhstarr, the Imperium's diplomatic troubleshooter has been working with
anti-Tuablin interests (this is one of the reasons for his re-assignment to St. Foy). And many low tech worlds &
free traders who form most of Tuablin's human resources are starting to fight back.  Even the IDES with its
anti-piracy tunnel vision has many agents seeing Tuablin worse than any pirate org.  Business can get difficult
if many of these foes start working together.

Though Tuablin posseses its own fleet, it prefers to use other tonnage for its kidnapping business, either through
willing (Parallel Lines, corsairs), or unwitting (legit shipping lines, free traders) partners.  Quite often with
latter, the crew can be blackmailed later into willingly serving as Tuablin flesh transports.

Tuablin mind control techniques are varied, as the corporation has spent centuries developing various psi
techniques, drugs, virus & biological parasites/symbiotes for controlling a sentient. These techniques (& how to
counter them) form a major part of their trade with the Imperials, the Zhodani, & Die Weltbund.

The biologenetic division is TL16+ for much of its work, creating enhanced sentients, usually for combat.  Its
crowning achievement were the Mhorodrin, derived from  chirpers from Tanasi that Tuablin (when they were
the Ghaskoret) 'helped' to overcome their reproductive bottleneck.  The chirpers became the conditioned sepoys
for the elite of the Ghaskoret pirate nobility.  Since the downfall of the Ghaskoret Empire most of the
Mhorodrin have broken free of Tuablin control & have become the corporation's deadliest enemies.

The corporation is very much interested in obtain specimens of the Toreis flower of Lilith & native Lilithian
humans for genetic experiments.  Tuablin has a price of the equivalent of 40 MCr.(Imperial) for anyone who
can deliver both intact to Phyllis' Surrender.  This has become more difficult as Lilith has stepped up planetary
security & few Lilithian travel off planet anymore after several kidnapping attempts.  Those who do travel have
the protection of Eshenili bodyguards (provided by Lilithian plutocrat Deva des Plaines).  However, information
has been acquired by Tuablin that the corsair captain Bette Noire (1/2 Lilithian) possesses the full comlement of
Lilithian adaptations and would make a suitable subject for experimentation.

Tuablin is run much like any other corporation except that its board membership is closed to only surviving
Ghaskoret families (Jikio, Tyhuer, Hyjwet, Wxcgut, Loiptr, Qwuiyt, Bhwertun, Maakiw, Sabaag, Alsadhin,
Foorewtlang).  The current head  of Tuablin is Rejenc Loiptr.

Tuablin's fleet consists of fast couriers (63 100 tonne, treat as 'S' type scouts, 17 200 tonne ); 46 1000 tonne fast
transports;  anywhere from TL11 to TL15.  Their navy consists of 48 TL12 200 tonne SDB's (1 triple laser, 1
triple missile turrets); 12 1000 tonne destroyers (2 triple laser , 3 triple missile turrets); & 6 planetary monitors,
mounting a TL12-13 PAW spiral mount each plus secondary armament & 3 squadrons of fighters each.

Tuablin PC's & NPC's can come from any background you can imagine.  Working with or against Tuablin or
even being one of their victims can make for an interesting campaign.
This most current organizational chart of  Tuablin. Tuablin companies not
unmasked as divisions of Tuablin by the Imperial or non-Imperial intelligence
are marked with (...) around name.  Non-Tuablin subcontractors (most of them
temporary) are not included in this list

TUABLIN is divided into four sections:  Security, Medical, Transport, & Personnel

TEHILI is Tuablin security, espionage, & covert operations division as well as the
defense ministry for Phyllis' Surrender.

The medical branch is involved in legal & illegal medical research.  Akram Pharma on
Phyllis' Surrender handles, with a few exceptions most of the research & applications
of illegal drug & genetic research.  It is the only branch involved in research based on
Ancients material.   Sham Delta Chemical was & is Tuablin's representive in the
Mapepire, Delta, & Trelyn subsectors.  After being unmasked as a Tuablin subsidiary in
1076, it lost all but a clandestine business in the Trelyn Domain.   Bekaani & Yvesa
operates The Metchi Alagwa, Middle Beyond, Liberty Hall, Rull, & Harem subsectors.
Asprey-Alekine operates in the trailing Die Weltbund, Mal'Gnar, & in parts of the
Spinward Marches.  It had a working agreement with the Imperial corporation SuSag
until being unmasked by IBIS in 1054.  It is rumored that those connections have not
been completely severed.  

The transport branch handles all Tualbin's legal & illegal transport except for some
work subcontracted to pirates, & more recently-LOFWIA splinter groups.  Except for
Tradescene, most of the transport companies operate in the middle & trailing
subsectors of the Beyond, with overlapping routes.  Cuinu runs a few ships into the

The personnel  branchs handles everything from staffing, training & the most
important part of its business, the slave trade.  It is rumored that the personnel moves
60,000 people yearly.  Todt-Loos in the most recent company, formed in 996 to supply
the needs of Stern-Hansa.