Built by Grace-Beaumonde Shipyards of Beaumonde/Mapepire. The Kharis Patrol Cruiser is a proven &
tough opponent whether operating as a commerce raider or escort.  Several dozen examples have been
built under license by the Imperial More Shipyards in the Spinward Marches, serving with distinction in the
5th Frontier War. License to built these ships has been extended to Jher Industries of Northstar/Darkling
Regions. Rumors tell of many corsair Kharis operating in the Beyond.  In the Vanguard Reaches, The
Esylat Magistry has ordered 20 Kharis for their border with the Trelyn Domain.
Class named for a
Beaumonde naval officer.  
A new variant  of the Kharis/Marid/Sofian was developed to compete with
Beaumonde Industries Trinity class corsair.  This version features a strengthen docking bay for attaching a
100 tonne scout (or similar vessel) with a ventral dock ring.  The powerplant is upgraded to B.  Jump
capability is reduced by 1 with scouts attached.  Manuver is normally if the attached ships' manuver drives
are synchronized to the mother ship's.  Cost for the new version (Kharid II, Marid II, Sofian II) is 11%
more than the basic versions.   

COST:  MCr445.95.     600 tons    TL14     CREW:  Min.4, Max10  Modified wedge hull.
OFFENSE: 50 ton particle accelerator bay.  2 triple missile launchers operating as 1 battery.  2 triple laser
turrets operating as 2 batteries(1 dorsal, 1 ventral).
DEFENSE: Armoured hull(factor A), 50 ton repulsor bay, 2 twin sandcaster launchers(2 dorsal, 2
ventral), Nuclear Damper(factor 4) EMM.
CRAFT: 1 Standard 20 ton ship's boat, 2 20 ton Dagra assault boats, 1 G-Carrier, 4 lifepods.
CARGO: 2 50 ton cargo bays, convertible to modular crew quarters.
CREW: Min. 1 officer, 3 ratings.  Max. 3 officers, 7 ratings, 20 marines.
COMPUTER:  Military 6fib, master fire control center.
FUEL TREATMENT: Fuel scoops & integral treatment plant.
OTHER:  Beam laser and twin VRF Gauss gun standard on ship's boat.  Master firecontrol allows use of
twin beam lasers on Dagra assaults when docked.  Minelayer or minesweeper module optional for MCr25.
Many Kharis have anti-personnel or anti-vehicle weapons located in popouts added as options for ground
support operations.  (example: Bette Noire's new Kharis class "Aarabella", nee "Morag" has 4 popout
VRF gauss guns on hull with 1a 5th VRF gauss mounted ceiling of bridge for defense, plus two hull
mounted 20cm MRL's). The Kharis also has a ventral vehicle bay(accessible through engineering) for small
craft or grav combat vehicles..
The Marid is the scout version of the Kharis.  The particle accelerator is replaced in the Marid
with increased sensor capability and a more powerful nuclear damper.  Armour is reduced to
factor 3 with an increase jump to Jump5.  The marine barracks module of the Kharis is
replaced with a survey laboratory with 3 low berths.
Named for the scout who discovered Beaumonde.
The Sofian is designed to carry troops or cargo in relative safety and speed, carry up to a
company of troops or 250 tons of cargo.  Armament is limited to 2 twin triple laser turrets.  
Armour is same as the Kharis with a total of 8 sandcaster launchers. The Sofian replaces the
particle accelerator shaft with additional cargo or 36 low berths.  The latter has seen 8 Sofian
modified as medical scouts. A rumored pirate variant of the Sofian has the ventral vehicle
replaced with a 50ton missile bay. Named for a famous trader.
The Dagra was originally designed as a belter's boat for the Ghespe belter class ships. The
boat has proved very useful and became standard with the Kharis/Marid/Sofian class as an
auxiliary. Named for the Darga beetle of Beaumonde for its buglike appearance.

There are three variants:
PATROL: Armour(factor 5); 2G acceleration, agility 3; twin beam lasers, operating as 2
batteries, boom mounted and rotating for 1 360 degree arc of fire, 2 fore mounted 20mm chain
guns, 2 fore mounted VRF gauss guns. Crew of 2 (operator, gunner). Passengers: 6.
SCOUT/BELTER: Same stats as the Patrol, except increased sensor capability, beam lasers
replaced with laser cutters, and no chain or VRF gauss guns.
MERCHANT: Unarmoured. 3G acceleration, 3 agility.  No armament, but beam lasers or
laser cutters can be mounted with ease.  Crew of 1 and 8 passengers or 10 tons cargo
DAGRA MK2.  The MK2 differs only in a manipulative arm & claws built around the laser in
each arm.
This variant is offer only in the Belter & Patrol versions & cost 10% more than the MK1.
Ship designed inspired by my wife's and a friend's desire to have a Traveller warship patterned after the
Millenium Falcon ( copyright Lucas Film).
A planned feature of the Kharis/Marid/Sofian class is it's modular construction techniques.  
These allow easy conversion of cargo space to barracks space or to small craft hangar.  Also
the sections containing the particle accelerator bay and the missile magazine/launchers are
modular and can be replaced easily with non-lethal cargo.  Cunning pirates with enough
credits will purchases cargo modules to replace their weapon modules for deception reasons.  
A support trader (usually 200 tons) will carry spare modules and techs to replace or exchange
modules.  Bette Noire's Kharis "Aarabella" carries 5 popout VRF gauss guns, 1 in dorsal
mount on ship's boat, and four others (stern, bow, port and starboard on rotating mounts) to
support onplanet operations A recent development is the Deathlance PAW barbette module,
which can be mounted dorsally or ventrally either on top of the missile launcher module or
the missile can be removed and replaced with the Deathlance in its stead.
Originally designed before the 4th Frontier War, the Lloredh is constantly upgraded with
latest technology (including TL15 electronics from the Imperium) and is on a par with the
latest Zhodani & Imperial fighters. With her 30 missiles, dual wing lasers and centerline
fusion gun she packs a hefty punch. A feature peculiar to Darrian craft,, the Lloredh has
gliding ability if grav and power fail.  Named for a bluish/yellow raptor of darrian myth.  
Rumor speculates recovered TL16 equipment being installed on newer models.
Outside the Imperium most Lloredh encountered will not be of Darrian manufacture. Of
these non-Darrian fighters; 40% will be built under license by Aes Sirkadiir Aerospace
Corporation (Trelyn Domain), the rest will nonlicensed production from
Grace-Beaumonde(Beaumonde, 24%) or Lahar Industries (Northstar Republic, 36%).

30 tonnes empty.  33.1 tons loaded.        COST 45 MCr.
ELECTRONICS: 2fib computer (TL15)   POWER: Fusion
ENDURANCE: 2 days    FUEL:  10 KL
ENVIROMENT: SC         SENSORS:  Active 4000 km.  Passive:  10000 km
SPEED(ATMOSPHERE): 1500 kph cruise.  2300 kph top.
DEFENSES: Armoured hul factor 1, Prismatic spray x 2
OFFENSE: 1 fusion cannon(TL15), 2 laser cannon (TL13), 2 missile launch tubes(30
missile magazine)
CARGO: 100 kg    COMMO: Interplanetary.   
Built by Macer Arms of Northstar utilizing Darrian/Imperial/Poicxh concepts, the
Firebeetle (or Battleroach as it is called by its pilots) is fast, well armed and
manuverable.  Selfcontained, it has been adapted for space use as a security vehicle, by
mercs, and corsairs.  Some corsairs replace the beam laser with a laser or plasma cutter

HULL: 1 tonne.   POWER: Fusion.  ENDURANCE: 60 hours.  ENVIROMENT: All
LOCO: Std. grav module.  3 tonnes thrust.  CRUISE: 300 kph.  MAX. 375 kph.
COMMO: Planetary.  SENSORS: Active 300 km, passive 4000 km.   HEADLIGHT: x2.
OFFENSE: 1 Beam laser.  Attachment for  machine gun or VRF Gauss Gun pods or 1
CREW: 1  FUEL: 0.7 kl.  CARGO: 10 kg.   COST  8MCr.
NEURONIC WHIP (whip skill or default to club): TL8+ whip with power source in
handle causing 1D-4D stun damage (depending on TL and/or setting).  The handles
of some models can used as a stun baton.  Useless against insulated suits or body
armour.  Damage on senseless victim treated as 1/2 real damage.  Charges last from
35-100 hits depending on TL.  Cost 160-400 cr.
The best and most ornate neuronic whips are obtain on Vlad in the Mapepire

PLASMA SWORDS: (laser 2 or plasma sword skill).  TL10-12 weapon consisting of a
handle containing powerpack, laser igniter, plasma cartridge & a retracting heat
resistant alloy sleeve containing minute holes.  When extended, a laser ignites gases
creating a blade hot enough to cut through metal.   The resulting plasma blades lasts
up to 5-15 minutes of use depending on TL level. Requires a dex of 6+ for use.  Can
be used as a weapon (treat as cutlass +3 to hit, 4D6 damage).  Cost: Cr. 10000.
Powerpack: Cr. 25,  Plasma cartridge: Cr. 60-250 depending on TL (the high the
tech, the cheaper the unit).

GRAVITIC SWORDS: (laser skill 2 or gravitic sword skill).  TL15 plasma sword
from Jolie, Ltd. of Trelyn Vera (Trelyn subsector-Vanguard Reaches).  Touted as a
rediscover of old Darrian gravitic technology.  They consist of a handle(15cm long)
with a power unit that when activated emits a laser beam igniting plasma cartridge
contained and shaped by a gravitic field.  Power cells last up to an hour use, however
use is limited to 10 minutes at most due to overheating and possible failure of gravitic
field (4D damage to user plus loss of arm).  Most have shutoff switches that
automaticall shut down after 5 minutes use(can be overridden with electronics 2+).  
Gravitic swords can be used with laser 2 skill (or gravitic sword skill) at a skill level
of 1.  Requires a dex of 9+ for  use. The weapons cannot be used as tools unless the
gravitic/magnetic fields are shut off, converting the device to a plasma torch. Treat
the weapon as a cutlass +4 to hit with 6D6 damage.  Most of these weapons are very
ornate and go to rich customers.  Cost: 60000 cr. to 1/4 MCr.
Power pack  Cr: 25 ea,  Plasma cartridge:  Cr. 80 each.

POWERHOLSTER: Common among the outlands, partuliarly on low law level
planets, powerholsters are a generic term for any  forearm mounted device housing a
dagger or firearm for the purpose of quick-drawing and firing a weapon in the same
round. Powerholster vary from springloaded (TL4) to those operated by a power pack
(TL7+).  Minimum dex for safe use is 6.
Illegal on most planets above LL2, (except paramilitary or military forces).  
Powerholsters must be worn outside clothing unless specially design clothing are
worn.  Powerholster fail or jam on a roll of 12(powered units), or
10-12(springloaded). Jams last 2D6 rounds but can be lowered with mech skill to a
minmum of 1 round.  Success use of power holster allows use of weapon same round
at at -1 penalty (unless you have a powerholster skill)  Inspired by Harry Harrison's
Deathworld series.  COST:  100 cr. - 6000 cr.

SHRAK MISSILES:  (TL8+)  Multiple warhead missile used for anti missile defense.  
Using sensors the missiles react to incoming missiles, splitting into 12 micromissiles
exploding like a giant shotgun blast that damages or destroys the incoming missile.  (
Die roll 1D6 1: missile destroyed; 2-3: +2 difficulty to hit;  4-5: +1 difficulty to hit; 6:
Shrak missile fails to affect incoming missile.  Cost: Cr. 4000 ea.

MINES: There are several types of mines used in the Beyond by legitimate navies and
corsairs alike.  Hit hit results from CT Book 3.  Penetration factor is equal to armour

GRAVITIC MINES: TL12+  Cost: 40,000cr. per dozen.   Manuver 1G, Agility 1.   
Penetration 5(if nuke used penetration factor  7 plus radiation.)  Power: solar cell.  
Passive sensors 1,000m.  Detonation range 1,000 m.  Mine sensitive to the gravity well
of starships.  Used in deployment of 40-400 mines.  Not often used due to cost, but
popular with The Trelyn Domain, Phyllis' Surrender, and several of the richer
planets of Die Weltbund. Size: same as ship's missile and can be launched via tube or

SEEKER MINES:  TL12+ Cost: 10,000 cr.  per dozen. Manuver 1G, Agility 1.  
Penetration 5 (or if nuke used penetration 7 plus radiation ).  Power: solar cell.  
Passive sensors 4,000m.  Detonation: 100m or less.  Homes in ship's drive signature.  
Detonation occurs unless mines recognizes ship's IFF (Identify Friend or Foe).  One
of the most popular mines, and the cheapest.  Deploy in lots of 200-1,000, or in the
case of some Corsairs launched at a pursuing ship.  Sames saize as gravitic mines. A
few have been built inside small meteors to heighten deception.

REPULSOR MINES: TL13+  Cost 60,000 per dozen.  Manuver 1G.  Agility 1.  
Penetration 4. (nukes usually not used in this model.  Power: solar cell.  Passive
sensors 4,000m.  Detonation 1,000km or trigger by repulsor.  A new design deployed
by Rathys Arms of Trelyn Vera in 1101, the repulsor mines (called the Backlash  by
its manufacturers), are currently in short supply with demand outpacing supply.  This
has led to some corporation espionage (Dark Goddesses has placed a bounty of
45Mcr. for the plans, for instance).  The backlash is usually deployed in seeker
minefield to discourage repulsor minesweeping ( usually one repulsor mine to 20-35
regular mines).

SPACESUIT MINE(FYTEGH).  TL11+  Cost: 5,000 cr. Manuver same as vacc suit.  
Agility 0.  Penetration 2 (Penetration 4 plus radiation if nuke used).  Power: fusion.
Passive sensors 10 meters.  Detonation: contact or 10 meters.  A nasty invention of
Zydarian pirates, the Fytegh is planted in spaces lanes, broadcasting a distress call to
draw in unsuspecting ships.  A really vile variant is a live decoy with the mine
disguised as a malfunctioning thruster pack.  Cost keep check by using used hard
vacc suits as the mine's outer shell.

NETGUN TL8.  Cost: 400-650cr.  A stubby pistollike device that shoots strings of
sticky material that can envelope one man-sized sophont, forming a net around the
victim, shrinking as it dries. Resistant to edgeed weapons (-2 modifier), it is hard but
impossible to cut a victim free.  The net can be dissolved by a special solvent (solvent
comes with each cartridge reload case).  The weapon holds from 6-16 cartridges
depending on model.  Riot versions have been built (650-800 cr) that are two-handed
and carry 60-1000 cartidges.(short to medium range weapon).

NETGUN TL12.  Cost: 800-1500 cr. A development of the netgun, also called the
stinger, this weapon containes microfilaments that emit minute electric shocks that
immobilize the victim's muscles once ensnared.  Two minutes after entanglement, the
victim is unable to move.  After 2 two hours of being in the net, the victim requires
medical skill to get the muscles to recover quickly(otherwise, normal recovery takes 2
D6 x 10 minutes).  Victims left over a day in the stinger will require hospital
treatment to recover(otherwise takes 2 D6 x 10 hours to recover).
(Inspired the tanglers in Andre Norton's books).  Each stinger holds 12-18 cartrdiges
depending on model( cost 50 cr. each).(short to medium range weapon).  Effects
negated by battledress or any insulated protective clothing.

THE ENCAPSULATOR (aka The Baggun).TL11.  800-1000cr.  A development of the
netgun idea, the Baggun sprays a fine mist covers the victim, drying quickly into an
air-permeable bag immobilizing them.  Almost impossible to cut (-6 modify) and
removable by a special solvent.
The most popular non-lethal police weapon in the Marches, Trojan Reaches, and the
Also popular with the criminal element.  Each pistol carries 9-16 cartridges(12
credits ea.). Short to medium range weapon.

THE NERVE SUIT  TL13.  Cost:  2000-3000 cr.  A sinister version of the baggun, it
reputed to have it's origin on Phyllis' Surrender, the slavers planet.  It fires a spray of
conductive material Immobilizes the victim.  Once harded around the victim, the
operator of the nervesuit gun affixes a control device from the gun onto the nervesuit
coccoon, allow the flow of energy into the suit creating great pain to the victim.  
Normally used for interrogation, it does have  a lethal setting 2D6 to 4D6 per charge
that kill quickly or slowly.  Illegal on most planets of Law Level 3 and above.  
Weapon holds 8 cartridges ( 300 cr ea.) .   Weapon's power pack has charges for 100
zaps per regular setting.  ( lethal settings use up 2 charges for setting 2D6 charge, 3
charges for 3D6 setting, etc.,)(powerpack 200 cr.).  Short to medium range weapon.

MAL'GNAR PLASMA LANCE TL11.  A bizarre weapon, the plasma is a low-tech
plasma gun mounted on a 1.4 m grip that can be used as either a maul or a spear
depending on what is mounted on the buttplate.  Relatively inaccurate ( treat as
plasma gun -4), it is still a powerful weapon if it hits (8D6 damage).  It has found
favor with the Toishan marines, would now are field their own pirated version.  Cost:
62,000 Cr.

SLIDER RIOT GUN(aka The Glue Gun).  TL11+ .  Cost: 1000-1600 cr. Shotgunlike
weapon fire a spray of liquid in a 30m long by 10m wide cone.  Instance effect is a
frictionless surface causing all targets to fall down (diffculty 12 to get up again).  The
liquid quickly(2 minutes) dries  into a sticky adhesive pinning victims to the ground.  
The substance dries completely in 10 minutes allowing the targets to be restrained by
police.  Shell versions ( 100 cr. per round ) that splatter in a 10 m radius.  Come in
single shot or 16 cartridge (40 cr. per cartridge) versions.  The slider has also become
a popular  nonlethal weapon with shipboard crews.

SCOUT SURVIVAL WEAPON(SSW):  TL11+  A multipurpose weapon/tool thought
to originate
in the Spinward Marches.  It combines a 8 to 14 inch survival/fighting single edged
blade with a laser pistol/laser torch.  For the laser component the most common ( &
cheapest) is  a laser weapon barrel one flat side of the blade with a laser torch on the
other, though one dual purpose barrel to one side or atop the dull edge of the knife
blade is common in the Liberty Hall & Mapepire sectors(the Beyond).  Most SSW take
the standard laser pistol powerpack.  Handles
tend to look like slightly curved knife handles, usually with a thumb firing stud on
the upper
part of the grip where the blade & laser barrel begins.  SSW rarely possess
crossguards though
a few models with studded or spiked handguards are known.  Cost for a standard
scout issue
SSW is 3500 Cr. & includes 3 spare powerpacks.  Custom models can run anywhere
from Cr.
5000 - 12000 depending on workmanship & frills.  For combat treat as laser pistol &
blade length dagger or blade.  Because of its utility is popular on frontier planets, &
belters, corsairs, & free traders.

SECURITY CATBOT.  A development of the catbot from T4(see T4 Central Supply
Catalog) for stats). Cost: 5000 cr. for regular to 10,000 for a realistic-appearing cat).  
The security catbot also incorporates into its claws stun capability (3D6 nonlethal
damage). It is rumored that of these catbots have been modified with virus to enhance
their abilities.

       EXAMPLE CATBOT: Bette Noire's catbots.

TL15 URP: 26134-14-63325-3B56.  Damage: 10/10.  Modified to resemble a large
black siamese cat(Thing 1 & Thing 2), Gray tabby  ( Gizmo & Gadget), Blue
flamepoint siamese (Tesla & Marconi), White ( Robbie & Maria ), Leopard spotted
(Tybalt & Haywire).   
SENSORS: Basic sensor package-2 visual sensors (telescopic, light intensifying),
audio (extra sensitivity), olfactory (extra sensitivity).  Voder.  Touch sensor.
DEVICES: Z-G manuver package, electronic circuit protection, power interface,
brain interface, program interface, acoustical speaker, radio-distant range (5km).
APPLICATION PROGRAMS: Emotion simulation, close combat, hunting, security,
WEAPONS PACKAGE: Electroshock (3D6 Stun or  amped up to electorcute) ,
ceramalloy claws (Treat as claw +1, 1d6 damage per leg), ceramalloy fangs (Treat as
fabg +1, 1d6 damage).   Additional weapons can be plugged in.

A powerful and efficient design, the Blazor is a good choice for base security. It also
is useful in a limited military role against infantry and unarmoured vehicles.

SIZE: 3 1/2 m long, 3 m tall.  300 kg.  Armour: 45 pts.   POWER: fusion.
LOCOMOTION: 2 tracks.  200 kph onroad, 40 kph offroad.  SENSORS: basic sensor
DEVICES: powerinterface, brain interface, extensive ECM, obscuration device, laser
welder, radio-very distant, acoustical speaker, video recorder, ECP, program
interface, master unit, slave unit, spotlight.  APPLICATION PROGRAMS: Weapons
handling, security, hunting, tactics, forward observer, cargo handling.  WEAPONS
PACKAGE: Laser rifle x 4 (50 shots ea.,arms mount, fully rotating), gauss rifle x 2
(fully rotating mounts,1000 rds, tranq, dart, HE, HEAP), sonic hazers x 2 (front and
rear mounts), netgun x 3 (rotating mount in center of robot body, 8 rds ea.),
retractable tentacles x 4 (center of robot body below netguns, 2d6 damage)
OTHER: fuel 10kl.  COST: 35MCr.

stabbing/club weapon of Sword Worlds origin popular in the Trojan Reaches,
Beyond, and other subsectors.  The Reynspada consists of a sharpened reinforced
spike mounted on a hand that also serves as brass knuckles.
The length of spike runs from  2cm up to 60cm normally.  A few examples have
concealed daggers or other weapons in the handle, and a few double-spiked examples
are known. Designed for zero-g combat, its purpose is to punch holes in armoured
vacc suits or battledress to release atmosphere and suit pressure, resulting in
incapacitating or killing the victim.  Requires blade skill and a STR of 6+ to wield.  
On unarmoured suits treat as normal blade to hit/damage; with armoured suits the
weapon gets a +2 bonus to hit, but normal blade damage.  Treat handguard as normal
club for hit/damage.  All Reynspada come with a lanyard for attachment to suit or
Though designed for space, the Reynspada is a popular sidearm onplanet, especially
for belters.
Cost: 60 Cr.-1000 Cr., though special engraved or augmented Reynspada can cost
30000 Cr.

include small motors and RC controls the user greater range and precise control to
hit a target.  A line of sight weapon, it cannot be used against concealed targets
unless a monitoring device ( or a mirrored surface ) allows view of target.  Duration
lasts 1 hours after which blade must be replacement in its sheath for six hours of
recharging.  The blade itself can take any form: standard throwing knife, card (i.e.
'The Bloody Card' from "Dirty Pair"), disc, star, etc.   Treat as dagger +2 for to hit
and damage. Price: Cr. 1000.

Psionic variant of RCTW, these have filaments woven in the blade activated by 4
psionic points.  Base damge similar to normal RCTWs plus 3D6 psionic damage.
Price Cr. 10-25,000.
Designed in 1100 for sale to the Imperium, the
Domintrix is designed for maximum survivability on
the the battlefield. One battalion of Domintrix's
were field tested in the 5th Frontier War, comparing
favorably with the Imperial Trepida grav tank.  In
an experiment in 1108, a few Domintrixes were
introduced to virus smuggled in from the Imperium.  
The result were mixed, and the few viable models
have formed into an special emergency reserve .
TL14.  COST: 25.6 MCr.  WEIGHT: 200 tonnes unloaded, 218 tonnes loaded.
POWERPLANT: Fusion.  LOCOMOTION: Grav plates and thrusters.  SPEED:  
Cruise-500 kph, Top-850 kph.  ARMOUR: 65.  COMMO: Continental 6000 km, Maser: 2
SENSORS: EMM, Passive 4000 km, Active: 20km.  OFFENSE:  Fusion FFX 14, VRF
Gauss x 4.
DEFENSES: Laser-PD x 2, Sandcaster x 2, Prismatic spray x 2.  CREW: 2 (operator,
gunner). CARGO: 100 kg.  FUEL: 20 kl.  OTHER: Optional mounts for MRL.  
Antipersonnel mines launchers.
Built by LAHAR INDUSTRIES, a consortium of Poicxh, Aslan, and Humaniti concerns
on Northstar, the Hobylar/Manator series of grav tanks are their most successful designs
to date. Based on a concept of using the same basic hull and turret design for ease of
manufacture and lower overhead, the series has proven a military and financial success.  
The hull and turret design are obviously of Aslan origin, while the weaponry and
powerplant are of Imperial design.  The sensor and commo systems are pure Poicxh and
give the tanks TL15 in sensor rating. The Hobylar scout tank came first in 1105, followed
by the Manator A and B in 1106.  The unique turret combines a main turret weapon with
a co-axial VRF gauss gun, plus two side turrets mounting various weapon systems.  The
other unique feature is the single operator/gunner in the Hobylar seat in the front hull of
the Hobylar.  This operator arrangement remains the same for the Manator series,
however, a gunner is added in these larger tanks seated in the usual turret position.  The
Hobylar has become the most popular recon tank in the Beyond, however only a few merc
groups field the Manator.

HOBYLAR:  COST: 23.4 MCr.  HULL: 20 tonnes.  ARMOUR : 20.  POWER: Fusion.  
ENDURANCE: 36 hours.  ENVIROMENT: Self-contained.  LOCOMOTION: Standard
grav plates and thrusters.  SPEED: Cruise: 560 kph .  Top: 900 kph.  COMMO: Lidar
4000 km.  Maser 500 km. SENSORS: Passive: 1000 km.  Active: 300 km.  Bioscan: 3 km.  
EM Masking, chamelon paint.
HARDPOINTS: 3.  OFFENSE: Beam Laser main turret; VRF Gauss x 3 (1 ea. side
turret mount, 1 forward hull).  DEFENSE:  Prismatic spray x 2; anti-missile laser; psi
shield (switchable on and off).

MANATOR: COST: 51.3 MCr.  HULL: 150 tonnes(A), 210 tonnes(B).  ARMOUR: 45(A),
55(B). POWER: Fusion.  ENDURANCE: 24 hours.  ENVIROMENT: Self-contained.  
LOCOMOTION: Standard grav plates and thrusters.  SPEED:  Cruise: 320 kph.  Top:
720 kph(A), 700 kph(B).  COMMO: Lidar continental.  Maser: 300 km.  SENSORS: EM
Masking, Passive: 1000 km, Active: 200 km.  HARDPOINTS: 3.  OFFENSE: TL15
Fusion gun (main turret), 20mm gatling and VRF gauss tandem each side turret, 2 VRF
gauss front hull(A), PD laser and VRF gauss tandem side turrets, 2 VRF gauss front
hull(B).  DEFENSES: Prismatic spray x 3, sandcaster x 2, PSI shield (on off modes).

NOTE: Some Manators will option the 20mm gatling or PD laser for a MRL.
QASDUIM.  A TL15 weapon, the qasduim is a molecular slicing blade developed
originally by IBIS in 1045 for its operatives.  It consists of molecular wire wound inside a
handle containing a small gravity module and a powerpack.  When in operation, the
gravity field stiffens the extended wire allowing the user to wield the qasduim as a
slashing, slicing sword of great power (treat as sword +5).  Though teh wire is
illuminated in use to protect the wielder, the qasduim is not for the novice, a bladed
melee weapon skill of at least 2 and a dex of at least 9 is recommended for safe use.  The
powerpack last up to 4 hours and can be recharged at any standard power outlet.  The
qasduim is very compact and can disguised  as a stylus, a hair ornament, a pen, etc.  
Considered primarily a assassination weapon by many, the qasduim is banned on most
planets below law level 9.  Carrying or shipping qasduim in Die Weltbund space is
considered a crime punishable by death.  COST:   15,000-60,000 credits.  A few qasduim
built for noble clients have been rumored at 500,000 Cr.    (Inspired by Larry Niven's
Variable blade)

MURES:  Cost: 1,000 cr.  A semi-intelligent, telepathic protoplasmic animal from
Salus/Storm.  It's sensitivity to radiation (turning bright red) makes it a popular pet with
engineers & scouts.  Also see Beyond Library Data for more info.

YORPAL:  Cost:  200 cr.  Small, beige colored radiate omnivore found on
Bloodgard/I-Glathriel. Moving on eight flexible legs/arms radiating from a round body
(8cm max. diameter, treat boady & appendages armoured like jack) with six eyestalks the
Yorpal makes a loyal companion.  Beside making the ship free of pests, it can be easily
trained to pick up retrieve objects with its strong (STR 2) leg/arms. The  mouth of the
creature located in the bottom of the ball can also be used to pick & hide small items.

EMP MISSILE:  Cost: 20,000-28,000 per missile(TL 8+).  A development of nuclear
missile technology, the missile releases a EMP pulse elimanating electronic devices.  
Popular with the Imperial navy for stopping smugglers.  Corsairs also use under a
modified form to disable bridge computers while leaving the engineering section intact.  
Most nuclear dampers will block  TL8-10 missiles. For TL11-12 it requires a factror3
damper; TL13, factor4, and so on.

NEIVHER ROUNDS: Special ammo rounds carrying loads (tranqs, toxins, etc.,) capable
of piercing body armour.  The round itself consists of a biodegradable capsule with an AP
sabot.  Originally designed by Beaumonde Industries for the colonists of Morrowvia to
carry an alkaline load deadly to the acid-blooded giant insects of that planet.  Highly
successful on Morrowvia the rounds were developed to carry other loads, lethal &
nonlethal.  The success story of the Neivher rounds is mixed as the load carrying capsule
must dissvolve in the victim's body to take effect ( usually 3 rounds as opposed to normal
rounds ), giving the victims time to retaliate.  Neivher rounds cost 10x the amount of a
normal tranq or venom round.  Treat Neivher rounds as tranq round +3 to hit & if fired
at a soft with go completely through the victim.  Named for Kar Neivher, the Beaumonde
tech who developed the round.

VERSIFIER:  Medical device that monitors brainwaves, usually to verify truth or to
determine sanity.
Device requires interrogation or medical skill.  Devices come into use at TL10 (+2 to
difficulty roll). At TL there is a +1 to difficulty roll.  By TL12 the Versifier is a refined
instrument with no modifier except skill level.  Cost: 40,000 to 60,0000 cr.

KLEKHAR:  TL12  Special weapon designed by FHAYRIUSH, Toishan arms
manufacturer.  It looks like a 1/4 meter long baton, blunt at one end, with the other end
containing a electrostunner (like a stun baton) & a laser (equal to a laser carbine).  The
weapon has 4 control buttons: 1 each for a safety switch, laser, stun, and for lengthing or
shortening the shaft of the weapon (anywhere between 1/4 meter to 1 1/2 meters).  The
design llows its use by any sentient race, whether they have opposable thumbs or not.  
The weapon carries separate power cells for laser(20 shots) & stunner (50 jolts), allowing
the user to disable the laser on planets whose law level bans lasers.  This feature has
made it popular with free traders who now make 25% of all Klekhar sales.  Requires
melee & laser skills to operate(min. DEX 8).  Cost:  2000-5000 credits.  A TL13 version
has recently been developed with the addition of a sonic hazer& improved laser control
allowing use as laser torch..  Cost: 2500-5250 credits.

SLEEVEGUNS: TL5 +.  Generic name for any weapon design to be used mounted the
the wearer's arm, either static, or in a powerholster.  Can be anything from dart or slug
thrower to lasers; worn openly or under a sleeve.  Static design are usually an armband
with the weapon built in. Power holster designs are either modified normal guns types or
in most nonhuman designs rather rodlike in appearance.  A few are design as saps as well
as slug thrower or energy weapons.  Usually wearers are security forces, covert ops,
criminals.  Sleeveguns are considered illegal on most planets above Law Level 3.  Cost:
25% above the cost of the normal type of weapon (hypogun, snub pistol, etc.) for a off the
shelf sleevegun or 50%-110% for a custom job.  On some worlds they are called serpents
or serpentines.  Treat as body pistol on hit table.

weapon built under license by Asjery from an Imperial patent.  Named after a Trelyn Vra
viperine, it comes with 32 round magazine that wraps around the forearm.  Can be fired
single shot ( treat as gauss pistol -1 to hit) or in 4 round bursts ( treat as SMG to hit).   
The Kai Arabaa is a fancy version with the barrell actually molded into a serpent's open
mouth & the magazine molded like a serpent's scaled body-often worn openly as jewelry.  
Cost:  Arabaa-Cr. 500;   Kai Arabaa-Cr. 800(though really fancy models can cost
60-150% more);  Magazine: Cr. 8.    Macer sells a pirated version  called the Hirumer for
15% less.  Popular with security people, diplomats, merchants, & of course, criminals.

HUD SENSOR DISPLAY (HUDSD).  Commonly known as a 'Peeper', this TL 7+ device
consists of a monocle-like HUD display resting over the left or right eye (some scout or
recon designs have stereo displays) fitted to a small powerpack & sensor pack that rests on
one ear.  The monocle can be retracted when not in use.  Can be programmed for a
general purpose or specialized scan. Commandos, pirates, etal, often program their
peepers to give the wearer an alert in case of the device picking up some hazardous data
(weapon discharge, heat signature, gas, etc.). (Since my group got hooked on Dragonball
Z they've gotten to call this device a 'scouter'.) Cost: 2000-10000 Cr.

MAV'S (Microscopic Aerial Vehicles): TL8+.  Tiny robotic flyers used in military &
civilian applications.  Most are insect-sized & artificial equivalents of actual insect flying
techniques & most are operated by a remote operator.  They can be used for recon, either
in combat or in IISS survey work to corporate espionage with tiny video  and/or audio
recorders.  Some have been used to quickly spread vacines, particularly with livestock.  
More lethal uses include being armed with toxins/diseases to incapacitate or kill. Some
have design to disable electrical equipment by suicide attacks using EMP 's.  Some have
also been used to deliver coded messages between parties.  The uses are infinite.  The
truly 'programmable' MAV's start at TL12.  Outside the Zhodani & Imperial space some
the best MAV's are designed the microscopic Lorcvih of the I-Glathriel system(many of
the Lorcvih models will have Lorcvih actually piloting the devices).  Cost: 20,000-40,000

PASSIVE SPACESHIP BEACON: (TL8+)  Besides the normal distress measures, there
is the PSB (also called 'Telltale', or 'Whisperer'.) designed for use in case of piracy,
hijacking or by warships in enemy space. The PSB emits a passive commo link in a
special code or codes in short bursts that serves two purposes: 1. To broadcast that the
ship is stolen; 2. To act as a passive homing beacon. Each shipping line, navy, has its
own specific call sign & code(s).  In the Imperium, often each fleet or squadron will have
its own signal. In any case of distress, the PSB is triggered, allowing ships of the same
company or navy (or local space enforcemnet if the codes are on record) to pinpoint a
stolen vessel's position. To make it difficult for pirates to get rid of PSB's several methods
are used: 1. Multiple PSB's scattered throughout the ship; 2. Hiding PSB where their
signal is hard to detect; 3. Interrupter devices that temporarily shut down the beasons
when detection devices are used; 4. Boobytraps, often to drives or ordinance. Though a
knowledgable (& very skilled)pirate can still get by all these safeguards, PSB's are still
very popular. My PSB's are actually based on a new anti-piracy system recently advocated
by the IMM.  Cost: 800 Cr.

STAR SKIMMER:  (TL 11+)  A solar sail equipped instellar version of the gravboard, the
starskimmer is a popular leisure vehicle for cruising & racing in the void.  They come
with collapsible solar sails, variable direction impellors, remote control voice operated
controls or glove controls, and carry a maximum of 2 riders.  There are two basic versions:

STANDARD:  Acceleration: 1G, Agility: 3.  Cost: Cr. 60,000.

RACER(with larger sails)    Acceleration: 2G, Agility 6.  Cost: 126,000.
Lloredh refueling at Ghay Depot
(Dragonrest/Liberty Hall).  Indentified as
'Mother's Little Helper', registered to Free
Trader/Merc Bette Noire
Developed for sale to the nascent Comsentient Navy, the 4-barrelled Macer RGSMG (a.k.a. 'The Deck Wrecker' &
designated 'Gauss Assault Gun' by the Comsentient Alliance) has proven popular as a close assault & borading weapon.
It is a 4-barrelled 4mm gauss SMG with a donut-shaped magazine (320 rds.) that encircles the receiver & rear hand
grip (the latter incorporates the trigger & is large enough to accept most space or battledress gloves). It is supported by a
shoulder harness (unnecessary if you're in battledress) to support the weight & recoil.  There are quick release
mechanisms for the the barrel housing & the magazine located in the handgrip for easy replacement of both in need.
The weapon is sold with 2 spare 4 barrel housings & 6 spare magazines.  Length: 40 cm.  Weight empty: 3200 grams.
Magazine loaded weight: 1000 grams. Fires in 4-shot, 16-shot, & 32 shot mode..  Cost: 8000-10,000 Cr. Spare
magazines: 1000 cr. ea.

           DART(1)       HE        HEAP       ACID POINT(2)

4 SHOT                       4D              6D            8D                 4D
16 SHOT                     5D              7D            9D                 5D
32 SHOT                     6D              8D          10D                 6D

1. Dart can also carry tranq or poison rounds.  Poison damage is based in the type of poison used.
2. Acid point rounds do 1D damage per minute until affected gear is removed or acid neutralized.

                                RANGE MODIFIERS:

             CLOSE       SHORT       MEDIUM      LONG         VERY LONG
4 SHOT                            0                +1                     0                  -2                   -4
16 SHOT                         +1               +2                   +1                 -1                   -3
32 SHOT                         +2              +4                     +2                  0                   -2

OTHER MODIFIERS:  HE +1 Close to Long range,  HEAP +2 at short to Long range.
Magwyr Arms
ROBOTIC VERMIN (ARVEE):  TL9 +.     ARVEEs are the ultimate lowcost sabotage weapon popular with pirates,
combining a 2cm round body within are mounted a rotary tool & enough computer & sensors to allow it to home in a
programmed target.  They move about on artificial cilia radiating from the body that also allow the unit to roll over
or up obstacles.  After making contact with the target, the ARVEE opens to deploy its rotary tool & proceeds to drill,
grind, cut, etc. until it runs out of power ( 30 minutes of continual use ) or are destroyed.  The total endurance of
ARVEEs are 4 hours, minus any time used to attack.  Treat the rotary tool as 1D6 damage  for combat purposes and
take 3 rounds to penetrate battledress or robotic armour.  Treat them as battledress with a +2 modifier to hit.  ARVEEs
take only 2 points of damage to rendered them inoperative.  ARVEEs are primarly programmed to attack power
circuits but can programmed to attack any powered device, including robots, vacc suits, battledress, weapons, commo
units, computers, etal.
The are normally deployed in mass as sabotage weapons either concealed aboard the target ship or launched in
special 'Verminator' missiles holding up to ten ARVEES each which penetrate a target hull, & then jettison the
armour piercing nosecone, in order to release its deadly cargo.

ARVEES cost 200 Cr. for each unit, & 6000 Cr. per 100 units.   Verminator missiles cost 2000 credits each.

EMP (ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE)GRENADES:  TL 10+    Grenades design to explode in a controlled, short
lived small (2-4 foot radius))burst to disable or destroy computers, electronic devices, or robotic brains.    Grenades
come normally in either 10mm or 12.7mm  shells, fitting most launchers.  Many 12.7mm rounds are designed to be
used with low tech high velocity weapons such as 'Crack Rifles'.   More formidle are APEMP ( Armour-piercing
Electromagnetic Pulse) rounds usuable against robots, battledress & light armour, getting past armour that would
normally  protect against EMP's ..  The nicety of EMP & APEMP rounds are that they allow you to capture & refit
robotics & other robotic equipment, allowing you to refit them for your own use or resale.  These are popular with
hijackers & pirates who want to disable specific devices or isolate their victims's crew.   Cost:  EMP Grenades:  Cr.  
200 per grenades.  APEMP  Grenades  Cr. 300 per shell.

EMPP(Electromagnetic Pulse Pistol).  TL7+.    Commonly referr4ed to as 'Imps', 'Gremlin Guns', or just  'Gremlins',
these 10mm pistols are designed specially for EMP grenades.  Their range is from short to medium.  The main styles
are  6 shot revolvers or  8 or 10 round magazine automatics.  Their concealability outweighs their short range.
Cost:  Cr.  300-500.   Single shot launcher for a rifle or SMG cost Cr. 120.

GEMPP(Gauss Electromagnetic Pulse Pistols)   TL11+   An attempt to improve on the EMPP  range, the GEMPP
range is from short to long.  However, its cost makes its usefulness questionable.  The GEMPP can have 6, 8, or 12
shot magazine depending on type of weapon.  In the Beyond, only Macer Arms & Beaumonde Industries produce
these weapons.  Cost     Cr. 5000-8000.

CHAFESAW.  TL10+   High tech version of a chainsaw.  It consists of  a cutting band with an abrassive cutting
edge rotated at high speeds on an blade powered by an electromagnetic field.  Originally designed as a commercial
cutting tool for low & high tools, chafesaws are easy to use & maintain.  Each cutting band lasts up 3 months of
active hard use but will break if hit with a sharp edged weapon 3 times(blunt weapons get chopped while blade
weapons snap on a roll of 11 or 12 on 2D6) or hit once with either an energy weapon (laser, etal) or a bullet.   The
chafesaw has also proven itself  useful in melee combat against high tech composite armour battledress (treat as
broadword +1 TL10-11, +2 TL12+, blade cuts completely through battledress in 2 rounds unless deflected or rendered
inoperative). Powercells   last 3 hrs but chafesaws must shut down after 30 minutes active use to avoid overheating.  
Most TL11+ models have an automatic shutdown switch.
Cost:  Cr. 1000 TL10, Cr. 1300 TL11, Cr. 1800 TL12+ for civilian model 60 cm long blade with bands Cr. 100-200
Military Model with 30 cm blade Cr.  2500 TL10-11, Cr. 2800 TL12+.  Bands run Cr. 75-120

SCOUT SURVIVAL WEAPON(SSW):  TL11+   Special Imperial scout  design combining a survival knife with a
dual purpose laser pistol.  Popular also with free traders, corsairs & rogues.  Produced in numbers by several Imperial
concerns.  In the Beyond their are manufactored by Macer Arms, Beaumonde Industries, Justiek  Arms, & on Vlad.
Cost:  Cr. 2000-6000.

GLACIAL CAMOFLAUGE GENERATE:  TL10+  Also known as Snowball Generator,  Hot Snowball, etc. Devices
set on the ship's hull with special chemicals enclosed that when relased, form an uneven icy cover over a spaceship or
space station.  Each generator produces enough chemical for one use.  Generators also enclose chemical to dissolve
the ice formed.  Used to disguise ships as comets or ice asteroids.  If most ship systems cold, will give sensors a +2
difficulty to detect vessel thus concealed on active search.   Parts of ships such as thrusters, gun ports or missile tubes
must be treated to prevent icing over.   Each generator weight 500 kilos.  One generator is needed for every 100 tonnes
of ship.  Cost:  Cr.   9000  singly or 6000 in mass production.   Replace chemicals cost  Cr. 400 per device.

MHARIRIIK:  Security device similat to an ancient Japanese jitte, consisting of a hand with a powerpack &
retractable chain capable of a electric shock (3D stun damage, though some are illegally powered to lethal ).
used to disarm & bind an opponent.  Cost: Cr. 300-1200.  Some Mhaririik are gimicked to carry concealed blades,
handguns or similar weapons.  For those, add the cost of the added weapon plus 25% to the cost of the Mhaririik.

NEURAL SHOCKER(TL8+):  Originally designed as an anti-cyborg weapon, is the total opposite of
EMP(electro-magnetic pulse) & similar devices.  Instead is delivers a stream of light & microwave impulses designed
to initiate an epileptic fit disrupting the connections between the cybernetic & organic neural centers, causing
malfunctions & unconsciousness.  Though nonlethal, the device can 1D6 damage to the victim, as well as complete
loss of dexterity & leaves them stunned for 4D6 minutes. Even after the effect wears off the cyborg difficulty rolls are
increased by +3, requiring complete rest for 24 hours & recalibration with their cybernetic components. .  Considered
illegal at law level 5 on most planets.  Most common configuration is a pistol grip weapon the size of a carbine at
TL8 & dwindling down to body pistol size by TL11.  Cost:  500-750 Cr.   A protective suit such as a vacc suit will
protect the cyborg from this weapon.

NEURAL STUNNER(TL10+):  A development of the neural shocker technology, the neural stunner  delivers 3D6 of
nonlethal stun damage, incapacitating a victim. Even if unconsciousness  does not occur, the victim is disorientated,
causing dexterity loss of 90% & rendering the target effectively stunned for 3D6 minutes.  Difficulty rolls even after
effects wears off is increased by +2.  for 1D6 hours.  This weapon however is ineffective if wear is wearing battledress,
vacc suit or similar protective gear.  Device is about the sized of a heavy pistol at TL10 dwindling down to body pistol
size by TL12.  Weapon is legal on most worlds under law level 9.   Cost:  400-600 credits.

STUNBATON, SWORD(TL7+):  A sword length ( .5 to 1.3 meter long) electroshock stun baton.  Used as a
nonlethal(3D6 stun damage) riot weapon on lower tech worlds; the stunsword (as it is also known) is also used as a
training sword.  In the latter configuration, the voltage can be adjust from  1/2D6 to a full 3D6 damage.  Insulated
clothing will protect against  the shock-however the target will still receive 1D6 blunt force damage.  Cost:  Cr.40-80

AENGKU(TL5+):  Characteristic Vargyr shorthandled battleaxe popular in the Vargyr Reach & the Spinward
Beyond.  The weapon is a double bladed axe with a large curved blade that can used for draw cuts like a cutlass.  The
secondary blade is smaller & used in backhand attacks or for blocking an opponents' weapon.  The Aengku can also
be used for throwing either normally or in a peculiar sideways motion that allows the wielder to throw around
obstacles to hit an opponent.  If the wielder can see the target behind its cover ( say a tree or crate) there is no penalty.  
However if the enemy is obscured by their cover there is a 13 difficulty bonus. Does 2D6  +4 damage with the large
blade & 2D6 damage with the small back blade.  Some models replace the small blade with 3 to 7 spikes doing 1D6
damage. Cost:   Cr. 40-95.

TIGERCLAW(TL7+) Ancient Solomani Melee weapon designed to counter Aslan dewclaw.  The Tigerclaw consists
of a flexible gauntlet with 4 alloy tiger claw that slide out sheaths on the back of the hand, locking in place over the
fingers.  The tigerclaw has a safety release  activiated by thumb pressure on the outside of the index finger  that allow
the blades to unlock & slide back into their sheathes.  The claws are designed so that the user can still use a weapon
with the claws out.  Far more effective for humans than ayloi (artificial dewclaws) since they use a more natural
human hitting motion.  In duels, most Aslan clans have accepted the use of tigerclaws by humans against Aslan
opponents.    Cost:  Cr. 150 - 400.  Tigerclaws can be built into combat armor or battledress for only 10 more than the
cost for a tigerclaw gauntlet by itself.   Despite its Solomani origin, it very widespread throughout Imperial space.
For combat, use the claws combat table.  Does 2D6 damage.
Built by Jacquerii LTD of Trelyn Vra, the Moisura class is built around a factor-9 100
tonne PAW weapon & a massive powerplant.  A multipurpose class it excels both in a
defensive & offensive capability.   It's cost (MCr. 1,200.45) has limited its class run &
current plans have it being marketed to the Imperial Navy.  In appearance, the
Moisura resembles an oversized Imperial Lurushaar Kilaalum class patrol ship. A
newer version, the Moisura  Akraa class has an 25% upgraded  powerplant  & the wing
turrets are replaced with two modified Suleiman class scouts built under license by
Jacquerii.  Cost for  the new class is MCr. 1,230.00.  

TONNES;  2000
JUMP: Moisura: 5, Moisura Akraa:  4 with scouts, 5 without scouts.
TURRETS(Moisura Akraa 4 triple laser turrets), 5 TRIPLE MISSILIE LAUNCH
Introduced in 1074, after attaining the license for an Imperial fusion tank gun, the despot has proven
quite competitive with Imperial design.   The IIC, the current (1098) version of the Despot  is the frontline
main battle tank for most of the Mapepire Cluster, St, Foy, Guildheim, & LOFW.  Also popular with the
better equipped merc units.  Its best features are crew survivability throught heavy armour & placement
of the crew escape hatch in the rear of the tank.
TL: 14.  Cost: 21.8 MCr.    WEIGHTt:  168 Tonnes unload, 184 tonnes loaded.  POWERPLANT: Fusion
PROPULSION: Grav plates & thrusters.  SPEED:   350 KPH Cruising,  670 KPH Maximum.    
OFFENSE:  Fusion FFX 14,   3 x VRF Gauss guns.   DEFENSE:  Sandcaster x 2, Prismatic spray x 3.  
SENSORS; EMM,  Passive 2225 KM,  Active 3.4 KM.    COMMO:  Continental:  8200 KM,  Maser: 2.5   
CREW:  2 (operator, gunner).    CARGO:  115 KG.  FUEL:  23.2 KL.
The Despot IF  Model is still manufactured & used by some military units.  Its main difference is a 66
KPH slower  max. speed & a beam laser.
The Aesirii Mining Suit ( a.k.a. the Aesirii Belter Bug ) first came into use in 897 to fulfill a need by belters
& mining companies for a small, agile, inexpensive  mining craft. Originally built as a TL13 craft, it has
been constantly upgraded to TL15 specs.  The suit requires either a Vacc Suit 3 or a Battledress 1 to
safely operate.    The suit is heavily  armored & equipped with twin laser cutters; three retractible
tentacles (6 meters long) ending in 5-digit fingers & camera for  delicate work; & two power mechanical
legs/arms that allows the suit to act as a walker or be used as power arms ( with mechanical cutter &
clamps ).   Many belters modify the Aesirii by mounting one or 2 laser cannons instead of a laser cutter
for defence.  The current model MKIVB, has TL14 grav plates to allows the unit to hover & allow use of
its legs as arms in gravity.  The Aesirii has also proven popular with pirates & paramilitary groups as
attack craft.  Besides Beaumonde, the Aesirii is built under license by Hyghest of Guildheim.
The Malkhon is a development of the Aesirii as a military vehicle, used by SWAT uints, naval & marine
patrol units, & off course, mercs & corsairs.  Introduced in 1080 to a specifc design order from
Guildheim's merchant princes, the Malkhon has gravity plates for hovering in gravity ( a feature used
later in the MKIVB Aesirii) & twin beam laser cannons or in some version (MKIID & MKIIIB) 1 laser
cannon & 1 laser cutter (MKIID) or 1 plasma cannon & 1 laser cutter in the MKIIB.  These production
variants where short lived due to the modular nature of the Aesirii/Malkhon design allowing easy
switching of cutter/cannon units.  It was also more economic selling a basic unit & then special
weapon/tools packs.  This vehicle inspired by the Penetrator Mech from Battletech, of which I have a
couple.  They match very well as a 15mm Traveller EVA vehicle.

COST:  Cr. 200,000.  WEIGHT:  15 Tonnes  POWERPLANT:  Fusion.  ARMOR:  85.  MOVEMENT:  
Thrusters(Zero-g), walker legs, gravitic plates) only in MKIVB, add 5% to cost).  SPEED:  Thrusters:  1G,
Walker legs: 60 KPH.
AGILITY:  6.  OFFENSE: Twin laser cutters, 3 x tentacles (treat as club)   2 x heavy arms ( blade treat a
halberg ),
clamps 8D damage, lift capability 150 KG.  CREW:  1.   CARGO: 2KG.  FUEL:  3 KG.  SENSORS:  
Active 4000 KM,
Passive:  9000 KM.    COMMO:   LR 10000 KM. ENDURANCE: 1 Week.

COST:  Cr. 258,000.   WEIGHT:  16 Tonnes.  POWERPLANT:  Fusion.   ARMOR:  85.  MOVEMENT:
Thrusters (zero-G) ,  Gravitic plates, Walker legs.    SPEED:  Thusters 1G(zero-g) or 40 KPH in
atmosphere. ,  Walker legs 60 KPH.   AGILITY: 6; OFFENSE:   twin beam laser cannons or 1 laser
cannon & 1 pulse cannon, 3 x  tentacles (treat as club) , 2 x heavy arms  ( treat blade as halberd), clamps
8D damage, lift capability 150 KG.  CREW: 1. CARGO: 2 KG. FUEL: 3 KG.  SENSORS:  ACTIVE  650
KM,  Passive:   12,000 KM.  COMMO LR 10000.  EDURANCE:  1Week.
TONNAGE:  50 Tonnes.   PERFORMANCE:   6G Aceleration,  Agility 6,   ELECTRONICS :  Model/2bis
computer, Active & Passive sensors.   ARMAMENT:   4 Lasers  firing as 1 battery,   4 missile tubes firing
as 1 battery.
DEFENSE:   Armour-Factor 5.   CREW:   1(Pilot/Gunner),  or 2 (Pilot,  Gunner).  CARGO:  50
CRAFT:  2 Inflatable lifepods.  COST:  21.4  MCr.

The SHIV class was designed by Ling-Standard as an inexpensive SDB & escort vessel.for insystem use.  
For long patrols, the chairs are convertible into beds,  their are portable sanitation stations on the port
side of the bridge & starboard side of the bridge contains ration/fluid storage & a small kitchen.  Missile
magazines are located in the ventral portion of the boat behind the launch tubes & are load from large
access hatches.  The Shiv is manufactorered under license by Ibere-Khrespe of Trelyn Vra, & by illegally
by Beaumonde Industries of Beaumonde/Mapepire.
Outside the Imperium, in addition to its usual roles it is utilized as an escort craft either attached to a
larger ship or on a fighter carrier.   In space, the SHIV is deadly against small craft & fighters; it suffers
(despite its manuver thrusters) in its lack of control surfaces in atmosphere  ( drop Agility to 4)   The
Shiv serves in the  Beyond with the Trelyn Domain,  Esylat Magistry, most of the Mapepire Cluster
worlds,  Guildheim,  St. Foy, The LOFW,  & several of the Noble navies of  Die Weltbund.

SHIV-B ASSAULT CUTTER..  Ibere-Khrespe  in 1088 developed this version for a assault craft for
escort troop tramsports & for special forces operations.   The space used in the SHIV for personal
hygiene, & storage of rations & lifepod were removed & a weapons rack & benches for 12-battlesuited
combats troops installed.   The SHIV-B1 kept the basic weaponry of the SHIV except a small popout
turret mounting 2 VRF gauss guns for ground support.    The SHIV-B2  of 1101 replaced the ventral
laser with more powerful (if shorter ranged)  fusion cannons.     In 1103 the SHIV-B1d was produced for
lower TL planets with twin 20mm multi-barrelled cannons replacing the harder to maintain VRF gauss
guns.  COST:  SHIV-B1  21.2  MCr.,   SHIV-B2 21.56  MCr.,  SHIV B-1d   20.8 MCr.  All three are also
produced illegally by Beaumonde Industries from stolen plans for 10-18% less than their I-K originals.
, The Trinity Class is one of Beaumonde Industries most successful designs.  Originally built by combining
either a type 'P' corsair or a 400 tonne trader to two scout/couriers(or two fighters), a common type used
by corsairs for decades.  The Trinity MK.II of 1044 was the first built from the ground up combining a
brand new 400 tonne hull to 2 100 tonne hulls, the MK.II. was built to resemble Beaumonde's successfull
600 tonne Briannis class traders.  The MK.II's scout vessels were not jump capable & proved unpopular
with its desired clientale who preferred all ships be jump-capable.
124  MK.II 's were built, with 23 to corsairs,  & the rest mostly sold as patrol or escort vessels ( 46 to
Tuablin,  23 to Guildheim,  12 to Vlad,   8 to Hardass, 14 to St. Foy,  8 to  Beaumonde Defense Force,  4
to the Manwaring family of Die Weltbund, 3 tp the Paldoran family of Paldoran, & 6 were assign to the
Baumonde family itself.)  None of the corsair ships are currently operating in the Beyond.
The MK.III of 1078 was an unqualified success with its 2 jump-2 scout ships, 186 built to date with 77
serving with corsairs mostly operating out of the Liberty Hall subsector.   The rest have been purchased
by various navies ( 24 to Lilith,  6 to Vlad,  12 to Guildheim, 12 to Zydar,  10 to Wahl's Academy, 5 to
Trayfowen, 5 to Ft, Foy, 3 to Beaufort Lines, 3 to the Remion family of Trayfowen, ,  2 to the Paldoran
family of Paldoran,  2 to IDES, & 2 to the Manwaring family).

The following stats are for the MK.III version.  for the MK.II treat the scoutships as non-jump & remove
the ventral bow missile turret.  This design was inspired when we caught the SF comedy 'Ice Pirates' in
the theatre back in the 80's
Cost for the MK.III  is 212.34  MCr.    The older MK.II  cost is  225.8  MCr. due to lack of interest in that



TONNAGE:  400 Tonnes,
PERFORMANCE:  Without scoutships:   Jump-4,  5G Acceleration,  Agility 3; with scoutships:  Jump-3,  
6G acceleration with all 3 ships under power,  4G acceleration with mothership's manuver drive,  3G
aceleration using both scoutships' drives.
ARMAMENT:   2 PAW'S,   3 Triple laser turrets, 3 triple missile turrets  (64 missile magazine).
DEFENSE:  Armooured hull-Factor 5.
ELECTRONICS:  Model/4 computer.   Passive & active sensors.
CREW:  4 Officers,  24 crew.
CARGO:   100 Tonnes.
CRAFT:  2 10 Ship's boats.   1 20 Tonne armed cutter
FUEL TREAMENT:  2 Fuel scoops with treatment plant.


TONNAGE: 100 tonnes.
PERFORMANCE:  Jump-2,  5G aceleration,  Agility 5.
ARMAMENT:  1 Dual laser turret.
ELECTRONICS:  Model/1bis computer,  Active & passive sensors
CREW:  1 Officer,  3 crew.
CARGO:  1 tonne.
CRAFT:  1 air/raft

Deckplans are in Corsair's shipyard
First produced in 934, the Iespid is the workhorse of
the spinward & coreward subsectors of the Beyond &
its adjacent neighbors.  Well armored & fast, it is
low-tech enough for most military & civilian
populations in the region.  Special feature is the ring
mounted. revolving, retractable dome built into the
roof.  In the military version this replaced with a gun
The current model, the XXVII, is TL13 & comes in
several models: Military(1.5 MCr.), Civilian(.6 Mcr,)
Ambulance, with 2  
autodocs,(.8MCr.),&Cargo(.75MCr.).  Purchased in
large numbers, these cost can be reduced 20-30%
IESPID:              TOP SPEED  /  ARMOR   /    WEIGHT   /   ARMAMENT  /     CARGO         /   CREW

MILITARY :            360 kph          Factor-4       20.9 tonnes      Beam laser or        200 kg                  3
                                                                        Fusion Gun
                                                                      3 Hvy MG's

CIVILIAN :             500 kph           Factor-3      18.5 tonnes          none                    250 kg                 1
                                                                                                        or  9 passengers

AMBULANCE:      500 kph           Factor-3       19.1 tonnes         none                    200 kg                   3
                                                                                                        or 6 patients  
CARGO:                420 KPH         Factor-3        17.2 tonnes        none                    400 kg                    1  
CREW:     1
PERFORMANCE:   6G Acceleration, Agility 6
ELECTRONICS:  Model 2 computer
ARMAMENT:  2 missile racks operating as 1 battery
      1 Laser operating as 1 battery
DEFENSES:   Armored hull-Factor-2
FUEL TREATMENT:  Fuel scoops integral
COST:    16.8 MCr..   12.45 MCr. in quantity.
TL: 15
Built to the specifics of combat in the Beyond & Vanguard Reaches, the Dragonfly Mk. III is a
variant of the Imperial Dragonfly fighter.   Built under license by Jacquerii (which holds a license
to produce the original variant), the Mk. III carries 1 laser & two missile racks in place of the
traditional three racks of the original design.  Over 2300 Mk. III's have been built since its
inception in 1113, serving throughout the most of the Beyond & parts of the rimward Foreven sector.
The largest buyers (besides the Trelyn Domain) are Guildheim (234), St. Foy(86), Ros Confederation
(343), Liberty Hall(188) & Lilith(375).  The design has proven popular with Aslan merc pilots &
Sorilyr is currently negotiating a license agreement.  Beaumonde Industries produced Dragonflys of
both variants until legal proceedings & diplomatic pressure put an end to manufacture.  676
Dragonflys & 85 Mk.III's have been built by Beaumonde, mostly for the St. Foy market.
On Lilith, the Mk.III is called the Tonbo, a name that has caught on with some of the minor powers
in the Mapepire & Liberty Hall subsectors.

The design is based off the original Dragonfly design from FASA's Adventure Class Ships Volume 1,
Cutaway view of the Mk.III Dragonfly showing missile racks, laser cannon & cockpit.
Scaled to 15mm, ready for downloading & printing.
First deployed in 1084, the Kursk is Ohkut-Neruusin Industries' reponse to the Despot main battle
tank.  Designed with secret technical aid from Imperial contractors through BPE GmbH, it is
slower but more powerful than the Despot, winning most head to head clashes.  Like the Despot (&
other Mapepire/Liberty Hall/Delta tank designs) it is designed for crew survivability with a rear
access hatch.  Another feature is the size of its rear cargo hold allowing 1 tonne of cargo or a squad
of 4-6 armored troopers.  It also uses Poicxh designed sensors which are not only more powerful
than human sensors but harder to jam (+2 to difficulty).   Introduced in 1100, 240 Kursk II's have
been built to date serving with the Liberty Hall Defense  & Guildheim forces.

TL14.  COST:  MCr. 18.6.  WEIGHT:  190 tonnes unloaded,  214 tonnes loaded.  POWERPLANT:
Fusion. PROPULSION:  Grav plates & thrusters.   CRUISE SPEED:  340 KPH.  MAX. SPEED:
650 KPH.   ARMOUR:  100.   ARMAMENT:  1 Fusion FFX14,  2x VRF Gauss guns(bow & turret
mounts).  DEFENSES:  2 Point defense lasers,   4x Prismatic spray, 2 x Sandcasters (4 reloads
each).    SENSORS:  Passive-3200 KM, Active:  240 KM.  COMMO:   Planetary-8500 KM range.
CREW:  2 driver/gunner-commander.  CARGO:  1 tonne or  4-6 battledresses troopers.
FUEL: 24.5 KL.

The Kursk I, armed with a TL13 Plasma gun & only 2 prismatic spray launchers is still in
production, costing MCr. 17.2.    Of the 1191 built,  430 serve with the Liberty Hall Defence Force,
275 serve with Guildheim,  72 with St. Foy,  80 with the Trayfowen military, 48 with the Lilithian
Self Defense Force.  Several Kursk I's are also rumored to be in the hands of various pirate gangs.
'SHRIKE' SNUBLASER(TL11+)  Produced by Ling-Standard in 1078 to meet the Scout service
requirement for a multipurpose weapon, the snublaser combines a snub pistol (18 round magazine)
with a laser  pistol mounted underneath the pistol barrel.The laser comes in two easy to change
modules: 1 laser pistol (15-shot per powe cell) & 1 laser torch ( 1 hour duration per power cell ).    
The pistol comes a holster with holders for each laser module & 4 spare power cells for the laser.  
The Ling Standard model comes three versions the MKA1  (with a trigger guard), the MKA2
(without a trigger guard for use with bulky vacc suits & battledress, & the MKB ( without a trigger
guard, equipped with a lanyard attached the pistol butt & a clip for clipping the gun on the suit
anywhere so a holster is not needed.   Asjery Arms  currently produces the Shrike as the 'Kosche'
based off the MKA1 (Asjery Model 2A) & MKA2 (Asjery Model 2B).  Cost:  MKA1/MKA2 Cr. 3000
MKB Cr. 3200.

ASJERY 'WIUFYRE' GAUSSLASER PISTOL(TL13+)  First produced in 1112 as a first in
assault pistol for law enforcement, the Wiufyre has become a favorite among the criminal class.
Inspired by the snublaser, the pistol features a fixed over & under weapon arrangement with the
gauss pistol barrel on top & the laser below.   The Model 3 is the production model featuring 24
round 4mm magazine & rechargeable power cell for laser good for 15 shots.   The Model V came
out in 1115 with a fully automatic function in addition to single-fire & 4 round bursts & a 60
round magazine).  The Model V is popular cutting into Macer's near monopoly in gauss machine
pistols, at least in the spinward region of the Beyond(Bette has replaced her Macers with the
Wiufyre M.V).
Cost:   Model 3  Cr. 5000     Model V  Cr. 8000.
MACER ARMS WIDOWMAKER MK4 GAUSS SMG(TL13):  Originally produced in 998 &
upgraded since, the Widowmaker has been the most successful Gauss SMG on the market until
the Asjery Wiufyre.  Used by law enforcement, special forces, pirates, privateers & the Die
Weltbund Navy, over  60,000 have been built by Macer alone.  Nicknamed the '44' or 'Old 44' for
its 44 round magazine the weapon has been built under license by Beaumonde Industries,
Sorilyr (standard version & one modified for Aslan hands) among the legal production numbers.
Fires singleshot, 4 round burst & full auto.  Cost:  Cr.  4500

There are some sawed off illegal versions being produced in the Mapepire Cluster with no maker
mark called the 'Pocket 44' or 'Niderbyte'.    Cost:  Cr. 2000.  These highly inaccurate at ranges
futher than Close & Short ( -2 Medium,  -6 Long,   -8 Very long).
LING-STANDARD 'BAMFYRE' GAUSS GUN (TL12):  Officially a shotgun, the Bamfyre is a 10mm gauss
carbine designed for the IISS as a combat/survival weapon.  The weapon carries 20, 40, & 60 round
magazines carrying a variety of  rounds:  Pellet, Buckshot, HE, Incendiary, EMP, APEMP, DSAP, Gas,
Solid.  Weapon is capable of firing 3-round bursts(treat as shotgun +3) or single shots (treat as shotgun
+1).  The modular design allows the stock & part of the barrel to be detachable  to create a short, concealed
weapon.  The design feature rails for attachments ( the most popular with the scouts being portable sensor
& laser).  The standard laser package is a dual purpose unit that can be used as a 15-shot weapon or an 1
hour duration torch.  The Bamfyre is also built under license in the Trelyn Domain by Asjery Arms where it
is the standard shipboard weapon of the Trelyn Marines.  The Bamfyre is also the standard survival weapon
of Phoenix Couriers.

Cost:  Cr.  3600    (2200 without laser & sensor package)