Based on rules from High Guard & Mercenary
ASSIGNMENT                                   THROW
Crew                                                          7+
Flight                                                        8+
Gunnery                                                    9+
Marine                                                       9+
Engineering                                             10+
Technical                                                  12+

DMs: If rank R2 or less, -2.  If rank R4 or more,
+1.  If INT 7 or less, -1.  If INT 10+, +1.  If
EDU 7 or less, -1.  If EDU 10+, +1.

MARINE: Character spent the year assigned to
his corsair's marine troops.
DIE ROLL                          ASSIGNMENT
2                                              Merc
3                                              Shore Duty
4                                               Piracy
5                                               Smuggling
6                                               Trade
7                                                Training
8                                                Piracy
9                                                 Smuggling
10                                               Shore Duty
11                                                Piracy
12                                                Special
DM: If rank R4 or better, +1
DIE ROLL         RANK R3-                                            DIE ROLL                                 RANK R4+
1                         Merchant                                                 1                                              Operations
2                         Navy                                                         2                                               Espionage
3                         Recruiting Duty                                       3                                               Recruiting Duty
4                          Engineering   Training                          4                                                Merchant
5                           Espionage                                               5                                                Medical
6                           Marine                                                    6                                         Merchant Academy
7                          Merchant Academy                                  7                                           Military Academy
DM: +1 with INT 8+                                                            DM:  +1   with EDU 8+

1.  ESPIONAGE:  The character spends the year involved in a espionage operation, this could be personal,
part of planning a major operation, or to gain or hone expertise.  Survival:  7+. Skills:  Die roll 1:
Streetwise. 2: Bribery.  3: Interrogation.  4: Computer.  5: Laison.  6: Broker.
2. ENGINEERING TRAINING:  Character spends one year involved in gaining or honing expertise in
engineering. Survival: 3+.  Skills:   DR:  1: Mechanical.  2: Electronic.  3: Computer.  4: Gravitics.  5:
Engineering.   6: Robotics.
3.  MARINE DUTY:  Character spends one year duty as part of a marine unit.  This can be a regular or merc
unit.  Survival:  6+.  Skills:  DR:  1: Gun Cbt.  2: Blade Cbt.  3: Tactics.  4: Ship's Boat.  5: Zero-G Cbt.  6:
4.  MERCHANT:  Character spends one year as part of a trader concern (DR: 1: Free Trade; 2,3: Small
company; 4,5: Medium sized concern; 6: Large shipping firm.).  Survival: 4+  Skills: DR: 1: Trade;
2: Steward; 3: Laison; 4: Trade; 5: Computer, 6: Bribery.
5.  MERCHANT ACADEMY:  Character spends one year in a Merchant Academy.  Survival: auto.
Skills: 1: Computer; 2: Trade; 3: Broker; 4: Laison; 5: Commo; 6: Engineering.
6: MEDICAL: Spends one year medical training.  Survival: auto.   Skills: DR: 1: Medical; 2: Computer;
3: Admin; 4: Electronic; 5: Mechanical; 6: Medical.
7. MILITARY ACADEMY: Spends one year in a Military Academy. Survival: Auto.Skills:  DR: 1: Tactics;
2: Ship Tactics;3: Gun Cbt; 4: Instruction; 5: Leader; 6: Fleet Tactics.
8. NAVY:  Character spends one year in a space navy, honing or picking skills; or just intelligence gathering
(DR: 1,2: System Navy; 3: Small Interplanetary Navy(less than 5 systems); 4: Large interplanetary
Navy(more than 5 systems, less than 20);  5: Subsector Navy; 6: Sectorwide Navy.  Assignment: DR: 1:
2: Flight; 3: Gunnery; 4: Engineering; 5: Medical; 6: Technical.  Skills: Roll on Branch Skills table from
High Guard on the appropriate assigned branch. Survival per branch listed in High Guard.
9. OPERATIONS:  You spend one year in servive o a planetside operation center. This cold be a pirate base,
a starbase, a shipping concern, etc.  The concern may or may not be connected to pirates.  Survival: 3+.:
Skills: 1: Admin; 2: Computer; 3: Trade; 4: Streetwise; 5: Laison; Carousing.
10. RECRUITING:  The character spends one year recruiting for their corsair(s).  Survival: 4+. Skills: 1:
Carousing; 2: Instruction; 3: Admin; 4: Bribery; 5: Streetwise; 6: Laison.
TABLE OF RANKS(From CT Supplement 4)
R1                         Henchman
R2                         Corporal
R3                          Sergeant
R4                           Lieutenant
R5                           Leader
CREW:        TRAINING      SHORE DUTY           PIRACY                 MERC           SMUGGLING           
TRADE            Survival:       auto                       4+                               6+                          6+                       
5+                            4+
Promotion:      none                     10+                              7+                          7+                       8+                           8+
Skills:               7+                         7+                                5+                         6+                        5+                           6+

FLIGHT:     TRAINING      SHORE DUTY           PIRACY                 MERC           SMUGGLING             TRADE
Survival            3+                         3+                               6+                          6+                        4+                           4+
Promotion      none                     10+                                 7+                          7+                        7+                           9+
Skills:                7+                     none                               6+                           7+                        6+                           8+

GUNNERY: TRAINING      SHORE DUTY          PIRACY                   MERC          SMUGGLING              TRADE
Survival:             auto                     3+                               7+                          7+                        6+                             4+
Promotion:          none                  12+                               6+                          6+                      10+                            10+
Skills:                  8+                     none                               5+                         5+                       10+                           10+

ENG.:           TRAINING       SHORE DUTY           PIRACY                  MERC           SMUGGLING             TRADE
Survival:            auto                     auto                             5+                            5+                         3+                           3+
Promotion:         none                    none                             6+                          6+                           8+                          9+
Skills:                    7+                        9+                              5+                           5+                          6+                           6+

MARINE::   TRAINING       SHORE DUTY           PIRACY                   MERC           SMUGGLING              TRADE
Survival:            auto                         3+                             7+                            7+                          4+                           3+
Promotion:         none                     none                            7+                            7+                        10+                         12+
Skills:                    7+                      10+                              6+                            6+                          8+                          9+

TECH.:         TRAINING        SHORE DUTY          PIRACY                    MERC            SMUGGLING             TRADE
Survival:            auto                         3+                              6+                             6+                          4+                          3+
Promotion:         none                      10+                              6+                             7+                          6+                           8+
Skills:                    7+                         9+                               5+                            6+                          5+                           7+
DIE         PIRATE             SHIPBOARD        SHORE DUTY       SERGEANT        LIEUTENANT     LEADER
ROLL        LIFE                       LIFE                       LIFE
1             Brawling             Gambling              Carousing               Vacc Suit              Vehicle                  Computer
2              +1 STR                 +1 DEX                  Vehicle                  Blade Cbt.             ZeroG Cbt.            Admin
3              Carousing           Blade Cbt.                Gambling              Mechanical           Gun Cbt.               Bribery
4              +1 END               Mechanical           Survival                  Medical                 Pilot                       Ship Tactic
5              +1 DEX                Ship's Boat            Streetwise                Instruction            Leader                    Laison
6              Blade Cbt.            Vacc Suit                 Bribery                   Leader                   Ship's Boat            Trade
7               +1 EDU               Zero-G Cbt.            Laison                     Admin                   Admin                    Leader
8               Vacc Suit              Commo                   Trade                      Ship Tactic          Ship Tactic              Ship Tactic
DMs:  +1 if INT 8+; +1 if EDU 8+
DIE          CREW               FLIGHT                GUNNERY           ENGINEERING        MARINE              TRADE
1               Mech.                Vacc Suit                 Fwd. Obsv.            Mechanical                 Gun Cbt.               Laison
2              Electronic           Admin                     Gun Cbt.               Electronic                     Vacc Suit              Admin
3               Gun Cbt.            Pilot                         Commo                 Engineering                 Zero-G Cbt.          Computer
4               Navigation         Commo                     Computer             Mechanical                  Hvy. Wpns.            Broker
5              Computer            Navigation                Gunnery              Vacc Suit                      BattleDress           Leader
6                Vacc Suit            Ship's Boat             Gunnery                Engineering                 Air/Raft                Bribery
7                Gun Cbt.            Pilot                          Gunnery               Engineering                 Gun Cbt.              Trade
8                 Jack-o T             Pilot                         Gunnery               Engineering                 Ship's Boat          Laison
DMs:  +1 if INT 8+; +1 if EDU 8+
After completing four 1-year assigments, the character has completed one term & may chose to re-enlist at a die roll of
6+.  Characters of rank R3+ get a DM of +1.  If a 12 is rolled, then the individual is required to re-emlist. If the
character fails to re-enlist, they roll on the mustering out benefits tables. A character gets as many rolls on the
mustering out tables as how many 4-year terms they haved served.  Characters who have reached rank R3 receiv 2 extra
die rolls. After five terms, the character may retire.  Automatic retirement is mandatory after 7 terms.


MATERIAL BENEFITS                                                                CASH BENEFITS

1.  Low Passage                                                                                1.   none
2.  +1 Intel                                                                                        2.  none
3.  Weapon                                                                                        3.     1000 Cr.
4.  none                                                                                             4    10000 Cr.
5. -1 Social                                                                                       5.   50000  Cr.
6.  Middle Passage                                                                           6.   50000  Cr.
7.  Corsair                                                                                         7.   50000  Cr.

DM: +1 if R5.                                                                                     Maximum of 3 rolls on cash table. Character
For each roll of weapon, players gets 1 weapon                                with gambling skill of retired get DM
of their choice.  If Corsair is rolled again, it is treated                      of +1
as no benefit.     Corsair is based on Supplement 4 400
tonne corsair.  However, in my game you are not limited
to the type 'P' as your corsair.                                                                                      
This is an extended generation to create a more rounded corsair character for those who choose to roll their character
up from the start as a pirate.  Many of the skills come from High Guard, Merecenary, & Merchant Prince.
Special ops agents are paramilitary forces involved in clandestine operations.  Many  are part of some government law
enforcement or intelligenge group.  However, many operate in the darker side of society as bodyguards,special
investigators, security specialists, corporate spies, assassins, or members of a private, elite merc special ops units, or
even  unaligned black operations cadres.
This table is partially based off of Paranoid Press' "Scouts & Assassins".

ENLISTMENT:  11+          (DM of +1 if Dex 9+, DM +2 if Intelligence is 8+)
DRAFT:   None                                                                   SURVIVAL:  8+ (DM of +2 if Int 9+)
PROMOTION:  8+ (DM +1 if End 8+)                             REENLIST: 5+

RANK SKILLS:  01: Unarmed Combat; 03: Computer; 05: Leader.

Rank 0              Titles of rank applicable to group or organization.
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4              Rank 4+ can be considered equal to officiers.
Rank 5
Rank 6

                                 CAREER ASSIGNMENT                      

1. Investigation.      (Branch Skills: Die Roll: 1: Interrogation, 2: Computer,  3: Carousing,
                                4: Stealth, 5: Gun Cbt, 6: Streetwise)

2: Intelligence.       (Branch Skills: Die Roll: 1: Computer, 2: Electronics, 3: Commo, 4: Science(see below table),
                                5: Escape & Evasion(see below table), 6: Reconnaisance.)

3. Commando.          (Branch Skills:  Die Roll: 1:  Demolition, 2: Reconnaisance, 3: Commo, 4: Gun Cbt,
                                5: Unarmed Combat,  6: Melee Cbt.)

4: Technical.            (Branch Skills:  Die Roll:  1: Forensics, 2: BioChemical Warefare, 3: Science,
                                4: Ship (die roll: 1: Pilot, 2: Navigation, 3: Commo, 4: Engineering, 5: Vacc Suit,
                                6: Ship's Boat), 5: Robotics, 6: Psionicology.

5: Crosstraining:  Die Roll 1: Marine, 2: Army, 3: Navy, 4: Merchant, 5: Scientist,  6:  Scout. (Branch skills:
                                Roll 1D6 on the appropriate Service Skills table of service selected).

6: Administration:    (Branch Skills: 1:Leader, 2: Admin, 3: Laison, 4: Bureaucracy, 5: Legal,  6: Computer)            


1. +1 Dexterity                                                                             1. Interrogation
2. +1 Endurance                                                                          2. Carousing
3. Melee Combat                                                                          3. Vacc Suit
4. Unarmed Combat                                                                     4. Reconnaisance
5. Gun Combat                                                                             5. Zero-G Combat
6. Demolitions                                                                              6. Vehicle
7. BioChemical Warfare                                                              7. Medical
8. BioChem Disguise                                                           
Die Modifier +1 if DEX 8+,                                                            Die Modifier +1 if Int 8+
Die Modifier +2 if TL 13+

SERVICE SKILLS TABLE                                                  ADVANCED EDUCATION TABLE (Edu 8+)

1. Streetwise                                                                                  1. Computer
2. Survival                                                                                    2. Administration
3. Stealth                                                                                      3. Pilot
4. Forgery                                                                                     4. Navigation
5. Escape & Evasion                                                                    5. Electronic
6. Disguise                                                                                    6. Forensics
7. Laison                                                                                       7. Science
Die Modifier +1 if Int 8+                                                             Die Modifier +1 if Edu & Int both 8+
                                                                                                       SCIENCE: Roll 1D6 1: Biology, 2: Chemistry,
                                                                                                        3: Robotics, 4: Linguistics, 5: Engineering,
                                                                                                         6: Psychology.

                                                    MUSTERING OUT TABLES:

DIE:                 MATERIAL BENEFITS                                  CASH BENEFITS

1                      +1 Dexterity                                                          Cr.   4,000
2                      +1 Intelligence                                                             6,000
3                       Weapon                                                                        8,000
4                       High Passage                                                              10,000
5                       Vehicle                                                                        12,000
6                       Ship                                                                             14,000
7                        Professional Organization                                        20,000


DISGUISE SKILL: Skilled the use of camouflages & personal disguise to escape undue attention.
BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE:  Skilled in the use of (or countering) biochemical weapons such as gasses, poisons,
ESCAPE & EVASION: Skilled in the making & evading traps, lockpicking, & evading search parties and/or sensor
STEALTH: Skilled in the ability to move about undetected & silently.
UNARMED COMBAT:  You are skilled in some form of advanced combat skill such as boxing, judo, kickboxing,
etc. Gives the user a +1 advantage of a character skilled in brawling.
BIOCHEMICAL DISGUISE:  Character has gone through some procedure that allows some alteration of facial or
finger print  structure, hair, eye,  or skin color, alteration of vocal cords as well as the ability to reverse to normal as
needed.  (SEE CORSAIR BAZAAR under Biogenetic Disguise)
Eshenili are a hereditary group of special ops agents (SEE LIBRARY DATA) who claim descent from members of
the First Imperium's secret police.  Though feared as assassins, their main employ are as bodyguards & special
couriers.  Though not all citizens of their world are Eshenili, those of high education, intelligence & dexterity are
encouraged to join the Eshenili as a patriotic duty.

ENLISTMENT:  11+  Die modifier of +1 if Dex 9+.  DM of +2 if Int. & Edu. 8+
DRAFT:  6+   DM of +2 if Dex., Int., & Edu. all 9+
SURVIVAL: 8+  DM of +2 if Int. 9+
PROMOTION: 8+  DM of +1 if Int. & Edu 9+
RETIREMENT:  9+ or age 85

Eshenili must roll to muster out of service.  Even after leaving service, they are considered reservists.  Many mustered
out members are the result of some disgrace or crime not subject to the death penalty (such as treason or an
unauthorized murder).  They have a high sense of professional honor, always honoring a commission, even after
the death of their employer.  Likewise, they never discuss prior assignments or patrons.  Eshenili have no problem
accepting assignments that place them in opposition to another Eshenili. The lone exception is where they are
betrayed or deceived by a patron.  Captured Eshenili, will often give their servives to their captor (if their current
patron has betrayed them or is already dead), swearing a blood oath to their new patron.  The drawback is that the
new patron, if they except the Eshenili's service are not required by ancient custom to pay the oathbound Eshenili
any recompense for their services.

RANK SKILLS: Novice: Blade,   Eshenili2:  Laser, Eshenili 4: Tactics,  Master: Biochemical Disguise,Cadre
Master: Leader

Rank 1:   Novice
Rank 2: Eshenili
Rank 3: Eshenili
Rank 4: Eshenili
Rank 5: Eshenili Master
Rank 6: Cadre Master
Rank 7: OverMaster
Rank 8: Elder
Rank 9: Council Elder

Eshenili wear a distinctive uniform when not involved in clandestine activity.  It consists of a black, lightweight,
extermely mobile flex armour over which is worn a red jumpsuit which a beretlike red hat with a a matching red
veil. Often those on bodyguard will substitute a lightweight TL13 battledress for flex armour.  Eshenili with Zero-G
Cbt.  skills will often wear grav belts to give them selves an edge ( +1 to Dex, End, & movement). Eshenili favor
laser weapons for combat (though most assasins favor gauss weaponry) & have been known to usegravitic swords.

                           DUTY ASSIGNMENTS:


1: Bodyguard     (Branch Skills: Die Roll: 1: Gun Cbt, 2: Melee Cbt., 3: Escape & Evasion, 4: Battledress,,
                          5: Disguise,   6: Commo.)

2: Assassin:       (Branch Skills:  Die Roll: 1: Recon, 2: Unarmed Combat, 3: BioChem Warfare, 4: Demo,
                          5: Escape & Evasion, 6: Stealth.)

3: Technical:   (Branch Skills:  Die Roll: 1: Engineering, 2: Electronics, 3: Mechanical, 4: Medical,
                         5: Computer, 6: Robotics.)

4: Courier:      (Branch Skills: Die Roll: 1: Stealth, 2: Commo, 3: Electronics, 4: Vehicle, 5: Escape & Evasion,
                         6: Laison.)

5: Training:    (Branch Skills: Die Roll:  1: Escape & Evasion, 2: Recon, 3: Unarmed Cbt.,, 4: Survival,
                         5: Streewise,  6: Stealth.

6: Special Training:     (Branch Skills: Die Roll:   1: Zero-G Combat, 2: Pilot, 3: Navigation, 4: Science,
                                       5: BioChem Warefare, 6: Psionics  (Roll D6, if a result of 6 results you pick one
                                        psionic ability at level 1 & roll your strength.  If 1-5 results, ignore this & re-roll))


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:                                         ADVANCED EDUCATION:

1: +1 Dexterity                                                                       1: Jack of All Trades
2: +1 Strength                                                                        2: Vacc Suit
3: +1 Endurance                                                                    3: +1 Education
4: Melee Combat                                                                    4:  Computer
5: Gun Cbt.                                                                            5: Zero-G Cbt
6: Unarmed Cbt.                                                                     6: Vehicle
7: +1 Intelligence                                                                   7: Battledress
DM: +1 if Education 8+                                                          DM: +1 if Intelligence 8+

SERVICE SKILLS:                                                              ADVANCED EDUCATION (Education 8+)

1:  Streetwise                                                                            1: Pilot
2: Stealth                                                                                  2: Navigation
3: Reconnaisance                                                                     3: Medical
4: Escape & Evasion                                                                4: Laison
5: Survival                                                                                5: Admin
6: Disguise                                                                                6: Legal
7: BioChem Disguise                                                               7: Science
DM: +1 if Rank 4                                                                      DM: +1 if Rank 5

                                           MUSTERING OUT BENEFITS:

MATERIAL BENEFITS:                                                    CASH BENEFITS:

1: Weapon                                                                                 1: Cr. 4,000
2: High Passage                                                                        2: Cr. 6,000
3: Ship*                                                                                    3: Cr. 8,000
4: Battledress                                                                            4: Cr. 12,000
5: +1 Dexterity                                                                          5: Cr. 16,000
6: BioChem Disguise                                                               6: Cr. 20,000
7: Corsair **                                                                              7: Cr. 35,000
Notes: * Ship equal to either 100 tonne s-type scout                 DM: +1 if Rank 4+
(die roll 1-4), or 200 tonne Free Trader (5-6)
     ** Equal to a 400 tonne Corsair with
      yacht accomdations
DM: +1 if Rank 4+
An order of assassins from the planet Lilith, the Houronii were originally an order of courtesans.  Offworld
desire for the genetic material of Lilithians (see Lilithian/Alien Races2) gradually changed the order to paid
killers (and the defenders of the Lilithian race.  One of the few Lilithians who travel offworld, the Houronii are
still prized as companions as well as assassins or bodyguards for the rich & noble.  Ironically for their historic &
present occupations, Houronii enjoy a high Social Level.  In fact the hierarchy for each level is determined by
SL, a not unfair arrangement as the Houronii are very upwardly mobile. Houronii who disgrace themselves will
find themselves cast out of the order with their SL reduced to 0. The ruling body is the White Council, made up
the White Sash Masters.

They are very dedicated to their race & will respond to any plea from any Lilithian of pure or mixed blood.

ENLISTMENT:   7+        DM +1 if Social Level 7+
DRAFT: None.
SURVIVAL:   9+      DM of +1 if Dex 8+, DM of   +2 if both Dex & End 8+
PROMOTION:    8+    DM of +1 if Int 8+
REENLIST:      Automatic


Rank 1   Black Sash (Novice)   (Skill: Melee Cbt: Sash)
Rank 2   Purple Sash
Rank 3   Blue Sash   
Rank 4   Red Sash     (Skill: Tactics)
Rank 5   Orange Sash  (Skill: Leader)
Rank 6   Yellow Sash
Rank 7   White Sash  (Master)

Houronii wear no distinctive garb other than their rank sashes, which can be worn many ways: as scarf, shoulder
sash, or around the waist, for examples.  Houronii also use these sashes as weapons. Of course, covert Houronii
do not wear these distinctive badges, using moe mundane devices to strangle victims.

                                                  DUTY ASSIGNMENTS:


1:  Perfomance:           (Branch Skills: Die Roll:  1: Disguise, 2: Dancing, 3: Acting, 4: Music,  5: Writing,
                                      6: Athletics.

2: Charisma:                (Branch Skills:  Die Roll: 1: Fast-Talk, 2: Carousing, 3: Laison, 4: Bribery,
                                       5: Diplomacy, 6: Linguistics)

3: Assassin:                 (Branch Skills:  Die Roll: 1: Unarmed Cbt.,  2: Hunter, 3: Melee Cbt.,  4: Bow,
                                       5: Stealth, 6: Escape & Evasion.

4: Bodyguard:             (Branch Skills: Die Roll:  1: Survival, 2: +1 Dex, 3: Gun Cbt, 4:  Melee Cbt,
                                       5: Medical, 6: Escape & Evasion

5: Assassin:                 (Branch Skills: Die Roll:   1: Gun Cbt., 2:  Computer, 3: Stealth, 4: Disguise,
                                        5:  Athletics, 6: Unarmed Cbt.

6: Special Training:   (Branch Skills:  Die Roll:  1: Zero-G Cbt, 2: BioChem Warfare, 3: Battledress,
                                        4: Pilot, 5: Navigation, 6: Electronics.


1.  +1  Dexterity                                                                    1. Zero-G Cbt.
2.  +1 Strength                                                                      2.  Disguise
3.  +1 Endurance                                                                  3. Commo
4.  +1 Social Level                                                                4. Vacc Suit
5.   Carousing                                                                        5. Recon
6.   Gambling                                                                        6. Computer
7.    +1 Social Level                                                               7. BioChem Warfare
DM:  +1 if Int 8+                                                                    DM: +1 if Social Level 7+

SERVICE SKILLS:                                                                ADVANCED EDUCATION TABLE:(Edu 8+)

1. Unarmed Combat                                                                1. Medical
2. Melee Cbt. (Sash)                                                                2. Battledress
3. Melee Cbt.                                                                            3. BioChem Warfare
4. Gun Cbt.                                                                              4. Tactics
5. Stealth                                                                                  5. Leader
6. Escape & Evasion                                                                6.  Chemistry
7. Psionics                                                                                 7.  AutoPheromoneSurge (APS)
Note: Psionics is rolling Psionics result, you                           DM:  +1 if Int 8+
must roll again and get a another 6 result. If
you do, you have Psionic training & may choose
the following talents:  Telepathy or Awareness.
If you do not get a 2nd 6 result, ignore this roll
& roll again.

AUTOMATIC PHEROMONE SURGE(APS):  The Houronii is trained  to release at will the normally
controlled Pheromone Surge, giving her 2 free rounds of action against affectable sentients within a 20 meter
radius.  The technique costs 2 points of End per use.
The Interworld Division of Enforcement Services, a.k.a. IDES (Paranoid Press' 'The Beyond') is a private police
organization operating outside the reach of the Imperium.  It works by contracting services with local, planetary, or
larger governments (including especially the Imperium).  IDES's main advantage to security forces outside the
Imperium is 1: its reach, & 2: its technological edge over most non-Imperium police forces.  Quite often is works as
a middleman between the Comsentient Alliance & the Imperium on law enforcement & security matters.  IDES also
operates several Containment facilities in the Beyond sector.  Most IDES centers are located on planets with a law
level of 8+ & a TL of A+.  Their field operatives (know as Marchers, after their founder, Sir Robert March) operate
in secrecy, their names & numbers known only to a select few.  Agents other than the covert Marchers wear orange
jumpsuits emblazoned  with a black & gold hawk in flight.

What follows is my own generation table for creating an IDES agent.

ENLISTENT:   8+    DM of +1 for Intelligence 8+
DRAFT:  None
SURVIVAL:   8+      DM of +1 if End 8+
PROMOTION:  9+   DM of +1 if Intelligence 8+
REENLIST:    5+      DM of +1 if Rank 3+


Rank 1:  Agent 4th Class    (Skill: Stealth)
Rank 2: Agent 3rd Class
Rank 3: Agent 2nd Class   (Skill: Streewise)
Rank 4: Agent 1st Class
Rank 5: Inspector 2nd Class      (Skill: Leader)
Rank 6: Inspector 1st Class
Rank 7: Commissioner       (Skill: Admin)
Rank 8: Superintendent

                                            MUSTERING OUT BENEFITS

DIE:                       MATERIAL:                                                           CASH ALLOWANCE

1                             +1 Education                                                                  Cr. 4,000
2                              Middle Passage                                                              Cr. 6,000
3                              High Passage                                                                 Cr.  8,000
4                              Travellers Aid Society                                                    Cr. 10,000
5                               Gun                                                                               Cr. 20,000
6                               Vehicle                                                                          Cr.  30,000
7                               Ship                                                                              Cr.  50,000

DM: +1 if Rank 7+    Note: Ship equal to vessel of 100-200 tonnes

                                                     DUTY ASSIGNMENTS


1:   MARCHER                (Branch Skills: 1: Stealth, 2: Gun Cbt., 3: Computer, 4: Carousing,  5: Streetwise
                                             6: Disguise)

2: ANTI-PIRACY              (Branch Skills:  1: Pilot, 2: Navigation, 3: Engineering, 4: Gunnery, 5: Commo,
                                             6:  Vacc Suit)

3: ADMIN                         (Branch Skills: 1: Admin, 2: Leader, 3: Computer, 4: Legal, 5: Laison, 6: Commo)

4: MARCHER                   (Branch Skills: 1: Unarmed Combat, 2: Recon, 3:  Streetwise, 4: Escape & Evasion,
                                             5: Demo, 6: Tactics.

5: TECHNICAL                (Branch Skills: 1: Medical, 2: Forensics, 3: BioChem Warfare, 4: Computer,
                                             5: Electrical, 6: Robotics)

6: INTELLIGENCE          (Branch Skills:  1: Interrogation, 2: Psychology, 3: Computer, 4: Criminology,
                                             5: Commo,  6: Streetwise)


DIE ROLL:                                                                           DIE ROLL:
1:  Gun Cbt.                                                                           1: Medical
2:  Melee Cbt.                                                                        2: Vacc Suit
3: +1 Strength                                                                       3:  +1 Education
4: +1 Dex                                                                              4:   Commo
5:  +1 End                                                                             5:   Computer
6: Unarmed Cbt.                                                                   6: Vehicle

SERVICE SKILLS                                                               ADVANCED EDUCATION TABLE (Edu 8+)

DIE ROLL                                                                            DIE ROLL
1: Stealth                                                                                1: Pilot
2: Escape & Evasion                                                              2: Forensics
3: Criminology                                                                      3: BioChem Warfare
4: Carousing                                                                          4: Navigation
5: Streetwise                                                                            5: Engineering
6:  Bribery                                                                               6: Legal
          IDES AGENT                                                                    IDES AGENT, ASSAULT GEAR
Purple Sash Houronii
Red Sash Houronii 'Hunting' Uniform
Inspired by Keith Laumer's Bolo stories(in fact many of my players still call them
Bolos) Cybertanks  operated by a self-aware artificial intelligence (AI).  In their first
incarnation, they were the result of using ancient TL16 cyberbrains uncached by
Lazid-Jhust Ltd. of Deneb. These were used for special Imperial armored strike forces
using the Striker grav tank (which Lazid-Jhust built under contract).  Later the
cyberbrains were installed in the Trepida.  As of 1024, 886 Striker  & 253 Trepida
variants have been built.  The second version of this concept was inspired by TNE's
virus concept.  Utilizing a hybrid parent/hobbyist virus to creat AI cyberbrain.  This
variant  built by Lazid-Jhust &  Seyd-Azusa LTD. of Trelyn Vra as the Cyb I-Ii series
Domintrix grav tank. .  Imperial & Trelyn cybertanks are considered part of the
Marines service.  Their are rumors of some TL16+ worlds with Army cybertanks.

The Imperium usually form cybertanks in special strike brigades of 400 units  broken
down in four  100 tank battalions,  sixteen 25 tank companies & eighty 5 tank
platoons with 90 officers & 800 support personnels & are usually deployed with
Marine forces of the divisional level.  However special battle groups of battalion
strength or less have been used.

Beside the usual nuclear dampers & prismatic sprays, cybertanks are psi-shielded &
come with anti-personnel mine package.  Each unit is keyed normally to respond to a
particular human commander at the platoon level.  There have been some
experimentation with direct cyberlinks & implants between officers and cybertanks.  
The results have been mixed in simulation & combat due to ECM frying the humans'
implants.  There have been a few top secret experimentation with the use of psi links
in laboratory conditions.  Though normally redundant there is a cabin for a human

Most retired units are those two radioactive or damaged to cost-effectively repair.  
There have also a few special cases, most of which have been retired to the Imperial
Guard Reserve. Also cyberbrains too damage by combat or virus are usually erased.

Other than a few convention games there has only been one campaign cybertank
character that I rolled up for myself- 5FY12-WLF (Wolfie).  Wolfie was the
companion to his former commander, Marquisse Juliette de Sade, former Major in the
Imperial Marines, cashiered by the military shrinks for former too close an
attachment to her command.  The power & influence of her ducal parents got her
command tank mustered out with her (sans armament), & shipped to the Marches to
protect the family name.
The UPP code for  Cybertanks are POWERPLANT, ARMOR, INTELLIGENCE, &
EDUCATION.  The first 2 are determind by the type of tank being used as the 'body'
of the cybertank & can possibly be upgraded by credit.  Intelligence  is determined by
the computer size (roll 2D6)  to determine the number of programs  included in the
software & can also be modified by credits.  Education is the number of skills
possesed by the cybertank outside its basic combat programs and are determined by
rolling 2D6.  Skills can be increased the same way that human PC's increase their
skills in play.  If a cybertank  rolls up more skills on acquired skills table than its
Education score, the results are ignored.
This character is an refiguring of my old cybertank idea with old notes &
new concepts.
Slightly abreviated  since cybertanks are made, not enlisted or drafted.
The career tables are based off the Marines table from Book 1 of the LBB, with a
few changes.
Rank 1: Sergeant, Rank 2: Lieutenant, Rank 3: Captain, Rank 4: Force
Cmdr, Rank 5: Lt. Colonel, Rank 6: Colonel.
1: Battle Reflex(allows ability to use weapons),  2: Heavy Weapon(you muster
out with one of your armaments), 3:  +2 Education (2 extra skills to muster out
with), 4: Cargo Passage (allows ship of cybertank to a destination), 5: Merc
License,  6: Robot Analogue(a robot, android, or similar smaller cybernetic
body the cybertank can link to & use in normal, civilian society), 7: Spare
Parts( enough spares for one complete refit.

Modifiers: +1 if  Rank 5 or 6
1: 2000,  2: 5000, 3: 5000, 4: 10000, 5: 20000, 6: 30000, 7: 40000.

Modifier:  +1 if  Rank 5 or 6
                              PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
1: +1 Education, 2: +1 Intelligence,  3:  Gunnery, 4: Gun Combat, 5: +1
Commo, 6: Program(Allows the addition of new prgramming or upgrade of
an existing upgradable program)
All cybertanks start with the following skills that do not count towards their
skill totals:  Gunnery-1, Vehicle-1,  Gun Cbt-1, Tactics-1, Commo-1,
Computer-1.  They can also select one skill from any service table (CT & T4)  
as a hobby skill.  It can anything as diverse as Gambling, Music, Interrogation
or even Medical.
Base programs with cybertanks are Target, Multi-target 1 , Manuver,, Launch,
ECM, Anti-Missile, Anti-Hijack.
1: Vehicle, 2: Gun Cbt, 3: Tactics, 4: Gunnery, 5: Fwd Obsvr, 6: Gunnery
1: Mechanical, 2: Engineering, 3: Electronic, 4: Tactics, 5: Computer, 6:
1: Admin, 2: Tactics, 3: Leader, 4: Computer, 5: Tactics, 6: Robotics
Since a cybertank is, basically a self-aware robot, they are not damaged or
destroyed like a biological.   Also, unlike a biological, if they have engineering,
electronic, & mech skills they can repair themselves due to the internal
self-repair modules built into their hulls.  On repairing damage, one hit to a
location can be repaired by the cybertank in 1D6 rounds.
Two hits requires a maintence depot or field mechanic unit to repair the
damage(if their have the parts or know how).  Three hits destroys completely
the hit location.  Though cyberbrains are tough, two cyberbrain hits will drop
the cybertank down to a normal warbot level, requiring direction by a human
2: Drive, 3: Drive, 4: Drive, 5: Drive, 6: Cabin, 7: Cyberbrain, 8: Weapons, 9:
Weapons, 10: Weapons, 11: Cabin, 12:  Critical

Note: If the cabin is occupied by a biological, the occupants will take 3D6
1: Drive, 2: Drive, 3: Drive, 4: Cyberbrain, 5: Cyberbrain, 6: Explode
Tybalts (or tybalts) are a mutation of the Solomani felis domestic specially bred
for size, intelligence & telepathic ability. Felis tybaltus' origins are murky, but
legends persist to their existence to just before the Rule of Man.

They are large for cats, averaging 25-30 pounds, with a characteristic
domed forehead similar to a terran Puma or Cheetah.  Their fur tend almost
to short, markings include tabby stripe, bicolor, or solid markings
ranging from gray, brown, red, blue/gray to black.  They live usually 40 years,
with exceptional cats lasting up to 50.  They average only 3 terms of service.
Though solitary, they can from flocks of several cats with the most
senior(determined by age & experience), whether it be male of female.  Bred to
also to bound with a human partner, they still independent enough to abandon
a partner that mistreats or otherwise doesn't treat them properly(a rare
occasion). In some cases, due to their intelligence & education, tybalts have
brought courtmartial proceedings against scout they feel where improper,
criminal, or incompetent.  

Tybalts receive a basic scout education, though one slanted towards them being
cats (albeit really smarts ones)& only in field work.  They do not receive
promotions, but do have a rank hierarchy based on the rank of the scout they
serve with, age, & actually service experience.  They also have some of their own
equipment(vacc suits, body harness, commos), even if two-footed scouts have to
help them on with them.  A exception is the prosthetic gloves (feline) which a
tybalt can slip into & remove on their own & allows the front paws to handle
items as they were a human hand with an opposable thumb.  These gloves come
with artificial claws that react to the cat's muscles, each paw inflicting damage
equal to a dagger.  Field IISS gloves come equipped with stun shockers or
interchangeable mini laser torches.  Some enterprising scouts have built cat
sized tools or weapons for their partners to use while wearing gloves.  And with
the gloves, tybalts can run equipment that their larger counterparts can if
trained in their use.

Besides ground survey work, tybalts can to used to recon & search work.  In
wartime, tybalts can be used to recon & sabotage work a human-sized individual
would find difficult.  

Their heyday dates to the beginning of the Third Imperium  where the breed was
adopted & bred for the IISS.  Surviving the psionic purges, tybalts have
expanded their service, first with IBIS & IRIS, though a few have been found
with Naval Intelligence & The Ministry of State in regions bordering the
Zhodani consulate & their allies.  Despite their expanded use, the breeding,
raising, & training of Tybalts remain with the IISS.  Even when retiring, tybalts
can receive a pension from the IISS usually handled by their human partners
(though there have been rare occasions where tybalts with admin skill have
handled their own).

Tybalts are classified as animals despite their intelligence except for a few
worlds (such as Tarsus in the Spinwards).  Several worlds outside the Imperium
with flourishing psionic cultures ( such as Lilith, St. Foy, & Kilogren) grant
tybalts a legal sophont status.  In the IISS, however, tybalts have sophont status
& are considered full fledged scouts with all the perks-which is why most tybalts
remain with the IISS even when past their prime.

The IISS tends to create permanent partnerships between a scout & a tybalt, &
often when a scout leaves the service, his feline partner will leave.   

Playing tybalts treat as  cats who are semi-feral, who treat sophonts (other than
their partners) as staff
, tendency to sarcasm, & HAVE  the knowledge & ability
to back it up.

Zero G Cbt is a automatic skill for Tybalts.



STRENGTH:             1D6
DEXTERITY:           2D6
ENDURANCE:        1D6
EDUCATION:         2D6
SOCIAL:                   N/A

INITIAL TRAINING:(1D6,                             DUTY ASSIGNMENT:(2D6)
+1  if Intelligence 6 or 7)                                     

1.     Survival-1                                                       2. Wartime Mission
2.     Commo-1                                                        3. Training
3.    Recon-1                                                           4.  Training
4.    Hunting-1                                                       5.  Base
5.    Vacc suit-1                                                      6.  Routine
6.    Blade-1                                                            7.  Routine
7.    Computer-1                                                     8.  Mission
                                                                           9.  Mission
SERVICE BRANCH:(1D6,                                 10. Special Mission
+1 if Intelligence 6 or 7)                                      11. Special Mission
                                                                         12. Transfer(re-roll service
1.     Exploration                                                         branch table.
2.     Survey
3.     Operations
4.    Exploration
5.    Detached duty
6.    Exploration
7.   Technical


SURVEY:             Training     Base     Routine     Mission   Special          War
                                                                                           Mission       Mission

Survival:                  3+               3+         3+              4+           5+                 6+
Skills:                      School        8+         7+              6+           6+                 7+


Survival:                  3+                 3+        4+              5+            7+                6+
Skills:                      School          none    8+               7+            5+                6+


Survival:                 auto             auto      auto            3+             4+               5+
Skills:                     school          8+         8+                6+             5+               4+

Survival:                 auto              auto      auto            4+              6+              7+
Skills:                     school           none     7+                6+              6+              3+


Survival:                 auto              auto      auto              3+              5+             6+
Skills:                     school           7+          7+                 6+              7+             6+



Die                                                                          Special or              Field
Roll:     Scout Life     Exploration    Survey       War Mission           Service

1           +1 STR         Gun Cbt.        JOT               Hunting               JOT
2          +1 DEX         Vacc Suit       Vacc Suit       Survival             +1 EDU
3           +1 END       Commo           Vacc Suit       Blade Cbt.          Gun Cbt.
4.         Blade  Cbt.   Recon             Computer      Streetwise           Blade
5.         Commo          Survival          Recon            Zero-G Cbt.        +EDU
6.         Hunting        Vacc Suit        Commo          Gun Cbt.            Hunting
7.         Computer      Air/Raft           Survey           Fwd Observer     +1 INT    

DM+1 if    STR 4+      Terms 1+        Terms 1+       INT  5+              Terms 1+

Die            Detached
Roll              Duty           Operations       Technical

1.               Commo          Computer        Mechanical
2.               Gun Cbt.        Commo           Vacc Suit
3.               Computer       Admin             Electronics
4.               Streetwise      Zero-G Cbt.     Gravitics
5.               Admin            Survey             +1EDU
6.               JOT                +1 INT             Medical
7.               Vehicle          Pilot                 Engineering

DM+1 if     Terms 1+       INT 5+             INT 5+

NOTE:   One some technical skills such under Technical Skills, Air/raft, Pilot,
Gun Cbt. the tybalt may not be able to perform these skill with modification of
equipment.  However it does allow the expertise to verify the equipment is
working properly' or if the need arises sabotage them.  Blade Cbt. referrers to a
tybalt using the artificial blades on tybalt prosthetic gloves.  


DIE  ROLL                 BENEFITS                  CASH

1.                                  Vacc Suit                    20000
2.                                 +1 INT                         20000
3.                                 +1 EDU                       30000
4.                              Prosthetic Gloves           30000
5.                                 Vacc Suit                    50000
6.                             Prosthetic Gloves           50000