MACER ARMS: A corporation on Northstar ringworld. Producer of many fine armaments and ships. Is has tehcnical
& licensing exchange agreements with Grace-Beamonde of Beaumonde/Mapepire.

MACCII JEROI:  Military contractor based on Wahl's Academy, specializing in combat tactics, training & tech

MAANIKA: A musical instrument utilizing sonic waves similar to the ancient Terran armonica.  Origins unknown.
Popular throughout the Ros Confederation, Mapepire Cluster, & the Huin Hierarchy.

MACHIAVELLI, RUKAN .  Rogue Darrian trader & independent expediter from Miryem.  First appeared on
Trayfowen/Mapepire in 1109, where he was one of the factors investing in Phoenix Couriers.  Reappeared on Liberty
Hall/Liberty Hall three years later as an expediter for Asjery Arms.  In 1114, he arranged clandestine arrangements
between Baron Manfred von Beck & various non-Die Weltbund business & transport interests.  There are few known
facts about Rukan since he has a habit of altering his appearance & dialect. Though travelling mostly by commercial
liners, some of his movements suggest he owns a private spacecraft. Die Weltbund considers him an smuggler & a
bandit & has posted a 500,000 Cr. reward for his capture.  His current base of operations is in the Guildheim system.
MHAIRIIK:  Midtech (TL8+) security weapon design to disarm an opponent, similar to ancient Japanese jitte but
including an electrical charge.   

MAKIIKAMA SUREM:  Major crime syndicate in the spinward Beyond, trailing Trelyn, & coewward Foreven sectors.
First mention occurs in 782 on Trayfowen, where they still operate. Headquarters originally on Mapepire Balsyn. After
acquiring a derelict Imperial warship in 1083, they have moved their headquarters there.  The gang is involved in all
sections of crime with the exception of the slave trade.  Whether this is due to moral qualms or the inability to compete
with the major slaver combines is unknown. The former is possible since firm data exist detailing a working
relationship with Dark Goddesses.  The gang's leadership maintains a low profile & only a few low level bosses are

MAL'GNAR.  Descendants of homo pekinensis mutated by the Ancients & transport to the Mal'Gnar Radiant.  
Distinguishing features are retractable talons & large feathered wings on which they can glide for long distances.  
They tend to remain aloof from other humaniti strains and loathe the Droyne.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

MANSFIELD/DRUIISHI  AFFAIR:  In 1020 , after engineering an famine crisis on Kilogren, the von Grau family
sent  a Die Weltbund naval squadron under Capt. Freder Mansfield  to set a blockade around Kilogren.  The squadron
(2 1000  tonne destroyers, 1 1000 tonne fighter carrier) captived the orbital station(& its offworlder crew) on Kilogren's
moon Druiishi & took control of the planet's orbital satelitte systems.  Using their control of  Kilogren's sensors they
projected themselves as a much larger naval unit.  This situation lasted 7 months unitl LOS arranged an emergency
medical relief effort via the Corsair Deia Trias(Capt. Bette Noire).  The Trias' , arriving in the system, detected the true
state of affairs & engaged the Die Weltbunders in a running battle.   Engaging the enemy piecemeal, the carrier
Sperling & , the destroyer S-236(Mansfield's flagship)  where disabled & forced to surrender.  .The remaining
destroyer, S-176, fled.  Subsequent interrogation by Kilogren's psionic authorities  revealed that the famine was
produced by flaws in the bioengineered grains sold to Kilogren by the von Graus.  There were two result from this opera
boffe conspiracy: 1. A successful suit against the von Graus under Comsentient aegis settled in 1024), and 2. Dark
Goddesses received a favored trading status with Kilogren.

MAPEPIRE CLUSTER.  A loose coalition of worlds in the Mapepire(Beyond)  and  the Rull(Foreven) subsectors.  
The cluster is more important as a tourist attraction (drawing rich tourists as far away as the Imperium) than as a
military alliance.  Most worlds in the cluster are only jump-1 distance from each other.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond).

MAPEPIRE DREAM.  40,000 tonne liner of the Bromisia Lines which disappeared in 1109 inbound from the
Imperium with 1567 passengers and crew.  A 5MCr. reward has been offered by the Mapepire Cluster worlds as a
reward for information on her fate.  The Imperial ambassador also has matched the same amount of reward money, to
no effect.

MARAUDER:  Asjery Arms designation for the Striker grav tank built under license by Asjery since 1076.  The basic
Striker is called Marauder I.  A new version, called the Marauder II has gone into limited production using TL11
electronics & the main weapon upgraded to a plasma cannon.  

MARIA GLORIOSA.  Famed 1000 tonne corsair of Aki hault-Huin.  In 844 disappeared under the command of her
great-granddaughter Jis Huin.  In 987 a distress missile was picked by IISS scoutship in the Darkling Regions.  It
relates being trapped in an asteroid field after collision with several derelicts.  An IISS sweep failed to find the wreck.  
Dark Goddesses has posted a 10MCr. reward for finding the Maria Gloriosa.

MARISHAL TRADE LAWS.  Laws passed by the Weltbundestag of Die Weltbund prohibiting foreign trading vessels
from operating in DW systems except for certain ports on the Weltbund borders.  It also established a national shipping
line, Stern-Hansa, as Die Weltbund's only cargo & passenger transport company.

MASOI SYNDICATE.  Largest syndicate on Trayfowen.  Masoi controls most of the Resort & Casino operations on
Trafowen as well as runs the planetary entrepos.  Masoi also has tentacles as far away as Liberty Hall.

MAYVEN'S MARAUDERS.  Mercarmoured grav regiment run by Col. Mayven Tosi.  Her base is Araniopa/Araniopa.

MAZX, IVN. (1057-)  Esylat admiral & diplomat.  Current Chief Councilor of the Comsentient Alliance.  His tenure is
marked by easing of tensions between the Alliance & the Imperium and its client states (which has had him impeached
3 times).  He has also strengthened the Grand Council's executive ability by passing legislation creating an Alliance
Navy(which got him impeached twice).  His policies has strengthened the Alliance at a time where it threatened on the
Zydarian border and the incessant Sred*Ni/Aslan border skirmishes.

MAZX CONCORDANT.  Legislation passedin 1001 authorizing an Alliance Navy and shipyard, based on

MCKIMMING:  Sadistic form of execution devised by the pirate 'Black Dok' McKimmin.  It entails locking the victim
in an airlock after which the inner airlock door controls are disabled.  Provided with air but no food or water, the
victim is forced to choose a slow death by hunger & dehydration or a quick, painful suicide by opening the outer
airlock door.

MEATCICLE:  Slang term for a live body in cold sleep, opposed the term 'Corpsicle'.

MEKUU:  Hairstyle where the hair is worn long & gathered back in a queue or a ponytail (depending on length) &
secured with a piece of cloth or an ornament.  Worn by both sexes, the style originated on Guildheim but has become
fashionable outside that planet, especially in the  worlds of the Liberty Hall subsector, the Mapepire Cluster, & in the
Trelyn Domain.

MESARIIKIRI, RIMI(1067-):  High Priestess & Matriarch of Kilogren.    A formidible telepath & politician, Rimi
has steered a successful neutral course between the Comsentient Alliance & the Third Imperium.  Less successful has
been her economic reforms, which landed her planet heavily in debt to the von Grau family of Die Weltbund.

METALMITES.  Common name for several unrelated metal eating microbes found in asteroids fields.  In the Beyond
they are represented by the Drueis of Aerhy/Middle Beyond, the Yteirn of the Enigma/Delta system, & the intelligent
Lorcvih of the Hichmakani/I-Glathriel system.

MHEIRCHALLA (pronounced meer ah kawl ah):   Exotic  dance style where the performer goes  through sensousal &
acrobatic movements while dodging & deflecting laser blasts from various floating & stationary  position around the
dance stage.   The dancer's only protective gear are goggles & a pair of Teratatza, folding reflective fans in which she
deflects laser shots.  The stage is enclosed in a transparent box to protect spectators & to allow for antigravity plates for
performance of the contragravity version.  The lasers are normally set on nonlethal settings though several dancers have
been know to court death dancing to full energized lasers.  There is no set dress style for mheirchalla though prefer
bodysuits.    Mheirchalla requires a minimum DEX of 8 & a minimum dance skill of 2 to safely perform. The dance
originated on the planet Vlad in the 980's.  The very best dancers come from Vlad, Miryem, & Lilith..

MIIREM IIRE RACING LEAGUE: Contragravity  racing founded on Six Mile Run/Zydar in 676, now
headquartered  at Trayfowen//Mapepire.  The league has two divisions:  Amateur & Professional, each broken into
three racing types: Speeders, Grav Cycles, & Gravboard.  The league exists as a governing body, creating & enforcing
racing rules.  The league also sets the prize money for the league sponsored races.   The current prize money is paid out
for 1st-3rd  place finishes as follows: Speeders: 1st: 160,000 Cr.,   2nd:  120,000 Cr.,  3rd: 80,000 Cr.;  Gravcycles:  1st:
120,000 Cr.,  2nd: 80,000 Cr.,   3rd:  40,000 Cr.;  Gravboards:  1st:   100,000 Cr.,  2nd:  60,000 Cr.,  3rd: 20,000 Cr.
Currently licensed races are held on Trayfowen, Friedland,  Mapepire, Vlad,  Hunyadi, Lilith, Jheszes, Alpha Centre
& Shalimar in the Mapepire subsector;   Guildheim, Maggie's Nipples, Liberty Hall, St. Foy, & Hardass in the Liberty
Hall subsector,  Intercourse & Paradise in subsector Delta;  Six Mile Run, Indian Catalan, & Pheonix in subsector
Zydar;  Nuit Noir, Idiot's Delight,  &  Wasichu in Metchi'  Alagwa subsector.  in the Beyond sector.  In the Foreven
sector there are licensed races on Aki & Miryem in Rull subsecor.  In the Vanguard Reaches there are on Trelyn Vrra &
Natrosilo in Trelyn subsector.

MIKIRIMAAGII, LTD:  Trelyn Domain armaments firm created in 745 by the merger of Eriigil Arms & Fortuulischi.
Besides being the main weapon & armour supplier for the Trelyn military; Mikirimaagii is a major player in the
interstellar arms trade.  Its greatest business coup was in 989, when it replaced Beaumonde Industries of
Beaumonde/Mapepire as Die Weltbund's main supplier of high-tech weapons & armour.  The rivalry  has devolved
into lowgrade clandestine warfare with both sides hiring corsairs(issuing letters of marque!) & independent  security
firms to spy on & harass each other business interest.

MIKUUKIM :  The name for priestess on the planet Lilith, derived from the old Terran word "Miko" .  Mikuukim
can be easily recognized by red trousers (of any type) and white blouse or tunic.

MIKUUKIM IKAA:  A  honorific  given to Lilithian priestesses possessing psionic abilities.

MIRYEM DIVH.  Darrian colony, technological institute, & industrial center, founded on the Northstar ringworld in
1097.  Main exports are gravitational & enviromental sciences & technology.

MOAAN:   Frozen iceworld, 7th & last planet in Alpha Centre/Mapepire's system.   LOFWIA base until 1118, when
LOFWIA  naval forces were routed by a corsair fleet  under Rani St. James.

MONDAT SECURITY:   Private merc firm specializing in police/paramilitary activities both supplying guards or
training them.  Mondat security personnel guard IDES prison facilities.

MORAHN INSTITUTE:  Medical clinic founded on Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall by Dr. B. 'Bugs' Morahn.  Funded
with an endowment  from LOS, the clinic specializes on the treatment of victims of biochemical attacks.  The institute
has its own private 400 tonne medical scout, the 'Carson Oma'.    Among his business partners are Miranda Goldstone,
an exiled Imperial diplomat, the plutocrat Deva Des Plaines Ault, & the bounty hunter Gelt.

MORGAN: Pirate slang for any pirate who hunts other pirates. Originally  it referred to those pirates who hunted their
own shipmates or band. Also used as a verb "to go a morganing", "do a morgan".

MOISURA CLASS DESTROYER:   2000 tonne destroyer built by Jaquerii LTD on Trelyn Vra for the Trelyn Domain
navy.   Built around a 100 tonne particle accelerator bay, the Moisura is powerful & agilie enough to destroy any
raider with its PAW & its 5 triple missile turrets.  Its 6 triple laser turrets  are potent against missile & small craft
alike.   Only 43 of these craft are currently in operation because of their cost(MCr 2,200).  32 Serve with the Trelyn
Imperial Navy, 3 are under trial with the Imperium in the Jewel system,  4 serve with the Guildheim Navy, 1 is
under the colors of Beaufort Lines.  1 was destroyed & 1 was captured by Esylat forces in the las Esylat/Trelyn war.
And was hijacked by Bette Noire after her illegal imprisonment on Varen's World;  and held for ransom of  MCr. 200.  
Since the Trelyn Navy refuses to pay or even acknowledge its capture, Bette is currently christened the ship "Onihime"
and is considered her options for use  or sale

MUMIISHIR:  Puma-sized feline native to Kilogren.  Naturally tele[athic, the Mumiishir  was domesticated & bred
into a companion & guardian beast by the psionic colonists of Kilogren.  Mumiishir  bond with either psionic or
non-psionic humnas but prefer the latter due to a protective nature.  Modern Mumiishir are quite smart (INT: 2) &
bond for life to their human co-partners.  They are quite protective & edgy around emotions hostile to their humans.  
Mumiishir fur coats run from a gray tabby coloring to black.  Kilogrenites will not sell Mumiishir & never give them
away except to the rare offworlder a Mumiishir bonds to.  These cats are quite sensitive to vicious or violently insane
individuals & will avoid them  if possible or attack if cornered.    Mumiishir live up to 45-60 years, with exceptional
individuals living up to 70 years.  Mumiishirs produce litters of 1D6 +1  kits. Bonded mumiishir often fade & die after
the death of their human partner unless a new bonding takes place. (STATS:  Weight: 100 kg,  Hits: 5D/2D, Wounds:
3D-fangs & 2D claws. Armour: none +1)

MURES.   Semi-intelligent (INT. 1) telepathic ambeoid native to Salus/Storm.  Reddish-purple in coloration, this
shapless creature can form multiple pseudopods for manipulation, movement, and defense/attack (treat as club). Most
are about  6cm in diameter with exceptional specimens 16cm in diameter.  They can subsist on a variety of
plant/animal matter, feeding by engulfing and dissolving food with powerful enzymes.  They make affable pets but
their most enduring features is their extranormal sensitivity to their enviroment, allowing them to be trained to alert
their owners to immicable forces (radiation, chemicals, hostile sophonts or animals, etc.).  Named for Sia Mures, Imp.
scout who discovered the species.   Lifespan is 3 years, but the fission method of reproduction can an individual mures
almost immortal.  A mures with sufficient food can reproduce every 6 days, but fission can control by drugs. (STATS:
Weight:  .25- .5 kg,  Hits:  3D, Wounds:  1D (acid),  Armour: Cloth)

MYNDWHYRM:  Derogatory slang for a telepath. Of Solomani origin.

NATTER, NATTERING:  Obscure slang for communication and/or sensor jamming .  Among  corsairs Natter is
a title of distinction marking  an technician highly skilled in jamming.

NESRUY:  20,000 tonne starliner belong to Luud Lines that disappeared in the Trayfowen subsector in 1043. Rumored
to have been pirated & sold to a private investor. Rumors abound of its appearance in the Harem (Foreven), Liberty
Hall, & Delta (Beyond) subsectors.

NHILANI:  Native language of the planet Lilith.  A mixture of old Vilani of the orginal settlers & the Japanese who
immigrated later.

NILRAIN CLINIC:  Medical clinic & research center founded by Dr. Kila Nilrain, a retired Imperial scout. at the
town of Codra on the planet Liberty Hall. The clinic employs 24 doctors, 112 nurses & 42 medtechs.  Among the most
important products is the Nilrain bacteria & its various strains discovered by her mother.  The clinic is the only source
for the Nilrain bacteria.  It is rumoured the clinic receives Imperial funding.

NOIRE, SIR BETTE:  Imperial warhero, renegade, & corsair.   After a distinguished naval career, the then Lt. Cdmr
Noire in 1012 deserted the Imperial Navy, taking her crew & the close escort Arerarama.  Though rumored to be a Dark
Goddess corsair, she does hold legitimate letters of marque from the Esylat Magistry,  Mapepire Balsyn, Kilogren, &
Lilith.  Her alias include Noare Betii or Betii Noare(a Lilithian variant of her given name), Betii Kurai, Petra
Sangre,  Inzhia Zdeti (Zhodani), Henrietta Morgan,  Jeanne Bart, Granuille Mhaille Lai Sho Sz'en, Qi SaoTeuta
Royale.  Officially,  the Imperium lists her as Missing in Action, Presumed Dead.

NORIAN ACCORDS:  Series of agreements between the Huin Heirarchy, The Sanctuary Worlds,
Hichmakani/I-Glathriel, & Bloodgard/I-Glathriel from 1115-1118.  The accords create free trade between the
signatories, a mutual defence pact & an agreement for a multi-national force to defend Shrine/I-Glathriel.

NORTHSTAR DEFENSE FORCE.  The armed forces of the Northstar Republic, recruited from all sophonts on the
ringworld, founded in 945.  Unproven rumors abound of pirates operating as NDF personnel.

spinward expansion to collect, analyze data relevant to Imperial economic policies. In 728 NITS colonized the rich
Northstar system (Darkling Regions), and started the construction of a ringworld.  In 865, enough of the structure was
completed to move NITS headquarters into it.  (Paranoid Press' Beyond)

NORTHSTAR REPUBLIC.  In 924 NITS discovered its resources could never finish the ringworld of Northstar.  In an
inspired move, Gavar Thyu, then head, declared the unfinished ringworld a sovereign republic and opened it to
immigrants & interested corporations.  The influx of sophonts & resources was so great that NITS projects ringworld
completion in 1234. Each of the portions sectioned off to a group/corporation/race elects a representative to make policy
in the Northstar Chamber of Representatives and elect a Director for executive decisions for a 3 year term.  The republic
was admitted to the Comsentient Alliance in 1087.

OHKUT-NERUUSIN INDUSTRIES:  The largest industrial concern on Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall, manufacturing
everything from lowtech household devices to hightech ships & military vehicles.  Holds several licenses from Imperial
& Trelyn Domain companies.  Founded by the Petrov family, one the founding families of Liberty Hall; who main a
controlling interest (63%) in the company.

OKHUYHAIL:  Also called firemead by humans, a popular minty alcoholic beverage brewed in the Aslan Hierate.

ONI-GIRLS(also AANI-GRRLS).  Self-named cliche of female  cadets at Guildheim Merchant Academy, made up of
orphans & former slaves rescued by Bette Noire & the House of Lords.

OIUREKEME(Ah-rah-kee-may):  Dark Goddesses secret x-boat route running  from the Roz Confederation in the
Foreven Sector through the spinward Beyond into the Touchstone sector. Until action from Tuablin closed it a branch
ran from Delta subsector to the Northstar ringworld.  Another branch runs from the Old Colonies subsector in the
Vanguard Reaches to the Storm subsector in the rimward Beyond.

PARADISE LINES:  Cruise line  servicing the Mapepire Cluster since 912, based on Omega Sextans.  Rumors
abound about mysterious disappearances.

PALDORAN, PADUA P.  A important Beyond trader residing on Paldoran/Middle Beyond.  He is a mysterious figure
believed to of Mal'Gnar descent, but with no known background.  Rumors place him as a relation to the notorius
Paldoran familiy of Port Xanath, Ventura Quadrant, a known haven of pirates & other rogues.  He has cordial
relations with Dark Goddesses & Webrunners.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond).

PARALLEL LINES, UNLIMITED.  Established in 1037, PL services Delta, Liberty Hall & the Mapepire Cluster.  
They have exclusive rights to Paradise/Delta.  Their headquarters on intercourse/Delta.  PL is controlled by
Bellakchan/Padoran Enterprises.  Their symbol is black oval with gold starship between two gold parallel lines.  
(Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

PEENULISK LINES: Subsector lines serving freight & passenger service in the Mapepire Cluster. Based on Alpha

PETROV, KONSTANTINE ALEXIS(1070-) Liberty Hall's minister of state since 1112.  Leading spirit in the revival of
the Liberty Hall Confederation.  

PHOENIX  COURIERS:  Small(3 100 tonne scouts & an x-boat tender) transport concern run by several ex-IISS
scouts licensed on Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall.   Has offices on Liberty Hall, Guildheim, Fradanhylla, &  Abyss. The
firm runs a courier service for hire in the Liberty Hall & Mapepire Subsectors as well as freelance survey services.
Since his deportation from St. Foy & subsequent retirement, Baron Manax Darkhstarr has come out openly as one of
the partners.  Symbol is a firey phoenix on a black background.

PHOROS COURIERS, LTD.: X-Boat service founded on  Hichimakani/I-Glathriel in 889. It services I-Glathirel,
Storm, Zydar, Huin, Delta, S'Red Ni, Araniopa, & Darkling Reaches. Underwritten by Webrunners & Dark Goddesses,
who use it as a clandestine courier service.

PRAETERT INSTITUTE OF PSIONIC STUDIES.  The most famous & most important psionic institute in Beyond,
located on Azathoth/Delta.  Heavily funded  by the Comsentient Alliance, is is a leader in wild talent studies.

PRINCE OF ASSASSINS:  Legendary corsair operated  by Suichi Dermond between 1086-1093. A captured 1000
tonne trader, the Prince was rebuilt with a powerful 100 tonne jammer bay capable of disabling the sensors of
spacecraft, even naval vessels up to 10,000 tonnes.   Known to cruise the Liberty Hall, Die Weltbund, & Delta
subsectors of the Beyond, she disappeared after a battle with a Die Weltbund naval squadron.  Rumored to still exist as
a dutchman.

PRINZESSIN TEUFEL(Princess Devil).  Weltbundian nickname for Bette Noire, who has adopted it  using the
vilani (Aanemikh Aani) or the Lilithian (Onihime) variants.

PURPLE SPIDER.  A gang of hijackers operating in the Delta, Mapepire, & Liberty Hall subsectors, speciallzing in
computer expertise.  Often rumored to be working for either Stern-Hansa or LOFWIA.  A consortium of planets have
offered a 2 Billion Cr. reward for their capture or destruction.

PSINULL.  A rare sport of humaniti, psinull are psionics dampers, suppressing the use of psionics around them.

PSIONIC ACCORDS.  A series of laws passed the Grand Council of the Comsentient Alliance guaranteeing the rights
of psis in Alliance space

QUIVIUT:  Extremely fine wool made from the underhair of musk ox & similar cold weather mammals..

RAIIHORU.   Mammalian fox/cat native to  Six Mile Run/Zydar with mixed brown/yellow/gray tabby markings.
Posses a foxlike head, catlike flexible body, & possess retracting claws like a cat.  Makes an eerie, birdlike cry.
Domesticated since 230, they adapt readily to zero G conditions, making them popular shipboard companions.  
Lifespan:  20-25 years.  Produces  litters of 1D6 kits.   (STATS:  Weight 6-10 kg,  Hits 2D/2D, Wounds:  2D-fangs
1D-claws, Armour: none.

RASHIIRA:   Privateer.  

RASSKULA:  A fibrous bush native to Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall.  Growing to 2 meters wide & 3 meters tall, its posses
spade like redish/green leaves & 6-10mm diameter berries.  The berries produce a light, slightly minty oil suitable for
cooking.  Each mature plant produces 1-2 kilograms of berries producing up to 3.8 liters of oil.  The plant is very easy
to grow in many climes & has been transplanted to many planets in the Beyond & Vanguard Reaches.  

RAZA:  A non-genderic, neutral term designating an overlord or supreme ruler, either hereditary or elected. .  Origin
unknown.  Used primarly in scattered usage in the Foreven, Far Frontiers, Beyond, Trojan Reaches, & Spinward

REDHISTAK 6:  Stimulant that when taken 1 dose every 12 hours allows the user to stay awake.  Side effects if used
correctly are only a drop of 1 point each of INT & DEX.  3 doses within 24 hours cause euphoria & a drop of 2pts. 2ea
of INT & DEX.   4 doses within 24 hrs are considered  lethal.  Most navies & some merchant firms have banned the
use of Redhistak 6.   Originally developed by SUSAG, but marketedc by a variety of companies.

RED TRADE: Piracy.  Of Solomani origin.

REE MHAKANI:  The original language of the  inhabitants of Hichimakani & the Shanna 'Ree.  Though there a
few scholars who still maintain the tongue, it has been superseded by Vilani & Galanglic.

REISCHII SHI (REISHI for short): Psionic sword built by the Japanese descended artisans of Lilith, based off the
ancient katanna pattern.  The weapons are treated as heirlooms, handed down to offspring or to honored personages.
The swords besides their normal damage do damage equal to the psionic strength of their wielder.  The popular belief
is that the Reishi are no longer produced but Imperial intelligence has data to the contrary. Only 3 are know offworld,
1 given the Duke of St. Foy (now in the hands of Rei St. Foy), another given to the Matriarch of Kilogren, & the third
is rumored to be carried by pirate captain Bette Noire.  The weapons are priceless, but a specimen stolen(Lilithians deny
this story) went for 87 MCr. on Regina a century ago.

RELAY POINT:  A location committed to the relaying of data, goods, or entities for specific purposes.  Many of these
are Licensed Information/Communication Exchange relay points, some of these are Imperial waystations leased from,
or least tolerated by the Comsentient Alliance (verbatim from Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

REMII:  Lacrosselike game originally  from the spinward planets of the Ist Imperium.  It consists of 2  teams of 12
players ( 11 rovers & 1 defenseman ).  The rovers are arm with the nagiraki, a  1 & 2/3  meter long pole with a
paddedbutt on one end , and  a 2-forked, spoonlike catcher on the other en(see picture of Remii player below).   The
purpose of  game ( which is broken into 3 periods of 40 minutes each separated by 2 rest periods of 10 minutes each) is
to use the forked end of the nagiraki to toss  the kholo ( a softball-sized leather stuffed with soft foam) in the opposite
team's goal.  The goalis a net  is shaped much like a hockey goal and is 2 1/2 meters wide by 1 & 2/3 meters tall is
guarded by a defensseman, armed with a repulsor shield which is only powerful enough to repel the kholo away from
the net.  The nagiraki may be used to trip other players, knock the kholo out of the opponent's nagiraki, or to trap or
flip away the defenseman's shield.  It cannot be used to strike an opponent's body ( a penalty which results in ejection
).  Remii is tradiational play on a grass field100 meters long by 30 meters wide.

REMION, ANYA.  (1084-)  Merchant & rogue, 3rd & youngest daughter of Ghos Jeschuur Remion, a boardmember of
Parallel Lines.  She was married to Gabriel Chang-Roth in 1012, & has a daughter, Reza.  Her life became
complicated when her husband became aware of Parallel Lines' illicit business deals. After Gabriel was nearly killed
by agents of her family, she fled with his comatose body & their daughter, along with whatever of her fortune she could
obtain quickly.  Her whereabouts are unknown, but is rumored she is being hidden & protected by her husband's
former lover, Bette Noire.   She is also rumored to be carrying  on Gabriel's investigation of Parallel Lines, aided by
Bette who also has a grudge (besides Gabriel) against Parallel Lines.

RERE KAGAASHIR:  Also known as 'Plunder Claus', is a personage of Spinward Marches pirate folklore.  Derived
from Solomani traditions, Rere Kagaashir combines the traditions  of 'Father Christmas' & 'Robin Hood'.  Every  
Christmas he leaves his lair, the ice asteroid 'Polar Amagaagir',  jumping from system to system, plundering bad
children & giving gifts to good children.  Rere is popular in the Beyond sector where popular folklore credits Aki Huin
with introducing the tradition.

RESISEN-MARG.  Corporation based on Northstar ringworld.  Specializes in enviromental equipment, gravitics, vacc
suits, small craft, & power tools.

REYNSPADA.(pirate's pick, spacer's spike, belter's buddy, etc.). Stabbing/clubing weapon from the Sword Worlds.  It
consists of a sharp, super-hardened spike with and brass knuckle handguard.  Designed for Zero-G combat for
punching hols in soft or harden vacc, creating loss of air & pressure.  Popular as a spacer's offship weapon

RHABHAN:  A  small ( 1/2 meter  long), highly lethal(4D6 damage)  serpent native to  Vlad/Mapepire.  Slender,  
gray/green/brown mottled scales  with a pinkish underbelly with a wedged-shaped head sporting 20 cm fangs.
Cats & Aslan have a partially immunity to its hemotoxin & only take 2D6 damage.  Rhabhans are often used
for assassinations, either by themselves or their milked toxin.  Rhabhan poison can be refined up to 8D6 damage.
Lifespan is 5-10 years.   (STATS:   Weight .5 to 1 kg, Hits:  2D, Wounds  1 pt. damage plus poison, Armour: none.)

RHADHIL FHILUSH. It is an  ancient custom of the Eshenili assassins when a mission has failed(& their patron is
usually dead or has abandoned them)  to offer their lives & skills to their conqueror, crying 'Rhadhil Fhilush'. If the
service is accepted, the assassin serves the new patron until the patron dies or terminates the service.  Populared called
by outsiders the 'Blood Bond'

RIMA AKU(TEAM EVIL).  Grav racing team  controlled by Bette Noire as owner/racer.  Fields speeders, grav cycles, &
gravboard.   Frequent competitor at Mapepire & Liberty subsector races.

RIIOGH NI ESHINIIR(REE-oh knee eesh in near):  The ancient title of the reaver  lords of the Spinward Marches &
the title of the ruler of the Huin Hierarchy, often shortened to riiogh.. Though dropped by lords after becoming
Imperial nobles it is still used outside Imperial space to denote certain powerful pirate commanders.  Term riiogh can
be loosely translated as 'overlord(lady)', 'king', 'queen'.  The last pirate lord to acclaimed riiogh was Aes Ryoko Aani.

RIIRA:  Privateer.  Lilithian variant of vilani Rashiira.

ROANTAUK SECURITY:  Mercenary corporation based on Beaumonde/Mapepire.   The TL of units run from TL8 to
TL15.   Roantauk provides routine security, escort service, training cadres & combat missions.  Its units have served
primarly in the Liberty Hall, Delta, Mapepire, & Die Weltbund subsectors of the Beyond, & the Harem subsector of
Foreven.  Roantauk has gained notoriety for its williness to engage in assasination (called 'suppression') operations
for planetary governments & corporations.  Roantauk is jointly owned by Beaumonde Industries(45%), Macer
Arms(25%) ,  Grace-Beaumonde(22%), & Tuablin(8%).

ROOS LINES: Toishan run freight service out of Big Harpe/I-Glathriel servicing I-Glathriel & Middle Beyond
subsectors since 1009.

ROVER:  Bounty hunter specializing in off planet crimes.  Rovers will often operate their own ships & have letters of
marque issued against specific targets.

RUDERAA SCHOOL:  Fencing school established on Beaumonde/Mapepire in 656.  Specializes in use of the cutlass
in its many forms.   Founded byAaschi Kunneree, an ex-Imperial naval pirate & retired corsair.

RUNISIR ERUN(THE TWIN PILLARS):  The informal title given to the premier psionic schools in the Beyond, the
Kiidauu Khii of Lilith/Mapepire  & the Em Istrii Zhawrftik of Kilogren/Mapepire.

RUSHUI EXPEDITORS.  Criminal organization specializing in the resale of loot, clandestine sales, smuggling,
corporate espionage and other needful things.  Their offices are scattered throughout the Beyond, Foreven, & Far
Frontiers.  The most important Rushui offices are on Beaumonde/Mapepire, Northstar/Darkling Regions, &

ST. FOY, DUCHY OF.  Pirate stronghold founded by Niccholas I in 813 on St. Foy/Liberty Hall.  The duchy is
currently the most powerful non-aligned power in the Liberty Hall subsector fiedling 102 warships including allied
vessels.  Its psionic institute is the most important outside the Mapepire Cluster & the Comsentient Alliance.  A new
base base and shipyard are under construction in orbit around the system's gas giant Terysi.

ST. FOY(san-faw) FAMILY.  Psionic rulers of St. Foy/LibertyHall.  Refugees from the psionic suppression, the family
eventually turned to crime and wandered through the Beyond.  Later family members became pirates and took over St.
Foy in 803 after a Die Weltbund anti-piracy raid.  The current duke, Niccholas II has petitioned the Comsentient
Alliance to become a member.

SANTUARY WORLD:  In general parlance, any nonaligned world that has declared itself neutral & denying any
rights of extradition.   In practice, however a sanctuary world's status is usually negotiated with the surrounding
interstellar powers ; who in turn will garrantee sanctaury status with armed force.

SANCTUARY WORLDS: Group of planets in the Huin subsector (Touchstone sector) founded in 831 by descendants
of the original Shanna'Ree corsairs as refuge worlds

SAANKOR:  Medium-sized  (1/2 meter wingspan) predatory bird of Kilogren, resembling hawk but with blue/black
plumage.  Like much of Kilogren's fauna the birds are telepathic & smart enough to rate an Intelligence of 1. Very
prized as a companion animal.  Claws & beak are rated as a dagger for damage.

SAUCY SENSEI:  Dark Goddessn corsair, captained by the LIlithian Aes Ryoko Aani (operational period
1070-1092).  A modified type-P patrol ship mounting 2 particle accelerator barbutes instead of 2 triple laser turrets, it
made the first DK incursion into the Phyllis' Surrender system in 1075.  Participant on the side of St. Foy in the last St.
Foy/Die Weltbund War.  Mothballed when Lady Aani became Admiral of the Lilithian System Defense Force in 1102.
Acquired & refitted by Deva Des Plaines Ault  in 1107 as escort for her 400 tonne yacht, the Gossamer Dragon.

SCHWARZADLERIN:  Slang term for Die Weltbund naval units operating out the base on Schloss Adler.  Refers to
the 'blackbirding' or slave raiding  that is a common practice among DW  ships in the subsector.

SCHWARZGUILD.  Syndicate on 511 Delta XI, founded by colonists & outside criminal gangs. Being literally
stripped down to the bedrock & abandoned by Die Weltbund, the colonists  survive by running  an entrepos &
engaging in piracy.

SELIJA: Strange plant/animal hybrid native to Alwameke/Metchi'Alagwa, the selija is a smooth, muscluar
starfishlike radiate that thrives on carbon dioxide.  Natives of Alwameke use them as living filter masks, both for
protection against tainted air or as aqualungs.  The creatures absorb CO2 & create oxygen as a byproduct.  Genetic
manipulations have improved the selija and they are an important export item.  Selijas can live up to 8 years with
proper care. (STATS: Weight: .5 kg,  Hits: 6,  Wounds:  n/a,  Armour:  Jack)

SERUI-AKBAR SYDROME:  A disease caused by a microscopic bacteria native to  Tarsus in the Spinward Marches.
It characterized by high fevers & uncontrolled, constant gibbering talk by the victim.  Unless treated, the victim dies in
3-4 days.  Spread by contact or by ingesting contaminated water, the disease reaching epidemic during 676-701
spreading thoughtout the Spinward Marches, Foreven, Trojan Reaches & The Beyond.  Name after the Imperial
researchers who discovered the germ & its cure, it is also known as the chattering disease.

SEYD-AZUSA, LTD.: Armament & Cybernetic  firm based on Trelyn Vra, Trelyn Subsector/Vanguard Reaches.  
Builder of weapons, vehicles, & ships up to the destroyer class.  Has many clandestine dealings with Imperial firms.
Has long running lawsuits against Tuablin, Beaumonde Industries & Macer Arms.  Has been the victim of recent
armament thefts linked to LOFWIA.

SHADOWSHIPS:  Slang term for a pirated vessel, renamed & operated by her captors.  Quite often shadowships will
retain some of her origin crew (usually engineers) working freely or under duress.

SHANNA  'REE.  Female humaniti/aslan corsair band, founded on Hichmakani/I-Glathriel in 234.  Merged with
Aki hault-Huin' band to form Dark Goddesses

SHAOSKII-YROS SYNDROME:   A rare inner ear condition caused by zero-G gravity, causing disorientation &
confusion.   Treated by drug therapy or by traveling in low berth.

SHAJTRA: Fighting style developed by Dark Goddesses personnel utilizing stilletto-heeled fighting boots(also called
shajtra). Extremely effectice in zero-g combat.  Shatjra skill can only be used with a human-style knee-bending
forward type of sentient. with a developed heel. Legal on most Law Level 7 planets or below

SHEINIKAMI:  A clan of psionic  assassins formed from mikuum & normal psis during the Tenbatsu. Disbanded
after the war.  Name is evolved from the old Japanese 'Shinigami'.

SHIIRAMAASI:  Generic vilani term for fertilizer made from certain types of kelp.  Highly prized for its lack of toxins.

SHIRIHIN IREHINARAA:  A blend of shinto/buddhist beliefs, it is the dominant religion on the planet Lilith.

SHIRUDUKUKASHI RESHIRUD.  Officer rank pips in the image of a human skull, popular with corsairs, free
traders, & naval mercs.  Merc Ranks 4 Skulls: Captain, 3 Skulls: Commander, 2 skulls: Lt. Commander, 1 Skull: Lt.
Free Traders Ranks 4 skulls: Captain, 3 skulls: 1st Officer, 2 Skulls: 2nd Officer, 1 Skull: 3rd Officer. Corsair Ranks
4 skulls: Captain, 3 Skulls: 1st Officer/Lt., 2 skulls: 2nd Officer/Lt., 1 Skull: 3rd Officer/Sgt.  Most common pip colors
are bone, gold, silver & black.  Often shortened to Shiruduk Reshirud.

SHRINE ENIGMA:  Among the ancients ruins found on Shrine/I-Glathriel, is the Hall of Sisters also known as the
Shrine Enigma.  In this structure is representations of females of several species of sentient beings.  The enigma is that
many species represented were not evoved at the time the building was constructed. However, both the statues & the
building are both reliably dated back to the Ancient period.  Several Imperial research teams have tried to get
permission for a longterm study of the site but have been turned down by  Dark Goddesses, owners of Shrine.

SHORIV ACCORD.  Mercenary rights accord signed by the Comsentient Alliance, Zydar Codominium, Die Weltbund,
Nal"G'Nar, Sred*Ni, Eslyat Magistry, various Aslan colonial states, and the Imperium in 965.  The accord provides
for the rights on repatriation of merc bands following wars.  Also has provisals for fair treatment of merc pows & the
denouncement of massacres both by and against mercs.  The punishment for violation of the latter provisals are merc
and trade embargoes against the offending nations.  Mercs breaking their contract without cause and merc involved in
cold-blooded massacre are punished by revoking their licenses and blacklisting.  The accords are administered by the
Mercenary Guild Headquarters at Northstar and Rabanitas.

SHUAMI:  Also known as cave pearls, are the result of pearl grown in cave-dwelling shellfish found on many worlds.
They prized for their accumulation of gem quality minerals.  

SIGNAL Q.  Code designation for encounter with an unknown, derelict, or mysterious ship that fails to answer hails
or acts in some odd according to the interstellar trade agreements.   Sighting would braodcast as follows:  QQQ/name
of transmitting ship/QQQ/ship location/QQQ, repeated until a commo acknowledgement from another ship is received.

SIGNAL R.  Code designation for a pirate vessel or any hostile vessel.   Broadcast as: RRR/name of transmitting
ship/RRR/ship location/RRR.  Transmitted until raider flees or until attacked ship's unable to transmit according to
instellar trade agreements.

SILK ROAD:  Webrunners' secret x-boat system running from the Roz Confederation in the Foreven Sector & Tarsus
in the Spinward Marches rimward to Aslani subsector.  The route links up to Dark Goddesses' Oiurekeme route in the
Storm subsector.

SKRAIDER GRAV TANK:  Beaumonde Industries bootleg version of the Imperial Striker grav tank.  Selling for 30%
less than the original, the Skraider is the main battle tank in the Mapepire, Liberty Hall, Delta & Die Weltbund
subsectors.  Die Weltbund has bought over 2000  units for its Luftgrenadier armor units, where its official designation
is Der Fliederbar.

SNOWBALL:  Slang term for an spaceship made from an ice asteroid.  Often lengthened to 'Hot Snowball'.

SORENSON ARMS:  Major competitor of Beaumonde Industries.  Supplier of armaments to Die Weltbund's Noble &
Government troops, Vlad,  Kilogren, Lilith, Trayfowen in the Mapepire Cluster; Guildheim & Liberty Hall in the
Liberty Hall subsector, Intercourse/Delta, & Wahl's Academy/Middle Beyond.   Also has thriving specialty weapon
division, making exotic & luxury weapons personally tailored to an individual.  Many of these weapons are designed
for export to planets like Vlad where native craftsmen turn weapons into works of art. Has technological exchange with
Macer Arms & Sorliyr of Northstar.  (Paranoid Press's  The Beyond).

SORLIYR.  Aslan trading, shipbuilding, & arms firm of Imperial origin, now based on Northstar ringworld.  As
patrons of several Beyond merc companies, Sorliyr finds itself often in conflict with Aslan forces from the Aslan
colonial states.  Sorliyr shipss operate in the Florian League (Trojan Reaches); the Darkling Regions, NE Middle
Beyond, Araniopa, subsectors.

SPAATIO, GLICK.  Freelance computer whiz & rogue, originally from Beaumonde/Mapepire.  No one is certain of
his appearance, as he changes his appearance often.  Has been accused of being behind the 'Purple Spider' gang.
Hisequally talented  redheaded daughter, Saaha Akashi is a member of Dark Goddessess.

SPIDER: Slang term for anyone who hacks into a computer for the purpose of running by remote control. On some
planets spiders are also known as puppeteers.

SRED*NI.  A arachnidlike, mammalian minor race dominating the I'Sred*Ni Heptad subsector.  Possessing a
telepathically linked communal mindset, they are incapable of understand individual-based cultures and concepts.  
Highly aggressive, they have been encroaching on Aslan colonis to rimward over the last centuries, causing severl
skirmishes and limited conflicts(Paranoid Press' The Beyond.)

STERN-HANSA.  The national shipping line for Die Weltbund.  It's current losses from piracy has crippled a line
already handicapped by its inability to serve the entire Weltbund controlled space.  DW's economy has downslid over
the last 3 decades as a result, threatening to end Stern-Hansa's monopoly.

STORM.  Owner of Delta Research at Sha'anoe/Delta.  Knighted by Strephon, his full title is Senios Master Scout Sir
Storm, Baron Cahokia, OC, ODM. Known to close friends as Storm.  Resides primarily at his fief on the planet
Cahokia.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

SUPPRESSION:  Common euphemism for assassination, usually used in conjunction by operations in which
military or paramilitary forces are involved in wiping out targets.

TALSI-LIHG.   Corporation, based on Araniopa/Araniopa, founded in 703.  Has branches in chemical, arms,
shipbuilding, mining, & consumer products.  Several  members of Webrunners are stockholders in this company.

TANSHI:  Tanto based psionic dagger used by the Japanese descended Sheinikami assassins during the Tenbatsu
period. The weapon does normal dagger damage plus damage equal to the wielder's psionic strength. Mikuum  
currently carry the tanshi inside their robes for personal defense & a reminder of the massacre of the priesthood that
started the Tenbatsu.

TENBATSU:  Catastrophic civil war fough on Lilith from 80-121.  The conflict arose from the fusion that occurred
between the Vilani lower classes & the Japanese immigrants 5  centuries before.  The catalyst was psionics-the
competition between the materialist & nationalist state sponsored Uurissila Kuur school & the Shirihin Irehinaraa
based Kiiraduu Khi school of the Japanese-descended Lilithians as taught by the Priests & Mikuum.  By the early first
century the Uurissila Kuur school had lost most of the Vilani descended psis to the more spiritual teachings of the
Kiiraduu Khii.  The current ruler of the period Lucan Niisch II reacted by suppressing the temples, culminating in a
massacre of priests in early months of 80.   The result was a revolt by the lower classes, aided & abetted by several
thousand Japanese & Vilani soldiers, noncoms, & a few junior officers, assisted by the Mikuum, many of who survived
the massacre.  The ensuing war pitted the government, the nobles against the lower classes & split the tiny middle class..
Though winning most of the set battles, the government  was worn down by the constant  fighting, which also saw the
number of nobles in the officer core dwindle due to casulties.   The finally blow was in 119, when General Strezhaan
Jurcil went over to the rebel side.  After a coup, the dynasty of Niisch premiers ended & a new noble council
re-organized.  As the Uussila Kuur psionicists were wiped out during the civil, the Kiiraduu Khi school became the
official psionic institute & the use of psis as a secret police ceased.    Shirinhin Irehinaraa became a co-equal religion
with Vhil Nais nature religion of the original Vilani settlers.  The tech level, once TL11, devolved to TL3, partly due to
the loss of technical brainpower & a deliberate policy resulting from the horror of the Tenbatsu conflict inself.  Lilith
became a war-enchewing culture until the rise of piracy in the 7th century resulting from the rise of piracy in the
Mapepire Cluster worlds &  conflicts arising from regional wars.  It was estimately 30% of the general population &
74% of the nobility perished in the conflict.

TERATATZA:  Reflective folding fans  originally created for the Mheirchalla dance On Lilith, they are also called

TERIIT, LTD. Corporation, founded in 514.  Industry leader in BTU thermocouple technology for military and
civilian use.  Has facilities on Vlad/Mapepire, Northstar/Darkling/Regions, Intercourse/Delta

THEIYAT: Head dress worn by Free Traders, Corsairss & by the Imp. Navy Border Patrol Squadrons, origins
somewhere in the Spinward Marches prior to the 3rd Imperium.  It consists of a length of (2-3 inches wide) wrapped
once around the head and tied/fastened on the right side of the head, with the ends dangling in front of the right ear.
With Free Traders & corsairs the ship badge (or personal device) is wornon the right side of the Theiyat, often as a
fastener. First adopted during the Flag Emperor period, the Imp. Border patrol version is in Imp. Navy colors &carries
the unit badge also on the right side. The loose ends of the theiyat displays the Imp. Navy sunburst on the most forward
end with rank designation denoted on the trailing end.  The Imp. Navy version is only worn with  the dress uniform.

TOISHANI.  Saurian race, originally from the Vanguard Reaches.  A  splinter group from the defunct Hsien Empire,
the Toishani now reside on Big Harpe and Little Harpe in the I-Glathriel subsector.  Famed as mercs(and pirates).

THEFI, PRINCESS.  Poicxh corsair, once an associate of the House of Lords.  Since losing her command &
attendants to the LOFWIA, she is now that oddity, a solitary  of her race.  Despite her lifestyle, she's a friendly &
generous xenophile. A genius of electronic warfare, she lives by using her skill as a specialist merc or as a consultant.  
Very remembered by sentients for the sexy contralto voice her bugspeaker transmits her translated electronic speech.

TONBO RAIS, LTD.  Holding company run by Deva des Plaines Ault.   A closed corporation, Tonbo Rais controls
several diverse business activities, from mining to fashion to chemical.  It also acts as a front for several corporations,
including SuSAG, LIC., which runs a psionic drug facility on Lilith under  a Tonbo Rais front.

THEVIOL.  Aslan merc fleet, created in 804.  Currently based at Northstar ringworld.

TORAUKLA:   Sweet blue/green round fruit native to the Kajaani subsector of Vanguard Reaches.  Fruit has been
described as biting into an apple & tasting a syrupy sweet pear.  The fruit has been spread throughout the spinward
Beyond sector by free traders & Imperial scouts.  Very popular with Vargyr who ferment it into a liquor call Mourhlokh.

TOREIS FLOWER.  Native blue/flower wildflower with heart-shaped leaves of Lilith/Mapepire.  Its produces a
chemical in its scent that acts upon estrogen, creating a DNA binding mutation in female children, making them
unusually strong (+2 to dice roll on STR) and beautiful.  The drawback (if one can call it that) is a quadrupled
pheromone level that makes Lilithian women fatally attractive, but however takes years (1D6 +1) of meditational
training to master.  For psionic females, learning Awareness at level 2 will also allow control.  Without some form of  
control, pheromone release is random and dangerous.
As far tests show, the Toreis cannot be laboratory grown, and can only grow under normal Lilith planetary conditions.  
However, export of the plant or its seeds are forbidden, and any attempt to smuggle either plant or seed is deemed a
capital offense.  Many offworld corporations will pay well any smuggler that can bring them the Toreis flower
(SUSAG, for example is secretly offering 20 MCr. + a ship for the Toreis).

TRANSPORTATION HUB: A starport where a transport lines maintains a standard weekly service & where said line
also maintains its own docking & repair facilities.  Mostly shortened to transport hub.

TREASIL.  Sentient, immobile botanical minor race native to Borgne/Mapepire.  Highly intelligent, verbose, &
curious plants that form complexes (up to 20 km wide) made up of various flowers, shrubs, vines, & trees above ground,
and a crawling root system below ground that also functions as the plant's 'brain.'  Visitors to Borgne's edenistic resorts
learn quickly that there is no privacy from the Treasils'  numerous budlike sensors organs .

TREDHILI.  sentient mobile plant minor race native to Funafuti/Kajaani in the Vangard Reaches.  Imperial clients,
they are found throughout the Beyond as historians, biologists & psychologists(as psychs they are in great demand).  
Most human sentients consider them saner tahn sane.

TRELYN DOMAIN.  Imperial client state, founded by Imperial industrialists in the Coos & Trelyn subsectors in the
Vanguard Reaches.  A corporate state, it's main foreign policy is increasing its share of markets in the surrounding
subsectors & avoiding wasteful military conflicts.  It's rumored that many Imperial corporations use Trelyn companies
for developing new & questioniable products & weapons.

TRINITY CLASS CORSAIR.  Built by Grace Beaumonde, tis popular patrol ship/ raider is designed about a standard
600 tonne trader mothership with upgraded performance with 2 auxiliary s-type scouts dock on the port and starboard
sides of the vessel.  A powerful vessel, mounting on the mothership 1 50 missile, 2 partcile accelerator barbutes & 2
triple laser turrets.The scouts carry either 1 triple missile or 1 triple laser turret.  The Trinity is a joint design of G-B &
Dark Dark Goddesses. An estimated 43 Trinities serve with DG, with 12 serving with Webrunners.  65 other Trinities
have built including 14 for LOFW.

TUABLIN.  Corporation, dealing mainly in slaves and resale of loot, which rules Phyllis' Surrender/NE Middle
Beyond. Also rumored source of illegal high tech bioengineering.

TUV, LTD.  Poicxh corporation, located on Northstar ringworld.  Specializes in commo, satellite, sensor, &
psionic/anti psionic devices, the best in the Beyond.

TYBALT: Genetically altered cat bred for size & intelligence for the IISS. Longlived, they are usually partnered with a
scout on a lifelong basis.  

UIDHAILE(OH-DEEL), ANORA.  (1092)Gauss weapons designer.  Born on Trelyn Vra in the Trelyn Domain, Anora
was a child genius graduating from Trelyn Technical Institute in 1109.   Working for Asjery Arms (1109-1113) she
designed the 5-barrelled Rotary gauss SAW for the Trelyn military,  the 3-barrelled Wildcat rotary gauss SMG., & the
serpentine magazine system.  In 1113, she left Asjery (taking all her files) for a position at Macer Arms Beaumonde
affiliate.  Her first design was the 4-barreled Deck Wrecker rotary gauss SMG.   Asjery initiated lawsuits   against
Macer in 1118, claiming Uidhaile's work & patents rightly belong to them.  As a result Macer has ceased funding new
projects & put her to work refining old Macer designs.  Asjery has secretly placed a Cr. 1000,000 bounty to kidnap their
former employee.

UNIVERSAL MEDICAL SERVICE: Volunteer  NGO Medical organization founded on Regina/Regina in 632.  As a
NGO, its medical personnel & support staff(from almost all of the sentient races in the region it operates)  serve all
sentients in need irregardless of race, government, or alliance.  The UMS can be found throughout the Spinward
Marches, Trojan Reaches, The Beyond, Foreven, Far Frontiers, & The Vanguard Reaches.  The group is funded by
donations from both the great & average sentient beings inside & outside the Imperial.  The organization has links
also to the Travellers Aid Society & The League of Sophonts.

VALBYT.  The Mal'Gnar names for its famous plasma lance.

VARGYR REACH. Region in the Kajaani subsector of the Vanguard Reaches used as the final destination of Vargyr
deported by the Imperium.  It includes 11 Vargyr colony worlds((Tizayuca, Gzhatsk, Jokmokk, Vlacq, Torshavn,
Srikakulam, Iasi, Iquique, Goujon, Wollongong Cruta) as well as 4 Imperial Outpost systems(Grayazovets, Yuen,
Sinaticus).  The colony worlds are either independent or part of the Kajaani Triumverate.  The Imperial Outposts are
run by the IISS with much of the defense handled by mercenary forces.

VERDILYA LINES.  Transport company operating out of  Guildheim/Liberty Hall.  Its clandestine links to human
trafficking has made it a rival to Parallell Lines & a frequent target of LOFWIA & many corsair groups.

VERSIFIER:  Popular name for devices used to monitor mental patterns, mostly used to verify true or false statements
in a court of law.  Can also be used to detect insanity.  The best examples found in the Beyond are from
Shrine/I-Glathriel, Beaumonde/Mapepire, Intercourse/Delta, or imports from the Zhodani

VHALKSHIISCH:  Illegal money payments, particularly when used for bribes or paying protection money.  Old vilani
term still in common use in the Beyond.  

VHEIAYUU:  Grasslike plant 2 meters high native to the Aslan.  Its grain has a minty taste & can be used much like
wheat in food stuffs.  It can also be fermented & is made into a drink called okuiyhail.   Cultivated in many parts of
the Beyond & Trojan Reaches sectors for at least 4 centuries.

VIPER CLASS ESCORT/RAIDER:  A class of 100 tonne starships, based on surplus  type-S scouts fitted with a spinal,
dorsal, or ventral particle accelerator running the length of the ship as its only weapon.   Also manuver drive upgraded
to 6-G.  Very cramped, usually manned by 1 or 2 crew.  A few include missile launch tubes.

VRAUGHF (ALSO VRAUGHF, VRAUGHF (Pronounced vrong):  Vargyr term denoting flashy personal adornment.
Imperial linguist claim the word is of Solomani origin, which is denied by both the Vargyr & the Solomani.

VUJLIOP.  Silicon based mollusc minor race native to Alamo Ismat/Die Weltbund.  They resemble large (1 m long)
red/yellowish slugs with 3-6 eyestalks & 4-7 tentacles.  Their outstanding characteristic is guja, a fatty substance found
beneath their outer protective skin whih exudes an anti-radiation coating to protect them.  Guja is also founded on the
other mollus and related species on their planet.  Vujliops are peaceful but find non-vujliops, particularly humanoids
extremely gross and horrific, and tend to avoid outside contacts except for a few diplomats (vujliops who have developed
the tolerance and laison skills).  A member of the Comsentient Alliance, the Vujliop have travelled and settle many
radiation tainted planets where they raise guja 'cattle' for export.  They have an emnity with Die Weltbund dating back
when DW hunters culled vujliops as well as non-sentient creatures for their guja.

WAAJIK.   Bioengineered symbiotic organism created by Tuablin slavers for mind control purposes.  It is a tiny (10 cm
radius multi-tentacled creture that is inserted under the skin at the base of the skull where the spinal cord enters.  The
waajik uses its tentacles to connect with the nervous system & the blood system.  The host receives a 2 pt. bonus in their
stamina while the waajik receives nourishment.  The drawback is that the waajik renders the host submissive and easily
controlled or manipulated. The Imperium, Comsentient Alliance, Araniopan League have banned the waajik from
their respective space.  Lifespan is 20-22 years.  (STATS:   Weight  .2 kg,  Hits:  2 pts.,  Wounds: n/a, Armour: Cloth)

WEBRUNNERS.  Major free trader/corsair group, Webrunners have exclusive shipping rights into the I'Sred*Ni
Heptad.  They also have letters of marque from the Zydarian Codominium.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

WEISSTEUFEL(White Devil).  The Die Weltbund nickname for Aes Ryoko Aani, the Lilithian corsair, for her

WELL OF SERENITY.  Fabled  artifact on Shrine/I-Glathriel rumoured to cure insanity, but only in female
sophonts.  Members of Dark Goddesses are rumored to ungo treatment in the 'Well' before being confirmed as a full
member of DG.  Whatever the truth involved, many insane or retarded female have travelled to Shrine and come cured
and whole, including Dark Goddesses' founder, Aki hault-Huin..

WELTBUNDESTAG.  The governing council of Die Weltbund, located on Bundestag/Die Weltbund.  Its membership
is made up of the various Stermeisters or their representatives.

WESSEL, ADMIRAL REITER HORST VON.  Die Weltbund Grand Admiral.  Reorganized the navy after the St. Foy
debacle.  Originator of the shoot first order against non-Weltbund vessels.

WESPE CLASS  ESCORTS.  The Die Weltbund designation for the Viper class escort/raider.   231 of these vessels
serve with the Grand Navy, 44 built on Bundestag & the rest under outside contractors.   38 Have been built for
the von Beck family by Beaumonde Industries, 18 serving in the Nerrvenheilstadt system.

WITCHES OF OUTWORLDS.  Female corsair led by Aki Roxanne hault-Huin in her days in the Spinward
Marches, Trojan Reaches and the Beyond.  After the creation of Dark Goddesses, the Witches have been maintained as
a phantom navy to obscure efforts to unmask pirate activity in the Beyond.   Despite her legend, Aki did not invent the
term 'witch' to describe female corsairs as documents show the term existing at least 6 centuries before in the areas lying
to the spinward of the Imperium.

WRECKERS: Hackers who seize control of ships' computers for the purpose of disabling or wrecking a vessel for profit.
There is great enity between 'wreckers' & 'joyriders'.

WIUFIU (Pronounced woo-foo):  A two pistol combat style originating with the pirates of the Spinward Marches some
time before the First Frontier War.  Requires a Dex of 9+ and a -2 to hit with the offhand unless the shooter is
ambidextrous.  Popular with many of the pirate groups of the Beyond.

XINGHAT:  Corsair cant  derived from the old Shanna 'Ree language of the Beyond.  Spread with regional/group
variation throughout the Beyond, Trojan Reaches, Spinward March, Far Frontier, & Fareven corsairs.

YAMADA, RYUU KOS(1070-):  Retired Lilithian naval officer & master of the Hiryu Shiiru school of fencing.
Famous for his tactical reforms & suppressing Tuablin sponsored raid on the Lilith system.  Tuablin has a  25 million
credit reward for his death.

YKIUH.  Extinct arthopodic major race whose remains are founded scattered through the spinward Beyond & the
trailing/rimward Vanguard Reaches(circa -23000 to -10000 3rd Imperium).  A highly cultured race,  they seemed to
have disappeared abruptly after reaching TL16(?) with no sign of war or mass destruction.  Some written documents
survive but are undecipherable, leaving scientists & historians with a major enigma.

ZEHU DUIIR:  Crime syndicate operating in the Liberty Hall, Delta, & Metchi Alagwa subsectors of the Beyond since
421. . Originally operating of Alator, the mob escaped the bombardment  of that world by Die Weltbund.  Rumored to
operate out of large trading vessels as headquarters,  shifting ships.  Major player in the slave trade until a LOFWIA
raid in 1091 destroyed their flagship with most of the bosses.  Said to have moved operations to the Delta subsector,
taking advantages of the chaos on Paradise/Delta.  The Zehu Duiir have had a traditional relationship with
Vlad/Mapepire' dukes until superseded by Tuablin, Ltd in 1107.

ZHAWRFTIK.   Archaic vilani slang term of ancient origins.  Exact original meaning lost.  At times it has meant a
female of deadly abilities, a female psi, a witch, or a corsair/bandit.  Solomani equate the term with their ancient
terran term 'virago'.  In many of the backward regions of the Beyond  it commonly means witch, usually denoting of  
females endowed with psychic abilities, and often with positive attributes.  On the planet Kilogren/Mapepire it is used
as the title of address for native psi or given to respected offworlder psis as  a mark of honor. Dark Goddesses corsairs
use the term when not around outsiders, addfreressing each other as 'Sister Zhawrftik'(a usage that Kilogren natives
find offensive).

ZIIRAMIRREMU:  Capital & starport of Kilogren.  Name means 'Virgin's Delight'.  

ZYDARIAN CODOMINIUM.  Aggressive military confederation of 20 worlds at the conjunction of the Zydar,
I-Glathriel, Middle Beyond, & Spinward Drift subsectors.  Descendants of Vilani colonists, they are too small to
directly challenge the larger Beyond governments.  Their worlds are havens for pirates, rebels & other malcontents.  
Many corairs operating out of their space are manned by Zydarian naval personnel.  (Paranois Press' The Beyond).