AAKHO: Minor race(?) of highly advanced (TL13) radiates originally from the Touchstone sector.  Aakho live a nomadic
existence as free traders with no apparent governing body.  In shape they are a blueish/white/reddish ball 1m in diameter
with eight very nimble tentacles.  They have no eyes or eyes but use their own peculiar natural bio-electric sensors to act as
these organs.  They also use these same sensors to generate speech.  Found scattered throughout the Beyond, Vanguard
Reaches & coreward Touchstone.

AANI, AES RYOKO(1056-) :  The Flamboyant Lilithian Dark Goddesses corsair  known various as the White Devil,  The
Queen of the Pirates, &  Aani Sama..  Lord High Admiral of the Lilithian Star Force since 1112.  Born of  the wealthy
Aani family, she joined the Heaven & Earth Lines as a pilot.   After the H&E withdrew from interstellar service, she joined
Dark Goddesses in 1082.   Rising quickly to command, she had by 1087 her own six ship squadron  operating out of St.
Foy. Her main targets were the shipping  of DW's Stern-Hansa & shipping own or hired by the slavers of Tuablin, Ltd. In
1075 her flagship, the Saucy Sensei with 5 other corsairs made a daring raid against Phyllis' surrender, rescuing 322
slaves & losing only 2 ships.  At the outbreak of the St. Foy/Die Weltbund War, she was commissioned a captain in the St.
Foy navy.  Her 18-month raid (1090-1091) in which she destroyed or captured 17 merchantmen, destroyed 3 DW destroyers,
6 escort vessels, & captured a DW light cruiser.gained her a knighthood & promotion to Vice Admiral.   Commanding  St.
Foy's 3rd Battlegroup,  she was the architect of the battleplan that defeated the Die Weltbund invasion fleet  at the battle of
Armida.  Falling out with the new Duke Niccolai, she resigned her commission & operated as an independent corsair in
the Liberty Hall &  Die Weltbund subsector.  In 1102,  accepted the post of Vice Admiral of the Lilithian LSF, eventually
rising to Lord High Admiral in 1112. During the 5th Frontier War, she used her influence on corsairs to start a corsair
campaign against Die Weltbund, blunting that nation's Zhodani-influenced commerce-raiding campaign against
Imperial shipping.  During her tenure as Admiral of LSF, she has increased cooperation with the Third Imperium. Also
she greatly strengthened Lilith's defense against intrusion & intensified the overt & covert campaign against Tuablin,
LTD. Her currrent flagship is the 80,000 tonne asteroid battlerider Wrath of Homura. Ruthless, dashing, & honorable, Aes
is admired by her friends & feared & respected by her enemies.  It was her greatest enemies, the Die Weltbunders who name
die Weiss Teufel(White Devil) & die Konigin Weiss (White Queen).   One of her protogees was the precocious child of her
friend Deva des Plaines, Bette Noire.  Bette's DW nickname Teufelprinzessin (Devil Princess) comes from the mistaken Die
Weltbund idea that Bette is Aes's offsping.

ADAKKAD .  Fatal Toishani viral disease, native to their homeworld.  Characterized by fkuid in the lungs & airsacs,
bleary vision, followed by coughing & death in 2-7 days.   Named after the adak virus, it is transmitted by air.  Originally
a disease like the Solomani common cold, it underwent a mutation during the last decade of the Hsien Empire,
decimating the hsieni population.  The current strain, Adakkad-45NV1, is endemic on worlds the Toishani have settled.

concern founded in 862 on Ixchel/Liberty Hall.  S hady outfit with numerous convictions to match its various names,
ADDA is currently on Sylva /Lloyds's  hazard list as well as being condemned by the Grand Council of the Comsentient
Alliance.  It's current headquarters are on Paradise/Delta.

AHAAS: Shipbuilder based on Northstar Ringworld. Specialist in decorating & building luxury jump & nonjump vessels

AKER LINES:  Founded on Mapepire Balsyn by Asa Chai Aker in 256.  For a time the largest transport line in the
Mapepire/Delta/Liberty Hall, it suffer greatly with the rise of Parallel Lines & Beaufort Lines.  Went bankrupt after a
financial scandal in 914.

AKER-MAPEPIRE SYSTEM:  Ship name system popularized by Aker Lines, after old Terran practice.  The practice
involves giving personal names to ships, with a surname & two initials for the first & second names (i.e. T. K. Jais, G. H.
Aker).  Used byStern-Hansa,  free traders & small ship lines  in .the Mapepire, Delta, Liberty Hall, Die Weltbund,  Metchi
Alagwa, & Storm subsectors of the Beyond.  The system is also used by St. Foy naval vessels of all classes.

ALEKHINE SYNDICATE.  Corporate 'pocket empire'  created by the corporate government on Alekhine/Die Weltbund in
602.  Its power derived from trade monopolies with the Mal G'Nar, Die Weltbund subssectors and the Mapepire Cluster.  
Compeition was brutally suppressed by AS's fleet.  Their downfall came in a protracted conflict with Traders Beyond
(forerunners of Webrunners), a cartel of free traders, who turning pirate harassed AS shipping from rimward bases in the
Beyond.  In 903, the conflict accelerated as Traders Beyond and its allies strangled the shipping lanes, causing Die
Weltbund to cancel Alekhine's contract and start their own shipping line.   The Mal'Gnar joined the war soon after,
causing AS' s total defeat by 911.  As a result of defeat, AS lost control of subject worlds and by 923 was restricted to
Alekhine itself.  The resulting economic depression saw the overthrow of the Alekhine plutocrats in 932.

ALLEESKO LINES: Medium size shipping firm based on Hunyadi/Mapepire. It services the Mapepire Cluster, Trelyn
Domain(Vanguard Reaches), rimward Harem & Rull subsectors(Foreven) & the Imperium via Tarsus(District 268,
Spinward Marches).  Alleesko has invested for recent ship losses on their Mapepire/Imperium run.
AMAKHANARAA SCHOOL:  Dueling school advocating aggressive, overpowering  attacks with any type of sword,,
originally from the core region of the Imperium.  The schools exist throughout the  Imperium,  Trojan Reaches, & Beyond,
being wildly popular in the Mapepire Cluster of the Beyond sector.

AMESIRI:  Vilani term for a possessor of the Machine Interface psi talent.  The name comes from ancient vilani legend of
a spitit that possesses inanimate objects, similar to the Solimani golem myth.

ANAPSI(Deadhead).  A sophont born without any psi ability, even latent.

ANGEL: Irrelevant spacer term for any ship leaking enough air, water, fuel, etc., to form a haze of vapor around its hull.
Also called glowbug.

ARANIOPAN LEAGUE.  A recent (1098) confederation of planets primarily in the Araniopan subsector leagued against
Aslan Colonial States to rimward and trailing. A major secret player in the league is Webrunners (the current president
Asan Polyu is an ex-Webrunners director) whose headquarters is on the league capital Araniopa.  Webrunners'
connection with the Sred*Ni has given the Araniopan League a non-aggression treaty with the Sred*Ni government

ASJERY ARMS:  Major Trelyn Domain arms firm, headquartered on Varen's Planet/Trelyn(Vanguard Reaches). It's
factories are on Varen's Planet, Trelyn Vrra/Trelyn, & Beaumonde/Mapepire.

ARTEMISAN CONCORDANT.  A Comsentient Alliance law creating free trade among members of the CA.  The creation
of Elon Artemsian of Mapepire Balsyn, it was passed in 1106..

ARTEMISAN/FIATH  PROPOSAL..  A controversial anti-piracy law proposed by Elon Artemisan and Fiath of the
Esylat.  The law would create a Comsentient Alliance shipping concern created from corsairs willing to eschew piracy for
honest trade.  The law also places a death penalty only on non-combat deaths resulting from piratical attacks.  Defeated in
1104, 1107, and 1109, it is currently up again for a vote in the CA's Grand Council.  The Imperium and the Zydarian
Codominium both have bribed councillors to vote against the bill secretly through proxies.  Webrunners is indifferent to
law  since its main operations are outside the Alliance.  Dark Goddesses's recently out of power Imperial faction is secretly
supporting the law's passage.

ASCHEIM.  Name for a hair style involving a long lock of hair worn loose or braided in front of each ear.  Worn by both
sexes, the style is named after the legendary Dark Goddess corsair Laza Reshur Ascheim.

ASCHEIM, LAZA RESHUR(751-899). Dark Goddess corsair, known for courage, honor & defending the more backward
planets of the Beyond.  A dedicated foe of the Ghaskoret Empire, she died defending the planet Aerhy (middle Beyond)
from a Ghaskoret slave raid, destroying 6 ships out of a raiding party seven pirate vessels.   The remains of her ship, Estroy,
where reformed into a memorial for her & her crew on Aerhy's moon Kershuur.

ASDERONTI.  Mysterious race of bio-engineered humaniti that formed the slave techs of the late Hsien Empire
(Vanguard Reaches).  A few survived the Asderonti revolt and wander about the Beyond, either as nomadic techs or exotic
slaves.  The race is small  (1/2 m tall), large eyes, pointed chins, two pairs of highly dextrous arms and has a love of
machines.  Shy and unassuming, free Asderonti work their passages either as techs or toymakers.  Their oddest feature is
their native tongue seems to be an archaic form of droyne.  However no droyne has ever heard of the Asderonti

BAKAA, BAKAAKA:. Lilithian derived slang for idiot,  jerk, fool, etc.   Derived from the old Japanese word Baka.

BANK OF THE IMPERIUM(BOI):  Central bank for the Imperium, headquartered in Core.  The owners of the bank are
the emperor & the highest nobles of the Imperium who formed a holding company run by professional Imperial bireacrats
who actually run the bank.  The BOI has all the normal banking activities as well as selling government bonds, acting as
a stock exchange & insurance broker.  The bank has a separate oversite body answerable only to the Moot..  Each domain
of the Imperium has a central branch that oversees operations in each domain. The few trans-Imperial branches of the
BOI are overseen by a central subsector bank.

BASCHIASZ-HERUU SYNDROME.  A rare ( 1 in 12.3 million) humaniti mutation resulting in rejection of body
transplants & regenerative drugs.   Named in 213 for  A. L. Baschiasz & C. D. Heruu the official discoverers of the

BASALKE LINES.  Transport & Shuttle company serving the Guildheim system.  Founded in 782 by Iielei Basalke.
Its monopoly on shuttle service is currently being challenged in the Guildheim courts.

BELLAKCHAN/PALDORAN ENTERPRISES, GmbH:  An interworld holding company registered at Intercourse/Delta
in 1037. Among the corporations  BPE, GmbH has controlling interests is Parallel Lines, LTD of Intercourse/Delta;
Sorenson Arms of Beaumonde/Mapepire; Precision Research  Aeronautics and Navigation Group of Guildheim/Liberty
Hall; Trondheim Aeronautics of Varen's Planet/Trelyn(Vanguard Reaches). Ownership is shared 50/50 between Padua P.
Paldoran & Sharlec hault-Bellakchan. (from Paranoid Press's The Beyond)

BEAUMONDE, ASA YERO.  Imperial trader who colonized Beaumonde in the Mapepire subsector in 302.  His
desecndants still are part of the governing board of Beaumonde industries.

BEAUMONDE,  MAKI SEIDI(984-).  Member of a cadet  branch of the Beaumonde clan ( own 4% of stock in
Beaumonde Industries) & ex-Trelyn Domain marine officer.  The current master of  the Ikiiri Bike Sa school of fencing
on Guildheim. A personal enemy of the late  Reyno Beaumonde, Maki has used  his contacts with his company to fight
some of its shadier dealings, in particular with the LOFWIA.   A  very affable, noble,generous,  & cultured gentleman;
Maki makes a very bad enemy.

BEAUMONDE, REYNO(1075-1116).  Recently deceased chairman of Beaumonde Industries, his policies included
technical innovations & political intrigue to increase arms sales.  His illegal biochemical research station in the Trelyn
subsector precipated the 4th Trelyn/Esylat War.  After engaging in a personal vendetta, Reyno was killed by assassins hired
by his own board.  His legacy is a string of illegal research stations (unknown to his board and most of his executives)
scattered throughout the Beyond.

BEAUMONDE, MEDRIZAAL  AI(1083-).  Sister of Reyno & current chairman of Beaumonde Industries.  Also a
member of the conspiracy that brought down her brother.  Has attempted, along with the board to curtail (only partially
successful) many of Reyno's less than savory deals in order to prevent more Imperial meddling in her company's affairs.

BEAUMONDE, YEZD MARKO(1094-).  Brillant but ruthless young biochemist, & nephew to Reyno.  The  biochemical
facility he worked at  on Qat was destoryed by covert Imperial agents in 1015.   Current location location unknown.  The
Beaumonde family has offered  4Cr. Million  for his return to the family.   The Imperium has offered 6Cr. Million for his
arrest & extradition.

BEAUMONDE LINES: Private cargo firm for Beaumonde industries, servicing the Mapepire Cluster & the Trelyn
Domain.  Rumors circulate about pirates using the BL flag as a masquerade while in the Mapepire Cluster.

BELLAKCHAN, BARON SHARLEC HAULT-.  Imperial baron, war hero, businessman (1058-).  He resides on his fief on
Trayfowen/Mapepire where he oversees his businesses.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond).  His grandniece, Jikai Terys
Sharfolver is married to Gabriel Chang Roth of Parallel Lines.

BELLAKCHAN/PALDORAN ENTERPRISES, GMBH.  Partnership of  the Bellakchan and Paldoran families registered
at Intercourse/Delta in 1037 as an equal partnership.  Has controlling interests in Parallel Lines, Unlimited; Sorenson
Arms Group, Ltd.; Precision Research Aeronautics & Navigation Group(Guildheim/Liberty Hall); Trondheim
Aeronatuics(Varen's Planet/Trelyn).  (Paranoid Press' the Beyond)

BERKEREGIR EBERKE SCHOOL:  Fencing school catering to the upper crust merchant class.  One of the few schools
that teach strictly formal competition & dueling sword fighting.

BERRKEN SHIIRU:  An offshoot of the Berkeregir Eberke school founded in 347 on Deneb, this school teaches a more
brawling close quarter style of swordplay (suitable for shipboard use) utilizing short bladed weapons.  The Most important
Beyond schools is located on Guildheim/Liberty Hall & Trayfowen/Mapepire.

BIOCOMPUTER ROBOTS:  Any mechanical device utilizing a living brain as a computer unit.  Though using the
brains of sentients has banned throughout known space, many are known to exist.  Phyllis's Surrender is rumored to be the
source of many of these illegal bots.  Slang terms for these creations are casketheads, spongebot,  spongedrives, etc.

BIOREFLEC:  Armour made from the naturally reflec exoskeletons of certain insects/arthropods.  Quite often bioreflec is
illegally made from the exoskeletons of the sentient Poicxh.  The main legal resources are the giant insects of
Caledonia/Northeast Middle Beyond & Dol Cirth Ungol/Darkling Regions; & the land lobsters of Zydexnar/Spinward

BLACKBIRDER:  Slang term for slaver, one who deals in blackbirds (slaves). Osbscure term of Solomani origin.

BLACK TRADE: Slang term for the slave trade.

BLACKGUARD:  Slang term for navy or system defense personnel involved in criminal activities(piracy, extortion,
smuggling, etc.,), either as the perp or as an accomplice.  Sometimes incorrectly applied to any corrupt official or personnel.

BLUE SHADOWS:  Popular nickname for the scouts of the IISS  in the Trojan Reaches, The Beyond, The Vanguard
Reaches, & Foreven sectors.  Nickname comes from the blue scout informs & that IISS personnel seems to be everywhere.
Depending on the person or locale, the term is flattering or not.

BROMISIA LINES:  Cargo/Passenger firm operating from Mapepire Balsyn/Mapepire. Runs a service between the
Mapepire Cluster & the Imperium combined with a Mapepire Cluster wide short service.

CACCIL: The fabled iceships of the Aakho, built from ice asteroids with drives, powerplant & equipment built into them.
Caccil's hulls are somewhat reflective of laser fire (-2 modifier).  Caccil are popular with smugglers who can obtain due to
their mutable cargo holds  that be enlarged, shrunk, or sealed off from the main ship.  The drawback for Caccil is that they
cannot approach too far into a system without losing some of their hull and have to relay upon more traditionally built
metal shuttles for cargo pickup & delivery.

CALIBAN HAULT ST. FOY ACADEMY:  Psionic institute founded by Cailban hault St. Foy at Regina/Regina in the
year 120.  Closed during the psionic repressions & relocated by the St. Foy family on St. Foy/Liberty Hall.  Location is 60
km south of the captial. Reached via an underground shuttle.  

CATERAAN:  Pirate slang for tender/supplyship. Most are fitted out as combination tankers/arsenals to support corsairs on
active raiding.  A few are fitted out for recreational facilities & act as a home base for small pirate bands.  Any  commercial
vessel can be a cateraan, though bulk carriers & specialized tender craft are preferred for ease& cheapness  of conversion.
In some Solomani settled areas cateraans are also known as 'milk cows'

CEERIJISCH CHARITIES:   Charitible organization originally founded on Mapepire Balsyn in 1070.  The group
ran a fleet of medical scouts & merchant vessels to render relief work in the backward areas of the Beyond.  The group
went bankrupt in 1099 after the death of itss founder, Dr. Eloi Ceerijisch in jump accident.  The remaing medical scout,
the Panacea, and the Magnadon class freighters Children's Crusade, Sister of Succor, Goddess of Mercy, Pilgrim's
Progress where taken over by a new charity, Trandescene, LTD in 1102.  The ships were moved from Guildheim to their
current port of Friedland in 1105.

CHAFESAW:  High tech chainsaws consisting of an composite alloy band with an abrasive edge on the outside, rotated
on an high-speed magnetic field.  Easy to maintain despite their high tech, chafesaws are a popular trade item on low-tech
planets, selling at anywhere from 20%-60% above retail.  Chafesaws also are popular combat weapons in the Beyond

CHARSCH ACCORDS.  An accord reached between powers 989 confirming the death penalty for piracy.  Members of the
accord are Trelyn Domain, Comsentient Alliance(until 1002), Die Weltbund, and the Mal'Gnar.

CHURCH OF RESURGENT ANTHROMORPHIC PHILOSOPHY.   A radical militant sect founded in year 3 by Louis
Farbes at Paradise/Delta(which the church now controls).  It's basic tenet is that god created all 'true" sentients in
his(human) image.  The sect creates much friction with non-humanoids throughout the Beyond.  Those who can, dismiss
the church members as "crappies".  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

CHOELZN  ZHAWRFTIK..   (pronounced 'kosin zhaufteek').  "Sister Pirate".   Greeting between the members of Dark

COMMONWEALTH OF SUNS:  A confederation currently proposed by the Huin Heirarchy to include the Heirarchy,
The Sanctuary Worlds, Hichmakani, & Bloodgard.  The negotiations are being held on Shrine/I-Glathriel.

COMSENTIENT ALLIANCE.  A loose confederation of worlds in the Vanguard Reaches, The Beyond, Far Frontiers,
and Foreven sectors, founded in 705 as an outworld response to the Third Imperium' s (and others) thesis of major/minor
races.  In theory and practice, the alliance recognizes equal rights for all sentients.  Though anti-Imperial in sentiment,
the alliance has remain neutral in Zhodani/Imperial conflicts.  The CA councillors dwell at the Great Hall on the
alliance capital of Rabanitas/Zydar (Beyond sector).  The alliance's main opponents are Die Weltbund and the Zydar
Codominium.  The alliance is also drawn into mediating (unsuccessfully) the various Sred*Ni and Aslan border clashes.  
The main weakness of the CA is a lack of consesus among members resulting in several armed conflicts among alliance
members within and outside the alliance worlds.  The  creation of an alliance navy has given the Grand Council some
(Paranoid Press's The Beyond, Vanguard Reaches).

CORFELAGAIM(Coreward Fellowship Against the Imperium).  A paramilitary organization that arose to defy the
Imperial Client State development in the Trelyn subsector.  Originally nonviolent, it organized several planetary navies
after the Trelyn seizure of Inchusela CMS, resulting in the Inchusela War.  The movement expanded to include all Eslyat
colonized systems in the Trelyn subsector.

CORPSICLE.  Slang term for a corpse found floating in space.  Sometimes used  for a body that doesn't wake from cold
sleep in low berth.

COSIN-RI EMID(Mask of Shadows).  The Zydarian name for its national policy of protection through deception.  In
foreign affairs, the keystone of this policy is that all data for Zydar controlled systems in non-Zydar databanks are false
and useless, with the real data treated as state secrets.  Even allied privateers and corsairs are given only basic information.  
All astrogators  are officiers of the JIL-Zyd the state police force. Cosin-Ri Emid also extends into private life with each
citizen playing a game of secrets and deceptions, adopting false front demeanors to hide truth.

DARK GODDESSES.  Free Trader/Corsair concern operating in the I-Glathriel, Darkling Regions, Storm, & Zydar
subsectors of the Beyond.  Crews are made up of females of all races except the Sred*Ni.  Though individual captains have
been convicted of piracy, no one been able proven piracy is DG's actual policy.  They have a secret alliance with the other
great corsair/free trader concern, Webrunners.  (Paranoid Press's The Beyond).

DARKHRAVERS:  Corsair group founded by Coresi Sanae Ki Darkhstarr (1004-1088), active in the Mapepire, Liberty
Hall, Die Weltbund, & Delta subsectors of the Beyond.  Based on Vlad, the group flourished from 1033 to 1054, when
Coresi, her daughter Anesii & son Lucan  were captured by an Imperial taskforce off Fraldanhylla.

DARKHSTARR, CORESI SANAE KI.(1004-1088)  Dark Goddesses corsair, founder of the Darkhravers. .  2nd child of
Dir Baas Lucan Sidi Darkhstarr, lord of the Darkhstarr Sept.  In the 1030''s & 40's the leader of a corsair squadron
stationed in the Liberty Hall subsector.  By 1054, pressure by an alliance of the Third Imperium, Die Weltbund, & several
Mapepire Cluster worlds curtailed her activities.  The following year she was captured by Imperial forces, trading  
intelligence on the Zhodani & Die Weltbund for her life.  She would live in exile on Tarsus (under house arrest) in the
Spinward Marches until her death in 1088.  Her children, Anesii & Lucan would grow up as duchal wards on Regina &
enter the IISS.

DARKHSTARR, MANAX.  Half-darrian Imperial scout, current head of the IISS Contact & Laison Branch in the
Beyond.  A charismatic xenophile, Manax nevertheless is an dedicated member of the IISS and the Imperium, ever ready
to defend its rights.  He has maintain the IISS presence in the Beyond aftyer the cutbacks of 1097 by heavily recruiting
natives into the IISS, including psis(which has earned him many Imperial enemies).  His skills have led him to be
seconded to the Imperial diplomatic service, acting as cultural attaches to the Imperial embassy to The Comsentient
Alliance at Rabanitas.  Because of his charisma, many outworld hotheads consider him the most dangerous  Imperial
representative in the spinward Beyond.  He has survived 2 assassination attempts on Rabanitas (1105, 1108).  His renegade
sister Bybaris Darkhstarr is a ship captain with Dark Goddesses.  Current operates as a minister without portfolio on
Guildheim, where survived another attempt on his life in 1121.

DARKHSTARR FAMILY:  Former Imperial noble house fallen from  grace during the civil wars having backed Admiral
Plankwell.  Originally seated on a moon in the Jewell system, some of the survivors fled to the Darrian worlds.  One
branch under Irakani Sii Darkhstarr join the Huin pirate gang. & became one of the founding noble house of the Huin
Hierarchy in the Touchstone subsector.  The family badge is a black field with a several white lines spiraling towards a
white dot in the center.  

DAZZLING:  Camouflaging a ship by use of ECM.  Two basic types:  1. Counter measures that confuse sensors to the
nature of the ship scanned & the location of weapons, bridge, & power signatures.   2.  Hacking into the opponent's
computer system & feeding false data.   Obscure term of ancient Solomani origin.

DEATHLORDS.  Mercenary/pirate fleet founded by former Imperial admiral Malesi hault-Fhormal on Maa'El in 1100.

DELTA  PRODUCTS CORPORATION:  Industrial concern founded in 437 at Sha'anoe/Delta in the Beyond by
Imperial traders to exploit the local resources.   From 705 on Delta's mainstay has been variants off their successful 100
tonne (the Serpent class scout/courier being the most famous) to 1000 tonnes hulls.   In  1086 the line was purchased by
Storm, later Baron Cahokia.(Paranoid Press' The Beyond).

DELTA RESEARCH:  The new name for Delta Products corp. after its purchase by Storm. Under Storm, the company
diversified, building many of the drives it formally contracted with other concerns.  It also created a stretched 150 tonne
version of the Serpent class in 1090, followed by A2 Far Trader version of the Serpent.  Storm's uncontrolled passions led
the company to the brink, saved only by the  breakthough in organic computers at the Delta Centre unit in 1101. The
breakthrough not only saved the company, but resulted in the title of Noble Baron of the Imperium being bestowed on
Storm.  The current ownership is hault-Storm-70%, investment trusts-15%, corporate employees-10%, Imperial
family-2.5%, & public individuals-2.5%.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond).

DERIMERE  LINES:  Clandestine transport & smuggling concern registered on Trayfowen but operating mostly in the
Liberty Hall subsector.   Has some agreements  with Beaufort Lines.  for contracts, refueling & maintainence.  Operates
mostly 100 tonne scouts,  a few fast couriers, & 2 known xboat tenders.  Under hire for fast transport of small cargos, no
questions asked, with no job too risky.  Ships manned by ex-scouts, navy & corsairs.  Executive  Director on Trayfowen is
Baz Vorticil.

DESCHORD.   Mysterious agent of LOFWIA who masterminded the bombship campaign against Die Weltbund ports
& shipping.   Disappeared after a pirate raid on his ice asteroid jumpship in 1108.

DESPOT HEAVY GRAV TANK.   State of the art TL13 grav tank produced by the Gravicor Division of Beaumonde
Industries.  The focus of an ongoing  unresolved lawsuit (since 1007)  with various Imperial companies due to its use of
stolen technology.  Used by Beaumonde Defense Force, many of the richer Mapepire Cluster worlds, several Guildheim
merchant clans & Die Weltbund.

DIE WELTBUND.  Republic founded in -123 by Solomani colonists who believed they were descendants of Terra's
original rocket scientist.  A representative oligarchy dominated by the Sternmeisters, planetary barons who control all
resources on their prospective worlds, backed by a very professional army & navy.  The height of Die Weltbund power was
from 730-923 when they dominated the Die Weltbund, Liberty Hall, Middle Beyond subsectors in the Beyond, and the
Piah & Harem subsectors in the Foreven sector.  Since endemic rebellion due to economic inequality fostered by the
League of Free Worlds has weakened its hold on outlaying planets.  Die Weltbund was an Imperial client state from
612-984, when the Weltbund rejected the Imperium's  request that DW relax their trade monoploy within Weltbund space.
(Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

DIR BAAS(dere boss).  Underworld term of ancient Solomani derivation, used to denote a group's leader. Despite its
orgins it has been used by free traders, businessmen & even planetary rulers in the spinward regions of the Imperium &
beyond. Often shortened to just 'Baas".

DRACHENFEL'S MAURAUDERS:  Mercenary/Corsair band on Guildheim.   In 1054 Anya Glyssa Drachenfels
(1021-1101, a lieutenant of  Coresi Darkhstarr) reformed  the three remaining ships of the Darkhravers into a new corsair
also based on Vlad.  In 1060 the band was formerly incorporated as a mercenary unit as Drachenfel's Marauders, using
Coresi Darkhstarr's personal device as their badge.  In 1078, the group moved its base of operations  to Guildheim. The
unit is currently commanded by Anya's grandson Jasor Drachenfel (1084-)  consisting of  3 Chameleon-class corsairs, 7
Serpent-class scouts, & 8 Broadsword class mercenary cruisers.  It is rumored (but not proven) that the Marauders have
clandestine ties ties to the Third Imperium.

DREAMDUST.  A narcotic substance mined on Ani Yun Wiya/Delta.  Used in a dust form it gives vivid, if nonlethal
hallucinigenic dreams to the user.  Used by psionic sophonts it creates comas in the user and in heavy doses causes death
by disassociating the mind from the body, causing the crash of bodily functions.  The Eshhenili assassins are rumored to
have perfected a liguid form of dreamdust as a anti-psi venom.  Droyne are immune to dreamdust.

DUNLOUGH INCIDENT.  In 1018, during the one of the endless feuds on Dunlough, a grav shuttle carrying the
children of offworld diplomats was shot down near the town of Dunlough.  Its 2 escort G-Carriers  were also shot down.  
The surviving children were strapped on the backs of  24 of the 31 surviving Toishan mercenaries.  With seven troopers
fighting a rearguard action, the Toishani sprinted 34 kilometers to safety, losing 8 troopers but not a single child.

DRIFT.  Slang spacer term for a group of asteroids sharing the orbit of a planet..

DURST FLAG LINES: Based on Corrigan's Revenge/Metchi' Alagwa, Durst carries passengers & cargo throughout the
Metchi' Alagwa & Delta subsectors.

DUSTUP:  A slang term of Solomani origin denoting a conflict of insignificant proportions or duration.

DUTCHMAN: Slang term for any spaceship operating without a crew, whether by foul play, natural causes, or by

EARTYHERT LINES:  Nialinwe/Metchi'Alagwa based subsector freight & passenger service.  Unusual for a small firm, it
uses its own home-built ship  built with native labor and  technical support from Delta Yards under contract

EIKHIYA SORILYR:  Aslan colonial state in the I*Sred*Ni Heptad & Araniopa subsectors. A rogue artificially created
clan  of Aslan outcasts, the group came into existence in 674, reaching its current size by 918.  Eikhiya Sorilyr is allied to
the Araniopan League with which it maintains a mutual defence treaty. It has at times been in conflict with various Aslan
clans & is in opposition to further Hierate expansion in the Beyond & Trojan Reaches. The Sorilyr corporation takes its
name from & is staffed by members of the Eikhiya Sorilyr.  The state is also notorious for having female political leaders.

EM ISTRILL ZHAWRFTIK:  The psionic school founded & run by the matriarchs of Kilogren.  Despite Kilogren being a
matriarchy, the school is open to all sentients of all genders with no discrimination.

ENTREPOS.  Trading centers for the buying & selling of illicit goods.   Some entrepos operation along corporate lines,
some are run as part of the customs service on some planets, and many are just open air bazaars.  Based on an old
Solomani word.

ERENDHRIL DRIFT:  Group of  234 asteroids trailing in the orbit of Trezr, the giant fifth planet of the St. Foy system.
The ducal navalbase &  shipyard is located on Khefaas, a 4 kilometer long iron asteroid.   The area is heavily mined with
fortresses on the asteroids Armentisia,  Sakor-Thoms,  Burl, Widget, & Honlein.  The drift is rumored to be home for units

ERNSTADT/NUJIEN ACCORD:  Accord signed between the Imperium & Die Weltbund (1110) opening up trade ports
where non-Die Weltbund starships can load & unload freight & passngers.  The current trade ports are : Nietschze/Die
Weltbund, Beinbruch/Die Weltbund, Liebeslied/Die Weltbund, &  Drei Farben/Liberty Hall.

ESHENILI.  An ancient order of assassins.  Though unknown before 120, the order claims descent from the secret police
of the 1st Imperium.  Whether this is true or not, the order does maintain a pure Vilani bloodstrain & does possess some
impressive 1st Imperium artifacts.  Besides assassination, the order engages in espoinage, political intrigue, and courier
work, all for great profit.   They renowned for their honor, completing tasks even if the client is dead.  Their homeworld is
Siva/Delta, though they have several institutes throughout the Beyond.  The order is run by a hereditary group of elders,
the Eshnon.

ESHINIIR:  Pirate, corsair.

ESLYAT MAGISTRY.  Ruled by the Selyin nobility since 657, the Magistry is the government of the Eslyat, a minor race
descened from seal-like omnivore stock.  Their domain includes most of the Eslyat subsector & and rimward portioin of the
Trelyn subsector in the Vanguard Reaches, and a few worlds in the Delta subsector of the Beyond. Friendly with most races
their have an ongoing dispute with the Trelyn domain to coreward that the Comsentient Alliance (of which the Eslyat are
members) has unable to contain.  (Paranoid Press' Beyond and Vanguard Reaches).

ESLYAT/TRELYN WARS.  A series of border conflicts between the Eslyat Magistry & the expanding Trelyn Domain. The
1st war, called the Inchusela War(967-968) by the Eslyat was actually fought by CORELAGAIM  forces against
encroaching Trelyn colonists in the Inchusela system. Subsequent wars (1058-1063, 1088-1091, & 1118-1122) were also
fought over Inchusela with the main battlefleets  of both powers actually employed in the fighting.  The Eslyat lost
Inchusela in 1062, regained it in 1088, & successfully fought off a major Trelyn invasion in 1121.  Fighting ended in
1122 with the Imperium-brokered Treaty of Cozumel where the Trelyn Domain ceded all claims on the Inchusela CMS
system to the Eslyat. The most important military development of the 4th war was the use by the Eslyat of non-Esylat
corsairs & privateers to offset the large numbers of Trelyn privateers which decimated Eslyat shipping in the 2nd & 3rd

ESPERIUM.  Also known as Berasite, a rare radioactive ore used as a psi booster.  Though banned in the Imperium, it is
extensively mined in the psi-friendly outworlds.  Rare, its goes for 10,000-17,000 Cr. per gram.

EXPEDITOR:  Professionals who deal as intermediaries between persons, groups, & governments.  The activities of
Expeditors can be varied; anything from legal aid & negotiation to operating as commercial or service wholesales.
Expeditors can operate as corporations (Rushui),  small outfits such as Shirhader of Guildheim, or as individuals, such
as Castor Maolix of Vlad/Mapepire or the Imperial diplomat Manax Darkhstarr, who freelances as a negotiator for hire.
Since the purpose of Expeditors are to 'expedite' matters much of their activities dwell in the grey area of legality.
Expeditors are licensed, depending on the planet or goverment as commercial  or legal entreprises.

'EYES WIRED SHUT':  Popular spacer termto describe  officials (& governments) who ignore criminal acts, especially
piracy, smuggling, ship neglect, for example.

FAORESK.  A semi-intelligent shapeless ominvore inhabiting the spinward subsectors of the Beyond and the trailing
subsectors of the Vanguard Reaches.  They drift through systems by becoming an inert protein mass(armour factor 5),
survivng the rigors of vacuum and thriving on radiation.  By methods unknown they can detect sources of nourishment
(ships, moons, planets), becoming active and using their cilia to propel them through space towards the food source.  
Entering a atmosphere, the Faoresk transforms in soft hairy muscular mass and goes into an orgy of feeding until food
sources are exhausted, after which they re-enter the vacuum to drift.  If enough nourishment is found , the Faoresk will
divid, creating 1D6 more creatures.  The Faoresk feeds by wrapping around the victim and absorbing it with its powerful
enzymes.  These same enzymes can be used to eradicate obstacles.  The only known weapon against Faoresk is heat (80
degrees centigrade + will kill the creatures).  Patrol ships in Faoresk space actively search out Faoresk and destroy on
sight.  These creatures have been known to hitch rides on the hulls of starships.  Faoresk are considered rare though 3
entered the Beaumonde XV factory satellite in 1108.

'FAMILARS': Also know as Felis Psionicus, Espurrs. A mutation of the Solomani Felis Domesticus developed by Psionic
Institutes towards the end of the Rule of Man.  Telepathic(Level 7), they are psionic boosters bred to boost the Psionic
strength of their partners by 1D6 + 1 a limited number of times per day (roll 1D6).  Immature cats are erratic in their
boosting talents (roll 1D6, 1-4 failure, 5 50% boost, 6 100% boost).  Familars are long lived, up to 40 years, maturing in 2
years after birth.  Familars breed slowly, going into heat once a year & producing 1 to 2 kittens.  They are extinct in the
Imperium, with the only large breeding population(7000+(?)) on Kilogren/Maspepire  A smaller population inhabit the
shrines on Lilith/Mapepire, gifts from the witches of Kilogren.  Very independent, familars must approve of & bond with a
prospective partner.   Familars can only be acquired as gifts, though there rumored familars on the black market(worth Cr.
FHORMAL, MALESI HAULT-.  Mercenary leader.  Courtmartialled by the Imperium for trying to steal the secret of the
Darrian Star Trigger(for use against the Zhodani), Malesi stole an Azhanti High Lightning and fled to the Beyond. The
most powerful, charsimatic and psychotic naval merc leader in the Beyond, he follows a anti-Zhodani & anti-Imperial

FIRE IN THE CLAW, THE:  Seminal work on piracy in the Spinward Marches by the then Ensign Bette Noire. Now
required reading at the Imperial Naval Academy.  Updated by the author (with a dedication to Duke Norris) with a section
on the Fifth Frontier War in 1114.

FIREPEARLS:  Pearls found in shellfish of the shellfish of Alamo Ismat, prized for the luminous glow.  Due to their
radioactive nature, 91% of firepearls are too toxic for humans to wear as jewelry.  Quite often, toxic pearls are used in
jewelry as weapons of murder.

FLAG OF CONVENIENCE PLANETS:  Planets with few or no shipping regulations that allow starships to register them
as planet of origin to cut down on maintence costs.  Many, but not all flag planets are backward with starports of D or
below. Known flag of convenience nations are Northstar Republic, Paradise/Delta, Maa'El/Middle Beyond,
Vlad/Mapepire, D'Escrime/Zydar, Xerxes/Middle Beyond, Salus/Storm, Stormpressed/Storm.

FLAMER: Spacer slang for any space or starship that cam be considered a firetrap.

FRAADA:  Musical genre dedicated to ballads & songs of & sung by the Scout Service, Free Traders, Privateers & Pirates.
What is interesting is that from the Vanguard Reaches, far Frontiers, Foreven, The Beyond, The Trojan Reaches, & the
Spinward Marches many of the same songs are known & sung (though with regional variations).  

FURIES, THE:  LOFWIA pirate squadron formed from the women & children who escaped the terror bombing of
Thieves' World by Die Weltbund in 757.  Organized on Hardass in 762, the Furies harried DW shipping for over two
hundred years.  After the nature of LOFWIA changed, the Furies transferred their fleet & name to Dark Goddesses in
934.  In 1065, the Furies became incorporated in the naval forces
Northstar/Darkling Regions, this line operates in the Delta, Middle Beyond, Metchi' Alagwa subsectors.  Operating old
starships, they have a record of declared ship losses covering up the actual theft & resale of cargo.  As the lines maintains
various alias and constant ship names changes the theft losses have hard to prove.  Still, they are the cheapest
trans-subsector shipping firm in the area they operate in.

GAME OF SHADOWS: Common slang for commerce raiding, often given to piracy.  Term can be traced back to the
Alekhine/Traders Beyond war.

GHASKORET EMPIRE:  Short-lived slave empire (808-913) founded by the Ghaskoret pirates centered on Port Royal
(NE Middle Beyond 0108).  It's  specialized  eugenic experiments produced many interesting mutations, most important
being the Mhorodrin, genetically engineering shock troops based on the enslaved Chirper  inhabitants of Tanasi. Though
efficiently run like a corporation, its activity created an alliance that included Dark Goddesses, Die Weltbund, & several
independant starfaring worlds leading to its destruction in 908-913.  The remnants formed Tuablin on Phyllis' Surrender
in 956.

GHASKORET PIRATES: Corsair group based on Port Royal run by eugenetic techneers.  First heard of in 606 when
raided Die Weltbund planets for resource goods.  Rumored to behind unsolved bioengineering heist from SUSAG at
Regina in 810.  At first raiding for their genetic material, they grew in strength enoughh to conquer planets.  Many of
their crews were bioengineered Aslan, Humaniti, Chirper, & Vargyr. The last identifiable Ghaskoret corsair was destroyed
by the DG corsair Firemaiden in 1001 in the Bloodgard/I-Glathriel system.

GIAJUUN, GIAJUUNIST.  A pirate who sells out another pirate for profit, survival or other gain.  Named for Selil Iku
Giajuun(567-612), a notorious Spinward March corsair.  Giajuun would alter raiding the Imperial trade with betraying
pirates & pirate raids against the Imperium.  Eventually killed by Yvrion Holen, a former lieutenant.  His massive
fortune(reputely worth  3.4 Billion Credits), has never been found though some speculate his bankers (wherever they
are/were located) quietly absorbed the money into their accounts.

GLACIAL CAMOUFLAGE GENERATOR.  Device designed in airless enviroments to create a mask of ice around a
structure or a ship's hull.

"GO(GOING)  TO SERENITY":   Beyond slang for a pilgimage to Shrine & its famous hospitals of psychological
healing for females.

GOBEIN: A poisonous serpent native to Gryphon/Storm.  1m long with a mottled reddish/brown body with yellow rosettes
and a triangular head with 2 cm long fangs.  It possesses a neural toxin producing numbness & paralysis.  Though
nonlethal to humanoids, its venom can be used as a painkiller & relaxative in medical work without processing.  The
GOS on Shrine/I-Glathriel have a thriving colony living around their medical center. An abstract gobein form part of the
Dark Godesses logo.  Rumor even has gobein aboard Dark Goddesses vessels.  Whatever the truth to that rumor, what is
known is that gobein venom is the base for DG's Hjifed nerve toxin, used in both gaseous form and injected via tranq darts.

GOLDEN CORRIDOR:  The common name for the jump routes that stretch from the Imperium's Spinward Marches
worlds through Foreven/Beyond border ending in the Golden Triangle systems.  The name refers to the flows of resources,
goods & tourists flowing along the routes.  The route most dangerous section comes along the Die Weltbund * Liberty Hall
subsector borders where attacks by pirates & 'rogue' units of the Die Weltbund's navy are all too common.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE:   The common names for the region at the end of the Golden Corridor.  The triangle(a misnomer)
consists of the Ros Confederation in the Harem subsector of the Foreven secor; the Mapepire Cluster of the Mapepre
subsector (Beyond) & Rull subsector (Foreven); the Trelyn Domain in the Trelyn subsector (Vanguard Reaches): &  several
systems in the Delta subsector of the Beyond.  Besides rich reseources, many industrial & service industries have arisen
these regions-often with Imperial financial backing.    These worlds also form the Imperium's strongest allies & trading
partners in trans-Imperial space.

GRACE-BEAUMONDE, LTD.  Largest shipbuilder on Beaumonde, founded by Hosi Grace in 604.  Their design include
the Trinity corsair, the Kharis patrol cruiser & its variants, and the Mar class strike carrier(built for the Eslyat).

GUARDIANS OF SERENITY:  Religious cult of gynocentric deists who believe an Ancient  blessed their founder with
the ability to heal the minds of any female sentient.  Based on Shrine/I-Glathriel, they maintain the best mental facilities
in the Beyond, with an amazing 100% cure rate for female insanity.

GUARDIANS SECURITY:  Private Military contractor based on Guildheim/Liberty Hall.  Recently disbanded after being
linked to an LOFWIA assault on Guildheim.  Guardian's CEO, Colonel Leggert Duschiell along with his top staff have
disappeared from the Guildheim system.  An 8 million Cr. reward has been offered for his capture.

GUILDHEIM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.  The political entity of the merchant clans of Guildheim.  The chamber  
also manipulates much of the trade in the Liberty Hall subsector outside Die Weltbund control.

GUILDHEIM MERCHANT ACADEMY.  The pre-eminent merchant academy in the Beyond, equal to any Imperial
Institution.  It has many campuses on & off planet  & also manages Guildheim's space museum.  Academt uniform is a
light blue high collared  tunic & tight  slacks,  tan ankle boots,  beret, & lapel-less jacket.  Classes are denoted by  lt. blue
stripes on each cuff: 1 for freshmen, 2 for sophmores, 3 for juniors, & four for seniors.   Faculty wear similar outfits but
with reversed colors with department badges on their collars.  Admin wear civlian clothes, or often the uniforms of their
former transport lines or service.

GUJA.  Guja is a fatty, radiation damping,  substance found beneath the skins of molluscs that form the dominant
lifeform on Alamo Ismat/Die Weltbund.  Guja is removed from the mollusc and placed in containers for transport
offworld.  Guja can be liquified and then impregnated into textiles forming lightweight radiation-proof suits.

HAAS LINES: Subsector lines based on LaBelle/Middle Beyond.  Under investigation by the IDES for re-direct thefts.

HAGA BUII N6K VIRUS: Designer version of the Haga Buii virus native to Hoelle VI, affecting Aslans.   During the
latter phases of the Aslan/Poicxh war Poicxh scientists unleashed this strain on invading Aslan during the evacuation of
the homeworld Hoelle VI.  Though directly nonfatal, the infection's symptoms are high fever & neurodysfunction followed
by a coma of 2-7 weeks.   Insanity and/or  intensive destruction of the nervous system are the permanent  result of this
untreatable disease

HAQUII: Fiber made from certain kinds of kelp.  Extremely  tough.when woven into fabric, equal to ballistic cloth but
sof to wear.  Native to Phoenix/Zydar.

HAND OF THEVIOL:  600 tonne corsair captain by aslan Dark Goddesses pirate Eayhuil Honeyclaw(1049-1086).  In
1086 Eayhuil's raiders pulled off their greatest coup, stealing a fortune in zuchai crystals on Big Harpe.  However, quick
response by the system navy resulted in the crippling of the Hand, which was scuttled by her captain.  Only 4 members of
the crew survived, all of whom disappeared into IDES prison after their trial.  Rumors persist to this day that the Hand
instead of being blown up made a crash landing in one of the Harpe's system outer planets  or moons.  The legend was
made famous by the song 'The Hand of Theviol', whose refrain goes 'I will seek the hand of Theviol, I will seek the hand
of Theviol frozen into a methane sea.'

HARFEWEIN: Fast growing(6 meter a year)  fibrous groundcover & vine once native to Bierstube/Die Weltbund.
Characterized by its three-forked blue-green leaves & harp-shaped blue & white flowers.. Grows easily in any soil in tropic
& subtropic climates. Eradicated on most Die Weltbund worlds as a noxious weed. In 1098 Zhodani researcherson the
planet Zhawlty Nawsh  discovered the long fibers could be woven into a material similar to silk but with the tensile
strength of ballistic cloth with properties of ballistic cloth.  The Zhodani have since 1104 cultivated it on their worlds
calling it Vlehzdezh. The plant is also cultivated on Alpha Centre & Shalimar(contracted out to Beaumonde Industries)
in the Mapepire subsector & on Nervenheilanstalt in the Liberty Hall subsector.  SUSaG is rumored to have a harfewein
plantation on Tarsus.

HESHIR:  Vilani  variant of Expeditor.  Common among the older regions settled during the Rule of Man by vilani

HIRUU RII:  Cutlass style fencing school founded on Regina/Regina in 268.   It's philosopy is based on letting the
oponent strike first, relying on defense, repostes & counterstrikes.   One of it's notable techniques (usually used outside of
duels & competition) is the 'Shiiki'  speed draw technique, allowing a swordsman to draw their weapon fast to counter an
opponent whose sword is already drawn.   There are many Hiruu Rii schools throughout the Spinward Marches & the

HORLEIN ASTEROIDS.  Legendary spherical asteroid belt found in the trailing Beyond by a trader named Horlein in  
-302..  The dense field supposedly forms a hollow ball in fleets of derelicts drift in various stage of destruction.  Horlein
found that his jump drive would not function inside the shell.  Horlein unfortunately lost on his next cargo run and his
full story not known.  A few spacers have repeated the same story over the last 1000 years

HOUSE OF LORDS.  Private naval contractor group  organized by the corsair Bette Noire.  Its noted known achievements
were escort/raiding operations in the last Trelyn/Esylat conflict & the defense of the merc evacution on Qwoi, a planetoid
in Paradise/Delta's system.  The group fell apart after the illegal arrest of Noire by Trelyn forces.  It is rumored that Bette is
seeking to ressurect the Lords.

HUILI FEVER:  Disease caused by a virus hosted by the Huili (a mountain goatlike mammal native to Vlad/Mapepire).
In Huili the virus is a nonlethal symbiote.  With offworld mammals (including humans), the virus is very lethal, causing
high fevers & ultimately, internal bleeding.  The virus, after infecting a non-Huili host, will remain dormant for up to 6
years, after which th virus multiples rapidly, killing the host in 1-3 days.  A cure is known, but must be administered
within the first 12 hours of viral multiplication to save the victim.  The most common preventive is vaccination which is
mandatory in the Mapepire Cluster, Trelyn Domain, Die Weltbund, & the Comsentient Alliance. Aslans are unaffected by
this virus.

HUIN, AKI ROXANNE HAULT-.  Imperial noblewoman and renegade, founder of Dark Goddesses.  Fleeing the
Imperium due to murder charges, she turned pirate in the Beyond.  In 732 trying to find a suitable base in the I-Glathriel
subsector, she discovered the planet Shrine(named by her) and its Ancients ruins.  Inspired by the examples of female
sophonts found in one ruin, she recruited female corsairs and welded them into a formidable pirate fleet.  Her career,
highly romanticized is hard to assess by modern historians.  The few known facts are as follows: She was the second
daughter of Baron Alt hault-Huin of Jewel; she was accused of murder of 11 sophonts (all male), including a Lt. of naval
intelligence; she plotted against the life of the Duke of Regina and was exiled for those offenses by the Imperial
government.  He descendants can still be found in Dark Goddesses and Huin's Brigade.

HUIN, ALA JHICIIS. (1076-) Dark Goddesses ship captain (Bright Starr) and current head of the house of Huin.  Her
home is rumored to be somewhere in the Touchstone sector, guarded by a regiment of Aslan warriors.

HUIN'S BRIGADE.  Mercenary armoured strike force, specializing in attack from space and space combat.  Founded by
the grandson of Aki hault-Huin, Revs Huin in 834, as a sort of male auxiliary of Dark Goddesses.  Feared by even the
Aslan, the mercs of Huin's Brigade often secretly act as marines aboard Dark Goddesses vessels.  The brigade recruits from
all races (male or female) in the Beyond except the Sred*NMi and the Mal'Gnar.

HUIN HIERARCHY.  Feudal technocracy in Huin subsector of the Touchstone sector.  It is ruled by a senate made of  the
descendants of the captains of the original  Dark Goddesses fleets presided over the female head of the Huin family. The
senate has increased over the decades to include new members including  Aslan, Poicxh, Nasedran. The Senate is guarded
by two elite regiments of Nasedran & Aslan.  Officially the govenment denies any connection to Dark Goddesses but does
have a protectorate over Shrine/I-Glathriel, where Aki hault-Huin is buried. It actively trades with the Aslan (especially
the Aokhalte), many worlds in the Beyond as well as the Jarnac Pashalate (Vanguard Reaches). Though neutral, the
Hierarchy has been known to issue letters of marque as well get involved in Aslan disputes as an ally of Aokhalte. In point
of fact the Aslan know more of the Hierarchy than than the Imperium or most of the states of the Beyond do.(& the senate
keeps it that way).

IBERE-KHRESPE, LTD.   Major shipbuilder  in the Trelyn Domain for civilian & military use.  Besides its own designs
it build several Imperial designs  such as the Empress Marava, scout/courier, Broadsword Mercenary cruiser, Shiv &
Shiv-B & the Gazelle class.  Has longstanding legal battles with Beaumonde Industries.   

IDES(INTERWORLD DIVISION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT).  Founded in 832 as a private Imperial contractual law
enforcement agency, IDES acts in those areas where the local laws are outside Imperial control.  Its main concerns are
industrial espionage, assassination, slavery(in which they are secretly aided by Dark Goddesses), and piracy(in which they
are secretly thwarted by IBIS).  IDES also maintain their own containment facilities.  They have many undercover
operatives in the Comsentient Alliance & various government/military agencies(including the Imperium).  Though a
private concern, they due follow Imperial policies and have Imperial funding.  (Paranoid Press' The Beyond)

IKANAZIN BOZATU:  The Lilith vilani version of Kanzeon Bosatu, the merciful Goddess.

IKIIRI BIKE SA.  Guildheim school of cutlass  combat, specializing in the use of the Inara Ikiiri type of sword. A part of
Guildheim Merchant Academy, its campus is located on its own satelitte in orbit around.  Its annual Trevor Abere (named
after the school founder) Tournament  features fighting in various gravities (Zero, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, & 2.0)  in open & closed
combat settings.

IMPERIAL EXPRESS BANK:  A branch of the Bank of the Imperium founded after the First Frontier War  to counteract
the Outworld Alliance.  Operating in frontier & trans-Imperial space, the bank is concerned in funding & investing in
small commercial ventures, exploration, colonization, etc., normally beneath a large financial concern.  Though part of
the Imperial Bank, its banking policies are not limited (in theory) by Imperial interests. The IEB also has a financial
relationship with the Travellers' Aid Society (every new TAS member gets an Imperial Express card with a Cr. 10,000 limit)
& every TAS hostel has a branch of the IEB. Rumors also circulate that the League of Sophonts are also secretly involved
with the IEB.  Centerpiece to the IEB is Imperial Express Card, a line of credit issued by the bank & back by the Imperial
Bank.  Basic line of credit is Cr. 5000 & credit limits range up to a maximum of  Cr. 50,000 at a interest rate between 8 &
12%.  In the Beyond the Imperial Express Bank is active in the Mapepire Cluster, parts of the Delta, Liberty Hall subsector
& the on the Northstar Ringworld.  In the Vanguard Reaches branches found in the Trelyn Domain, the Coos & Kajaani

IMSHII EKAR ZYDARI:  Oligarchic Vilani republic based on Zydar in the Zydar subsector of the Beyond founded by
Lucarii es hault Zydar (-267 to -189) after unification of the planet Zydar. Anachronistic & xenophobic, the republic
revived many old Vilani customs.  Interaction with newcomers early in the first caused expansion to surrounding systems to
mask the homeworld from outsiders and act as bases to raid the new trade routes being established.   The IEZydar remained
a small pocket empire until the 'Long War' (746-823) between the Zydarians & the Ghaskoret  Empire.  By making
common cause with its neighbors ( as well as rebels, pirates & other malcontents ) they forged an alliance that defeated
Ghaskoret & finished it as a threat.   The alliance evolved into an confederation after friction with the newly formed
Comsentient Alliance until the Concordance of Zydar created the Zydarian Codominium in 1066.

INARA IKIIRI.  A shorter version of the Inara Ki suitable for combat aboard ships or at close quarters.. Widespread
throughout the Mapepire Cluster & the Trelyn Domain.

INARA KI.  Cutlass type derived from the old Terra katana, popular in the Spinward Marches, Trojan Reaches sector, the
Beyond  sector & the Trelyn Domain of the Vanguard Reaches. In basic design, a katana with a hand guard or basket hilt
f(often spiked for hand punches) for the hand closest to the blade.  The Inara Ki may be wielded single- or double-handed.
Version with a Reynspada for the pommel are called  Inara Kireyn.  On Lilith, the Inara Ki has a more traditional ancient
japanese style of guard & pommel & is worn blade up.

INTERFACER:  Common name for a person who possesses the rare Machine Interface wild talent.

INTERSTELLAR INTERCEDERS:  A naval/marine private military contractor based on Intercourse/Delta. They provide
hightech training as well as combat personnel.

INTERWORLDS COURIER SERVICE:  Comsentiant Alliance's X-boat service operating since 908.  Connects all the
members of the Comsentient Alliance.

INTRABEYOND  COMMERCE CONSORTIUM.  The official commercial organization of the Mapepire Cluster,
located on the planet Mapepire Balsyn. .  It regulates & cooordinates trade, crime prevention, & instellar relations

ISZHSAURS:  Overall name for the dinosaurian fauna of Guildheim.  Name coined for Arak Lucan Iszh, the head of
the Liberty Hall scout team that first explored Guildheim.  Their massive airsack/lung systems allowed them to dominate
planetary fauna millions of years ago.  Three main species have been domesticated:  The 4 meter long  Shirikun, a
predator with a skull almost 1 meter long used for  riding & military purposes;  the Derimera a 3 meter long  quadruped
herbivore & the 4-6 meter long  horned Thiwdert, both which are used for transport & meat.

JASPEK:  Named after Ils Marien Jaspek (231-288), the Jaspek is a manuver where a starship makes its breakout on the
edge of the gravitywell  of a planet.  Used by Jaspek during a blockade of Trayfowen by Beaumonde during a dispute in
266. Highly dangerous manuver, it is used by only by the most skilled or desparate of pilots & navigators.

JIL-ZYD.  The state police of the Zydarian Codominium, the JIL-Zyd also functions as its intelligence,
counterintelligence, and scout service.  JIL-Zyd has received much data & resources from the Imperium in order to keep the
Comsentient Alliance under pressure.

JN-THYK.  Poicxh corporation.  Operating out of an old liner called the Thyk & her trader consorts, this nomadic
corporation wanders the Middle Beyond. Twice a year, Thyk goes into a schedule orbit around Aerhy/Middle Beyond
where the corporation holds a bazaar, drawing buyers & sellers from around the Beyond(and beyond).

JOYRIDER:  Hacker who specializes in taking over control of computers controlling transportation (ground, grav, air or
space craft). Such activities are known as 'joyriding'.

JUSTIEK ARMS.   Trelyn Domain firm producing military & civilian arms; & despite their name, tools.  Considered the
best producers of Chafesaws outside the Imperium.

KELSKO GROUP:  Private military firm out of Guildheim/Liberty Hall,  specializing in high-tech(TL13+) satelite

KLATTERBLAB:  Verb  describing endless, annoying verbal chatter to no purpose.  Used as a noun it describes a babbling

KLESPIN:  Slang for a talented electronic warfare operator, considered a complement & never given lightly. From Poicxh
"Kle es pii ene",    meaning  'one who ties antennas in knots.".

KUNII KUN:  Ancient Vilani nature religion widespread through much of the Beyond by post-1st Imperium vilani
colonists & refugees.  Based around Kuunii, the goddess of creation.   The main regions of worship are the Mapepire
Cluster worlds,  Metchi 'Alagwa, Storm, I-Glathriel, &  the Huin Hierarchy.  The Eshenili also venerate her dark aspect.
Worship is characterized by open air shrines, on wooded hill & mountain tops; or as on Lilith & Kilogren, waterfalls.
On Lilith Kuunii has become intergrated into the Shirihin Irehinaraa religion & Kuuni has become another name for
Ikanazin Bozatu.   The witches of Kilogren venerate a gyno-centric version of Kuuni.

KURUMARAA SIRKUR.  Out of fashion dueling  cutlass originating in the planet Regina.  The sirkur's non-sharpened
edge has a groove forming a sword breaker cut out the blade metal.  The spike thus formed can anywhere from 40 - 100 mm
long, though more extreme forms are known.  The weapon has come into vogue in the Beyond among corsairs.

LAHAR.  A corporation on Northstar ringworld.  A cooperative technical effort by Poicxh, Aslan, and Humaniti
corporations that has yielded many technical innovations.

LEAGUE OF FREE WORLDS(LOFW):  A loose confederation formed in 893 made up of worlds & systems that broke
away from Die Weltbund.  Recognized by the Comsentient Alliance, the league representatives meet twice a year at the
League Senate on Friedland/Mapepire.  Other than mutual defense against pirates & Die Weltbund attempts at conquest,
the league has little coherent political programs.  The Senate's recent move to Alekhine & alliance to the Mal 'Gnar has
fractured the league even further.

LEAGUE OF FREE WORLDS INSURGENT ARMY(LOFWIA):  Clandestine military & terrorist organization,
headquartered on Guildheim/Liberty Hall.  Originally formed in 924 to support rebellions against Die Weltbund through
covert operations, weapon smuggling, & espionage/sabotage.  Since its transfer from Friedland to Guildheim under
Commandant Thys Fielder, the LOFWIA has metamorphed into a terrorist organization striking any Die Weltbund
regardless of innocent life inside & outside Die Weltbund space.   Their most daring exploit to date was the bombing of the
Die Weltbund Embassy on Regina/Regina in 1110.  LOFWIA pirates & privateers operations have proven so bloody that
there now exist a state of war between LOFWIA ships & the corsairs of Webrunners, Dark Goddesses, & St. Foy

LIBERTY HALL CONFEDERATION.  Tentative alliance of  several systems in the Liberty Hall subsector.  Organized
under Imperial auspices in 1101.  After years of negotiations, it collapsed in 1108 when St. Foy withdrew from the talks
Recently, Fradanhylla, Guildheim, Pearl of Zandvoort, Abyss, & Abeitlung Drei have reopened talks.  Secretly, the
opposition party on St. Foy has also opened negotiations..

LORCVIH.  Intelligent, communal metalmite microbes found in the Ghaklui asteroid belt in the Hichmakani
system(I-Glathriel subsector).  They are telepathic, and by communal joining between individuals can create visible
complex entities(though they prefer using robots to protect against oxygen poisoing).  The Lorcvih are very curious about
the macroscopic universe, trading their resources in exchange for data & technology.  Dark Goddesses have exclusive rights
to the Ghaklui belt.

LOS(LEAGUE OF SOPHONTS).  A subversive(?), clandestine Imperial group opposed to the economic imperialism of
the Third Imperium and also dedicated to the equality of all sentient beings.  Originally the League of Sophonts Against
Tyranny & Oppression, it was founded in year 112.  After the psionic suppression, it changed its name to simply LOS.  
Many psi own their lives to LOS efforts.  LOS is currently most active in the Spinward Marches, Deneb, Beyond, & Trojan
Reaches though rumors of LOS activities in Zhodani space are heard.  It is speculated that LOS has powerful backers as its
members(only known as Whrenn) never lack for supplies or legal support.  Efforts by IBIS to unmask the power behind
LOS has been fruitless,, even embarrassing as IBIS agents have been manipulated into furthering LOS goals.  Called
"LOSers" by their critics.

LOST COLONY DARRIAN.  Generic non-Darrian terms for planets (& their inhabitant) colonized by the Darrians
during the pre-Maghiz day in the coreward Far Frontiers, Foreven & Beyond subsectors.  Many have lost a great deal of
the Darrian heritage.  The Darrian Confederation after the 5th Frontier War has established a polioy to re-contact &
colonize some of these worlds.

LOST COMMAND:   Naval vessel(s) or personnel engaged in piracy or other illegal activities.  Old Solomani term.

LOTHAR-ERGHASH LINES: Operating out of La Belle/Middle Beyond, LEL  services the nonaligned worlds of Middle
Beyond carrying passengers & cargo.  They also operate their own X-boat system.

LUFTGRENADIERS:  Elite naval commandos of the Die Weltbund marines, similar to Imperial Lift Infantr(or old
Terran paratrops)y in comcept. Instead of dropping from orbital, Luftgrenadiers are equipped with the Wespe flying
battledress(designed & built by Mikirimaagii, LTD) with which they drop from landing craft anywhere from suborbital to
1000 km height.  Lufttgrenadiers are organized into battalions of 4 companies commanded by a Major, companies of 8
squads  commanded by a  Capt. &  squads of 12 troopers + plus one Sgt. & Lt.   Squads are equipped with a mixture of
laser & gauss weapons plus each squad has 1 Longsword Assault Laser (developed again by Mikirimaagii)..  Naval vessels
of less than 5000 tonnes will typically have 1 or 2 squads of Luftgrenadiers.  Light cruisers )5000-10000 tonnes) will  
maintain 4-5 squads.  Heavy Cruisers (10000-15000 tonnes) with maintain 1 company.  Heavy Carrier & Battleships
(15000-40000 tonnes) will maintain 1-2 Battalions.

LUUD LINES: Cargo carrying subsector firm based on Shaft/I-Glathriel.
Library Data M-Z
Data I developed for my Beyond campaign.  Where data comes from Paranoid
Press or another similar sources I have notated it at the end of the entry along
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