RABANITAS: (0102) UWP: A869346.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, agricultural
byproducts, medicines, technical expertise, diplomats.  IMPORTS:  Hightech goods & vehicles, armaments, luxury
items.  NAVAL/SCOUT BASE.  NAVAL DEPOT. Khibernaki Mercenary Guild headquarters.  Capital of the
Comsentient Alliance.  Rabanitas University. ALIGN: CA.

LYREHC: (0104) UWP: E425934.  TL: 8.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Armaments, Low- & Mid-tech goods &
electronics, vehicles,  Luxury goods.  IMPORTS:  Industrial materials, foodstuffs, High-goods,  electronics  &
armaments.  System defended by 4 squadrons of SDB's & a mixed cruiser/destroyer battlegroup of the Comsentient
Alliance Navy. ALIGN: CA

GEORGE HEAP: (0106)  UWP: B558621. TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, gemstones,
fertilizers.  IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, armaments, foodstuffs, luxury goods.  George Heap maintains its neutrality by
trading equally with the Zydarians & CA aligned worlds in the subsector. .  Maintains a modest squadron of SDB's.

STATION TWO: (0202) UWP: C534420.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Genetic research, pharmaceuticals,
medical viruses. IMPORTS:  Agricultural byproducts, industrial  material, Mi-d & High-tech goods. Defended by a
planetary monitor & 2 Squadrons of Comsentient Alliance Navy SDB's..  GAS GIANT. RESEARCH FACILITY. .

DEMIMONDE: (0204) UWP: E405000.  TL:  N/A.  TRADE: N/A.  Abandoned colony.  ALIGN: NA.

PHOENIX: (0205) UWP: C666559  TL: A. TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS:: Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts.  IMPORTS: Textiles, high-tech goods. Droyne colony.  Haquii plantations. ALIGN: CA.

DLZURGO: (0208) UWP: B000229.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Rare gems & minerals, luxury goods.  
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, nonjump ships, luxury goods. CA SCOUT BASE.  Rare gems & minerals.

J'PREALL: (0304) UWP: D64A4656.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Timber, furniture, treehome seedlings.
IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high-tech weaponry, mid-tech goods. .  Known for its cultivated living treehomes, made
from several native & imported trees.  ALIGN: NA.

D'ESCRIME: (0305) UWP: E968010.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NA..  EXPORTS: Human resources, minerals, industrial
materials.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, mid- & high-tech electronics, mid-tech weaponry. ALIGN: NA.

AROS: (0306) UWP: D8467AB.  TL: 4.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts. IMPORTS:
Luxury goods, high-tech powerplants.  Massive exporter of grain & meat.  ALIGN: CA.

UFHLUG (0307) UWP: C645214.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Exotic woods & wooden statues.  IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods & weapons, textiles. ALIGN: CA.

SIX MILE RUN.  (0309) UWP: B57A257.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Physical training expertise, equipment,
& drugs, perfumes. IMPORTS:  High-tech goods & electronics. .Named for sports event.  Physical training institute.

NUR JEHAN: (0310) UWP: B332200.  TL: 9. TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human resources.  
IMPORTS: Weapons, survival equipment. Rumored smuggler haven. Tributary of the Zydarian Codominium,which
provids protection in exchange of control of its starport & raw materials.  ALIGN: NA
FARHAVEN: (0401) UWP: B437762.  TL: 7.  TRADE: N/A.  GAS GIANT.  Sanctuary world.  Secretly controlled by
Dark Goddesses.  ALIGN: NA.

ZA'KASS-K'NARR: (0402)  UWP: D552315.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Human resources, industrial
materials..IMPORTS:  Mid-tech goods, electronics, fertilizers, medicines. GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: NA.

VALE:  (0405) UWP: AAA8887.  TL: A.  TRADE:  N/A..  EXPORTS: Human resources, industrial materials.  
IMPORTS: Weapons,  military expertise. A world heavily exploited by Tuablin, LTD.  AMBER ZONE. Internecine
strife.  ALIGN: NA.

BATTELLE: (0410) UWP: A977AB9.  TL: F.  TRADE: IN, EXPORTS: Research, High-tech goods, chemicals,
medicines. IMPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury goods, human resources. Maintains a well-trained local militia
trained by retired Imperial military & naval personnel. Has close commercial & security relationships with Six Mile

INDIAN CATALAN: (0504) UWP: X845200.  TL: 2. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs.
IMPORTS: Low- & mid-tech goods. Famed gamers world.  ALIGN: CA.

NENNEMKI ALAGWA: (0505) UWP: C647867  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA.  Waystation & recruiting ground for the CA
scout service & merc groups. CA SCOUTBASE.  ALIGN: CA.

FAIRWEATHER: (0506) UWP: CACA367.  TL: C.  TRADE: NI, R. EXPORTS: Drugs, medicines, exotic foodstuffs.
IMPORTS: Weapons, military & civilian jumpships, luxury goods. Tuablin, LTD base.  NAVAL BASE. AMBER
ZONE.  Obviously misnamed planet. ALIGN: NA

OUISAHED: (0508) UWP: B476643.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG, NI. EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, military expertise,
agricultural byproducts, medicinal plants.  IMPORTS: Armaments, human resources. GAS GIANT.  Merc training
base, Rilk's Armour Brigade.  ALIGN: CA.

ZYDHANALI: (0510) UWP:  B477348. TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, NA. EXPORTS:  None.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods,
armaments,  high-tech goods & electronics. RED ZONE.  Zydarian Merchant Academy. ALIGN: ZYD.

BAILE ATHA CLIATH: (0601) UWP: E471345.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts, human resources.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, electronics.   Secretly controlled by Tuablin, LTD.  Former
Dark Goddesses base.  GAS GIANT. ALIGN: NA.

FORTUITOUS: (0604) UWP: D596201.  TL: 5. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs.  
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, electronics, weapons, luxury goods. GAS GIANT.  Mining.  Smuggler haven.

ZYDANAR: (0609) UWP: E7A3543.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Textiles, industrial materials, gemstones,
fertilizers.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high-tech goods. Mining..  ALIGN: ZYD.

ZYDTOMPIR: (0610) UWP: A876677.  TL: A.  TRADE: IN, AG, R.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts,
medicinal plants, medicines,, drugs, military & civilian ships, armaments..IMPORTS: Gems, luxury goods, artwork.  
NAVAL BASE. Mitiischilli Shipyards, Zydar's largest shipbuilder.. ALIGN: ZYD.

XERES: (0701) UWP: B364687.  TL: 6.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, liquors, medicines, drugs,
medicinal plants. IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments, jumpships. Finest sherries in the Beyond.  ALIGN: CA.

CTHONIA: (0703) UWP: B86A667.  TL: D.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS: Exotic foodstuffs, drugs, combat drugs,
medicinal plant, custom weapons..  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high-tech goods, high-tech expertise. Seafood
delicacies..  Ocean resorts featuring hunting & fishing..  ALIGN:CA

KERMANSHAH: (0704) UWP: E412556.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Human resources, military expertise.
IMPORTS: Electronics, armaments, luxury goods. Low-tech merc training facility.  ALIGN: CA.

ZYDCHVYG: (0709) UWP: CAA7875.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: NA.
Mining.  ALIGN: ZYD

ZYDLLYLA: (0710) UWP: X894579.  TL: 4.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, combat drugs, medicines.
IMPORTS:  Mining equipment, human resources. RED ZONE. ZC military training base. ALIGN:ZYD

NETHER FARQUAHR:  (0801) UWP: X967640. TL: 1.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Drugs,Research, medicines.
IMPORTS: Technical expertise, survival equipment. RED ZONE. Hallucingenic atmosphere. Vujliop colony.

DRACHENFELS: (802) UWP: XAC8400.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Zoological specimens, hides, exotic
foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Weapons, survival equipment.  Unique lifeforms.  Major depot for transshipment of slaves
from Tuablin to Stern-Hansa.  Frequent attacks by pirate & Zydarian forces.  RED ZONE.  ALIGN: DW.

DISENGAGE: (0804) UWP: A675423. TL: A675423.  TL: B.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Jumpships, armaments,
vehicles, mining equipment, slaves.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, human resources, industrial materials. Shipyards,
smuggler haven.Tuablin's #2 entrepot.  ALIGN:NA

ABCHANDLER: (0805) UWP: A556522.  TL: D.  TRADE: AG, NI. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts,
medicines, psi & combat drugs, anagathics. IMPORTS: Jump & nonjump ships, high-tech goods, luxury goods.  
Former Die Weltbund colony. Abchandler  Merchant Academy, Sri Shipyards, specializing in refits & custom
shipwork. .IEB.  ALIGN:CA.

ZYDIA ATROPENE: (0808) UWP: C538689.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Technical expertise, industrial
materials.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments, high-tech goods & electronics. Aakiilihr Merchant academy.

ZYDFALFLAN: (0809) UWP: X327556. TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Military expertise, industrial
materials.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, survival equipment, military vehicles. AMBER ZONE.  Merc training base.

ZYDAR: (0810) UWP: A9669D9.  TL: A.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Jump & nonjump ships, luxury goods, high
goods & electronics, armaments, textiles.  IMPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, gemstones, luxury goods. AMBER
XERXES: (0101) UWP: C526375.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Textiles, luxury items.  IMPORTS: Mid- &
high-goods, high-tech electronics.  Bimonthly trade fair.  ALIGN: CA

CAVEAT: (0103) UWP: E553566.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, P. EXPORTS: Agricultual byproducts, technical expertise,
research.  IMPORTS:  Robotics, survival equipment, high-tech electronics.  Imperial outpost.  Former Die Weltbund
possession. ALIGN: I.

GODULAS SHRELAC: (0105) UWP: C876976. TL: 7.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Mid-tech goods & electronics,
armaments, mining equipment, mid-tech vehicles. IMPORTS: Industrial goods, luxuty goods, textiles.  Excellent
consumer products. ALIGN: CA.

BADEN EM ZEE: (0106) UWP: E220676.  TL: 8. TRADE: NA, NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, human resources.
IMPORTS: Armaments, high-tech goods. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL BASE. OUTPOST.  Stern-Hansa depot. Protected by
squadron of mercnary warships. Rumored Tuablin facility. ALIGN: DW

ZYDANAYL: (0109) UWP: B677524.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial goods, precious metals,
fertilizers.  IMPORTS:  Mining equipment, survival equipment, nonjump ships, armaments. .  ALIGN: ZYD.

MAA'EL:  (0204) UWP: B434789.  TL: 7.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. CA SCOUT BASE.  
Comsentient  Alliance's major listening post in the subsector. ALIGN: CA.

MILLER'S PARADOX: (0206) UWP: X566767.  TL: 0.  TRADE: AG, R. EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs,
agricultural byproducts, drugs, anagathic medicines, medicines. IMPORTS: Luxury goods, nonjump warships,
weapons, high-tech goods.  Werhul Lines the only transport lines allowed to operate in system. RED ZONE.  Home of
the Exomani Hypothesis.  Defense agreement with Paldoran. ALIGN: NA.

ZYDTERRANAL: (0209) UWP: B554634.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Rare spices, medicinal plants,
medicines, drugs. IMPORTS: Luxury goods, mid- & high-goods.  Anagathic spices. ALIGN: ZYD.

YEARNING: (0304) UWP: C373100.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial byproducts, timber. IMPORTS:
Construction materials, mining equipment, survival equipment. NAVAL BASE.  RED ZONE.   IDES containment
facility. IEB. ALIGN: I
ZYDJABR: (0310) UWP: C6296B9.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human resources,
military expertise. IMPORTS: Armaments, military ships, high-tech goods, mining & survival equipment. Major
training & staging point for the Zydarian navy. Most of the moons of this system rumored to be highly fortified.

REFINNEJ: (0401) UWP: D4269B9.  TL: 7. TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Survival equipment, armaments,  nonjump
ships, mid-tech goods. IMPORTS:  Industrial materials, luxury goods, high-tech goods & electronics, high-tech
weapons. Major supply depot & training center for the CA Scout Service. . GAS GIANT. CA SCOUT BASE.   ALIGN:

SALLE D'ARMES: (0402) UWP: E686334.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Guja, timber.  IMPORTS:  Mid-tech
goods.  Vujliop colony.  Guja. Originally colonized by Iainthell.  ALIGN: CA.

AERHY: (0404) UWP: X200000.  TL: N/A.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, radioactive ores,
high-tech electronics. IMPORTS: Textiles, foodstuffs, high-tech goods, armaments. RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  
Claimed & defended by the Poicxh JN-THYK Corporation.  Claimed disputed by Iainthell & the Zydarians.  Trade &
mutual defence treaty with Paldoran. Site of twice a year trade bazaar sponsored by JN-THYK & Bellakchan-Paldoran
KTASHISNIF: (0405) UWP: D965879.  TL: 4.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS: Drugs, addictive spices, combat drugs, psi
drugs, medicines. IMPORTS: Armaments, luxury goods..  Colony of Iainthell. GAS GIANT. AMBER ZONE.

DAWN: (0501) UWP: E583889  TL: 2.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS: Industrial material, rare gems,  IMPORTS:  
High-tech vehicles, luxury goods. AMBER ZONE. Exotic gems.  Pacifist cult. ALIGN: CA.

PALDORAN: (0504) UWP: C763789.  TL: 3.  TRADE: R. EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments,
high-tech goods & electronics. AMBER ZONE.  Resort world owned by Padua P. Paldoran. Home of Werhul
Lines(subsector shipping company).  Furthest trailing transist station for Parallel Lines.  Paldoran's gaurd force of
ground forces & naval vessels rival the major powers in the subsector. IEB. ALIGN: NA

QUIQAWAH: (0505) UWP: C2002FF.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, furs, hides.
IMPORTS: Armaments, jumpships, high-tech electronics, foodstuffs.  Ruled by the Ghuffniz, a military elite with ties
to the Zydarians. . Military Academy, Merc training bases. Rival of Wahl's Academy. ALIGN: NA.

NO HOPE: (0601) UWP: E9A7597.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, gems, luxury goods.  
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, electronics, vehicles, mining equipment..  Unclassified humaniti ruins dating back to
-120000 pre-3rd Imperium. ALIGN: NA.

LA BELLE: (0603) UWP: A867540.  TL: 8.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic timber & paper products,
agricultural byproducts. IMPORTS: High-tech goods, luxury goods, nonjump ships. CA SCOUT BASE.  Relay point.  

WAHL'S ACADEMY: (0605) UWP: A86A597.  TL: A. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, survival equipment,
military expertise.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, jumpships, luxury goods. NAVAL BASE.  Owned by the Wahl family.
Renowned for its military & naval training academies. Mutual defense treaty with Paldoran. Besides Paldoran & BPE,
the Wahls have connections to Guildheim, Liberty Hall, Northstar Republic & various non-Hierate Aslan groups.

NUEVA ESPANA: (0701) UWP: X00079B.  TL: 2.  NA.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS:  Human resources.  IMPORTS:
None. Planet slowly recovering from a disastrous war with the Zydar Codominium 2 centuries ago. RED ZONE.
Sred*Ni active in system. ALIGN: NA.

SAN SOUCI: (0702) UWP: B727879.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Luxury goods, timber, exotic pets, textiles.
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, weapons, nonjump warships.. GAS GIANT. ALIGN: NA.

ZEBULON.  (0703) UWP: B664212.  TL: 7. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicinal plants, Lanthanum,
industrial materials. IMPORTS:  Mid- & high tech goods, armaments , luxury goods. 2nd Imperium  ruins. Defense
treay with Wah's Academy & Paldoran. ALIGN: NA

I'SRED*NIHIL: (0804) UWP: A767687. TL: C.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS: exotic textiles, foodstuffs,
medicines, drugs.  IMPORTS: Armaments, jump & nonjump ships, luxury goods, high-tech goods & electronics. RED
ZONE.  GAS GIANT.  NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. Sred*Ni's center of naval operations in the subsector.  Flame silk
center.  ALIGN: SN.

GUSTAVIUS: (0805) UWP: D522169.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, timber, human resources.
IMPORTS:  Armaments, military expertise. Merc training center, training human subjects of the Sred*Ni.  ALIGN: SN

D'JEAN: (0806) UWP: C987300.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Luxury goods, munitions, secondhand jump
& nonjump ships.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, munitions.  Secret defence treaty with Paldoran.
Smugglers base with ties to Webrunners. .  ALIGN: NA.

MYSTERE: (0807) UWP: D98A669.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI, R. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, lanthanum, gems.  
IMPORTS: Mining equipment, luxury goods, vehicles. Human world. ALIGN: SN.

I'SRED*NI CLUSTER: (0808) UWP: A0004A7.  TL: C.  TRADE: IN, NA.  EXPORTS: Jump & nonjump ships,
armaments, high-tech goods & electronics, mining equipment.  RED ZONE. GAS GIANT. NAVAL/SCOUT BASE.  
The Sred*Ni's second-most important shipyards.  ALIGN: SN
MIRAMON LUAGOR: (0104) UWP: D686430.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs.
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, mining equipment.  ALIGN: SN.

FUERIS (0105) UWP: C301335.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Human resources, military expertise.  
IMPORTS: Armaments, foodstuffs.  Recently conquered human colony, the colonists are trained  as merc by Sred*Ni &
exported to worlds outside the Heptad.  Merc training base.  ALIGN: SN.

QUINTANA ROO: (0108) UWP: C5A0520.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial material (in particular
radioactive ores), fertilizers, inorganic chemicals.  IMPORTS: Survival equipment,  mining equipment. . ALIGN: SN

QUATAL: (0109) UWP: D5515D9.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, NI, P.  EXPORTS: Human resources. IMPORTS: Mid-tech
goods, high-tech electronics. Merc & Webrunners recruiting ground.  ALIGN: SN

TIERCE: (0203) UWP: C434569. TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicinal plants, industrial
materials.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high-tech goods, armaments, drugs. Smugglers' world. Tuablin has  a base here.  

SIGNATURE: (0205) UWP: B899674.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, textiles, military
expertise. IMPORTS:  Armaments, foodstuffs, mining equipment.  Merc training base.  Mining.  ALIGN: SN
SIXTOL: (0206) UWP: E549777.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Human resources, industrial materials.
IMPORTS: Mid- & high tech goods, paramilitary vehicles & aircraft. Sred*Ni humaniti containment facility.  

AKARANA-ZAMAN:  (0207) UWP: B969667.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI, R. EXPORTS: Gems, timber, industrial
materials, fertilizers, raw textiles.  IMPORTS: Mid- & high-tech goods, Luxury goods, high-tech vehicles, weapons.
mining equipment..  SN SCOUT BASE ALIGN: SN.

YDROGG: (0209) UWP: C76A434. TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Medical expertise, medicines, drugs,
foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, industrial materials, mid-tech goods. Medical college.  .  ALIGN: NA

I'SRED*NI NEST: (0303) UWP: D68398D. TL: 7. TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, luxury
goods, high-tech goods & electronics, technical expertise. Birthworld of Sred*Ni.  RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT. NAVAL

SEPTIME: (0305) UWP: E573689.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts.  IMPORTS:  Mid-tech goods, weapons, military vehicles, high-tech electropnics, mining equipment.
Solomani ruins.  Former colony of Iainthell. ALIGN: SN.

KROKS: (306) UWP: X000329.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Zuchai crystals, industrial materials, gems.
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, mining equipment, survival equipment, armaments, nonjump military vehicles.  NAVAL
BASE.  Xenophobic belter colony with a large nonjump navy backed by a militia of heavily armed belter ships. Other
than a monthly shuttle run from Dust, only  Webrunners & a few free traders have been allowed to trade on Kroks. .

DUST: (0307) UWP: X000329.  TL: 9.  TRADE: IN, NA.  EXPORTS: Jump & nonjump ships, munitions, mining
equipment, industrial materials.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, industrial materials, foodstuffs.
Maintains a sizable  navy.  Mutual defense treay with Kroks & Octave..  RED ZONE.  Lightsail technology.  ALIGN:

OCTAVE: (0308) UWP: E7744A7.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, foodstuffs,
medicinal plants.  IMPORTS: Armaments, mid-tech goods, mining equipment.   ALIGN: NA.

SPLENDIDE MENDAX: (0310) UWP: D9641A8.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs.
IMPORTS: Mid- & high-goods & electronics. Abandoned Imperial outpost. ALIGN: SN.

I'SRED*NIXTU: (0402) UWP: A00098D.  TL: C.  TRADE: NA, IN.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics,
armaments, jump & nonjump ships, high-tech luxury goods. IMPORTS: Luxury goods, industrial materials,
foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts. RED ZONE.  NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. GAS GIANT.  Largest Sred*Ni shipyards.  
REVOC KNARR: (0403) UWP: C738340 TL: 7. TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, hides,
furs. IMPORTS: Weapons, survival equipment, mining equipment. .  ALIGN: SN
KONICHIWA: (0404) UWP: B276100.  TL: 8.  TRADE: N/A.  RED ZONE.  EXPORTS: Industrial goods, foodstuffs.  
IMPORTS: None.  Colony of Aichi Ban. Recent(1120) Sred*Ni conquest. ALIGN: SN

PITTLER PIDOFAT: (0405) UWP: X000100.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, gems.  
IMPORTS: Survival equipment, mining equipment, armaments,  high-tech goods & electronics. Smugglers & belters.
Some of the refugees from Konichiwa have relocated here. RED ZONE. ALIGN:NA

I'SRED*NISPR: (0406) UWP: A675879.  TL: +. TRADE: NA., IN.  EXPORTS: Arnaments, jump & non jump ships,
high-tech goods & electronics.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, foodstuffs, industrial materials.    RED ZONE GAS
GIANT. NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. Sred*Ni center subcapital.  Research facilities & universities.  ALIGN: SN
AICHI BAN: (0407) UWP: X0M0000.  TL: 0.   TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials. IMPORTS: None
RED ZONE.  Humaniti colony destroyed by Sred*Ni.  ALIGN: NA.

SECONDE: (0408) UWP: B413413.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Luxury goods.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods,
foodstuffs.  ALIGN: SN.

HORVENDI: (0409) UWP: C849520.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber.  IMPORTS:
Weapons, high-tech goods, mining equipment.  RED ZONE.  Lanthanum deposits.  ALIGN: SN

I'SRED*NITY: (0410) UWP: A746260.  TL: C. TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Textiles, industrial materials, medicines,
drugs, combat drugs. . IMPORTS:  High-tech electronics, vehicles. RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL/SCOUT

JIIRD: (0503) UWP: D988678.  TL: 3.  TRADE: AG, NI, R. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, textiles, organic explosives.
IMPORTS: Luxury goods, mid-tech goods, vehicles. AMBER ZONE.  Flame silk center.  ALIGN: SN.

NEAD LELAN (0505) UWP: E695080.  TL: 2.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None Recovering from
SN conquest(1122).  ALIGN: SN.

STATION THREE  (0506) UWP: X0D0150.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, high-tech weapons. RED ZONE.  Abandoned Imperial outpost. ALIGN: NA.

OMIATENIEU:  (0507) UWP: X000573.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, human
resources, industrial materials, medicines, drugs. IMPORTS: Armaments, survival equipment, Mid-tech vehicles. RED
ZONE.  Abandoned Imperial research center. Sanctuary world for refugees from Aichi Ban & Konichiwa.  Defended
by a squadron of the Eikhiya Sorliyr. Relay point.  ALIGN: NA.

NUIT ALANCHE: (0508) UWP: E767AA6.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
None. ALIGN: SN.

MISKEKOPKE: (0510) UWP: D869070.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Furs, skins. IMPORTS: None
Abandoned humaniti colony. Hunters paradise claimed by the Khaukheairl clan.. Active volcanoes, frequent
earthquakes.  ALIGN: ACS

ROLK: (0601) UWP: B85997B.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: None
Webrunners outpost.  ALIGN: SN.

TRYLLANDIANNE: (0603) UWP: C353430.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human
resources. IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, vehicles, munitions. ALIGN: AL.

QWERTYUIOP: (0605) UWP: B8B1346.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, industrial materials, timber.
IMPORTS: Mid- & high-tech goods.  Relay point.  Former vujliop colony.  ALIGN: SN

(0606) UWP: E410300.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, NA. EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods,
technical expertise. Seceded from Die Weltbund in 989..  Former member of LOFW.  Resort world.LOFWIA base.

CIBOLA: (0607) UWP: B777320.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods, technical expertise, luxury
goods, drugs.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments, .vehicles, nonjump ships.  ALIGN: SN.

STAGATZ: (0609) UWP: C62698D.  TL: A.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, armaments,
jump & nonjump ships, mid- to high tech vehicles. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL BASE. . ALIGN: AL
CITADEL: (0704) UWP: D410381.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, gems.
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, weapons. GAS GIANT.  SCOUT BASE.  Former Imperial scoutbase.  ALIGN: SN.

I'SRED*NITLAL: (0705) UWP: C236360.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NI, NA. EXPORTS: Gems. IMPORTS: Mining
equipment, luxury goods. RED ZONE.  Rare gems.  ALIGN: SN.

CRAL: (0708) UWP: C658030.  TL: 0.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None Abandoned humaniti
colony.  2nd Imperium ruins.  ALIGN:SN.

SUNDANCE: (0709) UWP: D232460. TL: 5.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts,
human resources. IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods & electronics.  AL SCOUT BASE.  Frequent sunspots.  Former pirate
base.  ALIGN: AL.

I'SRED*NILUN: (0804) UWP: A67A360.  TL: C.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, radioactive
ores. IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, luxury goods.   RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL/SCOUT BASE.  
Sred*Ni merchant academy.  Sred*Ni research facility.  ALIGN: SN

SEREDAK: (0805) UWP: D635720.  TL: 5.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. Former pirate base.
Conquered from the Eikhiya Sorliyr clan in 1101. ALIGN: SN.

LOST ENIGMA: (0806) UWP: C598843.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Artifacts.  IMPORTS: Armaments,
mid-tech goods, high-tech vehicles. Ruins of unidentified human race.  ALIGN: AL.

OMEGA XVIII: (0807) UWP: D352240.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Survival
equipment. high-tech goods. Failed human colony.  ALIGN: SN.

I'SRED*NILLOL:  (0808) UWP: A7755A9.  TL: C.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts, medicines, rare gems.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, High-tech goods, armaments, high-tech vehicles. . RED
XOTL: (0103) UWP: B8699499.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, inorganic chemicals.
IMPORTS: High-tech goods, mining equipment, medicines.  GAS GIANT.  AMBER ZONE.  Military training base.

MOE JUNKIN: (0109)  UWP: B8A3402.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, foodstuffs.  
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, weapons.  AMBER ZONE.  SN SCOUT BASE.  Recent Sred*Ni conquest.  ALIGN: SN.

WYRM: (0201) UWP: C400657.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, NA. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Foodstuffs, fertilizers, mid-tech electronics, weapons, submersibles.  Giant sea monsters. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: SN.

FIREMOOR: (0202) UWP: C100100  TL: 5. TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Fertilizers, industrial materials..
IMPORTS: Mining  & survival equipment. Volcanic activity.  Mining.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: SN.

D'MAHL: (0204) UWP: B8813FF. TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.  
IMPORTS: Exotic timber, mid-tech goods. Droyne world.  ALIGN: NA.

997.BETA.II: (0308)  UWP: B860675.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI, R. EXPORTS: Drugs, medicines, artwork, sculpture.  
IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, high-tech goods, vehicles, weapons.  Resort world.  ALIGN:  AL.

ARETH: (0310) UWP: A74A333. TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: Mid-tech
goods, Psi drugs.  GAS GIANT.  AL scout base.  Psionic Institute.  ALIGN: AL

BELA 37:
 (0403)  UWP: C000420.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, medicines, technical
expertise. IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, armaments. Research facility.  Merchant, Naval, & Armay
Academies.  ALIGN: AL.

ARANIOPA: (0405) UWP: A764887.  TL: A.  TRADE: IN, R.  EXPORTS:  Armaments, high-tech goods &
electronics, luxury goods, vehicles, jumpships.  IMPORTS:   Industrial materials, agricultural byproducts, technical
expertise, human resources. NAVAL/SCOUTBASE. RELAY POINT.  Capital Araniopan League.
 Sanctuary world.  
Headquarters of Webrunners.  ALIGN: AL.

T'MEK 4.987: (0502) UWP: B440307.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA, NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human
resources. IMPORTS: Technical expertise, weapons. Psionic Institute. SORAG recruitment center.  ALIGN: ZCS.

KORAKIN: (0504) UWP: X300000.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, gems, technical
expertise. IMPORTS: Human resources,  mining equipment, survival equipment, armaments. .  Research.  Ancients
ruins.  ALIGN: AL
(0509) UWP: C566113.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  GAS GIANT.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial
materials, military expertise.  IMPORTS: Survival equipment, armaments, mid-tech goods. . Merc training base.
Controlled by the Eikhiya Sorilyr. ALIGN: ACS.

SIEVE: (0608) UWP: AC62AAA: TL: A.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Armaments, high-tech goods & electronics, jump
and nonjump ships, mid to high vehicles. IMPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury goods, human resources. Relay
point.  Shipyard.  Recent nonviolent, Aslan conquest by the Eikhiya Sorilyr. ACS SCOUTBASE. RELAY POINT.  

NEAR FARQUAHR: (0610)  UWP: B300100.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials..
IMPORTS: Mining equipment, high-tech goods, weapons. Colony of Farquahr.  Mining. Abundant ice asteroids.
Controlled by the Eikhiya Sorilyr. ALIGN: ACS.

FAR FARQUAHR: ( 0703) UWP: X635400.  TL: 2.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials.
IMPORTS: Weapons, mid-tech goods, survival equipment, mining equipment. . RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  Colony
of Farquahr.Ceded to Araniopan League by the Eikhiya Sorilyr.  Claimed by the Khaukheairl.

(0709) UWP: B523520.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: Weapons,
mining equipment. Controlled by the Khaukheairl clan. ALIGN: ACS.

SENTALMONTE: (0803)  UWP: X000120.  TL: 0.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Drugs, industrial materials.  
IMPORTS: High-tech goods, mining & survival equipment, armaments. RED ZONE. GAS GIANT. SCOUT BASE..  

NETHER TOWLEY: (0806)  UWP:  A936337.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Timber, foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods, weapons. Recent Aslan conquest by the Eikhiya Sorilyr. .  ALIGN: ACS.

GRAFFIN: (0808) UWP: A6357AB.  TL: 8.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. RED ZONE. GAS
GIANT. Ongoing war between DW & LOFW(supported by the Araniopan League) for control of planet. Radioactive
ore.  ALIGN: DW.
YETINAL: (0104) UWP: E878100.  TL: 2.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:  
Mid-tech goods, weapons. mining equipment. Ruled by the Aao Taikeho, a group of corsairs out of the Jarnac Pashslic
who have agreements with Dark Goddesses. GAS GIANT. World ruined by Aslan conquest. ALIGN:ACS.

NUIT ROUGE: (0107) UWP: A548200.  TL: 4. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs,
agricultural byproducts, medicinal plants. IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, armaments,luxury goods, vehicles.  GAS
GIANT.  Jarnac Pashalic SCOUT BASE. Red-shaded nights.
 Recent, but peaceful, Aslan acquisition with allegiance
to the Jarnac Pashalic & a defense pack with the Huin Hierarchy.   ALIGN: ACS.

HOSTEL: (0205) UWP: A484110.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, fertilizers, industrial materials.  GAS
GIANT. NAVAL BASE.  Former resort world.  Recent Aslan acquisition by the Hoiheikheoau, a Darkgoddesses corsair
band  predominantly aslan.  ALIGN: ACS.

TREND: (0206) UWP: B562489.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Luxury goods, artwork, drugs, medicines.
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, weapons, high-tech vehicles, luxury goods. Resort world.  Recent Aslan
conquest(?).  Patrolled by an Aslan merc squadron arranged by the Jarnac Pashalic. .  ALIGN: ACS.

11 GAMMA CHI: (0208)  UWP: B844886.  TL: 6. TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: High-tech
electronics, foodstuffs.  Has secret agreements with Dark Goddesses & the Huin Hierarchy.  IMPERIAL SCOUT

ALBAZAR: (0302) UWP: AAA9A2F.  TL: B.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Survival equipment,
armamnets, high-tech electronics.  Ongoing raids by pirates who resent IDES's presence. RED ZONE.  IDES research
facility.  GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: I.

NOVAK'S DRIFT: (0305) UWP: A967435.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, rare metals,
foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, luxury goods, high-tech goods. Secret treaty with the Huin Hierarchy. Esperium
deposits.  Relay point.  ALIGN: NA
GONZO: (0307) UWP: X864000.  TL: 0.   TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. RED ZONE.  GAS
GIANT. Colony disputed between Novak's Drift & the Aslan, but controlled by an anarchic group of multi-racial free
traders & belters. .  Smuggling is rampant throughout the system. ALIGN: NA.

EROMNEK: (0308) UWP: B4025A9.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, fertilizers.  
IMPORTS: Mining equipment, high-tech goods. Oldest Aslan colony in Beyond.  A client of Tlaukhu clan. ALIGN:

DELTA CEPHEI BASE:  (0402) UWP: B85232D.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise.
IMPORTS: Survival equipment, high-tech electronics. A cadre of Aslan mercs support the IISS personnel stationed in
the system. GAS GIANT.  Observatory.  ALIGN: I.

NEW LUNA: (0405) UWP: B866855.  TL: 7.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials. Mid-tech goods &
vehicles, medicines.  IMPORTS: High-tech weapons, luxury goods, high-tech goods & electronics. Heavy metal
deposits. Recent Aslan conquest disputed by the Zydarian Codominium.  Defended by a well-trained native ground &
system navy forces built around an Aslan cadre. Defense & military treaty with the Jarnac Pashalic. ALIGN: ACS.

ZYDOQIR: (0501) UWP: C8707A7.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Armaments. Merc training
base.  Military academy. Rumored pirate staging base. ALIGN: ZYD.
MASADA: (0508) UWP: A544206.  TL: 9. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Textiles.  Musical Instruments, industrial
materials. IMPORTS: . Armaments, luxury goods.  GAS GIANT. ALIGN: CA.

REFUGE:  (0509) UWP: A966855.  TL: A.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. GAS GIANT.  
NAVAL BASE.  Froeshik Foundation.  Archive & sanctuary world.  Rumors of IISS & Dark Goddesses activity.

ZYDEXNAR: (0601) UWP: D987709.  TL: 7.  TRADE: AG. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, beer.  IMPORTS: High-tech
goods, agricultural byproducts. GAS GIANT.  H-protein grains.  ALIGN: ZYD..

WARWICK: (0610) UWP: B776774.  TL: 7.  TRADE: AG.   EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts,
medicinal plants, beer, ale..  IMPORTS: Weapons, luxury goods, mid-tech goods & vehicles, high-tech small military
spaceships. AMBER ZONE.  Colony of Masada.  Hops, malt, & barley.  ALIGN: CA.

ZYDHAES: (0701) UWP: B533761. TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, P. EXPORTS: Industrial byproducts, gems, furs, foodstuffs,
leather. IMPORTS: Luxury goods, weapons, high-tech civilian & military vehicles.  Mining, hunting. ALIGN: ZYD.

ZYDNUBB: (0702) UWP: C987620.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods & electronics.  GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: ZYD.
APPROPOS: (0710) UWP: B976753.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, beers &
wine.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods, vehicles, nonjump spaceships. ALIGN: CA.

ZYDMALN: (0801) UWP: B8668C7.  TL: 6.  TRADE: N/A. EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, armaments.  
GAS GIANT.  Military training base.  2 Batrons & their support units stationed in system. ALIGN: ZYD..

ZYDIQUARY: (0802) UWP: X7578B9.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Technical & medical expertise, medicines,
foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high-tech vehicles & goods. Archives, research. Merchant Academy. Medical

TURRICREMATA: (0804) UWP: A6687BF.  TL: C.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.
IMPORTS: Survuval equipment,  agricultural vehicles & equipment. RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  CA containment
facility. 1 squadron of 18 SDB's stationed on orbital planetoid base.  ALIGN: CA.

NATCHEZ: (0806) UWP: B660732.  TL 7.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS:  Furs, salvage. IMPORTS: Mid-tech vehicles,
weapons.  Abandoned scout base.  .  ALIGN: NA.

ZONE.  GAS GIANT. Failed colony. Smuggling base of mixed Aslan, Vargyr, & Humaniti free traders & pirates.  
ZYDPHARN: (0101) UWP: B764700.  TL: 7.  TRADE: AG. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs, medicinal
plants, drugs, agricultural byproducts.  IMPORTS:  Fertilizers, high-tech goods & vehicles, weapons, luxury goods.  
GAS GIANT.  Experimental agronomy. 6 Squadrons of SDB's guard this important colony.  ALIGN: ZYD.

ZYDPELLION: (0102) UWP:  B869700.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber. IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods, weapons.  GAS GIANT. ALIGN: ZYD.

READING GAOL: (0204) UWP: A925032.  TL: A.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Armaments,
high-tech electronics, foodstuffs.  CA NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. CA containment facility.  RED ZONE.  ALIGN: CA.

CLANHEIM: (0209) B450561.  TL: 9. TRADE: NA, NI, P. EXPORTS: Human resources.  IMPORTS: High-tech
goods & electronics, armaments.   Merc recruiting & training.  ALIGN: CA.

ZYDMNAR: (0301) UWP: A89A410.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, IN.  EXPORTS: Armaments, high-tech goods, jump &
nonjump ships.   IMPORTS: Industrial materials, human resources, foodstuffs. Shipyards.  ALIGN: ZYD.

ROCK: (0304) UWP: C62698D.  TL: 9   TRADE:  IN.  EXPORTS: Survival equipment, weapons, medicines, combat
drugs, mid-tech goods. IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, vehicles.  IDES Containment facility & factory.  Asteroid monitor &
fighter base in orbit around planet. GAS GIANT.  RED ZONE. ALIGN: I.

STARBASE ARCTURUS II: (0307)  UWP: B1623F9.  TL: E.  TRADE: NI, EXPORTS:   Technical expertise, military
expertise, medicines, biological research. IMPORTS: Armaments,  industrial materials, luxury goods, high-tech goods
& electronics. Research.  RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT. IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. Outpost/Observatory.  Large
garrison of scout, marine navy & scientist personnel.  2 planetary monitors & 4 squadrons of SDB's  stationed here.  
Secret sanctuary for Webrunners & Dark Goddesses ships & personnel.  The Aao Aeahar, an Aslan mercenary company
provides security. RESEARCH FACILITY.   ALIGN: I.

HARD PLACE: (0310) UWP: BAA8700 TL: 9.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, , luxury goods, weapons.  Radioactives.  Abandoned Imp. scoutbase.  Under the protection of Dark
Goddesses & Cahokia. GAS GIANT. ALIGN: NA.

SHRINE: (0502) UWP: E4641A0.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Medical expertise, medicines,.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods & electronics, chemicals, medical plants. Homeworld of Dark Goddesses.  Ancients ruins, Sanctuary
world. Psychiatric Institute.  Temples.  ALIGN: NA.

HICHMAKANI: (0505)  UWP: A876320.  TL: A. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods, luxury goods,
armaments, drugs, jumpships.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments, drugs, combat drugs. Liberty world.  Homeport of

THESSALAE: (0510) UWP: C000160.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Mining equipment, foodstuffs, mid- & high- tech goods. . ALIGN: NA.

0.4 SURTAN: (0603) UWP: EAAA651.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, luxury
goods. IMPORTS: Mid- & high-tech goods, high-tech vehicles, weapons.  Unusual place to visit.   Esylat colony.  

AMNESTY: (0606) UWP: C987759.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, R.  EXPORTS: Medical expertise, luxury goods, exotic
foods, medicinal plants, drugs. . IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, weapons, grav vehicles. Resort world.  

BIG HARPE: (0607)  UWP: A8633A0.  TL: B.  TRADE: IN, NA.  EXPORTS: Armaments, research, technical
expertise.  IMPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury goods, technical expertise. AMBER ZONE.  NAVAL/SCOUT
BASE..  Capital of Toishan Empire. Shipyards is the largest in the subsector. .  Merchant, military, naval & science

LITTLE HARPE: (0607) UWP: E6643AO.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, mining equipment, mid-tech goods. Colony of Big Harpe.  Zuchai crystals, heavy metals.  Military traing

CAHOKIA:  (0608) UWP: A7638FF.  TL: C.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None,  IMPORTS: Technical expertise,
luxury goods. Fief of Storm, Baron Cahokia. Merchant academy. RELAY POINT.   Secret alliance with Dark

BLOODGARD: (0703) UWP: A9A5642.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, furs, timber, luxury goods. .  
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, weapons. AMBER ZONE.  Former Imp. scout base, now a base for Dark
Goddesses. . ALIGN: NA

CZILTANG BRONE:  (0705) UWP: B767400.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts, exotic foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods.  Unusual Droyne world.  ALIGN: NA.

SHAFT: (0709) UWP: A844495.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:  Mid- &
high-tech goods, luxury goods. .  ALIGN: NA.

TH'IRX: (0802) UWP: X677409.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Guja, foodstuffs, industrial materials,  IMPORTS:
Armaments, mining equipment.  Vujliop colony.  Guja. radioactives.  ALIGN: CA.

THULE: (0805) UWP: C8766270.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Furs, timber.  IMPORTS: Survival equipment,
mid-tech goods, weapons. .  Iceworld.  ALIGN: NA.
THE 5TH HORSEMAN: (0108) UWP: D675789.  TL: 6. TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.
drugs, medicines.  IMPORTS: Armaments, luxury goods, high-tech goods & electronics.  Anagathic spices.   Merc
training base with connections to Dark Goddesses. .  Colony of 4 Horsemen.  ALIGN: NA.

THE 4 HORSEMEN:  (0109) UWP: A000550.  TL: A.  TRADE: IN, NA.  EXPORTS: Armaments, mining equipment,
survival equipment, High-tech goods. IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, industrial materials, foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts. NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. Four planetoids.  Smuggling.  Shipyards.  Zero-G equipment. ALIGN: NA

STATION 5: (0206) UWP: E887401.  TL: 2.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Weapons, mining equipment, luxury goods. GAS GIANT.  Former Imp. outpost.  ALIGN: NA.

STORMHAVEN: (0207) UWP: A986364.  TL: D.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS: Exotic foodstuffs, drugs.  IMPORTS:  
Technical expertise, weapons, high-tech goods. Ship repair.  Resort world. NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. Relay point.  Former
Imp. scoutbase with many 'retired' scouts living there. ALIGN: NA.

SALUS: (0209) UWP: B788400.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Exotic lifeforms, indusrial materials.
IMPORTS: High-tech goods, luxury goods, armaments. Home of the Mures.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: NA.

GRYPHON: (0301) UWP: B658303.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Exotic lifeforms, industrial materials,
research.  IMPORTS: Survival equipment, weapons, mid-tech goods.  Jhanil's Gryphon & other interesting wildlife.
Colony of Stormhaven.  ALIGN: NA.

STORMPRESSED: (0306) UWP: C581879.  TL: 4.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS: Rare gems & crystals, industrial materials,
mining equipment.  IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, vehicles, mid-tech goods, military nonjump ships. Rare gem mines &
exchange.  ALIGN: NA.

STORM CENTRE: (0307) UWP: A762150.  TL: +.  TRADE: NI, EXPORTS: Research, technical expertise. .  
IMPORTS: Armaments, mining equipment,  vehicles. RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT. Research facility.  Abandoned Imp.
scout base.  ALIGN: NA.

STORMCRAG: (0308) UWP: D87643A.  TL: 2.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Brandy, wine, beer, foodstuffs,
medicines & medicinal plants.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, vehicles, weapons.   ALIGN: NA.

WILDE: (0401) UWP: D657677.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury goods.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, vehicles.  Poutyn colony.   Tributary of the Khaukheairl clan. ALIGN: NA.

STORMHOLD: (0406) UWP: C54587A.  TL: 9.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None,  IMPORTS: None. AMBER
ZONE.  IDES Containment facility. ALIGN:I

STORMCAST: (0407) UWP:  C3004A7.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS:  Research, industrial materials. IMPORTS:
Armaments, human resources. Defended by two planetary monitors; 2 squadrons of SDB's, & mercs comprising 1
destroyer squadron.  The Imperial governor also issues letters of marque. GAS GIANT.  Imperial outpost.  ALIGN: I.

BETE NOIRE:  (0410) UWP: B795436.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foostuffs, exotic
minerals. IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, vehicles. GAS GIANT.  Planet of singing crystals.  Controlled by the
Khaukheairl clan. ALIGN: ACS.

STREEL: (0501) UWP: A869346.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, industrial materials,
military expertise. IMPORTS:  High-tech goods, armaments, luxury goods. Ship repair.  Homeport Des Tyrn
Lines(subsector shipping). Merc training base, Miop's Lancers(Grav).  ALIGN: NA.

YAFJHA: (0507) UWP: B566100.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, luxury goods. NAVAL BASE.  Major staging base for the Khaukheairl clan. OUTPOST. ALIGN: ACS.

COMPAGNON. NOIRE: (0509) UWP: B9C3376.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials.  
IMPORTS: Mining equipment, technical expertise. Recently captured by Aslan Khaukheairl clan. . ALIGN: ACS.

NEW GROTON: (0605) UWP: A8798B9.  TL: F.  TRADE: IN, R.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods, technical exoertise,
armaments.  IMPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury goods. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL BASE.  Merchant service HQ &
academy.  Shipyards. Comsentient Alliance built Yuan Li naval base in 996 as a buffer between the Heptad & the Aslan
Hierate. Free port for pirates where letters of marque can be acquired.  OUTPOST. ALIGN: CA.

STORMEDGE: (0701) UWP: A432280.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, P. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: None
Recent Sred*Ni acquisition(985).  ALIGN: SN

DIRECTORY: (0708) UWP:  D988478.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Technical expertise. IMPORTS: Foodstuffs,
high-tech electronics. Archive world.  Directory Insitute. Controlled by the Khaukheeairl clan.  ALIGN: ACS

ARMOURY: (0804) UWP: A411120.  TL: F. TRADE: NI. EXPORTS:  Research, armaments.  IMPORTS: Technical
expertise, industrial materials, foodstuffs. .  RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT. NAVAL/SCOUT BASE.  Weapon's research
facility run by the Khaukheairl clan. .  ALIGN: ACS.

POURNELLE'S TRACE: (0805) UWP: C752327.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials,
agricultural byproducts.  IMPORTS: High-tech electronics, armaments. CA SCOUT BASE. Smuggling.  ALIGN: CA
MAL'DEN (0101) UWP: C687558.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI, AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicinal plants. IMPORTS:
Survival equipment, weapons, mid-tech goods, vehicles. AMBER ZONE.  Ancient ruins. ALIGN: MG.

STATION 4: (0105) UWP: C6A3664.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Research, medicines, technical expertise.  
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, weapons.  .  Abandoned Imp. scoutbase. RESEARCH FACILITY.  ALIGN:

GR'OLLER: (0106) UWP: B86A974.  TL: A. TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, industrial materials,
fertilizers. IMPORTS: Jumpships, high-tech goods, weapons, luxury goods. Merchant academy. Controlled by the
Khaukheairl clan.  ALIGN: ACS.

PAIS D'MUERTE: (0108) UWP: D443969.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Weapons, survival equipment, medicines. RED ZONE. Colony of Grenour Omega IX. Ongoing revolt against Aslan
overlords. ALIGN: ACS.

GRENOUR OMEGA IX: (0205) UWP: B898322.  TL: 9.  NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods, mining equipment, medicines. GAS GIANT.  SCOUT BASE.  Khaukheairl clan. ALIGN: ACS.

SIMBA: (0206) UWP: CA9A777. TL: 6.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Textiles.  Timber.  IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods,
high-tech electronics. Khaukheairl clan. ALIGN: ACS.

GARFIELD STATION: (0208) UWP: E556A96.  TL: 9. TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. Failed
humnaniti colony sold to the Khaukheair clan in 1009l.  ALIGN: ACS.

CODOMINIUM B IV: (0302) UWP: B5605A9.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury
goods.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, paramilitary jumpships.  Pirate base run by Webrunners under the Zydarian flag.
NAVAL BASE.  RED ZONE.  Heavy metals. Mining.  OUTPOST. ALIGN: ZYD.

MURV: (0305) UWP: C976321.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, exotic spices.
IMPORTS:  Mid-tech goods, mining equipment, weapons. Recently(1001)  wrested from the Zydarians.  ALIGN: ACS
HOELLE VII: (0402) UWP: A99A744.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, IN.  EXPORTS: Armaments, jumpships, high-tech goods
& electronics.  IMPORTS: Industrial goods, luxury goods, foodstuffs. Shipyards.  Aslan  colony wrested from the
Yerlyauiwo clan in 987 with help of local renegade Aslan.  Former homeworld of the Poicxh.  ALIGN: AL.

HOELLE IX: (0402) UWP: C444240.  TL: A.   TRADE:  NA, IN.  EXPORTS: Armaments, nonjump ships, vehicles,
mining equipment. IMPORTS: Survival equipment,. foodstuffs.  Iceworld. NAVAL BASE.  Colony og Hoelle VII.  
Maintains a strong naval force of mixed humaniti & Aslan. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: AL.

MIRACLE: (0404) UWP: B92A5A9.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Medicinal  plants.,  medical expertise,
medicines. IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs, luxury goods, high-tech goods.  ALIGN: AL

SDRAVSTOYCHA: (0405) UWP: C654520.  TL: 8.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, alcohol, agricultural
byproducts. IMPORTS: Armaments, high-tech goods, technical expertise. Solomani colony formerly controlled by the
Aslan. .  Best vodka in the Beyond. ALIGN: AL.

0.5 PHAST: (0407) UWP: D562003.  TL: 6.  TRADE:  N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. Droyne colony.  

TESSLA: (0503) UWP: C6R4000.  TL: 0.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, radioactive ores. IMPORTS:  
Technical expertise, survival equipment, mining equipment. NAVAL BASE.  Highly radioactive planet.  ALIGN: AL.

DARABGHIRD: (0504) UWP: E643560.  TL: 5.  TRADE:  NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial goods. IMPORTS:
Armaments.  Ongoing clan feud between Khaukheairl & Yerlyaruiwo for control. .  ALIGN: ACS.

BARTON: (0505) UWP: B7655FF.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, textiles.  
IMPORTS: High-tech goods, vehicles, weapons. Humaniti ruins.   Yerlyauiwo controlled. ALIGN: ACS.

RALF: (0508) UWP: X322300.  TL: 1.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: Armaments,
medicines. RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT.  War-torn planet fought over by non-clan Aslan forces. . ALIGN: ACS
HEZAR MUN: (0602) UWP: D22389B.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial material, medicinal minerals.
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, mid-tech goods.  GAS GIANT.  Yerlyaruiwo clan controlALIGN: ACS.

ALHAZRED: (0603) UWP: C996701.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Medicinal  plants, high-protein  grain.
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, survival equipment. Aslan slowly go insane on this world.  Aslan colonists replaced by
Solomani under Yerlyauiwo control. . Security provided by low-tech mercs from Khur be Teshdeed. AMBER ZONE.  

ASLANI'I.  (0605) UWP: A867872.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, R.  EXPORTS: Industrial goods, medicines, combat drugs.  
IMPORTS: Armaments, luxury goods. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL BASE.  Merchant, Naval academies.  Shipyards.  Major
staging base for the Yerlyaruiwo clan. OUTPOST. ALIGN: ACS.

KHUR BE TESHDEED: (0608) UWP: D846330.  TL: 5. TRADE: NA. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, military
expertise, human resources. IMPORTS: Mining equipment.  weapons. Low-tech mercs.  Defense agreement with the
Yerlyaruiwo clan, furnishing mercs in exchange for protection.  ALIGN: NA.

BOEING: (0707) UWP: AAAA8BE.  TL: E.  TRADE: IN, NA, R..  EXPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics,
armaments, medicines, jumpships, technical expertise, military expertise. . IMPORTS: Industrial materials, foodtuffs,
agricultural byproducts. RED ZONE.  NAVAL BASE. GAS GIANT. Ghreav Shipyards.  Boeing Technical Institute.  .
Former Imp. outpost. Merc training base-Fhadoon's Squadron, Poirel's Brigade.  ALIGN: NA.

KHATAI: (0708) UWP: C100400.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber. IMPORTS: Mid-
& high-tech goods. Former colony of Boeing ceded to the Yerlyaruiwo in 967.. ALIGN: ACS.

CARAVANSERAI: (0803) UWP: A987440.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, research.  
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics. SCOUT BASE. Relay point. Scout academy.  Controlled by the Eikhiya
Sorliyr who run it as a freeport for Aslan & non-Aslan sentients.. RELAY POINT.  ALIGN: ACS.

SEVENOHFURR: (0805) UWP: B704922.  TL: 8.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Vehicles, mid-tech goods. IMPORTS:
Industrial materials.  Yerlyaruiwo clan .  ALIGN: ACS.

LARRIMOOR: (0806) UWP: B976731.  TL: 8.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicinal plants, agricultural
byproducts.  IMPORTS: Armaments, high-tech goods.  Colony of Boeing. ALIGN: NA.

LATAKIA: (0810)  UWP: B669732.  TL: 7.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Armaments, miltary
expertise, technical expertise. AMBER ZONE.  Aslan training facility.  Controlled by the Yerlyaruiwo clan. ALIGN:
The Zydar subsector is dominated by two powers, the mysterious masked, semi-piratical
Zydarian Codominium; & the loose confederation of the Comsentient Alliance, whose
captial is located at Rabanitas.   The balance of power between the Alliance & the
Zydarians, has forced the latter to abandon active piracy in the subsector.  The result is
the most stable & peaceful subsector in the Beyond next to the Mapepire subsector.
Despite the Codominium's deserved reputation as a haven for rebels, criminals & pirates;
the Zydarians actively oppose (at least in their own territory) the operations & minions of
Tuablin, LTD.   The Zydarian pirates also have a tacit truce with Vargyr corsairs of the
Vargyr Reach to the spinward of the Zydar subsector.
The Middle Beyond subsector is split between the Zydarians, The Comsentience
Alliance(25% of the Alliance fleet is stationed here), & the Sred*Ni.  Webrunners corsairs
operate here under the protection of the Sred*Ni.  The  subsector is also the powerbase of
Padua P. Paldoran, half of Bellakchan/Paldoran Enterprises, GmbH who owns the planet
Paldoran.  Since his break with Tuablin, LTD in 1013, Paldoran has been increasing the
defenses of his home system.
The subsector is named for its dominate race, the Sred*Ni (a spiderlike mammalian race).
The Sred*Ni are not overfond of allowing entrance to their domain of Z'Sred*Ni
(non-Sred*Ni)-travel within their space is at your own risk.  The Travellers Aid  Society
considers the WHOLE subsector an Amber Zone. The Imperium & the Comsentient
Alliance have a hand off policy & do interfer with Heptad decisions involving the
punishment & imprisonment of their citizens.  The only exception is Webrunners, & even
they are restricted to trade Highports in Sred*Ni systems.
This subsector is dominated by the allied & powerful pocket empires of the aslan
Eikhiya Sorilyr & the human  Araniopan League.  Wedged  between the Sred*Ni & the
Aslan Hierate the allies have more than held their own.  They have peace with the
Sred*Ni after defeating them  in a major war (1098-1103). Since then, they have been
able  to concentrate against the Khaukheairl & Yerlyauiwo clans, resulting in a peace
treaty (1111) & a trade treaty with Kaukeairl (1115).   
The subsector gets its name from erroneous observations in 832 that the stars in this
subsector were drifting to spinward.  The distortions were discovered later to be
influenced by the fluctuations of Delta Cephei, but the subsector still kept its name.
Still an valid name since all kinds of pirates, mercs, fugitives from the Imperium & the
IDES all seem to drift here. The Zydarian Codominium is the  dominant power, but as
they are behind most of the piracy they are a contributory factor  in the chaos in the
subsector. Also there are frequent clashes between Zydarian, Vargyr, Aslan, & Dark
Godddesses pirates. More spacecraft disappear here than any other subsector. The
Travellers Aid Society rates the entire subsector as an amber zone.
I-Glathriel has been a training ground for regional merchant services as well for the
scout services of the Imperium & the Comsentient Alliance.   The IISS bases are
among the best in the service, possibly because so many Imperial scouts have retired
there AND the important Imperial X-boat route through the system.  The sector is
also a haven & training ground for the Webrunners & Dark Goddesses (DG's
headquarters is in this subsector) who politically dominate the subsector.   Also
within this subsector is the infamous Starbase Arcturus II, commanded by
Commodore Steven vice-Aarons.  Scene of the most violent mutiny in Imperial history,
this important outpost lies strategically between the Comsentient Alliance & the
Aslan Hierate.  Since taking over in 1106, vice-Aarons has come to terms with
Webrunners & Dark Goddesses, added them to his intelligence network.
The Storm subsector was named by the IISS for the high number of recurring solar
storms, the most violents systems getting a 'storm' prefix.  A non-industrial region
known for its high-protein grains, anagathic spices, exotic tobacco, wines, brandies, &
beers.  The subsector is also the spinward extreme of the Aslan colonial states & the
rimward extreme of the I'Sred*Ni Heptad.    Low level conflict between the two powers
(fought mostly by pirates & privateers) is currently expected to break out into open war.  
Dark Goddesses support the humaniti & some Aslans; while Webrunners in the region
support the Heptad.   The Comsentient Alliance, though on friendly terms with the
Aslan Hierate maintains a strong(24% of the CA navy is stationed here) naval presence
(back by privateers) to keep the peace in the subsector.
The Aslani subsector  was dominated by the Poicxh until their defeat & expulsion by
Aslan naval & military forces.  Currently the region is split between a few human
worlds & the rival Aslan Khaukheairl & Yerlyauiwo clans.  The odd system is Mal'Den
(formerly Dhen Aht Qu) a world ceded to the Mal'Gnar by the queen of the Poicxh
Quahktil in 877.  The Sred*Ni & their privateers have been raiding the Aslan worlds.
With clan forces diverted to the Trojan Reaches, the Khaukheairl  & the Yerlyauiwo
have been hiring mercs to defend their worlds in this subsector.  The Comsentient
Alliance has also sent a task force into the system to mediate at the bequest of the
Araniopan League.