What follows is UPP & other data for each subsector in my Beyond campaign.  Some of it follows the data in Paranoid
Press' The Beyond book (it's no longer considered canon, but it's an excellent sourcebook), though I've modified, change or
added some details to reflect my campaign setting.  The data is in text form .

My Beyond is an ecletic dumping ground of races, flotsams of the 1st two Imperiums, colonists, traders, exiles and rebels,
dispossed sophonts fleeing the Aslan, Zhodani, the Imperium, remanents of  short-lived pocket empires.  Everyone comes to
the Beyond: villains, heroes, neutrals, traders, corsairs, saints, sinners, the hopeful & the hopeless, romantics & cynics all
either looking for riches, a new begining, conquest, new horizons, love, or just to disappear.

Travel in the Beyond is tricky, with few established routes through some subsectors.  Due to the hostility of Die Weltbund
(dominating the central coreward section of the Beyond) there are only two direct routes in from the Imperium.  The 1st route
goes through the rimward subsectors of the Foreven sector through to the Mapepire Cluster worlds.   The other is Beaufort
Lines exclusive route through the Mal'Gnar Primarchic skirting the rimward border of Die Weltbund until it cross some the
routes used by Parallel Lines, Webrunners, & Dark Goddesses.  There is secret third route in from the Florian League
dominions from the Trojan Reaches used by Webrunners & Dark Goddesses.  Much of the Storm, Liberty Hall, Spinward
Drift, Darkling Regions, Araniopa, Middle Beyond, NE Middle Beyond, & I-Glathriel subsectors have no formal line
routes.  Those subsectors tend to be used by small shipping lines, far & free traders, Webrunners & Dark Goddesses.  Though
the Imperium has been slowly withdrawing militarily from the Beyond since the 4th Frontier War, IISS, IBIS, & IDES
keep a considerable presence as well keeping Imperial embassies open.

A general rule from history I've added to my campaign is most poor planets will be serviced only by free traders.  Also poor
planets (especially out of the way ones) will be involved somehow in the following trades: piracy, smuggling, mercenary,
either as supply, aid,fencing,  personnel or just turning a blind eye for profit.

ALLIANCE CODES: AL: Araniopan League.  DW: Die Weltbund.  MC: Mapepire Cluster.  ZYD : Zydarian
Codominium.  SN: I'Sred*Ni Heptad.  EM: Esylat Magistry.  ACS: Aslan Colonial State.  MG: Mal'Gnar Primarchic.  
MGC: Mal'Gnar Client State. LOFW: League of Free Worlds..  ZC: Zhodani Client State.  I: Imperium.  IC:  Imperium
Client.  NA: Nonaligned.

OTHER CODES:  TAS: Travellers Aid Society hostel.   IEB:  Impress Express Bank branch present.  BOI: Bank of the
Imperium Present.

ARMAMENTS:  Includes all forms of military & naval equipment & their support.  

HUMAN RESOURCES:  The sophont labor force from slave labor up to highly paid professionals.  

INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS:  Includes all forms of raw materials needed to keep an industrial society running.

GOODS:  Clothing, utensils, & all form consumer products used in everyday life. Catergories are Low-tech(1-5),
Mid-tech(6-9), & High-tech(A+).

ELECTRONICS:  Gadgets of an electrical or run by some similar energy sources.  Anything from telegraph,
radio(low)              to radar, primitive sensors, cell phones (mid) to jumpship computers, advanced sensors (high).

LUXURY GOODS:  Consumer goods of rare, expensive, & high status items.

FOODSTUFFS:   Includes all forms of eatables-animal, vegetable, & mineral.

AGRICULTURAL BYPRODUCTS:  Nonfood plants or parts of plants used for nonfood purposes-perfumes,.drugs,
medicines, lubricants, etc.  

DRUGS:  These are organic or inorganic substances used for recreational purposes-often dangerous & illegal.

COMBAT DRUGS:   Organic or inorganic substances with military applications(preven sleep, heighten Strength, Dex &
Endurance temporarily, build muscle are examples).  Often prohibited for civilian use or banned outright.

PSI DRUGS:  Organic or inorganic substances that heighten or suppress psionics powers.


ARCHIVES:  A repository of public, official, military and/or historical records.  Usually associated with one or more
political factions in the Beyond.

CONTAINMENT FACILITY: An entire world maintained as a prison of those found guilty of the prevailing law,
regulations, customs or mores.  In the Comsentient Alliance worlds the only crime worthy of 'containment' is anti-sentient
crimes. IDES containment facilities not only handle IDES prisoners but also contract with various political entities to
contain their criminals.

OUTPOST:  Similar to an Imperial way station, but of course, non-Imperial. A base for the storage, maintenance, refitting,
& refueling of equipment belonging to the political faction with authority over the station or subsector.

RELAY POINT:  A local committed to the relaying of data, goods, or entities  for specific purposes.  Many are Licensed
Information Communication Exchange(LICE) relay points.  Some these are Imperial relay points leased from, or at least
tolerated by the Comsentient Alliance.  A few are rumored to be under pirate or criminal control and/or influence.

SANCTUARY:  A world where any sentient may find safety, regardless of the reason.  Extradition is almost impossible.  
However on some Sanctuary worlds, those granted sanctuary may lack the rights of citizens: the right to vote, carry weapons,
appeal to the courts, or even earn a living.

IMPERIAL INSTALLATIONS:  Special, important Imperial stations in the Beyond, combining research & intelligence
and capable of support Imperial operations. The most notorious is Starbase Arcturus II in I-Glathriel.  Installations are
officially under the aegis of the IISS with a Senior Master Scout in charge.

RESEARCH FACILITY: A facility dedicated to one or more research projects of interest to a political faction, a private
corporations, criminal organizations, or public or private foundation.
JEMISSE: (0102) UWP: E352110  TL: F.  TRADE: RESEARCH, R. EXPORTS: Chemicals, medicines, synthetics.
IMPORTS:  Industrial & agricultural raw materials. AMBER ZONE.  Research facility owned by the Beaumonde family
of planet Beaumonde.  Site of yearly trade fair. IEB  ALIGN: MC, CA.

HUNYADI: (0103) UWP:  A687799  TL: C.  TRADE: AG, R.  EXPORTS: Wines, meat & agricultural products.
IMPORTS: Armaments, fertilizers, biochemicals. IEB. NAVAL BASE, GAS GIANT.  Known for its wines.   Headquarters
for Allesko Lines.  ALIGN: MC, CA.

BARBA AMARILLA: (0104) UWP: C240445.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA. NI, P. GAS GIANT.  EXPORTS: Agricultural
products, L-Hyd, human resources.  IMPORTS: Medicines, TL9-11 equipment.  IEB.  ALIGN: MC, CA.. Planet is a source
for recruits for mercenary companies & the IISS.

SHALIMAR: (0105)  UWP: B86764A.  TL: 7.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS:  None.  Imports: Luxury goods, hightech
equipment & vehicles. Resort world. IEB.  ALIGN: CA, MC.

LANTHESANDRA.:  (0108)  UWP: D945573  TL: 6.  TRADE: AG, NI. EXPORTS:  Herbal drugs, human resources.
IMPORTS: None.. ALIGN: CA.  Source of agricultural workers & mercenaries.

LA NUZ NEGRA: (0110) UWP: B833680.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NA, P.  EXPORTS: Human resources.  IMPORTS: High
tech equipment including weapons & medical . Vast areas of Black Skies make this planet a major tourist stop. Natives have
evolved excellent night site because of the black skies & are in demand for trades that requirement working in poorly light

TOCADENTILIUS XIX:  (0202).  UWP: C140431.  TL: B.  TRADE: NA, NI, P. EXPORTS: Highly skilled pilots..  
IMPORTS:  Grav & ground vehicles, skilled mechanics. 2 GAS GIANTS.  Known for its grav speeder races.    Mainstay of
the economy is its numerous air, seas, & land races  & the betting that goes along with it.  Several scout services including
the IISS recruit here.  IEB. ALIGN: MC, CA

FIGARO'S:.  (0203)  UWP: A668778.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI, R.  Fine foods. EXPORTS: Agricultural products, meats, rare
foodstuffs, wines & liquors.  IMPORTS: Fine art, jewelry, luxury goods. IEB.  ALIGN: MC, CA.  Poplular pirate
recreation planet.

BORGNE:   (0204) UWP: C99A639.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Botanical & enviroment research.IMPORTS:
Grav equipment & vehicles, skilled technincians.  Known for the Treasil.  IEB. ALIGN: MC, CA.

ALPHA CENTRE: (0205) UWP: A668778.  TL: AG, R.  . EXPORTS: Exotic fruits & flowers. IMPORTS: Luxury goods,
jewelry.   Abandoned scoutbase on the Moon Crefis, now the headquarters of Peenulisk Lines. .    ALIGN: MC, CA.   

IP: (0207) UWP: B542AD9.  TL: A.  TRADE: IN, P. EXPORTS: Finished goods, armaments, mining equipment to Gul..  

GUL: (0207) UWP: EA5AA59. TL: 9.  TRADE: none.  EXPORTS: Raw industrial materials to IP, gemstones.  
IMPORTS:  Human resources, foodstuffs, mining equipment. DW SCOUTBASE.  Orbits gas giant Benthall.  ALIGN:

MAXIMUMMER: (0209)  UWP: C966655.  TL: 4.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts.   IMPORTS: Fertilizers, luxury goods, jewelry, armaments. Transport hub for Stern-Hansa. ALIGN: DW.

TRAYFOWEN: (0302)  UWP: BC62645.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS: Foostuffs, agricultural byproducts,
textiles.  IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, jewelry, armaments, ground & air vehicles, small spacecraft.  AMBER ZONE.  Casino
world.  The most popular shore leave planet for mercs, pirates, & privateers. Main recruiting center for the IISS.  BOI, IEB.
Baron Sharlec hault-Bellakchan, an Imperial noble is the benevolent  ruler of the planet.  Transport hub for Parallel
Lines, Beaufort Lines, & Verdilya Lines.  IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. ALIGN: MC, CA.

JARARACA: (0303) UWP: E575465.  TL: 2.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS;  Animals, plants, foodstuffs, Zoological &
botanical research. .  IMPORTS:  luxury goods, jewelry, high tech electronics, hightech vehicles.  Famous natural
zoological gardens.  IEB. ALIGN: MC, CA.

OMEGA SEXTANS  (0304)  UWP: A767853.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, R.  EXPORTS:  Research, light sculptures, Kolwern
silk.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, jewelry, hightech electronics. Vari-coloured sunrises & sunsets.  IEB. ALIGN: MC,CA..

THORN:  (0305) UWP: E352772.  TL: 2.  TRADE: P.  Merc Training base.  EXPORTS: Military expertise, personnel, &
armaments.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, hightech military vehicles & spacecraft, foodstuffs. AMBER ZONE. IEB.  ALIGN:

ARAARAGA:  (0309) UWP:  E446610.  TL: 6.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, rare
foodstuffs. IMPORTS:  Human resources, hightech expertise. GAS GIANT.   Another popular pirate/privaterr destination.

BEAUMONDE: (0402) UWP: AA99974. TL: V.  TRADE: IN, R.  EXPORTS:  Armaments, military & civilian spacecraft
of all types, military expertise. mercenaries.  IMPORTS: Industrial raw materials, foodstuffs, human resources, hightech
expertise. THE major military-industrial complex of the Beyond..  Also the prime buyer of illicit raw materials & industrial
espionage.  Largest refit facilities for pirates, privateers, & mercenaries in the Beyond. Transport hub for Parallel Lines.  

VLAD: (0403) UWP: C663650.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS:  Entertainers, courtesans, designer weaponry,
perfumes. .  IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, armaments, jewelry.  Unusual & often fatal entertainments..   Second most popular
mercenary, pirate & privateer destination in the Beyond. IEB.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MC, CA

ANASTASIA'S MATE: (0404) UWP: C786376.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, AG.  EXPORTS: Exotic foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts, textiles, agricultural research, pharmaceuticals . IMPORTS:  Medicines, Midtech equipment, exotic livestock.

LILITH: (0405) UWP: D7665C7.  TL: 3.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS: Pharmaceuticals, aphrodisiacs, perfumes,
jewelry, musical instruments, flamesilk.. IMPORTS: Armaments, luxury goods,  jewelry, espium, hightech equipment.  
Known for its unusually beautiful & sensousal women. . Psionic Institute. Lilith is currently in a state of cold war with
Tuablin, LTD & its associates. Transport hub for Beaufort Lines, Peenuslisk Lines,  & Parallel LinesIEB. RESEARCH

BETWEEN: (409) UWP: A996701.  TL: A.  TRADE: AG, R.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, textiles, agricultural byproducts.  
IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, grav vehicles, hightech equipment.  Permanent trade fair. Important trade route hub for
Beaufort, Parallel Lines, Verdilya Lines, Peenulisk Lines, & Allesko Lines..  IEB. ALIGN:  MC, CA.

NIQUITHAT: (0410) UWP: A566798. TL: 8.  TRADE: AG, R.  EXPORTS: Food stuffs, agricultural byproducts, human
resources.  IMPORTS:  Jump ships, armaments, luxury goods, jewelry. Main recruiting ground & sector base for the
Comsentient Alliance Scout Service. Many free traders are based out of Niquithat because of CASS. CA SCOUTBASE.  

OPAR NAVIS  XVI: (0502) UWP: C867872.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NA, R.  EXPORTS: Military & business expertise,
mercenaries.   IMPORTS: Ships & armaments, high & midtech equipment., luxury goods, exotic foodstuffs. Known for its
strategy competitions.  IEB. ALIGN:  MC, CA.

KAWSTEE CHILUHVEHK: (0503) UWP: B464595.  TL: 5.  TRADE; NI, AG.  EXPORTS: Textiles, wines, foodstuffs,
agricultural byproducts, human resources.  IMPORTS:   Fertilizers,  midtech luxury goods, midtech farm equipment.
Famed harvest festivals. IEB.  ALIGN: MC, CA

JHESZES: (0504) UWP: B323250.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS:  Art, jewelry, artifacts, industrial materials..
IMPORT: Hightech equipment, Darrian goods.  Lost Darrian colony.  Extensive pre-Maghiz ruins.  Archaeological
institute.  IEB. Recruiting ground for IISS, CA Scout Service. ALIGN: MC, CA.

MAPEPIRE BALSYN: (0602)  UWP: AVVV669.  TL: F.  TRADE: NI, R. EXPORT:  Industrial materials, Technical,
Political, & Business expertise,  sensor technology, luxury goods. . IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, grav vehicles, jewelry,
armaments, human resources. Capital of the Mapepire Cluster. Resort & university world.  Famed for its researchers,
philosphers, diplomats, computer & sensor training.  BOI. IEB.  Transport hub for Beaufort Lines, Verdilya Lines,
Peenulisk Lines, Allesko Lines, & Parallel Lines. RESEARCH FACILITY.  RELAY POINT.  ALIGN: MC, CA.

SINKIANG-UIGHUR:  (0603) UWP: C99A522.  TL:8  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Fine & exotic arts, jewelry, luxury
goods, industrial materials. . . IMPORTS: Hightech equipment & vehicles, technical expertise. . IEB. GAS GIANT.  

FRIEDLAND:  (0604)  UWP: B533320.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, Human resources. IMPORTS:
Hightech equipment & expertise, armaments, ships. Formerly known as Die Weltbund.  Headquarters of the League of Free
Worlds. Tranport hub for Parallel Lines. TAS.  Merc(terrorist?)  training base.  Prime recruiting grounds for mercs, pirates,

KILOGREN: (0605)  UWP: B7697C8.  TL: 8.  TRADE: R..  EXPORTS: Pharmaceuticals, medicines, psionic drugs, exotic
plants, wooden artwork, espium, lanthanum. .  IMPORTS:  Hightech equipment & expertise, luxury goods,  armaments,
jewelry. Psionic matriarchal society, nicknamed 'Virgen's Delight'.  Famed for their 'Dream Theaters", Psionic institute,  
and athletic events.   Prime psionic recruiting ground for Dark Goddesses. RESEARCH FACILITY. ALIGN: MC, CA.

CAVE CANEM: (0808)  UWP: X986000.  TL: 0.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic animals, furs, hides.
IMPORTS: Luxury goods, survival equipment, armaments, vehicles, exotic animals. Planet of large carnivores & violent
winds.  Due to the aliens species imported for the safari & hunting trade, the world is an ecological nightmare.. TAS.

MUIN: (0810)  UWP: X000000.  TL: 0.  TRADE: NI.  System of 7 concentric asteroid belts. EXPORTS: Industrial
materials, gemstones.  IMPORTS:  Hightech mining & space survival equipment, armaments, small spacecraft.  Dangerous
system to navigate.  System defended by an alliance of Free Traders, Belters & Pirates.  ABANDONED IMPERIAL
ST. FOY: (0102) UWP: C865650.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, NA, R.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, Naval & Engineering
expertise, warships, trained naval & marine personnel.  IMPORTS:  Luxury items, armaments, large (10000
tonne+)civilian & naval jumpships, exotic foodstuffs, stolen goods..  The markets on St. Foy are to pay up 75% of values on
loot brought in by pirate & privateer crews, making St. Foy a popular destination.  NAVAL BASE.  Corsair base & Psionic
Institute. TAS.  RED ZONE.  RESEARCH FACILITY. ALIGN: NA.  Also known as Thieves' World  Rumored to be
sanctuary system for LOFWIA groups.  St. Foy & Die Weltbund are at a constant state of war, dating back to 894.  St. Foy's
current  also engaged in a cold war with its former ally, Guildheim & with the Imperium, reversing diplomatic policies of
the systems establish 2.4 centuries ago.
FRALDANHYLLA: (0106) UWP: A100234.  TL: B.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Used jump & nonjump ships,
Industrial materials, timber, human resources.  IMPORTS: Armaments, Hightech equipment & expertise, foodstuffs.
Imperial scoutbase.  Major recruiting & training center for scouts in the subsector. IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. TAS.

DRAGONREST: (0107) UWP: B686484.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Hides, foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs, timber.  
IMPORTS: Nonjump ships, armaments, military & naval exportise.  Good planet for pirate & privateering recruiting. GAS
GIANT.  Large flying saurians.  AMBER ZONE. ALIGN: NA.

TORTUGA: (0110) UWP: C777000.  TL: N/A.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None.  GAS GIANT.
Abandoned Imperial scoutbase.  Rumored to have been devastated by solar event in 1085 & 1090. RED ZONE.  NEUTRON
STAR. .  ALIGN: NA  (See the Tortuga section of this site for the truth on this system.)
BETHOOM: (0205)  UWP: B200000.  TL: 0.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None.Abandoned research
base devastated by Die Weltbund assaults 1062-1098. Survivors rumored on outlying asteroids.  Floating pirate  trading
center& staging base for atttacks on Die Weltbund space. GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: St. Foy Client state.

KALTURA: (0207) UWP: CC62AA9.  TL: 7, TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, human
resourcses. . IMPORTS: Low-midtech equipment, medicines. Former corsair base.   Die Weltbund scoutbase on Kaltura's
second moon Huis. Frequent target of Tuablin slave raids.  ALIGN: NA(Officially, unofficially Kaltura is a client state of
Die Weltbund.)

ARBELLATRA'S TIARA: (0304) UWP: D0003B9.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Timber, natural medicines, human
resources. IMPORTS: Luxury goods. IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. . Many of the planets inhabitant descendants of
ex-Imperial military & naval personnel. Major Imperial recruiting center. Sanctuary World. Transport hub for Beaufort
Lines.  TAS. IEB. ALIGN: I.

IXCHEL: (0305)  UWP: A524200.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, foodstuffs, Naval expertise,
bodyguards & mercenaries.  IMPORTS: Armaments, naval ships, hightech equipment. NAVAL BASE.  Eshenili training
center, major privateering base. Ixchel maintains it neutrality by fielding the largest fleet of nonjump warships in the
subsector, including 2 batrons of asteroid battleriders.   Transport hub for Verdilya Lines. ALIGN: NA

HARDASS: (0308)  UWP: C878200  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial material, mining expertise.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, hightech mining equipment, nonjump ships, luxury goods, foodstuffs. Mining installation.  Lanthanum &
dialminium deposits.  Base for the Varangers, a powerful merc/pirate fleet.. Transport hub for Beaufort Lines. TAS. IEB.
AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: NA(Rumors of LOFW connections).

CASTLE KEEP: (0310) UWP: E859264.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, Military
personnel & expertise.  IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs, Armaments, Jump & Nonjump ships, medicines. Merc base/training center,
Juki Brigade. TAS. ALIGN: NA, but has a mutual defense treaty with Guildheim.

MAGGIE'S NIPPLES:  (0402) UWP: A8B6576.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials.  
IMPORTS: Armaments, high tech equipment. Comsentient Alliance's only naval base in the Liberty Hall subsector.  !
Batron, 3 cruiser & 7 destroyer squadrons, 6 SDB squadrons..  Mountainous planet.  Former Imperial Outpost founded
during the reign of Margaret I.  TAS. ALIGN: CA.

JELDAMAR: (0403)  UWP: X523000.  TL: 0.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. Ruins.  Colony
destroyed by Die Weltbund in 452-452. Despite the ongoing warfare between Die Weltbund, pirates, & the survivors of the
original colonist, the systems mineral riches constantly beckon adventurers.  GAS GIANT. RED ZONE. ALIGN: NA

LIBERTY HALL:  (0407) UWP: A856327.  TL: D.  TRADE: IN, R.   EXPORTS: Hightech electronics, armaments, ships,
vehicles, mining equipment.  IMPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury items, exotic foodstuffs, hightech & military
Research Yard #12. R&R world.  Former corsair base &  captial of the Liberty Hall Confederation. . Third largest
independent battlefleet in the subsector.  Transport hub for Beaufort Lines. Allied to Guildheim. BOI.  IEB.  TAS. ALIGN:

WANDERS' REST: (0501)  UWP: B583624.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, gems, foodstuffs.  
IMPORTS: Mining equipment, light armaments. Colony of Liberty Hall.  Mining.  Beaufort Lines transport hub. TAS.

ZHAWLTY NAWSH: (0502)  UWP: C89A417.  TL: 8(?).  TRADE: AG, NI. EXPORTS: Esperium, exotic foodstuffs.
IMPORTS: None. RED ZONE. NAVAL BASE.  Psionic Institute.. Though abandoned as a naval base after the 5th
Frontier War, the Consulate maintains  scoutships & SDB's to protect the planet's many esperium  mines. OUTPOST.

GAMMA CENTRE: (0503) UWP: B744665.  TL: 5.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts,
timber, medical plants.   IMPORTS:  High tech vehicles & electronics, nonjump ships, armaments, GAS GIANT. ALIGN:
CA.  Allied to LIberty Hall.

OFFUTT'S STATION: (0506) UWP: C66A6A7.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Human resources, mercs, military
expertise.  IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs, armaments, military vehicles. Merc Base/Traing center, Offutt's Lift Infantry Brigade.  
Very active military black market with advertised fairs. BEAUMONDE RESEARCH FACILITY. TAS.  IEB. ALIGN: NA.

ETAOIN SHIRDLU: (0601) UWP: D631300.  TL: 4.  NA, NI, P.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. RED ZONE.  
Former corsair planet patrolled by Die Weltbund Navy to prevent.  contraband smuggling. ALIGN: NA.

ABEITLUNG DREI (0602) UWP: E000520.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials. IMPORTS:
Armaments, mining equipment, foodstuffs, medicines. Mining colony that recently successfully rebelled against Die
Weltbund.   DW still claims the system & raids/patrols frequently making trade hazardous. AMBER ZONE. ALIGN: NA.

PLATZ: (0701)  UWP: D871500.  TL: 2.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: None. RED
ZONE. Undergoing revolution led by Karl Maria Heckler, former naval officer.   Despite the rebellion's diversion of
military & naval resources, materials are still mined for offworld shipment .   The lack of escorts have led to increased piracy
in the system. ALIGN: DW.

SCHLOSS ADLER: (0702) UWP: C8617E7.  TL: 9.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, exotic
foodstuffs, hightech entertainment, entertainers. DW Government Officials retreat.  Largest Die Weltbund naval presence in
the subsector, mostly for the security of vacationing & retired government officials. Many of the squadrons of smaller
warships engage in piracy, selling the proceeds (luxury items, fancy guns, etc.,  to wealthy locals; captives to Tuablin &
Stern-Hansa). Probably the most corrupt naval personnel in the Beyond. Efforts at reform and/or punishment have been
blocked by the bureaucracy & Stern-Hansa. .Transport hub & repair facilities for Stern-Hansa.  AMBER ZONE. NAVAL

RECKINGHAUSEN: (0704) UWP: B766650.  TL: 9.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. RED ZONE.  
GAS GIANT. GAS GIANT.  NAVAL BASE/DEPOT.  ARMY/NAVY TRAING BASE.  Despite being the major naval base
for DW in the subsector, Reckinghausen is undermanned due to diversions to Schloss Adler & its use as a dumping ground
for inept officers. .  Has suffered 7 LOFWIA & 3 pirate raids in the last ten years. ALIGN: DW.

DREI FARBEN: (0705)  UWP: A000320.  TL: D.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Pharmaceuticals, Illegal drugs, Psi Dr drugs,
Combat drugs.  IMPORTS: Luxury items, foodstuffs, hightech equipment. Pleasure facilities, drugs. Major transportation
hub for Stern-Hansa ships outbound to the Mapepire & Delta subsectors R&R planet for Liberty Hall-based DW naval &
marine personnel. RESEARCH FACILITY  ALIGN: DW.

NERVENHEILANSTALT: (0707)  UWP: E554410  TL: 3.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, industrial materials,
agricultural byproducts, medicines.  IMPORTS:  Military quipment, submersibles, armaments, mid- & high-tech
equipment.   A major smuggling planet, Nervenheilanstalt runs an independent policy under Baron Manfred von Beck.  
Von Beck, who has negotiated for a branch of the Imperial Express Bank,  is rumored to be on the verge of independence.  
Nervenheilanstalt  maintains a powerful fleet of frigates & SDB's & has an agreement with the House of Lords, making the
system dangerous to raid.  Formerly DW's major marine recruiting planet in the subsector.  IEB.. .RED ZONE. .  ALIGN:

STAATSBIBLIOTHEK: (0708) UWP: ACD7819.  TL: D.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs,
agricultural byproducts, information. IMPORTS: Hightech equipment, luxury goods. vehicles.  SCOUTBASE.  Archive
world. Transport hub of Stern-Hnasa. Rumors persist of a Tuablin research & mind control center on this world. ALIGN:

ABYSS: (0801)  UWP: C100300.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial byproducts, gemstones. IMPORTS:
Mining equipment, armaments, foodstuffs, survival equipment.  Mining colony secretly paying protection money to Die
Weltbund naval units out of Schloss Adler.  ALIGN: NA

PEARL OF ZANDVOORT: (0802) UWP: E484756.  TL: 6.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs,
agricultural byproducts.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments, midtech equipment. RED ZONE.  Xenophobic planet.
with military alliance with Guildheim.  ALIGN: NA

GUILDHEIM: (0804) UWP: A535300.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, foodstuffs, Starfire gems.
IMPORTSL: Armaments, jump & nonjump ships, high tech goods, luxury items. Guildheim Merchant Academy.  Asderoiu
Astrogators Institute. Large jump & non-jump naval forces. Major center for pirates & privateers.   Commercial hub of the
Liberty Hall subsector.  Headquarters for Beaufort Lines & Verdilya Lines. IEB. TAS.  Closed allied with Liberty Hall.

CALLIOPE: (0809) UWP: E454651.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NI, AG.  EXPORTS:  Agricultural byproducts, foodstuffs, timber,
herbal pharmaceuticals.   IMPORTS:  Medicines, armaments, hightech building materials. AMBER ZONE.  Recovering
from Die Weltbund nuclear attack in 905.  ALIGN:  NA.  Has a military alliance with Guildheim.
ZAROQ NOVA IX: (0101) UWP: B8C1987.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial material, timber, gems.
IMPORTS: Foostuffs, hightech equipment.  Zaroq is the Imperium's primary listening post in subsector . As such it
maintains 3 squadrons of SDB's & a higher than normal array of scoutships including 3 survey cruisers. IEC. TAS

LIEBESKINDER (0105) UWP: B000520.  TL: C.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: human resourcses.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, military supplies, foodstuffs.   Marine training base.  DW maximum security prison. AMBER ZONE.

FELDHERRNHALE: (0107) UWP: A3733667.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicinal plants,
agricultural byproducts, fertilizers, timber, human resources. IMPORTS: Medical supplies, mid-tech gooods. Major
transportation hub for Stern-Hansa. Major recruiting ground for scoutservice. Rampant corruption among the civilian &
service personnel. SCOUTBASE.  ALIGN: DW

QUATSCH: (0108) UWP: A636435.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, gems.  IMPORTS:  Mining
equipment, , human resources,  nonjump ships, armaments, foodstuffs. Largest deposits of zuchai crystals.in Die Weltbund
territory. Despite Grand Navy presence & strong local forces, smuggling is rife due to poverty & corruption.   ALIGN: DW

ABWEHR: (0109) UWP: A440575.  TL: 5. TRADE: NI, NA, P. EXPORTS: Industrial matierials, human resources.  
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicines, mid-tech goods. Most important Grand Navy recruiting planet.  Major Stern-Hansa
hub & relay point. ALIGN: DW.

BEINBRUCH (0202) UWP: C675204.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, medicinal
plants, human resources. IMPORTS: Midtech goods, medicines. 2nd most important Grand Navy recruiting planet.

ALAMO ISMAT: (0205) UWP: B795400.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, agricultural
byproducts, exotic plants & animals.IMPORTS:  Luxury items, armaments, hightech goods.  GAS GIANT.  Homeworld of
the Vujliop, an xenophobic race of sentient mollusks.  Source of Guja.  The Comsentient Alliance maintains 5 squadrons
of SDB's  to defend system. Imperial & Comsentient Alliance embassies. IEB. ALIGN: CA. IC

BUNDESTAG: (0206)  UWP: A9031A6. TL: E.  TRADE: NI, R..  EXPORTS: Military & technical expertise, foodstuffs,
exotic foodstuffs, medicines. IMPORTS: Luxury goods, human resources, hightech goods, entertainers, exotic & luxury
armaments. RESEARCH FACILITY.  SCOUT/NAVAL BASE.  NAVAL DEPOT.  Capital of  Die Weltbund, off limits to
non-DW citizens. ..  ALIGN: DW.

BIERSTUBE: (0208) UWP: D897200.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA, NI, P.  EXPORTS: Human resources.  IMPORTS:   
Foodstuffs, fertilizers, medicines, lowtech goods. Mined out colony, largely forgotten & lightly defended by local forces. .
Most citizens, work off world, most as unskilled labourers or for Stern-Hansa.  Most of those remaining operate various
criminal activities, mostly smuggling or piracy support. ALIGN: DW.

TARTAKOVER:  (0210) UWP: A560895.  TL: B.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS:  Technical & Military expertise, used
spaceships. . IMPORTS: Luxury goods, hightech goods, entertainers.  . Large mercenary forces are maintained to defend
system.  Administration also deals in Imperial Letters of Reprisal.  Despite this, there skirmishes between the Tartakover
Defense Force & Die Weltbund intruders. AMBER ZONE.  IMPERIAL OUTPOST.  IEB.  BOI. TAS. Imperial retreat.  
IBIS sector base.  ALIGN: I.

GASTHOF: (0303) UWP: D403776  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA, P.  exports: Industrial materials, human resources.  IMPORTS:
Foodstuffs, lowtech goods, medicines. AMBER ZONE.  Overexploited world where many citizens are either involved in
terrorist activities against the civil & military authorities. Other citizens are engaged in piracy or smuggling cooperating
with non-DW pirates. Because of Gasthof's central location in the confederation, the local government maintains a strong
SDB fleet backed up by Grand Navy units. ALIGN: DW.

MANSAGT: (0304) UWP: C674100  TL: 9.  TRADE:  NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, foodstuffs, gems.
IMPORTS: Armaments, medicines, midtech goods, military & civilian vehicles.  One of the more benignly run mining.
planets in DW space, the planet has a highly trained & loyal militia force that makes raids very lethal. Local government
fields 4 squadrons of SDB's manned by militia trained & led by mercenaries.  ALIGN: DW.

ILSE: (0305) UWP: E320433  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, NA, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, fertilizers, timber, human
resources.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicine.  Famine & inadequate relief supplies over 13 years has resulted in the
immigration(or selling into slavery)  of millions of people. Smuggling & insurrection is also rampant. Reiter & Grand
Navy naval forces have being trying to put down rebellion.  .  ALIGN: DW.

OBERPASIDENTEN: (0308) UWP:  A373113.  TL: B.  TRADE: IN, R.  EXPORTS: Military & civilian vehicles,
armaments, mid- & high-tech goods, luxury goods.  IMPORTS:  industrial materials, luxury goods, gems, fine arts, exotic
foodsuffs.  Only major industrial planet of the Die Weltbund. NAVAL BASE.  Subsector capital.  Hauser-Marck
Shipyards.  Stern-Hansa headquarters & academy. Has suffered 7 major LOFWIA terror raids over the last 84 years.

NIETSCHZE: (0309)  UWP: C548668.  TL: 6.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts,
timbers, gems.   IMPORTS:  Mid-tech goods, technical expertise. RED ZONE.  Ongoing revolution & Grand Navy
blockade (not to mention Tuablin slave raiders) make this planet dangerous to visit.  However, smugglers can make a
killing smuggling in armaments & medicine. .  ALIGN: DW.

EWIG WEIBLICHE: (0401) UWP: EB67380  TL:  9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, fertilizer,
animals.  IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs, mid-tech goods. Homeworld of the Psimaus.  ALIGN: DW

VIERJAHRESZEITEN: (0403) UWP: B34532F. TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
None.  RED ZONE.  Heavily exploited planet turned into a containment facility for DW citizens.& some very dangerous
noncitizens.  Deportation to this facility considered a death sentence. . ALIGN: DW

LIEBSLIED: (0406) UWP: A9873E0.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, medicinal
planets, pharmaceuticals, human resources.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, luxury goods, high-tech equipmewnt, vehicles.,
armaments. Major recruiting center for the Grand Navy.  Merc Training Base.  Eshenili Institute. AMBER ZONE.

ZEBEN: (0501) UWP: E100250.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, scientiific research,
pharmaceuticals. 7th world from primary.  DW research facility with rumored Tuablin connections. .  ALIGN: DW

INVERTED HANHAM: (0604)  UWP: C51059D.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, timbers, human
resources.  IMPORTS: Mid- to high-tech goods, armaments.  Recruiting planet for Webrunners. GAS GIANT.  Former
capital of Nathali Republic.  Population spread out over the planet due to destructions of its cities by Die Weltbund in
754-757.  ALIGN: NA.(Officially, unofficially, a DW client state).

BETA CENTRE: (0605) UWP: A987100.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, luxury goods, nonjump civillian & military ships, mining equipment. Former DW  planet ceded to the
Imperium after Treaty of Zaroq Nova in 1086.  IMPERIAL  INSTALLATION. .  Guarded by strong merc ground & naval
forces supported by the IISS. Rumors of pirates using planet as sanctuary world.IEB. TAS.  GAS GIANT.  Lanthanum
deposits.  ALIGN: I.

ALPHA MARE: (0606) UWP: D9C3232.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Medical, mind control, combat drugs,
foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:  Pharmaceuticals, armaments, human resources. Colony of Inverted Hanham.  Clandestine
Tuablin research facility. DW Grand Navy squadron posted in system. ALIGN: NA. (though like its parent planet a secret
DW client state).

511 DELTA XI: (0703) UWP: E652764.  TL: 3.  TRADE: P.  EXPORTS: Stolen goods.  IMPORTS:  Armaments,
mid-tech goods, medicines, foodstuffs. World mined out by DW & abandoned. Used by Webrunners, Dark Goddesses, &
independent pirates & free traders as a transport hub & stolen goods bazaar. Frequent, ineffective raids by DW  Grand
Navy forces & Tuablin slave raids. ALIGN: NA.

MORPHY: (0704) UWP: B543232.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Human resources, foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:
armaments, mid- to high- tech goods, technical expertise.  First Imperium ruins showing signs of destruction by Die
Welbund military action. . Merc & scout recruiting ground for the Imperium. Also raided by pirates & slave traders.

QUEEN MAUD'S LAND:  (0705) UWP: B216499.  TL: A. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, medicines, Psi &
combat drugs, medical expertise. IMPORTS: Warships, armaments, high-tech goods, luxury goods.. IEB. TAS.  Planet is
an easy source for letters of marque. Transport hub for Beaufort Lines. ALIGN: IC.

HEL: (0710)  UWP: B777300.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, timbers, medicines plants.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, jump & nonjump ships, high-tech equipment & expertise. The main staging point for operations against Die
Weltbund.  5 Batrons are stationed with all their support vessels. AMBER ZONE.  NAVAL BASE.  ALIGN: MG.

ALEKHINE: (0803) UWP: B9BA786.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, technical expertise, high-tech
electronics.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, armaments, transport & military ships. NAVAL BASE.  Merchant academy.  IISS
relay point. Capital of League of Free Worlds.  Currently negotiating an monetary  &  military treaty with the Imperium.
After a long decline after defeat by Webrunners & the Mal'Gnar, Alekhine's economic power has recovered rnough to
rebuild its transport fleet. ALIGN: LOFW., MGC.

MACCHU PICCHU  (0805)  UWP: D731851.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human
resources. IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, armaments, mid-tech goods. Ykiuh ruins.  Former colony of Alekhine, the system
independence is honored & protected by the Mal'Gnar..  ALIGN: LOFW, MGC..

SHEQUONOR: (0809) UWP: B753469.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: High-tech goods,
vehicles. Sanctuary world.  Beaufort Lines hub port.Former Webrunner corsair base.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG.

DERNIER CRI:  (0810) UWP: D766348.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Armaments, mid- to high tech goods, medicines. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG.
LJUBJULIANNA: (0102) UWP: B0107C9.  TL: C.  TRADE: NA, R. EXPORTS: Hightech goods, jump & nonjump
ships, vehicles, technical expertise. IMPORTS:  Industrial materials, human resources, luxury goods, foodstuffs. Imperial
waystation.  Transportation hub for Beaufort Lines.  Defended by the Imperial 434th Patrol squadron & Ljubjulianna
Defense Force(3 squadron of local built  SDB's).  IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. BOI. IEB. TAS.   ALIGN: I.

DAMN IT ALL: (0103) UWP: C405000  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, NA, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human resources.  
IMPORTS: Armaments, foodsstuffs, jump & nonjump ships. Former Imperial scoutbase.  Esheneili Institute. IEB. TAS.  
ALIGN: NA (unofficially planet is an Imperial Client State.)

EL UQSOR (0105) UWP: C200667  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial material, timber.  Imports:
Foodstuffs, fertilizers, mid-tech goods. Former headquarters of Webrunners. Independent pirates operate from planet. 1st
Imperium ruins.  ALIGN: NA.

ZOTRAL: (0109) UWP: E588512.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs,
medicines, low-tech goods. Former member world of the Alekhine Syndicate, the planet is slowly recovering of Mal 'Gnar
stewardship. Mal' Gnar squadron protect worlds against slave raiders. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG

DJORUN  (0203) UWP: E462421.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, fertilizers, agricultural byproducts.
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, vehicle, armaments. Another former Alekhine world that supports piracy on a small scale,
staying away from Mal 'Gnar worlds. ALIGN: NA.

MAL'KASK  (0208) UWP: C886420.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, handcrafted art.  IMPORTS: Mid- to
high tech goods. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG.

MAL'TRANX: (0209) UWP: D858721.  TL: 3.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts, medicinal plants.  IMPORTS: Low- to mid- tech goods. AMBER ZONE.  Excellent grain wines. ALIGN: MG

HRADEC KRALOVE: (0210) UWP: E425200.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Military expertise,
armaments. medicines. Military training base.  ALIGN: MG.

NANGAT PARBAN: (0302) UWP: B558621.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Mid- to high- tech goods.  
IMPORTS: Armaments, high-tech goods, jump ships. Smuggler haven. Transportation hub for Beaufort Lines. ALIGN:

MAL'DRUR: (0307) UWP: B783925.  TL: 8.  TRADE: P. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: Mid-
tech goods, exotic woods. Transportation hub for Beaufort Lines. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG

DIAS XVIII (0308) UWP: C534420.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, foodstuffs, fertilizers.
IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, mid- & high-tech goods, vehicles. Human dominated world.  Security provided by Mal 'Gnar
detachments on the inner & outer planets. Subject to pirate & slave raids.  AMBER ZONE.  Mining colony.  ALIGN: MG
MAL'PHLO: (0310) UWP: X956420.  TL: 1.  TRADE: P.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Custom armaments, luxury
goods. RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT.  Hunting reserve. ALIGN: MG.

MAL'GNAR/TRANX: (0407) UWP: X477020.  TL: 1.  TRADE: NA. EXPORTS: None  IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, art,
foodstuffs.  : RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  Retreat.  Rumored Ancients ruins. ALIGN: M

MAL'GNAR/KRUSK: (0409) UWP: E967749.  TL: D.  TRADE: NA, R.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods, technical
expertise, gem.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, industrial materials, foodstuffs. NAVAL/SCOUT BASE.  AMBER ZONE.

CASTILLO LA VIEJA: (0410) UWP: C600667.  TL: 5. TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: : Foodstuffs,
high-tech goods. Small human population. Ancients ruins.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG

LLANDRINDOD: (0503) UWP: B440110. TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, NA, P.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs,
medicines.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG.

ZONE.  Ancients ruins.  Archaeological Institute. Human population evacuated to Dias XVIII.  Subject to pirate raids.

NINE HELLS: (0508) UWP: E588512.  TL: 3.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs. timber.
IMPORTS:  High-tech goods, survival equipment. Nine seasons a year.  AMBER ZONE. ALIGN: MG.

KAZAR D'VARGYR: (0601) UWP: D674656.  TL: 5.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, stolen goods.
IMPORTS: Armaments, Jump ships, high-tech goods. Abandoned Imperial scoutbase.  Vargyr corsair colony.that leaves
Mal 'Gnar space alone.  ALIGN: NA.

MAL'GNAR: (0602) UWP: A864727.  TL: C.  TRADE: AG, IN, R.  EXPORTS: High-tech goods, armaments, ju,mp &
nonjump ships, vehicles. IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, foodstuffs, gems, industrial materials. AMBER ZONE.
NAVAL/SCOUT BASE. NAVAL DEPOT.  Shipyards. Homeworld & capital of the Mal'Gnar.  ALIGN: MG.

MAL'KRUSK: (0604)  UWP: B654420. TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials. IMPORTS:  
Armaments, jump & nonjump ships, mid- & high-tech goods. AMBER ZONE.  NAVAL BASE. ALIGN: MG
MAL'PHULK: (0607) UWP: D956524.  TL: 6.  TRADE: AG, NI.  Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, medicinal &
narcotic plants. IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, luxury items, armaments. Subject to pirate raids.  AMBER ZONE.  Solomani
ruins.  ALIGN: MG.

MAL'PHON: (0609) UWP: X865625. TL: 4.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, exotic
foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Agricultural q\equipment. .RED ZONE.  GAS GIANT.  Excellent brandies.  ALIGN: MG.

EL MAGHRED AL AQSA: (0703) UWP: X894579.  TL: 2.  TRADE: AG,  NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, medicines.  
IMPORTS: Military & technical expertise.  RED ZONE.  Military training base. Containment facility.  ALIGN: MG.

QUINTET: (0705) UWP: D6A4656.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NI. RED ZONE.  Five subcontinents.  Ongoing pacification
campaign against humaniti natives by Mal'Gnar army.  ALIGN: MG.

ZHUVASTOU: (0706)  UWP: E856532.  TL: 3.  TRADE: AG, NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic foodstuffs, agricultural
byproducts.  IMPORTS:  Agricultural equipment, Low- & mid-tech goods. AMBER ZONE.  Exports 78% of its
agricultural produce off world.  ALIGN: MG.

MAL'TLAL: (0707) UWP: D654420.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, gems.  IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods, foodstuffs.  AMBER ZONE.  SCOUTBASE.  ALIGN: MG.

CORPS-A-CORPS:  (0709) UWP: B558621.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, fertilizers,
human resources, military expertise. IMPORTS: Armaments, jump ships, medicines. Merc training base.  Home of
Reqnor's Regiment of Light (grav) Cavalry & Janfo's Enforcers (Grav armoured regiment).  IEB. TAS. ALIGN: NA

VREL D'VARGYR: (0801) UWP: C766120.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Gems, timber.  IMPORTS: Armaments,
jump ships, foodstuffs. OUTPOST.  VARGYR SCOUTBASE.  Smugglers' Haven.Beaufort Lines transport hub.  IEB.  

TINDAL'S SHADE: (0807) UWP: C867872.  TL: 6.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS: Gems, industrial materials. IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, grav vehicles, luxury goods. SCOUT BASE.  Resort planet.  ALIGN: MG.

REFNAR'S MONUMENT: (0808) UWP: B888787.  TL: 5. TRADE: AG, R.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, exotic timber.
IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high quality personal weapons. AMBER ZONE.  Hunting preserve.  ALIGN: MG.

MAL'QUUN: (0809) UWP: B765720.  TL: 8.  TRADE: AG. EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.  
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, vehicles.  AMBER ZONE. SCOUT BASE. ALIGN: MG
ENDGAME: (0101) UWP: D866970. TL: 8. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.  IMPORTS:
Luxury goods, high-tech goods. Gaming world, home of Endcon, the most important gaming convention in the spinward
Beyond, boasting entries from the Imperium. . . Enerische Psionic Institute is the 4th most important Psi institute in the
Beyond. . Parallel Lines transport hub. TAS. IEB.  ALIGN: MC, CA.

G'HENNA:  (0102) UWP: B5487F6.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None.  The major Esylat
naval base in the Beyond & recruting planet for mercs & privateers. NAVAL BASE.  ALIGN: EM, CA.

AL MUSHTAR: (0104) UWP : B869363.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, organic gems.
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, foodstuffs. SCOUTBASE.  Colony of G'Henna.  ALIGN: EM, CA.

SHA'ANOE:  (0109) UWP: B8637E8.  TL: B  TRADE: IN, R..  EXPORTS:  Luxury goods, jump & nonjump ships,
high-tech goods, technical expertise. armaments.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials. Delta Yards 5 & 11.  
Parallel Lines transport hub. RESEARCH FACILITY. TAS. IEB. ALIGN: CA.

GREATER ENIGMA: (0202) UWP: E884212.  TL: 7. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, jump & nonjump ships. Ykiuh ruins. IMPERIAL INSTALLATION.  ALIGN: CA.

Z'CHMEL: (0203) UWP: D5596FA.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, fertilizers. IMPORTS: High
goods, luxury goods.  Privateers haven & refit base. SCOUTBASE.  GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: EM, CA.

SEIV: (0205) UWP: C000100.  TL: D.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Human resources, military expertise, industrial
materials.  IMPORTS: Armaments, military jump ships. Owned by Juis Seiv. Merc training base, Meichei's Flotilla.  
Merc naval base.  Juis Seiv holds a letter of reprisal from Delta Research & Parallel Lines. ALIGN: NA

ANI YUN WIYA: (0206)  UWP: C8A66E4.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, hallucinogenic
drugs.. IMPORTS: Armaments, Luxury goods. Dreamdust mining.  Parallel Lines transport hub. ALIGN: CA.

QAT: (0207) UWP: C541604. TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Armaments, High-tech goods. GAS
GIANT. Ykiuh ruins rumored.  Abandoned Imperial scoutbase.  Smugglers' world.  The system's income from taxes levied
on smuggled & fenced goods as well as charging to use gas giant.  System has a strong fleet of SDB's to patrol the gas
giant & protect incoming pirates & smugglers.  It is rumored that the real ruler on Qat is a mysterious, unseen  being
known only as the Da Baas. ALIGN: NA.

INNUIT: (0208) UWP: B9779CD.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Rare furs & oils, foodstuffs. . IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, armaments. SCOUTBASE.  Iceworld.  .  ALIGN: CA.

CHICOMECOATL: (0302) UWP: D333322.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, P. EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, fertilizers, artifacts..  
IMPORTS: Mid- & high-tech goods, medicines.  Smuggler haven.  Ykiuh ruins.  ALIGN: CA.

INTERCOURSE: (0305) UWP: A864916. TL; +.  TRADE: IN, R. EXPORTS:  Mid- & high-tech goods, luxury items,
technical expertise, drugs. IMPORTS: Jumpships, Luxury goods, armaments.  Headquarters, Bellakchan/Paldoran
Enterprises & Parallel Lines. GAS GIANT.  Local system navy has largest fleet in subsector.  Rumor persist of Tuablin
defense treaty with Sha' anoe, Innuit, & Sha'aba.

ITOTHAR: (0306) UWP: B340380.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Human resources.  IMPORTS: Armaments,
foodstuffs, combat & psi drugs.  Merc training base, Rotham's Legion.  Psionic Institute. Rotham's Legion has been
accused of war crimes & criminal activities and has been banned from the Mapepire Cluster. ALIGN: CA

ENIGMA: (0309) UWP: E664212.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, fertilizers. IMPORTS:  
Vehicles, foods , mid-tech goods. Ykiuh ruins.  ALIGN: CA.

XOCHIQUETZAL: (0401) UWP: C742300  TL: 5.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS:  Agricultural byproducts.  IMPORTS:  
Mid-tech goods, armaments.  AMBER ZONE.  Insular, strife-ridden. Lack of strong government has attracted pirates.

PARADISE: (0403) UWP: C6642DF TL: +.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS:  Luxury goods.   IMPORTS:  Armaments,
High-tech goods. Pleasure planet. Currently under going revolt against the government. Parallel Lines transport hub.

DO'OR NOOBT: (0406) UWP: B679210.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
None. NAVAL BASE.  Eslyat colony that declared independence. Privateer base. .  ALIGN: CA.

AYTCH PE'EL: (0407) UWP: A688463.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs,
armaments, human resources. NAVAL BASE.  GAS GIANT. Main naval base of the Comsentient Alliance guarding the
subsector.  4 full batrons along their support vessels are based here.  ALIGN: CA.

RAMA: (0408) UWP: X0VVVVV.  TL: V.  TRADE: IN, Research, R.  EXPORTS:  Drugs, synthetic gems, research,
high-tech expertise & electronics.  IMPORTS:  Industrial materials, foodstuffs, luxury goods. RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  
CA Research facility. 5 squadrons of SDB's protect this system. ALIGN: CA.

TEZCATLIPOCA: (0502) UWP: D548220.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber.
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, vehicles, high-tech goods.  AMBER ZONE. Rare aromatic timber & resins. ALIGN: CA.

SHA'ABA: (0505) UWP: B310655.  TL: B.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Medicines, drugs, Abiiriki (organic ivory.).  
IMPORTS: Armaments, hgih-tech goods, luxury goods.  AMBER ZONE.  Psionic Institute.  Odd psionic occurences.  
Parallel Lines transport hub. ALIGN: CA.

NACIREMA: (0506) UWP: E876972.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. Pirates are rumored
to hideout on this world. ALIGN: CA.

MARYA TEN (0507) UWP: C125578.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, wood
carvings, perfumes..  IMPORTS: Mid- & high-tech goods. Lost darrian colony.  Botanical gardens.  ALIGN: CA.

CORRIGAN'S REVENGE: (0508) UWP: A101686.  TL: D.  TRADE: Research, NA, NI. EXPORTS:  Technical
expertise, combat drugs, medicines, luxury goods. .  IMPORTS:  Jump & nonjump ships, armaments. Planet maintains its
independence with a large fleet of SDB's & privateers. IEB. TAS.  ALIGN: NA  Allied with Intercourse.

XANADU: (0509) UWP: A767460.  TL: C.  TRADE: NI, R.  EXPORTS:  Hallucinogenic drugs, luxury goods, exotic
foodstuffs, high-tech bio-electronics..  IMPORTS:  High-tech goods, grav vehicles. nonjump ships & interstellar yachts.
Costly pleasure facility.  ALIGN: CA. Alled to Intercourse & Sha'anoe.

EIRE: (0510) UWP: B454767.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, mid-tech agricultural equipment.
IMPORTS: Armaments, medicines, military expertise. AMBER ZONE.  Colony of Corrigan's Revenge.Internecine strife.  
Comsentient squadron present to interdict arms shipments. ALIGN: CA.

HUITZPOCHTLI: (0602) UWP: A7689C7.  TL: E.  TRADE: NA, IN, R.  EXPORTS: Nonjump & jump warships,
armaments, high goods & electronics, medicines, combat drugs.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, industrial material,
agricultural byproducts. Main non-aligned  supplier of the Comsentient Alliance Navy. Has license agreements with
Beaumonde Industries of Beaumonde & Delta Research for ships, weapons & computers. NAVAL/SCOUTBASE.
Chociothwe Industries. Tlaloc Shipyards.  ALIGN: CA

MERDE: (0603) UWP: E9C5170.  TL: C.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, fertilizers. IMPORTS:
Mining equipment, high-tech goods. Mining colony of Huitzpochtli.  OUTPOST.  2 Squadrons of Comsentience
Alliance Navy SDB's patrol the system. TAS. ALIGN: CA.

TINDALOS: (0605) UWP: A866A8C.  TL: 7.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, medicinal
plants.  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, mid- & high-tech farming equipment. Colony of Nacirema.  ALIGN: CA

K'MELOT: (0606) UWP: B5679BA.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NA. EXPORTS: Stolen goods, industrial materials. IMPORTS:
Armaments, mid-tech goods, high-tech electronics. .Independent Eslyat colony, settled by privateers. .  ALIGN: CA.

VALHALLA: (0607) UWP: B963828.  TL: A.   TRADE: NI, AG.  EXPORTS: Psi, combat drugs. medicinal herbs..
IMPORTS: Luxury goods, high-tech vehicles, nonjump warships. Valhalla's drug resources so lucrative they must
maintain 5 squadrons of SDB's to protect their trade.   Frequent target of Zydar-based pirates. Parallel Lines transport
hub. TAS.  ALIGN: CA.

COEFREA: (0609) UWP: E862903.  TL: A.  TRADE: N/A. EXPORTS: None.  IMPORTS: None. RED ZONE.
Self-quartined planet rumored to be a Tuablin operation. RESEARCH FACILITY. . ALIGN: NA

CALMEC: (0702) UWP: B876414.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, medicines, high-tech
military expertise. IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, human resources, armaments. NAVAL BASE.  Calmec Naval Academy, the
Comsentient Alliance's main training facility.  Parallel Lines transport hub. TAS.  ALIGN: CA.

KHLOP: (0704) UWP: E8679E7.  TL: 3.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS:  None.  IMPORTS: None. Droyne colony.  RED
ZONE. Rumors of attempted slave raids.  ALIGN: NA.

LESSER ENIGMA: (0705) UWP: E454212.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Medicines, agricultural byproducts, guja.
IMPORTS: Mid- & high tech goods & electronics, armaments. Ykiuh ruins.  Vujliop colony, similar in enviroment  to
Vujliop homeworld.  Pirates raid for Guja.  ALIGN: CA.

JERIK'S WORLD: (0709) UWP: A320800.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NA, P.  EXPORTS:  Furs, stolen goods.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, armaments. Owned by Mils Jherik, rumored to have some connection with the Paldoran family. .  
Waystation, smugglers world. Parallel Lines transport hub. GAS GIANT. Cold wastelands.  ALIGN: CA.

CIHUACOATL: (0801) UWP: B389563.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Artwork, artifacts.  IMPORTS: Luxury
goods, high-tech goods. Much of the artifacts on this world are rumored to have been bought off smugglers & pirates.
SCOUT BASE.  Mons Center for Instellar Cultural Studies.  ALIGN: CA.

AZATHOTH: (0805)  UWP: B544304.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Psi & combat drugs. IMPORTS: Armaments.
Juisrt Psionic Institute, the main psionic center for the Comsentient Alliance. .  ALIGN: CA.

SIVA: (0806) UWP: C965521.  TL: +.  TRADE: AG, NI, R, EXPORTS: Research, bodyguards, military expertise, combat
drugs, poisons, medicines. . IMPORTS: Luxury goods, jump ships, civilian & paramilitary..  SCOUT BASE.  Eshenili
Insitute & Homeworld. .  ALIGN: NA.

PEDLIADES II: (0808) UWP: A808266B.  TL: E.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Research. IMPORTS: Industrial
materials, pharmaceutical plants, foodstuffs, small nonjump ships, armaments.. Independent research facility of the Yskiil
Institute.  Secretly owned,  both Paldoran, Beaumonde Industries, & Tuablin, ltd, have been suspected of being behind
the research here.  Rosette of 7 Planetoids.  ALIGN: CA.
ASHIKI': (0105) UWP: B6A2A65.  TL: 7. TRADE: Research.   EXPORTS: Medicines, medical research.  IMPORTS:
Agricultural byproducts, luxury goods, high-tech equipment.  Beaufort Lines transport hub. IEB.  TAS.  SCOUTBASE.

EPSILON CENTRE: (0106) UWP: B563AC9.  TL: 9.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, herbal
cosmetics & health products..  IMPORTS:  Mid- & high-tech goods, paramilitary grav vehicles.  Rumors of Tuablin

KITENITHWA:  (0108) UWP: B4545134  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, artifacts.  IMPORTS: Mid-tech
goods, fertilizers.  GAS GIANT.  Ykiuh ruins, archeologial institute. Kittit'thoui Lines transport hub. ALIGN: CA

ANGKOR WAT: (0110) UWP: E312775.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Human resources, industrial materials. .  
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs. . Unknown humaniti temple ruins.  Frequent pirate attacks & slave raids keep the tech level low.  
Rumored illegal laboratories. ALIGN: NA.

TINZHY: (0201) UWP: C210200.  TL: C.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Psi drugs, industrial materials. IMPORTS:  
Foodstuffs, nonjump ships. ..  ALIGN: CA.

SHADOWS: (0203) UWP: E8A3AC9.  TL: 8.  TRADE: N/A. EXPORTS: None. IMPORTS: None. Psionic Institute,
former(?) SORAG recruitment & operation center. .  Unclassified ruins.  Eerie psionic occurences.  ALIGN: ZC.

FLECHE: (0204) UWP: D3438A9.  TL: 2.  TRADE: P.  EXPORTS: Human resources, foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Low-mid
tech goods, medicines, armaments. Planet slowing recovering from terror raids that destroyed their starport & onlyn two
cities in 1078.  The scouts based there are involved in black market activities. IEB.  TAS.IMPERIAL SCOUTBASE.  

FISHER: (0206) UWP: X400679.  TL: 1.  TRADE: NI, NA.  RXPORTS: Handmade sculptures, foodstuffs.  IMPORTS:
Medicines, Low- & midtech goods.  Former Zydarian pirate base decimated by the Die Wekltbund Grand Navy in 988.  
Offworlders not welcome.  RED ZONE.  ALIGN: NA.

YE'ANOGH'SHA: (0210) UWP: B310999.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Odd spices, industrial materials.  
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, foodstuffs, GEV vehicles. Pays protection money to Zydarian pirates who use the planet as a
base. .  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: NA.

WASICHU: (0302)  UWP: B334754.  TL: A.  EXPORTS: Jump ships, high-tech goods & electronics, armaments, luxury
goods, IMPORTS: Wines, flamesilk, industrial materials. Comsentient Alliance squadron based here of locally made
warships. Beaufort Lines transport hub.  TAS.  NAVAL BASE.  GAS GIANT.  Relay point.  ALIGN: CA.

NIALINWE: (0303) UWP: AA7A8A9.  TL: 5.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS:  Industrial materials, gems, human resources.
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, high-tech electronics, armaments, military vehicles. AMBER ZONE.  Merc training base,
Ya's Regiment. .TAS.   ALIGN: NA.

POINTE D'ARRET: (0305) UWP: C200873.  TL: 5.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:  
High-tech goods, foodstuffs.  GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: CA.

FLARE: (0306) UWP: C341658.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS:  Orchard fruit, foodstuffs, artifacts..  IMPORTS:
Mid- & high-tech goods, survival equipment.   High volcanic activity.  Pre-Maghiz darrian ruins. ALIGN: CA

DE'NE'TAH: (0308) UWP: E400336.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Bone & ivory sculptures, furs. IMPORTS:
High-tech electronics, armaments, grav vehicles, fusion power units. Snow world.  Used as a hideout by unaffiliated
pirates.   ALIGN: CA.

LE ROCHENFOUCALD: (0309) UWP: E223555.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, rare, exotic
timber.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, high-tech goods,.  Solomani supremists.  Some of the natives are engaged with piracy.

SHEKERLEB: (0405) UWP: A200798.  TL: B.  TRADE: NA, IN.  EXPORTS:  Jump & nonjump ships, terraforming
equipment, mining equipment. armaments, high goods.  IMPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, luxury goods. A
frequent target of pirates from Zydarian space. TAS.. Beaufort Lines & Kittet'thoui Lines transport hub.  ALIGN: CA.

NYLE'N'LANCY: (0501) UWP: A130621. TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, NA, P.  EXPORTS: Human resources. IMPORTS:
Armanents, foodstuffs, high-tech goods. The Comsentient Alliance base is the major source of income for this planet, an
overexploited former Die Weltbund world.  CA  NAVAL BASE.  ALIGN; LOFW, CA.

DELTA CENTRE: (0506) UWP: A96462A.  TL: +.  TRADE: AG, NI, EXPORTS: Research, foodstuffs, drugs, medicines.
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & equipment, technical expertise, armaments. . Subject to frequent pirate raids.  RED

KITTET'THOUI: (0508) UWP: B9C3376.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, gems,
luxury goods, fine art. IMPORTS:  Jump ships, armaments, high-tech goods & electronics. non-Hierate Aslan colony.  
NAVAL/SCOUT BASE.  Kittet'thoui Lines (subsector shipping line). Has business arrasngement with Sorilyr, who
supplies Kittet;thoui Lines with armed merchant ships. TAS. ALIGN: CA  Allied with Mishajmiqui.

MESAWMI: (0604) UWP: CAA3623.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, medical
expertise. IMPORTS: High tech goods, vehicles, armaments. SANCTUARY.  Colony of Mishahmiqui.  Renowned
medical/psychological institutes.  ALIGN: NA

MISHAHMIQUI: (0605) UWP: A977AB9. TL: F.  NA, IN.  EXPORTS: Jump ships, warships, armaments, high-tech
goods & electronics, terraforming & enviromental equipment & expertise. .  IMPORTS: Luxury goods, foodstuffs,
industrial materials.  GAS GIANT. Human/aslan world. Yuihkui shipyards.  Nujik Industries(terraforming &
envorimental technology).  Yuihkui, which is an Sorilyr subsidiary, builts nonjump warships for Kittet'thoui. TAS>
QUIATENON: (0606) UWP: D67A6B8.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
mid-tech goods, technical expertise. Eslyat colony.  Receovering from civil war.  ALIGN: CA

KITENGATE: (0608) UWP: B2438A6.  TL: B. TRADE: P.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs.  IMPORTS: Fertilizers, enviromental
equipment.  CA NAVAL BASE. Colony of Kittet'thoui, though most colonists are members of the naval base's naval &
civilian staff. .  ALIGN: CA.

NUIT NOIRE:  (0609) UWP: D776788. TL: 4.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, wines.
IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, vehicles, mid-tech goods.  Renowned black wine.  ALIGN: CA.

LE HAVRE: (0610) UWP: B795436.  TL:  7.   NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, business expertise.  IMPORTS:
High-tech goods, Luxury goods.  Lorve Merchant Academy, rumored to be Tuablin front. .  Solomani ruins.  ALIGN: CA.

STARVED ROCK: (0701) UWP: B300300.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Foodstuffs.  RED ZONE. GAS GIANT.  CONTAINMENT.  OUTPOST. CA containment facility.  CA Marine garrison &
training base.  ALIGN: CA.

MODOC: (0705) UWP: D500112.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial goods, gems.  IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs,
armaments, luxury goods. Mining operations paying protection money to Die Weltbund naval personnel. Stern-Hansa
transport hub. .  ALIGN: NA.

ZTERPYLL: (0706) UWP: D675789.  TL: 2.  TRADE: AG.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts, beer.
IMPORTS:  Low-tech goods, armaments, luxury goods. Subsector's largest wheat & grain exporter.  Self-imposed TL

CHICHEN ITZA:  (0707) UWP: B534556.  TL: A.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Radioactive ores, crystalline minerals,
zuchai crystals.  IMPORTS: Mining equipment, enviromental  equipment, . armaments. luxury goods. The system is
protected by three squadrons of SDB's.  Beaufort Lines & Kittet'thoui Lines transport hub. TAS.  ALIGN: CA.

OPAWAKA:  (0708) UWP: A000550.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial goods, artifacts.  IMPORTS:  
Mining equipment, foodstuffs.  Colony of Chichen Itza.  Mining.  1st Imperium artifacts. CA SCOUT BASE.  ALIGN:

ALWAMEKE: (0710) UWP: CA7A445: TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Industrial goods, luxury goods.
IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs, mid-tech goods.  Selija.  Colony of Chichen Itza. ALIGN: CA.

TE'PE'WA: (0802) UWP: A100370: TL: D.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, technical
expertise.  IMPORTS:  High-tech electronics & goods.  GAS GIANT.  Space survival Academy, Astrogation Institute.  
IDIOT'S DELIGHT: (0803) UWP: B6A8303.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Zypfjor(bottled atmosphere),
industrial material.  IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, enviromental equipment., minng equipment & ships.  GAS GIANT.  
Euphoric atmosphere.  Resort.  ALIGN: CA.

HANA: (0807).  UWP: E560486.  TL: 3.  NI.  AMBER ZONE.  EXPORTS:  Artifacts, foodstuffs, timber.  IMPORTS:  
Armaments, vehicles, luxury goods.  Rumored pirate bases.  Temple ruins. RESEARCH FACILITY. ALIGN: NA.

ROSEBUD: (0808) UWP: D657677.  TL: AG, NI.  EXPORTS:  Foodstuffs, agricultural byproducts.  Chichen Itza's
containment facility.  TL enforced. ALIGN: CA
DIANALEE: (0105) UWP: E868495.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NA, NI.  GAS GIANT.  CA SCOUT BASE.  Wildlife preserve
planet.  ALIGN: CA

SIGMA VII (0106) UWP: C874330.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: CA.

PORT ROYAL:  (0108) UWP: D861789.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NA, R.  Smuggler haven.  Monthly bazaar.  ALIGN: NA.

DOROTHYELLEN: (0109) UWP: C865260.  TL: 7. TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Aserros, Livestock, meat exporter.
IMPORTS: Mid- & high- tech goods. luxury goods. GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: CA

NORN: (0202) UWP: D83598D.  TL: A.  TRADE: N/A.  NAVAL BASE. Shipyard.  Homeport of the merc Norn

RUSTY: (0204) UWP: C83B88B.  TL: 8. TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS:  None.  IMPORTS:  None. Imperial outpost.  
Corrupt adminstration on the payroll of Tuablin.  TAS. ALIGN: I.

CALEDONIA: (0205) UWP: X88A729. TL: 1.  TRADE: NA, R.  EXPORTS: Furs, industrial materials. IMPORTS:  
Low-tech goods, foodstuffs. Xenophobic planet.  . RED ZONE.  ALIGN: NA.

SILBE: (0206) UWP: B855879.  TL: 6.  TRADE: NI, NA, P. EXPORTS:  Military expertise, human resources.  
IMPORTS: Mid-tech goods, armaments, foodstuffs. Merc training base, Retork Brigade & home of Roger 'San'
Craddocks'  "Rogers Rangers". Mercenary Legion.  IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. Beaufort Lines transport hub.ALIGN:

MORROWIA: (0209) UWP: E849474.  TL: 3.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS:  Timber, fertilizers, human resources.
IMPORTS:  Foodstuffs. Former pirate base destroyed by CA.  AMBER ZONE. ALIGN: CA.

PASCAL BASE: (0304) UWP: A873080.  TL: 7.  Former Imperial research station destroyed by pirates.  Tuablin research
facility.  LOFWIA base. TRADE:  N/A.  EXPORTS:  Drugs, slaves(?).  IMPORTS: agricultural byproducts, luxury goods.
.Qunadry Starlines transport hub.  AMBER ZONE. ALIGN: NA.(unofficially a client state of Tuablin.

BOTANY BAY: (0305) UWP: C868663.  TL: 3.  TRADE: AG, NI, R.  EXPORTS: Foodstuffs, industrial materials.  
IMPORTS: Medicines, low-tech goods, high-tech electronics. IDES containment facility. RED ZONE. ALIGN: I

PHYLLIS' SURRENDER: (0407) UWP: E863550.  TL: 6(?).  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, drugs,
mind-control expertise, slaves. IMPORTS:  Armaments, civilian, luxury & military jump ships, luxury goods, high-tech
goods & electronics, agricultural byproducts. AMBER ZONE. Headquarters of Tuablin, Ltd.  Slavers' world. Defended by
a leage fleet including 3 Batrons of battleriders.  Qunadry Starlines transport hub. RELAY POINT.  RESEARCH

STEINMETZ: (0408) UWP: D846AAF.  TL: 5.  TRADE: IN.  EXPORTS: Midtech goods, vehicles, mining equipment,
armaments.   IMPORTS: Industrial materials, luxury goods, exotic foodstuffs.  Former DW world.  Excellent TL5 vehicles
& eqiipment. ALIGN: CA.( though pays protection money to Tuablin, LTD.

ULTIMA: (0409) UWP: B83C360.  TL: B. TRADE: NI.. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: Armaments,
building materials, mining equipment.  NAVAL BASE. The Sred*Ni's  advance base in the NE Middle Beyond is slowly
building its strength up for expansion into the subsector. ALIGN: SN.

CARIBBEA NUEVA: (0410) UWP: C84788B.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NA.  EXPORTS: Industrial byproducts, luxury goods.  
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, armaments, mid-tech goods.  Caribbea  Nueva is currentl a tributary to Tuablin in exchange for
protection from the Sred*Ni.  Qunadry Starlines transport hub. GAS GIANT.  ALIGN: CA.

REVELATION: (0506) UWP: A859120.  TL: E.  TRADE: NI. EXPORTS: Drugs, medicines, agricultural byproducts.
IMPORTS: High-tech goods & electronics, armaments. Revelation is the Comstentient Alliance Navy's main listening
post & defense against the Sred*Ni & clans from the Aslan Hierate.  The base has been upgraded to 2 Batrons with full
support units. CA SCOUT/NAVAL BASE. ALIGN: CA.

TANASI: (0507) UWP: C96685F.  TL: 4.  TRADE: R.  EXPORTS: Handsculpted art, foods, luxury goods. IMPORTS:
Armaments, high-tech electronics.  SANCTUARY world run by the Hsi Guardians.  ALIGN: NA.

BERTEL: (0508) UWP: B837879.  TL: A.  TRADE: N/A.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS: None. GAS
GIANT. RED ZONE.  Relay point.  Recently conquered by the Sred*Ni.  Lowscale guerrilla warfare supported by
smugglers still continues.. ALIGN: SN.

QUANDRY: (0509) UWP: E82A597.  TL: A.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Technical expertise, industrial materials.
IMPORTS:  Jumpships, high-tech equipment. . Qunadry Merchant Academy.  Qunadry Starlines(subsector shipping
company).  ALIGN: CA.

SHANGRI-LA.: (0701) UWP: A86779B.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, R.   EXPORTS: Anagathic spices, industrial materials,
high-tech goods. . IMPORTS:  Luxury goods, armaments.. Beaufort Lines transport hub. GAS GIANT.  RESEARCH
MAL'JLAN:   (0102) UWP: B537AA8.  TL: 7. TRADE: N/A. EXPORTS: None. IMPORTS: Foodstuffs. SCOUTBASE.
AMBER ZONE.  Relay point & the Mal'Gnar's listening port in the subsector.  ALIGN: MG

DISMAL: (0109) UWP: B351687.  TL: 9. TRADE: NA, NI, P.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, human resources.  
IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, mining equipment.  Tuablin research facility. A failed world, most of its population is
immigrating to Northstar. ALIGN: CA.

DOL CIRITH UNGOL: (0207) UWP: B486988.  TL: 9.  TRADE: NI, NA.  EXPORTS: Research, armaments, high-tech
electronics, drugs, medicines. IMPORTS: Industrial byproducts, luxury goods. .  Secretly owned by Beaumonde Ind. of
Beaumonde/Mapepire. ALIGN: CA.  

LESSER DISMAL: (0209) UWP: A5D7597.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NA, NI. EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
None.  Colony of Great Dismal, recently conquered by the Sred*Ni.  ALIGN: SN

MAL'ZLIM: (0302) UWP: E516578.  TL: 8.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber. IMPORTS:
Mid-tech goods, mining equipment.  AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG.

NORMAL: (0309) UWP: C8631FF  TL: A.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Military expertise. IMPORTS: Armaments,
luxury goods, nonjump ships. Merc Base, Huin's Brigade. TAS.  ALIGN: NA.  Has military defense pact with Dol Cirith

NORTHSTAR: (0409) UWP: AJVVVVV.  TL: +.  TRADE: IN, R.  EXPORTS: Armaments, jump & nonjump ships,
high-tech goods & electronics, technical expertise. IMPORTS: Industrial materials, foodstuffs, luxury goods,
entertainers. NAVAL/SCOUTBASE. Northstar Merchant Academy, various Corporations & colonies. Large black
market.  Pirate & mercenary hideaway. TAS.  IEC. IMPERIAL INSTALLATION. RELAY POINT. RESEARCH

GREAT DISMAL: (0410)  UWP: A6M2675.  TL: B.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: industrial material, foodstuffs, human
resources.  IMPORTS:  Armaments, warships, high-tech goods. NAVAL BASE.  Base built by the Northstar Republic as a
defense against Sred*Ni aggression. ALIGN: NA.

MAL'TLAN: (0502) UWP: C834340.  TL: 7.  TRADE: NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials, timber, foodstuffs,
agricultural byproducts.  IMPORTS: Mid- & high-tech goods, mining equipment. AMBER ZONE.  ALIGN: MG.

MAL'RIFT: (0601) UWP: B899947. TL: 9.  TRADE: NA, IN. EXPORTS: High tech goods & electronics, jump &
nonjump ships.  IMPORTS: Human resources, industrial materials. RED ZONE. NAVAL BASE. Military complex.  The
Mal'Gnar's  maintains a large fleet as defense against the Sred*Ni & pirates out of Northstar. ALIGN: MG.

MAL'THYS: (0602) UWP: E87727A.  TL: 4.  TRADE: NA, NI.  EXPORTS: Industrial materials.  IMPORTS:
Foodstuffs. AMBER ZONE.  Containment facility.  ALIGN: MG.
The Beyond: Subsector data part 2
The Mapepire subsector is dominated by the Mapepire Cluster, a loose collection of
worlds whose  share common economic & trade interests.  Except for Beaumonde( the
military-industrial giant of the Beyond ), the cluster's  main industry is tourism
attracting tourists as far away as the Imperium.  Piracy is minimal withing the cluster
since it is the popular R&R destination of most of the pirates, privateers, & mercenaries
in the surrounding regions.   Though part of the Comsentient Alliance, the Cluster
maintains friendly relations with the Third Imperium.  All Cluster worlds maintain a
Travellers Aid Society hostel.  Mapepire Cluster member planets(except Beaumonde &
Kilogren) have a branch of the Imperial Express Bank present, & three planets
(Mapepire Balsyn, Trayfowen, & Miryem) have a branch of the Bank of the Imperium
The Liberty Hall subsector  ranks second in the Beyond for material riches.  It ranks second
to none as the most wild, wide open & dangerous.  The subsector is a cockpit where Die
Weltbund, The League of Free Worlds, the  Duchy of St. Foy, & the Razas of the
Guildheim as the main powers. The IISS, Tuablin LTD, The League of Free Worlds
Insurgent Army, & the Dark Goddesses are also active players, maintaining the chaos.  The
constant conflicts, piracies, reprisals, & slave raids have created a situation where the mean
average age is 25, of which 31% are orphans, & 78% are female.  It has been estimated that
between 25-30% of Dark Goddesses recruits come from this subsector.
The Die Weltbund subsector was colonized by Solomani following the collapse of the
Rule of Man.  Their descendants formed Die Weltbund to dominate & exploit their region
of space.  Trade & travel is difficult in Die Weltbund as foreign vessels are forbidden,
subject to confiscation with their crews subject to death or servitude in the national
transport service.  Accordingly, the state monopoly & highhandness of the DW Grand
Navy fosters great resentment in their neighbors.  Pirates, smuggling, & lowlevel warfare
is constant among the worlds of the subsector.  In the trailing regions of the subsector,
Die Weltbund is challenged by group  of independent systems  & the power of the
The Radiant is famous for its extensive Ancients ruins & artifacts. However the
subsector is dominated by the Mal 'Gnar who loving their solitude, discourage tourists
& punish trespasser harshly.  The Mal 'Gnar consider themselves the descendants of
the Ancients & the guardians of their artifacts. Only a few Imperial scientists have
been allowed to research the ruins.  Otherwise, the Mal'Gnar keep to themselves &
make very goods neighbors.  The only two wars have been fought by the Mal'Gnar,
both defensive wars against Die Weltbund.
Delta subsector has the highest concentration of wealthy, high-tech worlds & poor low-
to middle tech worlds in the Beyond.  Most of the poor worlds are rife with pirates &
smugglers who operate in the Liberty Hall, Metchi 'Alagwa, Northeast Middle Beyond
subsectors.  Stability in the subsector is given by the Esylat Magistry which controls
much of the spinward section of the subsector, & Delta Research which has many
business division & investments in the region.  The subsector was surveyed & colonized
early in the Imperium, however the Imperial presence waned after the first two Frontier
wars caused contraction. In the last few centuries the Comsentient Alliance has
supplanted Imperial rule with most of the Imperial colonies becoming members.  In
fact, the human worlds of Delta is also the largest single contributor to the scout &
navy service of the  Alliance.  Some of the worst elements of interstellar crime, such as
the pirate 'Black Dog' McKimmon have their bases in the Delta subsector. The
Mapepire Cluster has its farthest rimward system on the aptly named Endgame. Delta
Research, the industrial powerhouse of the subsector is the largest producer of civilian
& paramilitary spaceships under 10,000 tonnes in the Beyond(Beaufort Lines newest
tonnage is almost exclusively Delta).  It is also the major designer & supplier of
high-tech electronics in the Beyond rivalled only the industrialists of the Trelyn
The Metchi'Alagwa(Many Stars)  subsector  is the Research center of the Comsentient
Alliance.  At Miskahmiqui, Delta Research builds some of its newest ships, the 200
tonne Avian class A2 far trader,  the 800 tonne MN Arachnid class merchantman, as
well as its new line of luxury yachts.   Though piracy is rife in the subsector Dark
Goddesses & Webrunners are not the main culprits.  Instead it is raiders from Die
Weltbund (stealing ships & personnel); Zydarian pirates stealing what they can; &
Tuablin financed raiders stealing technology or slave raiding.  Due to the lack of strong
governments, the subsector suffers even more than Liberty Hall.
The Northeast Middle Beyond subsector  is a whismical name granted by the scout in
charge of the intial survey.  The subsector is dominated by Tuablin, LTD., the
descendants of a pirate empire smashed by its enemies four centuries before.  Growing
slowly, secretly, & by subversion, Tuablin's leaders overthrew their ancient enemies.  
Now Tuablin reigns as a secret empire with tentacles reaching to the Imperium itself.
Their headquarters is on Phyllis' Surrender, where they have parlayed Ancients genetic
technology found on that planet with knowledge stolen elswhere to dominate the
criminal underworld in most of the Beyond.  A report by the Comsentient Alliance's
scout services estimates that the subsector's population has declined 32% between 989
and 1114.
The Darkling Regions subsector has only 11 populated planets.  The Mal'Gnar have a
small presence on the coreward regions.  The Sred*Ni have the only established jump
route into the subsector, but like the Mal'Gnar, they have no desire to expand into it.
The region is known for two things.  First, is the many unexplained disappearances of
ships.  The second is the Northstar Ringworld, an ongoing construction already two
centuries in the making.  The Northstar Republic, the corporate entity nominally in
charge of the ringworld finances construction by selling sections already built to groups,
corporation, ethnic factions, & governments.  The result is a semi-chaos of different
regulations & customs (though the lawlevel is 0 in most places).  This makes business,
especially criminal business quite good.  Northstar is also the connection for the
Florians & other groups in the Trojan Reaches to tap into the reaches of the Beyond.