V'Tlar Komehk( 'People of the the Underworld') are a ameboid silicon minor race native to Far Farquahr.  In their
resting form they resemble a large ( 1 1/2 - 2 meter diameter ) ameoba.  Their exoskeleton is made of a tough (  treat as
jack ) flexible materialcovered in minute cilia that aid in movement, & serve as receptors for the senses of taste &
smell.  Their flexible skin  can form multiple (up to 15-20) pseudopods, shift into a ball for rapid movement ( hence
their nickname 'Roamers'), or flatten out to as thin as 4 mm to slid under a narrow crack or glide through the air.  
Their can make these shifts rapidly ( 1 combat round ) do to their peculiar internal body construction.  Their internal
organs consist of a hefty (1200 cc) brain surrounded by a neural network, immensed in a a thick fluid that serves as
internal body, circulatory & respiratory systems, & internal organs..  This fluid also provides the V'Tlar their muscular
power, acting like hydraulic fluid in machines.  Their neural network have myriad receptors in the exoskeleton
providing the being with the ability to 'see' in all directions.  This 'sight'  is less than a human ( difficulties involving
sight are increased by 2 ) in normal conditions.  However the V'Tlar vision system is a wonder in dark conditions or in
space as it can scan in the infrared & ultraviolet range, as well in various radiation wavelenghts invisible to human
eyes & suffer no penalties in these conditions. Their 'eyes' are also capable of 'flicker-flash vision', being able to
process up to 650 images per second(humans normally process 30-35 images per sec.).  Their have no mouth & digest
food by dissolving  it with powerful digestive juices & absorbing their food through their skin.  What little waste
material is expelled in the same manner. Their are omnivorous in their feeding habits, however their have a preference
for substance high in volcanic sulfides  ( Their ancestors arose in active volcanic regions of  Kom, their name for their
world.).  Internally, V'Tlar are living chemical laboratories, capable of breaking down or compounding various
substances.  An example of this ability is the production of hydrogen to provide lift for easier movement or for flight(
In the last century, V'Tlar scientists have improved this synthesis by figuring out how to produce a safer, helium
mixture).   Their possess no organs for hearing or speaking & communicate by sight using a system of bioelectric
emitters in their exoskeleton that flickers a rapid message code (similar to the old Terran 'morse code'.) that is picked
up by the visual sensors of other V'Tlar.
Another remarkable facet of the V'Tlar exoskeleton is it's ability to convey emotion:  1. Anger: Bright green, 2. Shock,
Embarrassment: Light Green, 3. Scared: Bright bluish-green,  4:  Alseep or calm: Mauve,  5. Sad: Light
greenish-white, 6.  Happy: Bright egg-yellow, 7. Laughing: Bright light yellow, 8. Bored: Dark blue, 9: Confused:
Dead V'Tlar have a brownish-blue hue.  The V'Tlar Komehk are asexual, producing 1D6 offspring in a reproductive
cycle that runs every 6 years until death( V'Tlar live about 240 years).  Young V'Tlar are at birth fully formed ( though
only 20 mm in diameter ).& ready to trained to be part of society. Training takes 2 years after which the parent provides
no care for the child.

Zero gravity creates pressure damage ( called in slang 'bubble-up', 2D6 damage ) upon the internal fluids of V'Tlar.
Therefore any V'Tlar travelling off world does so in stasis or in a specially designed vacc suit to prevent exposure to z-g.
They also do not handle temperatures below 0 degress celsius unless protected by glyceride production or sure kind of
protective gear.  In fact at -5 degrees, the V'Tlar become inert, with death by hyperthermia once temperature hits -10

Though listed as TL2 sentients, the V'Tlar can be considered almost TL12 in the life sciences ( medicine, biology,
biogenetic & bioelectric engineering).  Their understanding of their unique systems has allowed themto become living
biochemical labs.  A early benefit was the ability to alter their diets in colder climates, absorbing glyceride material to
produce a natural anti-freeze in their system.  Another is the ability to use their color-shifting abilities for camoflauge
which became useful on the surface against the large arthropod predators that once ruled the surface world.  Their
greatest achievement has been Qaworu, a living fiber optic vine that can exist on its own, or as a symbiote or parasite
of other plant life.  Combining qawor with genetic improvements to the native flora, the V'Tlar have produced heat,
light & power from turn trees into super-efficient solar cells.  They have also used qaworu to create a widespread
communication network. Qaworu is one of the chief exports of their world.   V'Tlar building are cut from the native
stone by the V'Tlar's powerful acids or by the use of hydrogen gas used as an explosive.

Though a peaceful race, the V'Tlar are capable of fighting & using advanced weaponry when necessary.  Weapons are
kept in a communal location. All the race can be considered as possessing Unarmed Combat 1. Though for most
fighting, they depend on the local human population and the Araniopan Space Navy.

As a species, they are a laidback, happy group of individuals.  A great deal of this is due their complete satisfaction
with their racial & cultural mileau.  Another factor is that their great sense of humor-V'Tlar can find humor in any
situation no matter how deadly serious.  This came in handy 2 centuries before when Far Farquhr was colonized by
humans who originally thought the V'Tlar vermin. A drawback with dealing with non-V'Tlar sentients is the sense of
V'Tlar physical  superiority.  With their highly flexible & adaptive body & its ability to generate as many limbs as
needed (unlike unflexible, limited limb forms such as Aslan, Human, Poicxh, & the like), the V'Tlar consider
themselves the pinacle of creation.  However, they are not petty sentients, so their chauvinism is a benignly paternal or
mildly applied bits a subtle satire.  Their race is psi-potential, but they have yet to development a reason or necessity to
develop psi talents.

They possess no real government of the name, as all matters are handled by a gathering of V'Tlar, either at bimonthly
gatherings, or at gatherings convened for special or unexpected events. There is no social level, other than child,
youth, & adult.  With dealing with outsiders, an appropriate specialist is appointed to deal with whatever job is needed
(scientist, scout, miner, doctor, trader, etc.).

V'Tlar do have a belief in the afterlife, burying their dead with cherish remembrances of their earthly life to
accompany them to the otherworld.  As the mind is bioelectrical in nature, they feel the mind goes on living after the
body fails, though they have no proof  that this is the case. They believe the universe is bound by a divine energy
(powqwasenbon) that oversees, but is not sentient in itself.  They find offworlders' belief in gods to be
imcomprehensible & illogical.

V'Tlar names tend to be very descriptive of the individual's job, achievements or some event (good or bad) that
happened to the person in their life, often sounding like houmrous nicknames to humans.  A sign of respect for an
alien& their acceptance by the V'Tlar is to be given a V'Tlar name, often to the sentient's embarrassement.

Young V'Tlar are considered mentally mature at age 8, at which time they start their training in life.  Schooling is
done by the parent, first; then by older, juvenile (3-8 years old) individuals.  At. 8, young are tested for aptitude &
assigned as an apprentice for 6  years to an older V'Tlar to learn their chosen field.

V'Tlar have little use for higher equipment other than electronics, sensors, longrange commo devices, anything
humorous, though a few of the younger set have found delight in off-worlder grav vehicles.  Most V'Tlar who travel
off world tend to the curious  or the few doctors who are interested in non-V'Tlar medicine.  A few biotech scientists
have been know to attend otherworld science symposiums.  A few mining experts have been lured offworld to work on
asteroids for the curiosity.

V'Tlar physically are weaker than humans ( -1 pt. on STR ), but get a bonus on DEX ( +2 pts. ).  V'Tlar when not
rolling ( or using some aid such producing lighter than air gas) move at 1/2 the rate humans do.  Also when taken 2/3
damage, they lose the ability to flatten more than 30 mm, and can only wield 1D6 -3 pseudopods).  V'Tlar also are
incapable of not telling a joke, pun, or some kind of witty play, particulary when things are the gloomiest.  They also
cannot resist listening to a joke or a comedy routine.

A V'Tlar inflated with internally produced hydrogen explodes for 8D6 damage with a blast radius of  10 m.

V'Tlar careers include: Diplomat, Scientist, Scout, Belter, Medicine, Merchant.
Lilithians are a mutant minor race of humanity native to Lilith/Mapepire.  Descended from early Vilani colonists after
the fall of The Rule of Man, their biology is mutated from generations of exposure to the pollen from the blue Toreis
flower.  This flower, which grows all over Lilith ( wild & domesticated ) binds with estrogen to produce a mutation over
7 generations.

The mutation, for starters, has created a lack of sexual dimorphism know to most human species, with males & females
averraging between 5'6" to 6'5" in height. Also hair color can range from norm human haircolor to the bizarre (greens,
blues, etc.)In the female of the race this mutation has startling results, the most visible being surreal beauty,a pale
alabaster skin tone (a mutation of the melatonin causing lighter skin & an inability to tan)) and more than normal
strength(+2 to STR rolls). The MOST  important mutation is a hyperactive pheromone level that makes human sentients
unable to resist Lilithian women.  This hyperactivity commences with puberty, at which females are segregated from
males.The pheromonal surges are uncontrollable when they first occur so females along with other school exercises
must practice hormonal control exercises until they can be re-enter society.  Training takes anywhere from 3-5 years,
though a girl gifted with the Psi talent Awareness can cut the training time down to 1 year.  Failure to control
pheromonal surges is a very frowned upon social taboo as it can send nearby males( & susecptable females)  into a
frenzy.  It has become norm for Lilithian women to use their hyper-pheromones  in acquiring partners for short or long
term relationships.  In fact mating rituals have become friendly competitions.

Another mutation that is shared by both sexes  is  the Lilithian ability to produce vitamin C in the body. This makes this
race, unlike the rest of human which ingest vitamin C  from fruits or similar-ladden foodstuffs.  This latter mutation is
relatively unknown to most off-worlders.

Males tend to be very handsome, androgynous, also very pale, but as offworlder can find out, very tough (+2 to END
rolls).  Lilithian males also are more resistance to pheromone surges by females ( difficulty 8+ instead of 12+)).

The Lilithian genes are quite dominant & 85 % of matings between Lilithians & off-worlders will result in Lilithian
children.  A well known example of this is the renegade Bette Noire, born of a Lilithian mother & an Imperial citizen.
However, interbreeding with non-Lilithian human stock tends to 70% less fertile due the greater compatibility of
Lilithian chromosones.

Lilithians are a narcissistic race who make the worship of beauty, hedonism, & physical fitness paramount in their
lives.  Because of this Lilithians wear little or no clothing (it's also due the warm nature of their planet). The paradox is
that they are also a people who also prize self-discipline, a strong work ethic & monogamy in marriage( when a
Lilithian does marriage-many don't until about age 40).

The Religion of Lilith is a mixture of Shinto/Buddhist beliefs  due to the influx of  Solomani of Japanese descent prior
to the Tenbatsu War a thouseand years before.   The harbor resort/shrine town of Renamenire (dominated by the the
semi-active volcanoe Mt. Yheriene) is the major religious center.

The planet is governed by a charismtic council(The First) made up of the elders  of the first families ( Des Plaines,
Vhiliush, Danziol, Nauris, Fhovirol, Naves,   Des Rhouin, Coipres, .Des Yhvires, Manhouriv, Phaluu ) of the planet'c
colonists.  Most of these were also the first to achieve mutation.  Though the elders reside in Auriole (the capital & only
city of Lilith ), most of the first families reside in estates that small town themselves.

After a catastrophic war a thousand years before, the Lilithians have enschewed war & kept their tech level down to 3
except in the fields of communications, chemistry ( the main exports are perfumes, aphrodisiacs, & pheromone products),
& are a major importer of recreation vehicles.

There are numerous festivals on Lilith extolling beauty &, athletics, the most important being the New Year's Festival
held  at the coastal town of Ophalion.  There are numerous sailing events ( sailboating, windsurfing & other
watersports being a passion ) held each month at the coastal sites of Ophalion, Kirhoi, Manariol, Bhaerod, & Lios.  The
national sport is Remii, a lacrosselike game brought to the world by its orginal Vilani colonists.  The planetary
championship is held after harvest at Renamenire.

The most important trade items are those based upon the natural pheromone products, often used in perfume & beauty
enhancers.  The Lilithians have produced not only pheromone perfumes to attracts humans, but have producted scents
that make anyone attractive to any mammalian ( & rumored non-mammalian ) race.  These products ( derived from
Lilithians & the Toreis pollen itself are highly prized offworld.  Most offworlders have given up on stealing a live
Toreis  plant, since the few smuggled through the tight security have failed to flourish.  Still some companies such as
SUSAG still try procure specimens of at least pollen.  The Lilithians have made smuggling the Toreis off world a
capital offense.
More sinister, is the kidnapping of Lilithian women for experimentation, spearheaded by Tuablin, Inc ( they offer 50
Million credits for a healthy, intact females ).  This was followed by hit & run raids on Lilith itself. Recreation to these
crimes changed a formerly friendly people &  has caused many drastic actions by the Lilithian council to protect their
citizens.  The first ( in 802) was forbidding travel offworld except under special conditions.  Then in 845, the starport
was downgraded  from a B-class to a D-class.  In 901, after unsuccessfully pettittioning the Comsentient Alliance for a
defense force,  a permanent orbital merc base  was established  for a fleet of 16 SDB's & a regiment of marines.  This
supplemented by a military alliance with planet Beaumonde in 912.   Recently there have been clandestine dealing
with Webrunners & Dark Goddesses for protection, tramsport & clandestine operations.  In the year 967 the once tight
travel restrictions were lifted when Trieudyne was created  by local chemists.  Trieudyne is a poison that kills the victim
& renders their DNA useless unless an antidote is taken every 2 days.  Since 1117, however the non-lethal chimerathene
drug has been available from SuSag.

All these events has created distrust of offworlders which formented  a downslide on the tourist trade the last 2 centuries.
Hardest hit has been the Houronii, the famed courtesan guild of Lilith. Formally known as the Gesinhiige Sinha(
derived from the Japanese 'Geisha".with the loss of onworld clients & the danger of travel, their income shrank
considerably.  Their reaction to this to expand their activities under Grand Lady Sheriiva des Mouirr to espionage &
murder.  Many of the Houronii now are dedicated to protecting the secrets & property of Lilithian citizens, & to carrying
the fight to offworld enemies.  Many of these women are armed with high TL techniques & weapons from offworld
sources ( the rumors indicate that Dark Goddesses & the Eshenilli are the main suppliers ). Call them Gesinhiige or
Houronii have become quite popular under their new status as bodyguard/companions for the rich & famous.

These developments have also created factional fighting in the council between the Protector Faction ( who believe in
rapid tech level advancement to protect the citizens ) & the Traditionalists ( who what to maintain the same TL or
advance the TL by slow stages ).  Many of the Protectors also wish to drop out of the Comsentient Alliance & ally to
some powerful planetary grouping like Die Weltbund.

Lilithians can be characterized as a vain(flattery as long as not to overboard or cheesy is effective), overactive( in work &
play) , friendly people who few desires besides satisfying the basic needs ( food, shelter, love, happiness ) in life.  They
will be polite but guarded against offworlders  whom they see as beings to alternately, feared, tolerated, or to be
manipulated. It is hard for an offworlder to  gain a Lilithian's trust, but if he/she can, that  offworlder will be treated as
a friend for life.  The Lilithian have a strong sense of community and will pull together to help one another, & even
helping those of only partial Lilithian blood ( if they can prove there heritage).

Lilithians careers are: Merchant, Dilpomat, Rogue, Entertainer(from T4), Army, Sailor, Barbarian, Doctor, Scientist,
Hunter, Pirate, Bureaucrat, Assassin. Most found off world will be either Rogue, Merchant, Diplomat, Entertainer
(from T4), or Assassin. Lilithian names follow vilani &  japanese derived solomani names  due to interbreeding.
Asderonti are a minor race created by Ancient gene manipulation.  Created by an Ancient they called the Teacher as an
experiment to create techs to assist him & his trusted assistants in building a sphereworld.  During the Ancients War, the
'Teacher' dismantled much of the sphereworld & placed his prized creations in stasis. They were first discovered by Hsien
raiders on the unfinished sphereworld (later colonized as Varen's Planet Trelyn/Vanguard Reaches) where they had
been placed in stasis prior to the Ancients's War.  At first, grateful to the Hsien, they went back with them to the Hsien
homeworld to settle & teach higher technology.  Reaching the Hsien homeworld, the Asderonti discovered they were to
become the techno-slaves for the dinosaurian pirates, helping their captors build a slave empire.  After centuries of
slavery, the Hsien became complacent & the Asderonti revolted, capturing the thinly held homeworld of the Hsien.  The
offworld fleets retaliated by nuclear bombardment, destroying the Hsien throneworld & the rebels.  At the same time, the
1 % of Asderonti offworld, disappeared, sabotaging the installation they left behind.  Deprived of their slaves techs, the
Hsien Empire became vunerable to its enemies, & became dispersed, becoming the Eli pirates (Vanguard Reaches), the
Jekri (Foreven), The Scorpion Empire (Far Frontiers), & the Toishan (The Beyond)  Very little or none of this
information is known by non-Asderonti. The Asderonti at first tried to find the 'Teacher', decades of futile search has led
the Asderonti to assume he is gone forever.  They now live as gypsies, travelling the spacelanes as tinkers & entertainers.

They are evidently one the more bizarre ancient experiments.  About 1.6 meters tall, their large eyes, pointed ears, &
pointed chins give the look of elves from some Solomani fairytail.  Their other striking mutation their possession of four
arms, which besides being ambidextrous, are quite dextrous ( +2 DEX on rolls ). They are excellent at anything
involving manual dexterity & great eye-hand coordination.  Their skin is quite dark as is their hair.  Eye color runs
from black, bluish-black, or red.  They are weaker than human norm ( -2 on die rolls  on STR & -1 on END). Despite
their abberations, Asderonti are perfectly capable of interbreeding with other humaniti races. They tend to live for about
250 years. Another oddity is the lungs of the race have been modified into an avian style lung complete with air sacs  
This gives them a +2 to endurance.  

Asderonti wear very bright clothing, often with capes, robes, etc., to disguise their multiple pairs of arms. Males &
females both wear short hair, though a few entertainers wear their hair long.  Both sexes are fond of techno jewelry,
tools, & any kind of technological toys.

Most of the race exhibit a quiet, unassuming nature which is a natural state for them, not the result of slavery. They are
also pacifists, but not to the point of stupidity. Their attitude towards the Ancients is one of pure worship, especially their
own mentor. They even treat Droyne as angelic beings. Though orginally TL18, they have deliberately lost most of their
technically training and at this time can any Asderonti met can be anywhere from TL9-16.  Most sentients class them as
TL 6 or 7, which suits the Asderonti fine. The race has an affinity for building & repairing high devices, especially
drives, contragravity, jewelry, & especially toys ( Asderonti have a fondness for children, no matter the species).  Any ship
blessed to have an Asderonti working in their engine room will find the engines running like they never have before.

Asderonti society society appears heavily influenced by Droyne with its castes & rituals.  Their social structure is limited
to  a nuclear family (Tyafelm) & an extended family (Dreskay).  Also so are their castes.  When first awakened by the
Hsieni, Asderonti possessed two castes only:  Ayssath(Technician) males & Aydirith (Droyne) females with only a
reproductive role, lacking any leader or warrior caste; explaining the ease with which the Hsieni were able to assimilate
the Asderonti as a willing (at first) sept of technician slaves.  Under Hsien control, the race underwent important
evolutionary stages.  The first was the pressure from the Hsieni, whose gender-equal society existed under everyone
works-i.e., Asderonti females became technicians & worked, or they starved.  As a result the race formed only one Ayssath
caste.  Ironically, this pressure may have created the next evolution of Asderonti society, the Aykrusk (Leader), & the
Praytsirv (Sport) castes.  The Leader caste arose first, with the first know Leader being Saoyhu, who started the quiet
rebellion against their masters, resulting in the fall of the Hsien Empire.  The Sport, came much later, after the
establishment of the Allarton Corporation in Varen's Planet where most of the surviving Asderonti returned to live.
Unlike Droyne sports, Asderonti sports seem to be skilled in combat.
The sports seem to exist to find their ancient mentor & have a habit of popping up at Ancients sites.

Living quarters originally were also like Droyne, with Asderonti  forming nests, but now they tend to adopt the manners
& living styles of the sophonts they live around..

After years of fruitless searching, the Asderonti have failed to discover any trace of their Ancient mentor & some now
work at finding a suitable planet to settle.  Others, curious about a wide universe they never knew existed, travel around
as nomads. They sought once to colonize Droyne worlds but there seems to be an antipathy between the Asderonti & the
Droyne. An ongoing concern of Asderonti is the dismantling of extant Ancients devices (such as the few devices still
extant upon the Varen sphereworld.) to prevent their use by the unwary & the violent of nature.  They also are envolved
in research to help the Chirper races reverse their population dive, a project they treat as a holy mission.

Some of the Asderonti possess the Droyne ability to pass unseen, which may explain the only 123 confirmed meetings
with Asderonti in the Beyond or Vanguard Reaches in the last 300 years.  30 % of these have been Asderonti enslaved by
Tuablin for the techno-slave black market (many of these are mute/deaf).  Though non-violent, they Asderonti have
taken steps against the slavers that have resulted in the arrest or mysterious disappearances of slaver groups/ships in the
last 72 years.  Though pacifists, they are known to carry many nonlethal weapons as well as a few Ancients devices
design for them.

A good template for playing Asderonti in a group would be the Pnumekin from Jack Vance's the Pnume.   Solo,
(especially those active in human society)  Asderonti would a like more human in demeanor to blend in (as much as a
four-armed human can).

Asderonti can be of the following careers:  Entertainer, Scientist, Merchant, Doctor.

There are three famous known Asderonti:
The Hermit.  First sighted on the mighty Varen's Planet sphereworld in 1017, & seen off & on for 46 years.  His
arrival(?) co-incided with the theft of Ancients disvoveries. He may or may not be the Asderonti who aided pirate Bette
Noire's escape from a maximum security cell on the sphereworld.
Iaon. A female asderonti who arrived on Mapepire Balsam in 1090, piloting a starship made up of interconnected
globes. Travelling though the Beyond, she delighted children along the way with her songs & marvelous toys.
Her vessell was found drifting in the Andory system in 1102.
Keper Lorn.  Another female asderonti, she had a long relationship with the IISS between 1067-1084.  Reportedly lost
during the 4th Frontier War.  One of her IISS proteges was Manax Darkhstarr, now an Imperial Diplomat in the
Anora Uidhaile.  A Asderonti weaponsmith, known for expertise in gauss technology.  She has for & deserted both
Asjery Arms & Macer Arms.  Currently, she works as a senior designer for Tonbo Rais.
Also called psijacks or mindworms, they are a  minor race of free-living, disembodied intelligences native to Dliaazh
(Nevermore/Touchstone in human designation).  Descended from a large, arboreal omnivore ( similar to a squirrel ),
they never achieved starflight, but placed all their effort into improving their world & quality of life.  In about  
-250,000 (Imperial calendar) they reached TL17 & pooled their resources into converting their population into
disembodied intelligences.  An unqualified success, the project proved the downfall of the race.  After millenia, ennui
& insanity took many of the race so the current population is about 7,000 ( from a beginning of 3.4 billion ). This all
changed in 876 when a Dark Goddesses corsair landed on the planet.  Discovering they could possess the minds of the
crew, they re-discovered the pleasures of the flesh & gained a new direction.  Unfortunately, they overindulged
themselves, exhausting their hosts, who perished.  It wasn't until 1008, when an IISS scout cruiser visited their world
they had another chance.
Learning patience, they were careful with their new hosts, & used them to send 3 more expeditions to the planet,
giving the Krimm 268 individuals to infest.  The plan was upset when in 1045, a factfinding scout cruiser with a
telepath on board unmasked the Krimm & their plot.  Barely escaping, the scouts had Nevermore red-zoned.  The
possesed personnel, however were abandoned.  By that time an estimated 123 Krimm had escaped the planet.  49 have
been accounted for, either eliminated or imprisoned within psi shields.  A few more have escaped by possessing ships
lured in by fake distress calls, but that is unknown how many.

The Krimm are not evil in themselves, & many take vary good care of their hosts now that they have learned more
about living in the flesh again.  A point must be made that they are hedonists, & will use their hosts to experience a
variety of stimuli ( good & bad ).  They are also in general ( there are exceptions ) cowards since their immortality
make them very careful of accidental or deliberate death.  Towards each other, the Krimm are antipathetic, & if a
Krimm is attacked ( in or out of body ), other Krimm will not assist it, instead they will flee to save they own existence.  
The joker
in the deck, however is the amnity that many Krimm feel towards their host's race (mostly with Aslan & Humaniti
hosts), especially with the host's friends.  An interesting side effect of possession ( which is kept secret by the
authorities ) is that a host's END is raised 3 pts. while a Krimm is possessing it.  This is a development by the Krimm to
insure its host's health, so one could say that the Krimm have moved from parasite to symbiote.  The truth is, however,
that while possessed, the host's  personality is suppressed (going into a state much like cold sleep), even the the Krimm
can access the host's memories & skills.  The Imperium & most governments treat Krimm as dangerous
entities(potential spies, murders, etc.,) & unnatural  vermin.

Though immortal, the Krimm due require periodic release from their hosts to feed off free energy (once every 2
months). This necessity causes the Krimm to either change hosts after feeding or to come to some accomdation with
their hosts.  They can also be driven off and damaged by the energy used in psi shields as well as being contained by
psi shielding.  Telepaths can also attack them, a successful attack usually being fatal (2D6 damage).  Psi users cannot
be possessed by Krimm, as well as individuals or ships protected by psi shielding.  Psinulls are deadly to the Krimm
forcing them to flee or take 1D6 damage. The Krimm also have a prefernce for mammalian hosts, and will avoid
possessing races such as the Poicxh, Tredhili, and the like, though occassional they will possess Toishani.  They
cannot possess Droyne. They also find the energies of jump drives uncomfortable & few become jumpdrive engineers.

The UPP for an disembodied Krimm are END(which represents how much damage it can take before termination),
INT, & EDU.   A  Krimm can be any career, but can only have physical skills at level 1, due to long disuse. They can
however expand those skills or learn new ones by game play.  Krimms, mostly make do with their host's skills, usually
selecting an interesting personality matched with excellent, useful skills.  Despite being free entities for so long, they
still possess gender identification & will usually possess those of the same gender.  A few Krimm, who have possessed
the bodies of scientists, doctors, or the rich have gained acess to clones.  The drawback to clone bodies (though safer
against exposure ) is that the Krimm must learn skills & must arrange for the welfare of the clone body when they are
out of it. A few Krimm have possessed mind dead bodies, where there END boast often allow the body to be resuscitated.
Being cowardly & secretive, Krimm will never possess anyone important or famous, and will often abandon a host if it
becomes famous do to some action while possessed.

Krimm have no religion due to their long existence as disembodied intelligences.  They have become interested in
religion, some as curious, some as another form of stimulus, the latter usually choosing charismatic cults.  Many
Krimm will change hosts frequently, since long residence in a single host  will cause the mores of the host to impinge
itself on the Krimm psyche after a year of co-existence.
A minor race native to Alamo Ismat, the Vujliop are a silicon based lifeform.  They resemble a red/yellowish slug 1
meter long with 3-6 eyestalks & 4-7 tentacles (which radiate from the from the creature, treat as club for to hit &
damage).  Their most outstanding feature ( like most of the dominant mollusc species) is a fatty layer called guja
which oozes through the creatures' pores to produce a natural anti-rad shield (level 6 protection).  Guja developed as
a result of Alamo Ismat's exposure to solar radiation during its evolution.  It has also allowed the the Vujliop to
exploit planets too irradiated for normal lifeforms.  Physically, vujliop are weaker than humans ( -1 to STR & END
die rolls), but more dextrous ( +2 to DEX die rolls).  Their eyesight is equal to humans, though their multiple
eyestalks can give them 360 degrees sight ( -2 to difficulties involving eyesight).  They are a psionic race, possessing
Telepathy, though a few rare individuals also possess in addition Awareness ( die roll 2 on 2D6), & Telekinesis ( die
3 on 3D6).  Besides the respiratory problems most oxygen breathers have with chlorine, vujliop also suffer skin  
damage( the skin actually rots & sloughs off the vujliop)  when exposed to chlorine atmosphere or to even
chlorinated water of 1D6 per 1/2 hour exposed.  Exposed to pure chlorine, the skin takes 2D6 damage + plus 1D6
damage per 1/2 hour.  Thusly, vujliop advoid such contact or wear protective suits.

Vujliops, though a peaceful lifeform, is by and large xenophobic towards sentients that are not similar to themselves,
especially bipedal lifeforms such as humaniti, aslan, toishani, & the like.  This is due to a cultural aesthetic bias
amounting to a major phobia that finds non-vujlioplike lifeforms incredibly hideous.  Oddly enough, this phobia
doesn't extend to non-sentient lifeforms, which the vujliop find okay to be unpleasantly ugly.  The few vujliop that
develop a tolerance for non-vujliop sentients are normally enlisted into diplomatic careers, handling all dealings
(political, trade, etc.) with outsiders.   Despite this xenophobia, many have tried to hire vujliop for training in
engineering jobs because of their radiation resistance. An odd side to this phobia is the import of  human (or similar
creatures) videos as horror films.

They possess no governmental structure other than family clans which cooperate closely to each other due to their
cultural drive to do so.  Any important business is handled by the elders of each family meeting in council halls to
discuss & vote.

Vujliops live in homes excavated out of the earth inself,invisible from the outside,  completely heated &
airconditioned depending on the season.  All desks, tables & the like all sit low since the vujliop posses no form of
chairs.  Beds consist of soft cushions in a variety of shapes.  Homes are decorated in bright, electric,  colors that
vujliops find pleasing & relaxing.

Vujliop are sexually variable, altering sex between male & female when the mood or necessary moves them.  It is
impossible to tell male or female apart without internal examination or asking the vujliop. Adults are monogamous,
each parent producing an equal number of live offspring (most parents average about 4 children each, each baby
being 6mm long).  This sexual flexibility is reflected in their gods, which are also both male & female.

Chief among this gods currently is Vikli, the god  of radiation, represented by a symbolized  aurora borealis..  His
main adherents among the merchantile class, due to the wealth & power (the merchants dominate society ) that the
sale of cultivated & harvested guja to offworlders have given the race.  Other gods include Chas-Quotdon, god of
storms (represented by a storm cloud & lightning flashs), Fhosayu, god of aesthetics ( symbol is a vujliop in
multi-hued electric colors),Mkre, god of fertility ( represented by a greenish-blue vujliop surrounded by myriads of
young).  Mkre was before off world contact the most important diety.

First contact came from scout/belters of the Mannheim family (Gasthof/Die Weltbund) in 567, though the scouts
found no intelligence life.  Specimens brough back from this foray were disected 7 guja was discovered, causing the
Mannheims to send hunters to establish trade posts. In the rush to capture, kill & collect guja, several vujliops were
killed & skinned for their guja, & the vujliops responded with finely trained TL5 troops killing, capturing, or
driving off the Die Weltbunders.  A spirited guerilla war was waged for 2 years, after which the Mannheims cut
their losses (both to vujliop troops & pirates).  With pirates spreading the news about guja, several trading
corporations tried to open negotiations with the vujliops.  In 602, the Chemical Division of Hauser  Industries
(Ilse/Die Weltbund) won an exclusive contract, which included 10 TL9 SDBs & 4 200 tonne traders, and a
maintenance & training contract to go with them.  By careful cultivation & management, the vujliop were by 813
able to fortify their system with seven orbital forts & a fleet of 23 SDB's manned by vujliop & alien mercs.  The crash
of 984 eliminated Hauser & other Die Weltbund chemical operations, a fact that didn't displeased many the vujliop,
who dislike Die Weltbund even more than most humans.   Into the breach stepped Beaumonde Industries
(Beaumonde/Mapepire) who made even more reasonable arrangements with the vujliop.  Beaumonde also instituted
using reps like the Tredhili or V'Tlar (also human reps using holo-disguises)who are more pleasing to the vujliop
senses of beauty.  With demands for guja rising ( along with population), the vujliop in 1046 arranged with
Parallel Lines transport to suitable irradiated planets for colonization.  In 1056, the IISS made contact with the
vujliop, followed a dilpomatic mission in 1058.  Alamo Ismat is now a client state of the Third Imperium.  This is
important with a resurgent (if more impoverished) Die Weltbund.  The vujliop clans have issued letters of marque
against Die Weltbund vessels.

Vujliops when their sense of aesthetics aren't aroused can be very curious folk.  To exist among ugly bipdeal
mammal, bird, or similar forms requires taking a lot of tranquilizers unless the vujliop has tolerance (similar to the
aslan tolerance).  They tend to be clannish & socialize with others only on holy festivals or for political meetings.
Socially, vujliop are perverse, being rude to beings (including other vujliop) they like, & friendly those they despise.  
Vujliops also keep no pets, since they see animals as either food or raw materials, & think it weird for any true
sentient to show affection to a non-sentient lifeform. Vujliop other than protective gear wear no clothing but will
adorn themselves with bright, ornate straps for carrying containers, personal items, weapons, or tools. Their aesthetic
nature makes all vujliop artisans, whether craftsman, painter or sculpture, & even if the art seems weird to
non-vujliop eyes, even the most jaded will find even the lease talented vujliop's work interesting.  Everything a
vujliop owns will also be vary decorated(even if overdone by human standards), even weapons & war vehicle will be
very smartly camoflauged.  Vujliop art has an extensize offworld market, extending even to the Spinward Marches &
the Aslan Colonial states.  Vujliops also cannot tell a lie, and will always telepath a commentary if they find an
object/person ugly or beautiful since they consider themselves the arbiters of art fashion.

Careers for vujliops are:Merchant, Scout, Merchant, Doctor, Hunter, Sailor, Navy, Army, Scientist, Diplomat.
Natives of Arjesh (Huin subsector, Touchstone sector), Coertl resemble slender wasps with bright amber bodies marked
with bright red rosettes 1/2 meter long with a wingspan 1/2 meter across when spread.  They have 6 limbs ( 2 arms, 4
legs) that allow them to attached to almost any surface, even upside down. Evolving on Arjesh ( a planet with a dense
oxygen atmosphere & factor 3 radiation levels ), they are radiation eaters, needing to absorb at least 20 grams of
radioactive material every 3 days to maintain their systems. They  can stand radiation up to level 5 before feeling ill
effects.  Coertl that absorb more than 50 grams in a day are subject to torpor unless they bleed off the radiation. Their
feathery antennae are excellent at detecting & determining radiation ( -2 bonus to to difficulty).
Their slender abdomens( 1/2 of their body length) are quite flexible, & warrior Coertl will mount weapons, quite
often lasers.  Their exoskeletons are natural reflec armour with the toughness of ballistic cloth.

They communicate by two methods: 1. Radio waves similar to the way Poicxh communicate, but at a higher
frequency (Poicxh bug-speakers will work with communicating to Coertl); & 2. Click-speak, done by rapid clicking
of mandibles, a battle-language developed to prevent interception of Coertl broadcasts in past conflicts between rival
Coertl.  There are 458 known Click-speak codes.

Coertl see in the ifra-red & ultraviolet spectrums quite easily.  In normal, dense atmospheres their sight is equal to a
human's; however in normal or light atmospheres they suffer a penalty of 2 unless wearing corrective lenses.

They are weaker than humans ( -3 to STR & - 2 END rolls ), but more dextrous ( +1 to die rolls ) than humans &
gain a further +2 bonus to their DEX when airborne.

Coertl population is pretty split between male & female, unlike other insectoids.  Also, mating requires the
ingestation by the female  of the proper isotope: 1. To stimulate maturity of egg cells; 2. To stimulate the male
interest.  The females only produces 1 clutch of 6D6 eggs, which upon laying, hatch in about 66 days.  There is
usually no competition, as there are plenty of females to go around, & the female usually has a male selected from
her close associates before she mates. Once successfully mated(there's a 67 % failure rate), father & mother go back to
their (before mating) relationships.  However the exposure to humans over the past 2 1/2 centuries has created a fad
among the Coertls for human-style relationships & marriage.

A great deal of this change is the natural emphasis for the gregarious & xenophilic Coertl to mimic anything they
perceive as superior, or at least interesting. This has allowed the race to upgrade from TL4 (when the first humans
arrived on Arjesh in 823) to TL9 quickly without the usually social chaos involved with rapid changes.  They like to
make friends and are angered easily when friendly overtures are rebuffed.

Coertls are also born traders, with practically 60% of the race involved with a Merchant career in some way.  Even
their politicians & diplomats come from the merchant class.

The race has a hazy, gray area mentality towards commerce which tends to make great as free traders or corsairs.  That
said, once say in their defence, that though a coertl merchant make rob or cheat you given the chance, they have a
phobia towards selling shoddy, substandard products or services.  It's a matter of racial pride that they refuse to deal
with merchants who try to sell junk, whether to Coertl or non-coertl( in fact such merchants will find themselves the
target of a punitive raid, called a 'rhazza').  This attitude also makes them natural allies of Dark Goddesses with
many females serving as members of DG.

They are a race with an innate ability for mutual cooperation that evolved from centuries of internecine warfare (
The broken Years  ( -1056 -457 Imperial calendar) that has resulted in a respresentive democracy.  A senate of 100
individuals is elected every 3 years to run the local goverment.  The senate elects an Overlord to preside over legislative
sessions & enact laws.

Because of planetary radiation & the  radioactivity that emits from Coertl bodies ( Level 2), most business with off
worlders is transacted via orbital cities where irradiation is minimized.  These cities Gavrial (pop. 12,008 Coertls) &
Aki (pop. 14320) are treated as separate planets each a separate senate.  The cities  were built from the compbined
resources of the Coertl & the Huin Hierarchy.

Coertls of world tend to wear special suits that are similar to Poicxh airsuits but also incorporate anti-rad shield to
protect non-Coertl as well as contragravity units to help Coertl on standard or high gravity worlds ( Arjesh gravity is
.71 standard gravity).  Contragravity bets are important as Coertls away from the light gravity & dense air of Arjesh
would have trouble flying let along trying to walk.  This is very important in a race that flys or hovers to do almost
every activity.   Coertl battledress (built offworld) are designed more like flexarmour with contragravity lift & small
impellors for thrust.  Battledress also incorporates a tail weapon to complete what weapon the Coertl warrior carries in
its hands.  In fact many tail weapons tend to be the main assault gun with hand weapons as back ups.

Coertls' export tend to be radioactive ores, isotopes & power devices.  Nuclear & fusion powerplants are also an export
speciality ( they had reached atomic power at TL4) & their powerplants can be rated as TL12. In fact scientists make
up the second largest 12% of the population.

In spites of ( or maybe because of ) their radiation eating & emtting habits, they are in demand as drive & powerplant
engineers with those humans who know of them.  They have a little problem with the Aslans who conceive them as
little more than 'smart' bugs.  The  Nasedran tend to  annoy the Coertl since the Coertls basic materialistic nature is
appalled by the 'vapid' spirituality of the Nasedran.  Of course the Coertls see  any anti-material religion or
philosophy  as unnatural or subversive.

On the other hand they are fascinated by the concept of romance, seeing how it binds many non-Coertl races closer
together.  Since Coertl prize friendship & communal cooperation, they tend to perceive romance as a similar,
survival-motivated bond.  Many Coertl practice romance (particularly human romance), & romance stories & vids are
popular exports.

The total population of the Coertl race is .75 million, with  25,000 scattered throughout the home system, & the rest
scattered throughout the human held planets of the Touchstone sector & the rimward Beyond.  Many of the Coertl
merchant princes have their own orbital mansions which they run as a corporate entity. About 23,000 serve in the
Huin Hierarchy navy, mostly on the Aslan border regions.  The race is fiercely loyal to the Huins & all attempts to
subvert them have to this date, failed.

Coertl careers are: Belter, Pirate, Scientist, Bureaucrat, Army, Navy, Merchant, Marine, Rogue.

They as a race can be generalized as curious, imitative, friendly, shrewd, conniving, roguish, materialistic & with a
romantic view of the cosmos that borders on the naive.