Alien races I've created over the years for my Beyond/Vanguard Reaches campaigns.
The Toishani ('Renewers') are a refugee race that settled Big Harpe (I_Glathriel 607)
in the  Beyond sector in 808 after a long flight from  the Vanguard Reaches.  They are
a splinter group of the Hsieni race that fled the downfall of the piratical Hsien
Empire.  Current population is about 102,000 individuals mainly on Big Harpe
(I-Harpe in Hsien), Little Harpe (Es-Harpe), and the Northstar ringworld.

Unlike their Hsien Empire ancestors, the Toishani are no longer dependent upon
slave techs to keep their civilization running.  In fact today, scientists stand along
aside warriors as equals.  Since the Toishan learned much of their technical learning
from Imperial or outland humaniti colonist much of the Hsien tongue of the Toishani
have many vilani technical loan words.

The Toishani are an endothermic bipedal saurian race averaging snout to tails 2
meters for adult males and 2.2 meters for adult females.  They possess a tail with many
stiffening rods that act as a rudder for balance and fast turns and can be used as a
weapon (treat as club).  Quite speedy on their blunt hooved three-toed feet, Toishani
can cruise at 20 kph, with a sprint speed almost 52 kph.  They have a long point snout
armed with sharp, serrated teeth.  Their red irised eyes are very interesting as they
possess a double eyelid, the secondary being a set of transparent goggles which also
filter UV radiation.  Their skulls possess feathers radiating from the back of the skull,
the females being yellow or green, and males being bright orange, red, blue, purple.   
They possess hand with three clawed fingers and an opposable thumb.  Toishani of
both sexes tend to have mainly skin color of light brown, with an occasionable port of
black or light green. The females can lay a clutch of 2-3 eggs once a year.

The government is a techno/military nobility (vras) whose clan leaders form a senate,
called the Igni.  Political influence among the vras flutctuates with the
military/scientific achievements and failures of various vras families and factions.  
This makes the Toishan body politic very unstable.  Stability is achieved by the
election of a leader, called dorlo every seven Toishan years.  The dorlo has very
dictatorial powers and is not subject to recall during his/her tenure.  However, no
dorlo may succeed themselves or become dorlo again after their seven years are up.  
The 2 dorlos who tried to stay in power died very quickly. Important vras families are
Shreuv, Vhranoos, Assurykh, Jyusikik, Sponphor, Ronkhav, Shurilliian, Luursk,
Khaspursh, Ghuuf, Haur, Bheluuran(from which family comes the current dorlo).
Vras use the honorific Dak in front of the family(example the current dorlo's name is
Fhoronk Dak Bheluuran.

The shevhan (commoners) have no political power except what they derive from their
alliance and dependence upon on the vras.  However, certain shevhan families wield
great economic leverage since nobles are barred from trade.  These traders, the shonki
have currently come under attack by the newly elected dorlo, Fhoronk II.  Important
shevhan families are Theraas, Jhuerun, Khuuf, Bamur, Fhoroush, Vhaan,
Shuurushan, Naasub.  Shevhans have no honorific unless they have a vras as patron,
in which they use Ju between the shevhan family name & the patron vras family
name( i.e., Ghu Vhaan Ju Luursk).

The Toishani favor free trade and neutrality as a permanent political policy.  This
makes sense as mercenary work is the main outlet for military glory for most
Toishani.  It is estimated that 5 mercenary fleets and 18 mercenary ground units are
currently active in the Beyond providing 12% of Toishan GNP.

The second important export is finished zuchai power units.  Es-Harpe is a rich
source of raw crystals.  The Toishan do not export raw, unfinished crystals except for
one curious exception.
This is the Hasjin Reserve on Es-Harpe, one of three strategic zuchai reserves.  It is
also the location for the Toishan Defensie Forces ground combat schools.  
Adventurous miners are invited to mine zuchai crystals in Hasjin.  If these miners can
evade or outfight Toishan units (squad to platoon size) and escape the Hasjin they
may keep their crystals.  These lucky adventurers are also feted by the the combat
school's commander.  The unlucky are killed, or captured, losing any crystals they
may have found.  There have been only two successful raids on zuchai mines.  One
was two hundred years ago Doff Luhgre with three ships( two didn't make it home).
The second was in 1100 one ship under Dark Goddesses captain Theivkoev
successfully escaped off planet with her jump drive damaged.  Hounded by pursuit her
ship crashed on the ice planet Jokreno ( 5th planet of the Es-Harpe system) with only
8 crewmen escaping to tell the tale.

Toishan mercenaries are very professional and loyal, a virtue that extends to Toishan
pirates.  Toishani also have no compunctions about killing each other when on
opposing sides of a conflict.

Most traveling Toishani will be nobles, scholars, mercs, pirates, and traders.


Toishani of either class can be of the following careers: Scientist(or Scholar), Marine,
Navy, Rogue, Medical.

Shevhan characters can also be scout, army, assassin, entertainer, merchant.

Vras characters with army careers will normally be officers since the army is
considered a lesser army of the services.


Toishan weapons will be designed for dual use as projectile/energy weapons and
melee weapons.  Examples can be pistols with folding daggers or brass knuckles; laser
rifle/polearms and the like.
Though some of these odd hybrids can be useless or just hard to use, they are of
ancient lineage and any non-Toishan hybrid weapons with be readily snatched up by
Toishan warriors.
An antlike, intelligent insect minor race native to Hoelle VI (Aslani subsector).  
They gained the jump drive from humaniti traders 700 years ago, slowly expanding to
Murv (305 Aslani) & Alhazred (603 Aslani). In a war with Aslani clan forces
(801-814), they were driven off their planets and now live a nomadic existence except
for one sept based at Northstar.

A TL 12 level race ( except for communication devices & sensors which are TL 15;
and robotics, TL 14), the Poicxh today number 300,000, mostly leading the life of
traders abd scientists.  The Northstar sept(TUV, Ltd.)was founded by Thli 175 years
ago and is one of the leading innovators of sensor and communicators in the Beyond.
TUV has recently opened a new division manufactoring psi-blockers for the
Imperium.  A new sept under Queen Choich has organized at Intercourse (subsector
Delta) producing robots as well as commos and sensors.  A spacegoing concern,
JN-Thyk operates out of a 300 year-old 40,000 liner and her consorts.  The ex-liner,
called the Thyk-Nest is commanded by Queen Thyk primarily maunfactors for
Poicxh customers. The Thyk-Nest cruises the Middle Beyond subsector; with twice a
year stops at Aerhy in the Middle Beyond at which times JN-Thyks holds bazaar open
to all races.  There were at last counting 18 septs operating under princesses as free
traders scattered throughout the Beyond.

Not all Poicxh are peaceful.  The Imperium has recruited Poicxh for recon and
intelligence work for nearly 240 years.   Six known Poicxh vessels operate with Dark
Goddesses, with dozens of individuals scattered throughout the Goddesses' fleet as
techs.  Queen Kiklik commands the mercenary Tch'ictl fleet, based on Pascal
Base(NE Middle Beyond).  The fleet contains 2 300+ year-old Poicxh battleships, 1
Aslan armoured cruiser, 1 light carrier, 3 ex-Imperial light cruisers, 8 destroyers, 17
serpent class scout/couriers, 1 light carrier, 2 repair tenders, 1 hospital ship, and 9
transports.  The S'Red Ni are negotiating with Kiklik to fight against the Aslan.

The Poicxh society is hierarchal with a Queen for each sept, whether it is a
battlefleet, a corporation, or a planetary enclave.  Each Queen, no matter how small
her following is treated as an equal by her fellow Queens. Ship command, actual
business operations and running society is handled by royal princesses. All other
work is handled by workers (sexless females).  Warriors are sexless females trained by
combat skills and tactics from birth.  Each caste is determined by feeding the
immature Poicxh special diets until maturity.  New queens come about when an old
queen dies, a group breaks and forms a new sept, or a new sept is declared and
organized by the queen of the base sept. In the latter case the new sept's queen is
selected by the old sept's queen.
In the case of an old queen dying, a new queen is selected by ballot by the sept's
princesses from their own ranks.  When declared queen, the princess must undergo
chemical treatment to convert her into a fertile female Poixch.

Drones (male Poicxh) lead a sequestered life of research, writing, mating, and being
the memories of their race.  Each queen keeps a harem of 6-26 drones, fertilizing
each clutch of eggs with a different drone.

Physically, Poicxh stand 1/2 meter tall, with their back 2 pairs of limbs acting as
legs, and their forward pair of limbs as arms ending in a 3-fingered hand.  Shells
range from purplish/black for queens, bluish/silver for princesses, and brown/gold,
gold/green, & red/gold for workers/warriors. Drones are black/silver in color.  Poicxh
exoskeletons are naturally laser reflective& can be treated as jack/reflec for combat
purposes.Poicxh mandibles do little damage damage (1/2 pt.), but warriors are
equipped & trained in the use of G'viv, artifical mandible blades that to dagger
damage.  Strong for their size, Poicxh are human norm for strength, but a little less
dextrous than humans (-1 dex).  Poicxh stamina is less than humans (-2 sta for
queens, -1 sta for all others).  By design or evolutions, Poicxh drones are plus 1 in int.

Names are a sign of rank among the Poicxh.  Queens take 1 syllable names(which
make some queenly names like Kiklik hard for non-Poicxh to pronounce), while
princess take two syllable names.  Drones possess 3 syllable names while workers can
possess names that range from 4 - 12 syllables.

Poicxh communicate by a natural transmitters/receivers of which their antennae are
the focus.
Any non-Poicxh commos tuned to the right frequency and equipped with a translator
may communicate with Poicxh.  The Poicxh also manufacture jilkai (human slang
bugspeakers) for sale to other races.  Poicxh antennae also act as the focus for
natural passive sensors (range: 1/2 km).  These sensors are artificially augmented in
sensor specialist warriors.  The Poicxh with commo and sensors skills ahve their
difficulties lowered by 1 point.

Normal Poicxh communication transmits in harmonic musical patterns.  The race
however, has learn to alter their transmissions, often mimicing other races, or even
hiding among alien broadcast signals (referred by the Poicxh as 'wave riding').

Poicxh tend to be xenophilic as a species, and work well with other races.  They also
take a live and let live attitude towards life, living one day at a time.  The past is
non-essential to the Poicxh, except for drone scientists.  An example of this is their
attitude towards the Aslan, against whom they show no ill will for driving them off
their homeworlds.  This attitude has been very bewildering and irritating to Aslan
who meet Poicxh.

Poicxh combat due their experiences with the Aslan stress the use of ranged
weapons, powered battledress, grav sleds and the use of warbots (Poicxh bots tend to
resemble aslans) or non-Poicxh mercs for close combat.

All career categories are open (except assassin) for Poicxh characters of princess,
warrior, or worker caste.  Queens will be of noble career only, no matter their prior
careers..  However most Poicxh off by themselves will usually be commo and/or
sensor specialists, or techs.

A rumor has surfaced from humans doing business with the Aslan scholars that the
Poicxh may have originally developed more rimward tha previously thought, driven
to Hoelle VI by an ancient war with the Hierate.  Also, rumored is that the Poicxh
had jumpdrives when they had first contact with the Aslan.  If the latter is true, than
the Poicxh constitute a new Major Race.
A minor race of mobile, sentient plants native to Funafuti (404 Kajaani, Vanguard
Reaches).  Growing up to 2.3 meters high, the Tredhili remind one of a brightly
multi-colored asparagus with anywhere from 6-12 tentacles. They move about slowly
(1 kph top speed) on 12-20 pseudopods developed from the plant's root system.  
Omnivorous, they developed during a time when Funafuti started to dry up, evolving
them to utilize animals as a subsidiary water source.  For capture/defense, Tredhili
developed a thorny tip on some of their tentacles  (usually 2-4) which injects a
paralyzing drug (treat thorn as dagger, drug does 2D stun damage).  Treat the normal
tentacles as whip damage and attack (tentacle STR 8-D).  The Tredhili suck
subsistence thru their normal tentacles.  The same normal tentacles act as
manipulative members (DEX 1-9).
The fibrous body is tough (treat as jack armour).  The Tredhili STA ranges from 4-F.

Tredhili are psionic, communicating by telepathy and also commonly possess
telekinesis and awareness as psi skill.  They also create scents to attract prey or other
sentients they wish to interact with.

They are bisexual, reproducing by exchanging spores with other Tredhili.

A introspective and patient folk, the Tredhili live in planned arboretum cities
dominated by a Erecih (rough trans.: "oldest root stock") with a maximum of 8000
Tredhili per city.  There are 134 such cities on Funafuti.  Society is a heirarchy of the
oldest at the top and the youngest at the bottom.  Anti-social Tredhili are exiled off

Tredhili usually stand aloof from animal sophonts.  The exceptions are those Tredhili
whose professions are engineers, biologists, botanists, archeologists, historians and
psychologists. Tredhili botanists and psychologists are in much demand offworld.

At first contact with humaniti traders, they were TL6.  The embraced star travel quite
happily, travelling far thru the Vanguard Reaches and Beyond sectors.  Then
suddenly, interstellar travel ceased in 835 for no apparent reason.  In 965, they
rejected the Comsentient Alliance' overtures and became an Imperial client state with
an outpost and scout base on their largest moon (there are 4 moons total), Dasizich.

Tredhili current TL is 12, except for psychology, social science, and botany, at which
they are rated 15+.
A minor race of communal, telepathic metalmite microbes, the Lorcvih are native of the Ghaklui asteroid belt
(Hichmakani/I-Glathriel), where they feast on the metallic ores.    Beside telepathy, they have a strange sense of smell (the
best analogy) that allows them to differentiate between various organic or nonorganic material, even in vauum. They
resemble in their basic form reddish eight-pointed stars. Lorcvih are capable of fusing together to form more complex
individuals(Aghuy) for temporary or long term operations.  The are limitations to fusion, as Aghuy cannot formed larger
that 1 kg. Also the imitative nature of Lorvih is heighted by fusion affecting the physical form & mental processes of the
Aghuy(i.e., associating with a group of Vargyr would make the Aghuy more Vargyrish, and associating with a sociopath
could have dire results).  Being anaerobic sentients, oxygen is fatal to them, and usually utilize robots (nanobots to
microbots) to  operate in oxygen rich enviroments.   They are asexual, reproducing by division after consuming 1000 times
their body mass.  Fused individuals cannot reproduce, as their consumption goes towards maintaing the fusion.  In fact, a
fused individual breaks apart after 22 hours if unable to consume any nourishment.  They can exist without harm in
vacuum and have a resistance to radiation poison 800 times that of a normal human being.   Aghuy fusion, being more
complex in structure, are capable of sight, sound, hearing, & speech as we know it.  Lorcvih live about 20 years, however
Aghuy fusions have been know as old as 45 years.

The Lorcvih form a communal hive society(they have an inbred racial instinct for cooperation) based upon the septs of
1000 individuals each which operates without any leader figure..  Though microbes, they are highly emotional sentients
with a high sense of preservation, gratitude, & are intensely curious about the macrobotic world(especially fused forms).  
Each sept is very cooperative with other, and are unable to resist any call for assistant from another sept or individual
Lorcvih.  Since contact with macrobic sentients, the Lorcvih have developed a more complex society, forming a
commonwealth.  The Commonwealth of Lorcvih is run by a special sept called the Control.  The Control coordinates the
the efforts of other septs, but its most important job is dealing with the macrobic world of other sentients.  Many of the
Control personnels are fusions as their combined abilities allows a more complex  & flexible cooperation &
understanding of  non-Lorcvih races.  Aghuy can perfectly imitate any lifeform they chose to, but the form cannot exceed
1Kg(image a pint-sized Aslan). Lorcvih curiousity is heightened by fusing into Aghuy and many of these individuals can
be found outside the Commonwealth of Ghaklui (usually on Dark Goddesses vessels).  The Lorcvih maintain embassies
made up of Aghuy in the Huin Heirarchy, Hichmakani, Rabanitas, &  Intercourse.  The Lorcvih have a firm alliance
with Dark Goddesses (the only traders allowed in the Commonwealth).  The Lorcvih are very friendly beings (almost
childishly naive) but react violently if any of their race are killed by other sentients.  Though crime is unknown in their
society (after all their society is based on mutual sharing & cooperation), their relationship with Dark Goddesses has
warped their interstellar view with many individual serving aboard DG corsairs, usually as engineers & robotics
specialists.   Lorcvih exist within iron asteroids they have converted into spacecraft over the  millenia. (Treat as a planetary
monitor).  Their are 7 known such ship within the Commonwealth, each mounting a PAW or Meson gun (acquired
through Dark Goddesses agents).  Their travel through the asteroid belt finding ore-rich bodies to exploit as food or in
their booming micro-robotic industries.

Lorcvih names are based upon sept, generation, & sequence(or birth) number in that generation. For example, you would
have Kloi 23,000-12 (Kloi sept, 23,000 generation, sequence number 12).  Aghuy formed for a temporary purpose will
have no designation.  Aghuy formed for long periods will have a name based upon sept, reason for fusion, & sequence
number based upon its rank in fusion made that day.  So you could have Reag Diplomat 3(sept Reag, created as diplomat,
3 fusion formed that day).  Many Aghuy develop names based upon nicknames given to them by nonLorcvih they work

Aghuy also will more developed personalities (as we think of them) from dealing (& imitating) other sentient races.  Quite
often Aghuy will imitate fascinating sentients.  One must get offened, this is a sign of respect, not insult.  Lorcvih have no
malice in them, but their telepathic abilities allow them to detect hostility in others.  The normal reaction for Lorcvih is to
avoid such inidividual(s), however if the emotion is too strong & unpleasant(or the Lorcvih is not allow to escape), the
innate self-preservative racial instinct will cause the Lorcvih to strike out against the hostile sentient.

Aghuy, like all Lorcvih, have an overactive curiousity about the macroworld, being so alien to the Lorcvih, yet so
wonderful. This is defect as it causes many Lorcvih(especially Aghuy with their increased senses) to become distracted.  All
Aghuy are sensualists and usually require an experienced Aghuy or a sympathetic non-Lorcvih to guide them from
dangerous activity.  In dangerous situations, where Aghuy will panic & flee if they can & fight (even their associates) if
they can't.  A xenophilic race, Lorcvih will cooperate with any sentient they trust just like if they were Lorcvih themselves.  
Dark Goddesses has exploited this facet of character making the Lorcvih one of their loyalist allies.

HISTORY:  Belters operating in the Ghaklui asteroid belt first encountered Lorcvih in 884.  Not recognizing them as
sentient, belters either avoided infested asteroids or exploited their vunerability to oxygen (discovered in 902 when Lorcvih
infested the belter ship Jiuyt.) to exterminate nests.  In 904, their sentience was discovered by a telepathic human Dark
Goddesses captain Kip Bhon responding to voices screaming in her head.  Capt. Bhon destroyed the attacking belter &
made contact with the Lorcvih, who were grateful to be rescued, and even more grateful to find organic being capable of
civilized conversation.  Since then DG has been a considerable influence on the Lorcvih, teaching them technology & of
course, DG's who view of the cosmos.  Their has been a constant exchange between the two, with the Lorcvih importing
technology, teachers, equipment, and food stuff in the form of rich alloyed metals.  In exchange, the Lorcvih give permits
to DG sanctioned belters with the Lorcvih assisting to find valuable deposits.  The Lorcvih also export Lorcvih
micro-technology, especially nanobots, and of course, Lorcvih and Aghuy themselves working as crew aboard DG ships.

CAREERS: All base Lorcvih are considered belters.  Other open careers are navy, marine, diplomat, engineer, scientist,
pirate, merchant.

STATS: LORCVIH:  STR: 1, END: 1, DEX: 2D6, INT: 2D6, ED: 2D6, SOC: 0
        AGHUY:  STR: 1D6, END: 1D6, DEX: 2D6, INT: 2D6, ED: 2D6, SOC: 0.

NOTE: Almost all Lorcvih & Aghuy encountered will be wearing some form of protection against oxygen poisoning(vacc
skin, vacc suit, protective suit.  Many Lorcvih will also opt to inhabit some form of robot, anywhere from engineering to
companion bot.  If the can afford or barter for it they will have a variety of robots to use.  Any vehicle inhabited by a
Lorcvih is considered a robot vehicle.  Of course, the Lorcvih/Aghuy must have robotics, engineering or similar skill to
operate bots or vehicles. Though immune to intense cold, lorcvih can be attacked by other means that viruses & other
microbes can be killed by.  Example, if sensors map out a Lorcvih infested area, the crew can employ flamethrowers,
plasma or fusion guns to the area, if a successful hit is rolled, all Lorcvih in the hit area are considered destroyed.

LORCVIH PC:  Best is to play Aghuy characters, which have the most developed personality.  Though a dispassionate
race, remember that Aghuy will pick up the personality traits of the sentients they associate with (& like).  Aghuy
characters who disassemble their fusion must roll under their INT. in order to successfully restore the memories of that
fusion.  Of course, if any Lorcvih who made up the fusion is destroyed, the fusion of the remaining Lorcvih will create a
new individual.
Driving racial characteristics of Lorcvih are food, survival, knowledge, cooperation.
A TL13 minor race of radiates originating from the Touchstone sector in what is now Aslan space.  Survivors from a
planet whose atmosphere collapsed centuries ago and now lead a nomadic life among the stars  as traders, explorers &
engineers.  Their bodies are armoured spheres (treat as battlesdress) of swirling blueish/white/reddish colors 1m in
diameter.  Radiating from the center line of the bodies are eight very tough (treat as jack), extremely dextrous tentacles.  
On the top of the sphere is a small lump housing their cerebral & sensory functions.  The mouth is  a sharp beak located
on the front of the Aakho.  Their reproductive organs are located internally inside a small lump on the underside of the
body.  There are female & male Aakho, distinguished by the color of their reproductive organs (which resemble the
tentacles of jellyfish), the females' being greenish/black & the males' yellowish/red.  The tough outer skin of the Aakho
contains a mass of microscopic sensor arrays providing the Aakho with sight that is a combination of radar, IR, &
electric photocells, & motion sensors.  These provide the creatures the ability to 'see' equally well in light or darkness.  
The major drawback is that any device capable of jamming man-made sensors will 'blind' the Aakho.  The bio-electric
sensors also provide them with hearing & speech (their mouth is designed merely for eating).  The Aakho are capable of
surviving the rigors of the vacuum for up to two days by sealing their with sef, a body which prevention decompression
& air loss.  Air is saved by the Aakho going dormant until rescued.  They live to be be 185 and only take aging penalties
when they reash 130. Because of the loss of the homeworld, the Aakho have a racial fear & distrust of planetary sufaces,
preferring starships & artificial satellites to live.  Though they conceive life as a ongoing merry competition to survive &
improve skills & life, they are not aggressive by nature.  However if violently attacked, the Aakho will react with skill &
ferocity with either their tentacles & any weapon at hand.  Even Aslan fear an aroused Aakho.

The highly competitive Aakho have no formal government as such.  All Aakho above the age of 10 are tested for job
caste aptitudes, trained in the school systems and then assigned to their life careers.   Ranks in careers are acquired by
job competency, and a junior Aakho can formally challenge his/her superior to gain their position before a court of
qualified judges.  If he wins, the junior Aakho may take his former superior's place, with his superior one place in rank
below the winner.  Of course, an Aakho dies, every Aakho below his rank will each go up one rank to fill the gap left
by his/her death.   Aakho are monogamous, mating within their career slot.   Mating last until one mate dies or both
mates choose to dissolve the relationship.  Each female produces 3-8 offspring which are raised by the Medical career
caste until age 10.

The race has criminal codes, the only serious crimes are murder, fraud , lying and performing tasks outside your castes.  
These crimes are dealt with by exile, placing the outcaste (Foitnen) on the first ship leaving the satellite (or if on an
Aakho ship, the first planet or non-Aakho satellite reached.).  The criminals are affixed with a non-removable chip
broadcasting their outcast status to any nearby Aakho.   Oddly enough, theft is considered competition, instead of a
crime by Aakho, making relations with non-Aakho strained at times.

The race has no entertainment industry, or social life as most sentients know it as the thought of relaxing from your job
means sleep & eating to Aakho.  Socializing is getting together with fellow castes members to discuss work after hours or
getting together with members of other career castes to discuss how each caste is or is not working efficiently with each
other.  One can say that networking is how society works & relaxs in Aakho society.

The Aakho treat their 'minor race' status with amused contempt and avoid the minor/major squabbles of the other
sentients they encounter, citing them as unimportant & nonproductive.  Though most sentients dismiss  this as a quirk,
some scholars wonder otherwise, citing the spread of Aakho colonies as impossible even with generation ships.  And the
few non-Aakho engineers who've examined Aakho jump drive note certain non-human (or even non-Aslan) aspects.
The few Aakho who would reply to questions about where they acquired their drives just reply "not important", "does it
matter", or some similar non-answer.

After the first human traders contacted an Aakho colony (Silbe/NE Middle Beyond) in -623, the Aakho have turned
their culture to commerce, becoming the second largest group of traders in the Beyond besides humans.  Besides fre
traders, their are 7 major subsector & 1 sector shipping lines.  The Sector Line is Yh Lines (Intercourse/Delta), serving
the entire Beyond except Sred*Ni & Die Weltbund planets & the Aslani, Araniopa, & Darkling Regions subsectors, and
having a terminus at Varen's Planet/Trelyn in the Vanguard Reaches.  The Subsector lines are Uhjip(Silbe(NE
Beyond), Njin(Storm/Storm), MT lines (Mapepire Balsyn/Mapepire), Driftward Lines(Refuge/Spinward Drift),
GHU(Cahokia/I-Glathriel),  Gasd Lines(Intercourse/Delta). & Nialinwe/San Souci Lines (Nialinwe/Metchi'Alagwa).  
Gasd Lines & Yh Lines have an uneasy relationship with Parallel Lines as some of the latter's employees have been
involved with accidents with Aakho ships and their cargos.   Several of these have invloved clandestine sensor jammers
of human make planeted aboard Aakho ships.

CAREERS : All careers are open to Aakho except entertainment careers.

STATS:  STR: 2D6 -1, DEX: 2D6 +1, END: 2D6, INT: 2D6,  EDU: 2D6, SOC: 0.   Social has no meaning  in the
standard Traveller sense.  Infact, promotion with Aakho characters means you rank in your career at you home colony.  
For example, upon  going into your career at age 10, you are assigned the 34th rank in Merchant (there 33 merchants
ahead of you ).  If promoted, that means you have succesfully challenged the 33rd ranked Aakho & beaten them or one
of your superiors has died & you've automatically been raised to the 33rd rank.  To determine the  number of tentacles
your Aahkho has  roll 1 D6 + 3.

AAKHO LIFE TABLE:  Roll 1D6.   Results: 1. Dasfer((Means you can tolerate being on a planet or similar body
without fear or discomfort. Acts as a modifier to roll against fear.  Aakho with Dasfer are treated with awe by their
fellows. 2. Crosstrain. You have secretly crosstrain in another career and may pick a skill in that career.  Of course
getting found  out will make you an outcaste.  3.  Zero-G-Combat.  4.  Resist Jam. This skill gives you a modifier when
encoutering any device that jams sensors. 5. Tolerance.  Much like the Aslan tolerance.  Allows you to tolerance the
foibles of those crosstraining, emotional, lying other sentients that you meet.  6. Zero-G END.  This skill allows the
Aakho possessing it to extend their vacuum resisting ability 1 day per level of ability.

Once you have rolled up a Aakho character, you then roll 2D6.  If you roll a 2, your Aakho is an outcaste and only
other caste Aakho will associate with you.

MUSTERING OUT:  Their is no mustering out of Aakho careers except by becoming an outcaste.  All characters not
choosing to become outcastes are considered to active in their careers even if travelling with non-Aakho.  But you
basically use the mustering out tables to equip your character, except you re-roll Travellers Aid Society.  Treat pensions
as you salary. Of course you have reach your homebase to access you salary after the inital payment to start the game. Of,
course, outcastes characters do not receive any salary.

NOTE:  Play Aakho as happy overachievers, and treat others who don't compete with contempt.  Never lie, and never
tolerate lying from associates or friends (even if they are non-Aakho).  Treat ever challenge or defeat as your happiest
moment. If you don't have dasfer, hide aboard your ship when planetbound, treating ever world with fear & suspicion.
Aakho characters will prefer weapons that can be used in zero-G when picking weapons.  Aakho who are not part of a
military career caste will pacifists and usally surrender if they can't escape.  Aakho military castes will be highly
aggressive as this is a proper competitive nature for their careers.  Aakho will defer to the highest ranked Aakho in their
caste for leadership or if a mixed party the highest rank bureaucrat.  Aakho without tolerance will challenge any
non-Aakho in their party with the safe career to prove who is the better in their job.  If defeated, the Aakho will defer
properly to the non-Aakho.  If successful, the Aakho will expect deference from the defeated party.  In any case if a
superior shows incompetence in their job, the Aakho inferior will challenge them.
Bipedal dinosaurian minor race native to Goohu (now Urkha'hrea Touchstone 1620).  By 320 they achieved TL6
followed by manned spaceflight in 323.  By 625 they had achieved jump drive from Aakho free traders.  In 798 they had
their first contact as Nasedran met advance forces of Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu on a trading mission.  In 802 they suffered their
first Aslan attack, beating it off with severe losses on both sides.  In 867 after a long cold war, the Aslan returned in force
easily defeating the Nasedran's TL 7 forces.  Under the leadership of Boorsin Morgh the remaining jumpships took as
many refugees as possible and fled the system corward.  By 905, the 11 remaining ships carrying 3523 passengers hit the
outer defenses of the Huin Hierarchy, surrendering to the Hierarchy Navy.  Akhirooa, current ruler granted them
sanctuary on Aaba, an underdeveloped planet.  Today the Nasedran number 25,000+ and form a major component of the
Hierarchy's armed forces.  Nasedran are currently considered a TL 8 society.

Nasedran resemble a minature(2m+ long) red/green/brown camoflauged T. Rex with long muscular 4-fingered clawed
handsThey resemble a 3-fingered rake with an opposable thumb, -1 to dex)..  Their muscular legs ending 4 hooved claws
allow them a sprint burst  of almost 70 kph for 100 meters & are very agile moving along hilly, rocky terrain.  Though
very strongly build, their most impressive feature are their skulls, mounted on a muscular, 'bulldog' neck, are armoured
with bone & horn ridges that allow them to head-butt for 2D6 damage.  Their large, red-irised eyes are designed for twi
& night light & they have trouble in bright light unless wearing eyeshields or goggles.. Their hearing is also less than
human ears. However their excellent sense of smell often make up for their other senses. Their stiff tail cannot be used
effectively as a weapon & if damaged or lost, nasedran have trouble maintaining balance at any speed over 10 kph. They
descended from a nocturnal herbivore ancestor but developed in omnivores as they evolved much like humaniti did.  
Nasedrin are social creatures, literally dieing if isolated from other sentient creatures.  They are also very raucus,
disliking silence& love to speak in metaphysical aphorisms constantly..  If presented with a situation where silence is
necessary a nasedran must a make a willpower check to keep from talking to leaving the room in a nervous fit.  By
nature nasedran are fairly placid beings, slow to anger but very deadly when aroused (ask any Aslan).  When fighting,
the powerful  nasedrin (+2 to STR) prefer large, hard hitting weapons such as plasma & fusions guns (when they get
them), grenade & rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, & multi-barreled VRF guns known as Ghaukils in the
nasedran language, weapons that even Aslan would find difficult to handle.  There is no gender bias in nasedran
society though females to tend to be drawn more to military careers than the males, possibly because the females tend to
be 5% larger than males. Nasedran also have a dislike of vehicles, prefering to walk or run unless the destination is a
long off or off-planet.

Nasedran society tends to be a fraternal democracy, gathering around families groups that elect a head of family who
presides over family matters until they die or lose a vote of confidence.  These beings, called Dragh, get together with
dragh of other families to settle inter-family disputes, alliances, & policy.  These sessions, like all nasedran social events
are very sedate, since it's a racial trait for nasedran to settle everything in a peaceful, calm, rational manner.  Nasedran
politics used to be more complex, but since part of the Huin Hierarchy, the dragh defer to the Hierarchy's government for
matters higher tham family. Nasedran  dislike taking another life, and warriors undergo the Trayhsu-Jhat-Fhus, a
mediatation that allows them to fight in a deadly, detached manner & disregard the bloodshed around them.  Nasedran
outlook tends to be conservative, which explains the long progression from TL6 when they acquired jump drives to TL7
almost a 2 1/2 centuries later when the Aslan drove them  off their homeworld.

They are a very spiritual people, with a belief in the divine in everything.  This leads them to treat all with respect, even
the agressive & psychotic, whom they try to avoid or open a dialogue first.  Violence, though it  is considered failure, is a
recognized chain of life-even the most placid nasedran is skilled in some form of combat, armed or unarmed. Nasedran
temples, no matter what design, contain no roof (so that the divine may enter unhindered) and are usually built on hills
of mountains.  There are no  priesthood, as all nasedran are learned in religious lore, & each member of the community
takes turns in religious lessons & sermons as a matter of pride. Major festivals occur on seasonal changes befitting a
people that were transitional agrian/industrial when their society was disrupted by the Aslan. Nasedran days begin &
end with a meditation hour. Their are no criminals in nasedran society, but there are those considered insane. These
should be apprehended & cured if possible & exiled if incurable & the universe will deal with them.

Nasedrin characters can use any charcter class except scout, assassin, pirate(though a few serve aboard corsairs as
bodyguards, particularly if there is a Huin aboard),noble, & rogue.  The preferred careers are dilpomat, merchant,
diplomat, medical.  There are a few (5%) of nasedran who possess psionics, the most common being awareness, telepathy,
& the wild talent animal telepathy.  Nasedran characters will have a dislike to any Aslan they discover belong to the
Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu & will ignore the Aslan or leave the room if they can. They as a race are very grateful to the Huin
family for giving them sanctuary & will fight to the death to protect any Huin they see attacked.  Nasedran are also very
proud of their strength, & will readily carry large loads for the pride of it.  Flattery of their strength will go a long way in
courting nasedran favor.  As nasedran, be tolerant of the aggressive, they just don't have a clue.